Dmitry Medvedev issues a stern challenge to the West after Putin Speech

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Today on TruNews, Rick Wiles checks in on his final day in Jordan. Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev issues a stern challenge to the West, telling them any attack on sovereign Russia could be hypersonic and nuclear.

Doc Burkhart 0:14
This is true to us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help us God. I am Doc Burkhart welcome to the Thursday, September 22, edition of TruNews and standing by in Amman, Jordan. Once again, here is TruNews host and founder Rick Wiles. Hello again, Rick, where are you at today?

Rick Wiles 0:31
Hey Doc, I am at the International Airport in Amman. Today’s gonna be a short version of TruNews because my flight’s boarding in about 45 minutes. So we’re going to have to keep this to about 30 minutes. I apologize for some of the background noise. But I tried to find the quietest place in the airport. So let’s get started.

Doc Burkhart 0:58
Yes, sir. Well, that start off kind of picking up from the what we talked about at the end of the show yesterday or during the show about the possibility of Russia using a nuclear response that even in the territory of Ukraine. So we have this story from RT starting us off here. Former Russian President Medvedev responds to military threat from ex US General here. And he says in that Article that Moscow may use nuclear weapons to defend its territory, including the Donbass Republics and Zaporozhye Kherson regions, should they decide to join Russia, former President Dmitry Medvedev said on Thursday.

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He also warned that retired idiots in the Western military should not contemplate strikes on Moscow’s naval bases in the Black Sea. Now, of course, he’s responding to the different stories that are out there by Western what he calls Western idiots, armchair generals that are coordinating the attack now. Mr. Medvedev, Rick is very active on telegram. Here’s his telegram post outlining where they’re headed here as far as decisions for Russia.

Doc Burkhart 2:10
He goes through some of the decisions of the Supreme Commander in Chief. Referendums will be held in the Donbass republics and other territories will be admitted to Russia. The protection of all territories that have joined will be significantly strengthened by the Russian Armed Forces are getting a clue they’re on their plans for the future. Russia announced that not only mobilization capabilities, but also any Russian weapons, including strategic nuclear weapons and weapons based on new principles could be used for such protection.

Doc Burkhart 2:41
Therefore, various retired idiots with general stripes do not need to scare us with talk about a NATO strike on Crimea. Hyper sound or hypersonics is guaranteed to be able to reach targets in Europe and the United States much faster. But the Western establishment in general, all citizens of the NATO countries need to understand that Russia has chosen its path. There is no way back or there’s no going back from this. So Rick, that’s the latest development here we have from former Russian President Medvedev. And so we are continuing to see the escalation in the rhetoric going back and forth between the West and Russia here.

Rick Wiles 3:22
Doc, Mr. Medvedev’s comments today, his telegram posts actually confirms what you and I said last night, that the new Russian position is that they are going to declare those breakaway provinces in eastern Ukraine as the new Western frontier of Russia. They’re going to fortify their new border with tanks, troops, heavy artillery, and nuclear weapons. And they have issued a warning that if anybody touches one inch of that new territory of Russia, they will nuke those nations. That’s what Mr. Medvedev said today.

Doc Burkhart 4:12
And it’s interesting to to note, Rick that he said that if any attempts are being made to launch an attack on Crimea, we will respond with hypersonic missiles. Is that what you saw there to?

Rick Wiles 4:27
Precisely what he said. So he’s referring to capital cities be taken out, Washington, DC, Paris, Berlin, London, Brussels, these cities will disappear in seconds.

Doc Burkhart 4:44
Well, in addition to that, we’ve got some new developments as far as on the mobilization of Russian troops. We do know that a 300,000 had been called up but there’s a clause within the decree on that mobilization that allows for that the Ministry of Defense in Russia to call up to 1 million people and so they’re ready to go all in on this.

Doc Burkhart 5:06
This is from Novaya Gazeta. And it says that the classified seventh paragraph of the decree of mobilization allows the Ministry of Defense to call up 1 million people. Novaya Gazeta in Europe set a source in the Presidential administration on the eve of the website of the portal of legal information. There was published a scan of the decree of Vladimir Putin on the introduction of partial mobilization in Russia.

Doc Burkhart 5:34
Now that seventh paragraph of the decree is designed for official use. Later answering journalist questions, Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the classified paragraph refers to the number of reservists who can be called up for military service. The only thing I can say is that Sergei Shoigu said in his interview or in his speech, 300,000 people, there we are talking about the number of up to 300,000 people Peskov said, but in the bill itself, and we have a picture of the the bill here and everything.

Doc Burkhart 6:08
It does say within that, that you they could launch up to 1 million people from the reserves. And this has caused a little bit of a stir in Russia, including a lot of people trying to get out of Russia, who are of military service age. We’ve been seeing a lot of stories on that today, Rick, what was your response?

Rick Wiles 6:29
What you’re looking at. What we’re looking at right now on the screen Doc is an Executive Order. It’s not it’s not a bill. It’s not a law, right? It’s an Executive Order signed by Vladimir Putin. And I heard about the secret Clause of Article 7 of his decree. I heard about it yesterday. But then, early today, there was news coming out of various Russian news sources, saying that what what the Clause really says is 1 million now.

Rick Wiles 7:07
Somebody claims that they were able to open, open the file that that paragraph 7 is concealing. And that’s where they’re they’re saying that they saw 1 million. So if this is true, then Russia is. Putin has signed the legal decree to to call up 1000 Russian men and send them to the frontline. In

Doc Burkhart 7:43
Ukraine, 1 million of them. Yes. So this is, in other words, Rick, they’re ready to commit a substantial number of troops in what they see as a defense of Russia, new Russian territory, and so they’re going to be ramping up for that pretty quick.

Rick Wiles 8:00
Well Doc I would say I would say that, if they’re talking about a million men, they are anticipating a NATO land invasion of Russia, right.

Doc Burkhart 8:09
Well, then, Rick, we’re gonna continue to watch this. And if that’s the case, we know that we’re in for a prolonged conflict here. Russia, a diplomat Sergey Lavrov is actually here in the United States right now. He addressed the Security Council earlier today. But he’s been doing a number of interviews and a meeting with literally dozens of diplomats from around the world.

Doc Burkhart 8:32
But he says this, Russia, Sergey Lavrov warns that the US is risking becoming a combatant itself in the Ukraine war. He said, I would like to emphasize that the Collective West, you hear in that term a lot, here in the past few days, led by the United States is openly seeking to defeat Russia on the battlefield, the United States and its allies ready to sacrifice Ukraine for the sake of their geopolitical goals.

Doc Burkhart 8:57
And to achieve them, they pumped the country with weapons. And this leads to an escalated and prolonged conflict. It puts off the prospects of settlement. Washington is not interested in establishing peace and tranquility in Ukraine. That became clear already in March, when Moscow and Kyiv came close to reaching mutual agreements. Such turn of events obviously frightened the Americans and the British. So they actually forbade Ukraine to conduct further dialogue with Russia.

Doc Burkhart 9:25
Since then, the Ukrainian authorities have been shying away from the negotiation process. He went on to say unfortunately, the global situation continues to degrade. The main cause, and I’ve had to speak about it repeatedly is the persistent desire of the West, led by the US to ensure its global dominance, though it’s impossible for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, Washington and its satellites do everything to slow down the process of Democratization of international relations.

Doc Burkhart 9:54
They want to replace the UN centered architecture formed in the wake of World War II and international law was some rules based order. Acting in the worst colonial traditions, they divide the world into Democracies and Authoritarian regimes. They tried to press on those who do not agree with this course, who pursue an independent policy and are guided by national interests using unilateral sanctions, blackmail, and blatant power play.

Doc Burkhart 10:21
And final word on this, Rick today. Western States put a weapons and military hardware into the Neo Nazi regime in Kyiv and train Ukraine’s Armed Forces. NATO and US arms are used to fire at the Russian territory bordering Ukraine killing civilians there, the Pentagon does not hide the fact of passing on to Kyiv intelligence and target does designations for strikes. We record the presence of American mercenaries and advisors in the battlefield, the United States, in fact, is teetering on the brink of turning into a party to the conflict.

Doc Burkhart 10:58
This is to your question about the risk of direct collision between nuclear powers. And so, Rick, the Russian ambassador here, who is really making some waves in New York, is staying, saying very clearly here, the United States is about ready to step into, you know, a mud pit that they’re not going to be able to get out of anytime soon.

Rick Wiles 11:23
Yeah, Mr. Lavrov is the Foreign Minister, Secretary of State of Russia. What he said was, the USA is dangerously close to being a party in a war with Russia. And what that means is that the Russian military, in their view, will be legally authorized to strike the USA, right as a as a content as a combatant in the war.

Rick Wiles 11:56
And then becomes a real war.

Rick Wiles 12:00
One of the you know, is that the litany of things that he rattled off about how the Western powers treat Russia and how they’re trying to control the world. That sounds like the way the American ruling class treats the Conservatives and Christians in the USA. Yes, yes. The same techniques, the same tactics?

Doc Burkhart 12:26
Yeah, it’s the very same thing, right, that same strategies that you’re using there. And, you know, Rick, so we talked about this ramp up of this nuclear conversation now. I noticed I went to the TASS website early this morning. And this was their top headline today. Sarmat ICBM carries most advanced maneuverable warheads. Now, this was what the Russian citizens were looking at today, as their top headline.

Doc Burkhart 13:00
The Sarmat ICBM is also known as Satan to Satan2 missile. But what they were saying in this particular article, I won’t go into the quotes today is that several outlets, were interviewing the head of the company that produces the these particular ICBMs.

Doc Burkhart 13:20
And they were saying that we have gone beyond this and brand new technology. Now, these are more advanced than anything that the West has anything that the West is capable of. And so when Russian citizens were waking up early this morning, the headline they saw on the front page of you know of TASS was that we have nuclear weapons, and we’re ready to use them.

Rick Wiles 13:47
You’re right. Also Doc, if the Western reports are true, there was a lot of civil unrest in Russia today. Younger, younger Russians rebelling against the mobilization of 300,000 men. And there are also reports that, that international flights out of Russia are packed and it’s it’s almost impossible to buy a seat right now on an airplane flying out of Russia. People know that a nuclear war is coming.

Doc Burkhart 14:25
Right, Rick, and then over here in the West, we have a President that can’t even seem to find his way off a dyess after his speech. He is also in New York was in New York yesterday and today, and he gave a speech to the Global Fund yesterday after his delivery at the United Nations. I’m sure that this video, President Biden is speaking after the Global Fund is going to cause Russia to be shaking in their boots, watch this.

Global Fund, Unknown Speaker 15:11
Mr. President thank you. At the end of such a momentous event. The word thank you seems kind of inadequate, but for all the millions whose lives will be saved for the communities where life will be transformed. Thank you for thank you President Biden.

Doc Burkhart 15:31
Rick, it’s like he’s lost at the nursing home. And so it’s sad, isn’t it? I mean, really is really, it’s Elder abuse is what it is.

Rick Wiles 15:41
It is but who, who is abusing him?

Doc Burkhart 15:44
And that’s that’s the real question. I mean, it was literally like, literally like he was a marionette up there, like he had strings.

Rick Wiles 15:55
The ruling class that staged a fake election in 2020, managed a destabilization campaign against Donald Trump for four years to bring down his Presidency. They are the ones who are committing elder abuse against Joe Biden. Joe Biden doesn’t even know he’s President of the United States. They get to change his diaper three or four times a day. The man is not the President. There’s a secret cabal running the country.

Doc Burkhart 16:35
Well, Rick, that Cabal has in engineered wars and conflicts around the world for decades. At the United Nations General Assembly, this is something that you came across earlier regarding a President Vucic of Serbia, and he spoke to the United Nations General Assembly, and he spoke directly to the hypocrisy of NATO, and that they will not recognize the independent referendums of the provinces in Ukraine. And yet, at the same time, they’ll endorse Kosovo, being an independent nation away from Serbia. And he goes into great detail and really takes NATO to task on their hypocrisy. We’ve got that video if you’d like to see it, Rick. Sure, let’s watch.

President Vujcic of Serbia 17:29
Serbia supports territorial integrity of all UN member states, including, of course, territorial integrity of Ukraine. In such a way we behaved responsibly and seriously in this renowned institution. Nevertheless, we could hear from many speakers the stories about aggression, and violation of territorial integrity of Ukraine.

President Vujcic of Serbia 17:51
Many say that this was the first conflict on the European soil after the World War II, but the truth, the territorial integrity of a country in Europe, Serbia, as a matter of fact, which did not attack any other sovereign country was violated, is constantly unspoken. We asked for a clear answer to the question. I’ve been asking my interlocutors leaders of many countries for years. What is the difference between the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia, which was grossly violated, and for which you provided international recognition and legitimacy?

President Vujcic of Serbia 18:31
At least, some of you? Nobody has ever provided a rational answer to this question. Let me remind you, Serbia has not stepped foot on someone’s else’s territory, never ever, nor has it endangered territorial integrity of a single sovereign state, so that anyone might intervene or carry out aggression against it, the way it was done against Serbia in 1999.

President Vujcic of Serbia 19:00
Nevertheless, as I said it did not prevent 19 richest NATO countries from attacking a sovereign country without a decision by the United Nations Security Council, signing of the agreement with NATO upon termination of armed conflict, whose provisions envisaged adoption of the UN UN Security Council resolution 1244. And which confirmed and guaranteed partial sovereignty and full territorial integrity of Serbia did not prevent many Western countries from unilateral recognition of independence of the so called Kosovo and from violating once again territorial integrity of our country and violating the UN Charter and the UN resolution 1244.

President Vujcic of Serbia 19:47
Precisely for such developments that Serbia experienced and it that is has been experiencing. I’m convinced that I’m fully entitled to quote in this place the words of great Martin Luther King, Injustice anywhere, is a threat to Justice everywhere.

Doc Burkhart 20:08
And he got a standing ovation after that remark right there, Rick. And so not everybody is on board on on this idea of, you know, just NATO just going in and doing whatever it wants to do, are they?

Rick Wiles 20:24
No, the Serbian people. Remember what Tony Blair and Bill Clinton did to them in 1999. Yes, which was to orchestrate the NATO bombing of, of Serbia and Yugoslavia, a country that doesn’t exist anymore, because Tony Blair and Bill Clinton and NATO and the Brussels boys and the Bilderberg boys said, we don’t need that country anymore. We’re just going to get our eraser out and make it disappear.

Rick Wiles 20:54
So they launched a, a an unrelenting bombing campaign against those countries in 1999. Because they wanted to create the country of Kosovo. But that was, those were good bombs. They were happy. They were they were they were NATO happy bombs. They didn’t destroy homes or buildings of innocent people. They didn’t kill any children. They just they were they were happy bombs.

Doc Burkhart 21:28
Happy bombs that kept bombing for 72 days straight. If I recall that that particular campaign. And so the hypocrisy is calling out of course is here NATO basically said we just created a country over here. We just said a country exist. And but they’ll challenge a referendum of people such as Crimea such as Kherson Zaporozhye of the Donbass region, they’ll say no, you can’t do that with that’s that’s not legitimate. That’s not right. And so it’s obvious theater out there. It’s obvious that this is what happened. But it takes someone outside like a President Vucic of Serbia, to point this out someone that’s actually suffered as a result of these decisions by NATO.

Rick Wiles 22:18
That’s right and let us remember what he said yesterday, he said we are moving quickly towards a global confrontation. That could be here in one to two months. Yes. October to November. He’s talking about a global world war.

Doc Burkhart 22:40
And that’s where we’re headed. Now, Rick, there are some cracks that are forming in the European Alliance. And as it starts getting a little bit colder, there’s snow on the ground and Poland, by the way, as it starts getting a little bit cooler, cooler here in the year. Some of these countries are waking up to the fact that, you know, we need to start rethinking some of our policies. This is from Reuters. The Hungary Prime Minister, Mr. Orban says EU Russia sanctions just should be scrapped completely.

Doc Burkhart 23:12
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told his ruling Fidesz Party, that sanctions against Russia imposed by the European Union should be scrapped. And that was reported in their pro government newspaper on Wednesday. Orban was a harsh critic of the EU sanctions on Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine. And he made the remarks at a closed door meeting of his Party Members on Wednesday, before the start of the autumn political season.

Doc Burkhart 23:39
Now, of course, Hungary has been doing its own negotiations for fuel and gas directly with Russia, in contradiction to some of the EU policies out there. So Rick, we’re going to start seeing some more of the EU countries start waking up or start her wake up from the shivering here soon, that they’re going to start rethinking what are we really doing here with Russia? What are your thoughts, Rick?

Rick Wiles 24:09
Obviously, Hungary is the country that we reported a few days ago will be out of gasoline next week. Yes. A 75% reduction in their gasoline supply starting next week. He knows that the sanctions are destroying his country.

Doc Burkhart 24:32
So Rick, over the next few months, we need to be watching carefully here. The developments that are taking place when you see countries like Hungary and others that are right on the border with Russia start making decisions on how far they want to invest in this. Another development that TruNews has been watching out for has been the increase in drill military drills and exercises. This is from TASS today as well, it’s saying that Iran, Russia and China are set to hold joint naval exercise here within the next couple of months.

Doc Burkhart 25:08
The article says that Iran, Russia and China plan to hold joint naval exercises. And this is reported from the Chief of the Iranian armed forces, General Staff, Muhammad Bagheri, and it was spoken at a news conference at a parade of the Iranian Armed Forces Thursday. He goes on to say exercises involving the Navies of Iran, Russia and China will be held. And also Pakistan, Oman, and a number of other countries will probably also take part in these activities. So Rick, as we’re moving forward here throughout these fall and winter months, we’re beginning to see new alliances take shape, right?

Rick Wiles 25:49
Actually, that alliance has been has been formed for several years, but what they’re now doing are active military drills. And also yesterday, Xi Jinping told the PLA, People’s Liberation Army. He said, your job is to be ready for wars. Get ready for wars. Now in the United States, General Milley is telling our military, your job is to promote diversity. And you should have more drag queens shows on military bases and have more cross dressers in uniform.

Doc Burkhart 26:32
And so basically, he’s preparing for our surrender isn’t he?

Rick Wiles 26:37
Yes. So yes, he’s weakening. He’s nearly is weakening our military. It’s not by accident.

Doc Burkhart 26:46
Now, interesting story that’s popped up regarding North Korea here. This is being reported by Yonhap News. North Korea’s military denies exporting weapons and ammo to Russia. Now, according to some reports out there, North Korea’s military said Thursday it has never exported weapons or ammunition to Russia, and does not plan to do so according to its state media, rejecting accusations of arms trade between the two countries amid the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Doc Burkhart 27:15
Now earlier this month, the US State Department spokesperson said Russia may be in the process of purchasing millions of rockets and artillery shells from North Korea, which would violate multiple UN Security Council resolutions on the North. Now in response top North Korean military officials issued a rare press statement he said we have never exported weapons or ammunition to Russia before and we will not plan to export them. The Vice Director General of the General Bureau of equipment at the Norse defense ministry said in the English language statement carried by the official Korean Central News Agency.

Doc Burkhart 27:52
The KCNA did not mention the name of the official. He says we condemn the US for thoughtlessly circulating the rumor against the DPRK to pursue its base political and military aim. The official added calling the rumor is aimed at tarnishing the country’s image. DPRK is the for the North’s official name the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Now, Rick. So what was the purpose of the United States floating this rumor out there? Is it to come up with an excuse to engage North Korea when we engage Russia?

Rick Wiles 28:30
It’s possible. There’s there’s so much propaganda going on right now. It’s it’s difficult to sort through all of it. Come down to my final 30 seconds here. I have to board very soon. But I want to I want to end by saying repeating what I said last night that this is what I believe is taking place in Russia and Ukraine right now. The Russian leadership has now declared Eastern Ukraine to be Russian territory.

Rick Wiles 29:08
They have now moved the Russian border hundreds of miles westward. They’re going to fortify that line with hundreds of thousands of troops, tanks, heavy artillery, and Iskander nuclear launchers. And they’re going to warn the West. Don’t attempt to take back this land. If you do, we will nuke the nations that are involved. The nations that have supplied the weapons yes to the Ukrainian army.

Rick Wiles 29:46
Where they said we are not bluffing. We mean business. We will use our nukes and we will use weapons you don’t know that we have that’s where we’re at right now. So it’s a very tense time. It’s a very dangerous time. And I would, I hope and pray that we get through this crisis without this catastrophe happening, which could end up with 100 million to a billion people dying in a war. But I would I want to say this to everybody. First of all, obviously, if you’re not saved, you need to take care of this right away, get it done.

Rick Wiles 30:32
Okay? Folks, we’re running out of time the world is coming to an end, you understand where we’re at? Christ is coming. Get your life right with God, believe on the name of Jesus, and get baptized and get this done. If you are saved, you need to be bold in telling your relatives, your family members, your friends, your co-workers, that they need to get serious with God and get their live life lives straightened out and let God forgive them of their sins and write their name in the Book of Life.

Rick Wiles 31:09
And you have to speak up now. We’re, this could be totally out of control within months. And number three, I would tell those of you who are saved, focus on eternal things. It really doesn’t matter that somebody gets your parking space. It really doesn’t matter that McDonald’s forgot to put pickles on your cheeseburger. Focus on eternal things.

Rick Wiles 31:46
And draw close to God. That’s, that’s my final words right now. Doc, I gotta go again. We’re, I’m flying to Istanbul tonight. It’s a C, it is a 8:50. And we’re flying to Istanbul, Turkey, changing planes and then flying to Miami. And I’ll see you tomorrow.

Doc Burkhart 32:10
Yes sir, well, thank you, Rick, for the update from Amman, Jordan, and thanks for joining us for news. And, folks, we want to encourage you to pray for us to support us and to continue to show your love to us. We want to encourage it. If you’d like to partner with us, please do. The easiest way to do is just go to our website at and click on the heart and you can support us financially there.

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Or you can call our toll free number 800-576-2116 anytime day or night, and we’ll be glad to connect with you there. You can always mail us as well at PO Box 690069 Vero Beach, Florida 32969 address right there on the screen. Well on behalf of Rick Wiles and the entire TruNews team.

Doc Burkhart 32:53
Thank you so much for loving us and thank you so much for tuning in, share today’s God cast with someone that you love that needs to know the truth. One of the things that we’re accused of is being truthful. We’ll just show them how truthful we are. God bless you. Thank you for tuning in. And we’ll see you next time on the Friday edition of TruNews.

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