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Dr. Francis Boyle BioWeapons Research Facilities in the Ukraine

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Owen of Infowars 0:00

A leading American expert in international law, he was responsible for drafting the Biological Weapons Anti Terrorism Act of 1989. The American implementing legislation for the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention, he served on the Board of the Directors of Amnesty International from 1988 to 1992, and represented Bosnia Herzegovina, Herzegovina. At the World Court. He served as a legal adviser to the Palestinian delegation to the Middle East peace negotiations from 91 to 93.

Owen of Infowars 0:28

Folks that is just barely a quarter of Dr. Francis Boyles sterling resume. And it was Dr. Boyle, who came on to these airwaves to more than two years ago now. And to my knowledge, was the first to break the Bio Lab Wuhan story right here on the Alex Jones Show. And we’re glad that he has taken the time to join us here today. Dr. Francis Boyle, I think the question here is obvious. What is going on with the Ukrainian Bio Labs? What are they for? What is the US involvement in them? And why has the narrative been shifting over the last two weeks about them? Where would you like to begin, Dr. Francis Boyle?

Dr. Francis Boyle 1:11

Well, Owen and thank you very much for having me on and my best to all my friend there at Infowars. And I do want to thank Alex and you and others at Infowars for letting me speak about the pandemic right from the very beginning. I have to establish my background here. In 1985, I gave a congressional briefing on Capitol Hill against the Reagan administration, and it’s neoconservatives abusing DNA genetic engineering, for the research development, testing and stockpiling, and potential use of biological warfare weapons. That’s how long this has been going on on.

Dr. Francis Boyle 2:06

And as a result, at the end of that briefing, I call for implementing legislation for the United States for the Biological Weapons Convention. And then for the next I drafted it and then I work with my colleagues and friends the Council for Responsible Genetics, headquartered in Cambridge, Mass that had some of the top life scientists in the world affiliated with it and some of the most ethical and principled life scientists in the world to get it lobbied through Congress, the Reaganites and their Neo Cons fought us tooth and nail, because they knew full well, I was coming directly after them with the punishment of life in prison.

Dr. Francis Boyle 2:57

The Department of Justice wanted me to put the death penalty in there, but I’m a lifelong abolitionist. And so I toughed it out and said no life imprisonment. Finally, my legislation was approved by both houses of the United States Congress unanimously and signed into law by President Bush senior to his credit, the Reaganites were out in the Neo Cons, and with the approval of the Department of Justice. Now, that was May of 1989, the Biological Weapons Anti Terrorism Act of 1989.

Dr. Francis Boyle 3:37

And I have been fighting against the US biological warfare, weapons establishment, the British establishment, and others, ever since then, and based on my knowledge, judgment and experience and everything I have seen in the public record so far, yes, these are biological warfare weapons or offensive biological warfare. Weapons laboratories set up by the Pentagon remember that the Pentagon does not do missionary work, they kill people.

Dr. Francis Boyle 4:14

And that’s why they are there. And it is now coming out the I’ve read I’ve seen some of the documents produced by the Russian government. Yes, it appears that’s that’s exactly what they were doing.

Dr. Francis Boyle 4:31

Indeed, there is a BSL 3 down there in Odessa. And if you look at websites for BSL 3s, which I have done repeatedly, you will see they research develop test, stockpile prepare for use, every type of hideous Nazi biological warfare weapon you can possibly imagine using DNA genetic engineering, gain of function, and now, synthetic biology, which by the way, I also covered in my biological weapons anti Terrorism Act, every US citizen and resident involved in these activities is subject to life imprisonment under my statute.

Dr. Francis Boyle 5:24

Now, the other day, you saw Nuland admit that there were biowarfare labs there in Ukraine. As you know, Nuland is a Neoconservative, as I said, these Neoconservatives have been pushing and involved in biological warfare, research, development and testing, going all the way back to Reagan, when they first came to power. And in this regard, or, as we know, newlon also had a critical role to play in overthrowing the democratically elected government in Ukraine under gana COVID and establishing a gang of Neo Nazis there in power in Kiev who are still in power.

Dr. Francis Boyle 6:16

But I did hear on want to refer more recently to the Neoconservative Manifesto and remember Nulands a Neoconservative. So she knows what she’s talking about. And this was the Project for a New American Century PNAC, I’m sure you’re familiar with. If memory serves me correctly, I think John Bolton was the executive editor of that. But in any event, here’s what the Neoconservative Manifesto said seven September 2000, just as they before they came to power under Bush, Jr. Including Nuland.

Dr. Francis Boyle 6:58

And this is from page 55 of my book Biowarfare and Terrorism. I have it all in there. And here, in their seminal report on building America’s defenses, the Neoconservatives publicly recommended numerous policies for adoption by the United States government, in particular with respect to biological warfare, and I quote, and advanced forms of biological warfare that can target specific genome types may transform biological warfare from the well realm of terror to a politically useful tool, unquote.

Dr. Francis Boyle 7:38

Now, that’s the Neo con manifesto, the project for New American Century, I can’t recall if Nuland signed it, but she’s in cahoots with all these Neo cons. So, yes, ethnic specific biological warfare weapons. The Pentagon has been working on that for quite some time. As we know, in the immediate past, American sources were over in Russia harvesting DNA.

Dr. Francis Boyle 8:07

And I did give up interviews over Russia at that time, they asked me well, why, why are they harvesting DNA? And I said, because they are going to try to develop ethnic specific biological weapons that would target as ethnic Russians, a weapon of genocide, this would be very similar to Zbigniew Brzezinskis counter ethnic targeting, when he worked for Carter, that Brzezinskis targeting theory was that the great Russian ethnic group control Russia, and so in our nuclear targeting, we should target them and destroy them.

Dr. Francis Boyle 8:52

And then the Soviet Union would collapse. And I’ve already written on that say, That’s genocidal, too. So this, the allegations that have come out so far, and from what I’ve read in the public so far, are consistent with my opposition to biological weapons, and the Neoconservative support for biological weapons. Going back to about 1983. That’s, that’s…

Owen of Infowars 9:20

And when and when was your book published the Bioweapons and Terrorism book?

Dr. Francis Boyle 9:26

That was in 2005.

Owen of Infowars 9:29

So this information has been readily available since 2005. Dr. Francis Boyle is with us. We got to go to a break, folks tell friends and family to tune into this. This is the information the corrupt American media is trying to cover up right now. Dr. Francis Boyle is my guest. Incredible information in the last segment, I want to provide a little framework to it here with the current news cycle and get him to respond to this. We’ve had the Western media and intelligence agencies within 48 hours last week, go from the labs don’t exist. And then they got their wires crossed then Nuland in front of Congress says, Oh, the labs do exist, then Okay, wait, they don’t exist from the State Department in Psaki.

Owen of Infowars 10:10

And then no, they do exist, but they are health labs, but Russia is going to use them for biological warfare. So clearly the government’s lying clear the clearly the American media is lying about this as well. And then the big news has to be that Putin was right when he said that the Pentagon and Ukraine have biological weapons labs in Ukraine that have race specific weapons research.

Owen of Infowars 10:35

He was right about that. Just like he was right about the Neo Nazis. That’s just a fact. You can love Putin hate Putin. He’s not the one lying about these situations. And he also mentioned the BSL 3. Now, correct me if I’m wrong here, but the lab in Wuhan, that was a BSL 4, and is a BSL 3, the the highest level they have in Ukraine. And what is the significance of that, Dr. Francis Boyle?

Dr. Francis Boyle 10:59

Yeah, as I pointed out previously, to Alex, the Wuhan is a BSL 4, like Fort Detrick. Indeed, the Wuhan BSL 4is China’s Fort Detrick. And the big difference between the BSL 3and the BSL 4 is that the BSL 4 can work with the highest category of dangerous pathogens. And in addition aerosolize them by means of nanotechnology, which the Wuhan BSL 4 has done. So at that Wuhan BSL 4, if you see the pictures of the Chinese Bat Queen there who helped develop COVID-19, with the University of North Carolina, BSL 3, you will see she’s wearing a moon suit with her own air supply.

Dr. Francis Boyle 11:56

And that you do at a BSL 4 in order to the BSL 4 will have bragged on their webpage that they have applied nanotechnology to viruses, making it an infinitesimal size so that it can float on the air in the air under the air, whatever. And so even we’ve had scientists studies saying that COVID-19 can travel anywhere from 20 to 30 feet in the air, right?

Dr. Francis Boyle 12:31

Whereas you don’t really have that. Yeah, you don’t really have that at a BSL 3. But you can do almost every other hideous type of biological warfare work. You can possibly imagine it a BSL 3, I mean, just just read the web pages for BSL 3s. Yes.

Owen of Infowars 12:55

So you had China addressing the UN and you’ve had Putin and other Russian state affiliate saying what’s going on with these Bio Labs, we know that there’s at least 30 of them in Ukraine, I guess the highest level was the one in Odessa, which is kind of I believe, south eastern Ukraine. So what is the significance of this? How many biolabs are there in Ukraine? And what are they doing there, do you believe Dr. Francis Boyle?

Dr. Francis Boyle 13:23

Sure, there has been a comprehensive policy for quite some time by the United States government and the Pentagon to surround Russia with biological warfare laboratory state, we also have them in Central Asia as well. And to pre position biological warfare weapons to use against them. It’s it’s very clear the pattern that has gone on here, yes, my opinion.

Owen of Infowars 13:52

And so you have Victoria Nuland, who, in my opinion, has blood on her hands in Ukraine for now almost 10 years with the Neocon Warhawk policy in Ukraine using Ukraine as just kind of an operating ground of Western interests, and NATO as kind of the conduit for their for their money laundering and weapons laundering. And Russia is just sick of it.

Owen of Infowars 14:15

So we’ve now reached this point where the American media and our government they got crossed Dr. Francis Boyle, they were not even on the same page with their lies. They said they don’t exist. No, they do exist. No, they don’t exist. Oh, wait, they do exist, but their quote unquote, health labs, but somehow this health lab is going to be used by Russia as a biological weapons.

Owen of Infowars 14:38

I mean, did they just not get their lies straight or are they just totally flummoxed? Are they that incompetent? Why the mixed messaging on these labs do you think?

Dr. Francis Boyle 14:49

I really don’t know. And because I’ve been fighting against this since 1983. I’ve had a consistent message since 1983, but you know, the problem with these Neoconservatives like Nuland, you know, they’re they’re diehard Machiavellians and Neo Nazis. I’m sure you’ve dealt with the Neo cons I have in the legal profession. That’s just the way they are. They say whatever they’re going to say, for whatever purpose they’re going to say. So please don’t ask me.

Dr. Francis Boyle 15:23

I mean, I understand their mentality, because that’s how long I’ve been up against them they’re Nazis. They have a Nazi mentality. There’s no question about it my mind. I’ve told this to Alex before.

Dr. Francis Boyle 15:36

I know the American people have a hard time accepting this. But any government like our own, that has researched, developed, tested stockpiled for us, biological warfare, weapons in Ukraine, against Russia, these people are Nazis. And and that’s the mentality we are dealing with here. I guess Nuland just figured that since they control the mainstream news media, which they do, they can say whatever they want to.

Owen of Infowars 16:08

You crafted the Biological Weapons Anti Terrorism Act of 1989. We’ve had Nuremberg Trials, we have other other international laws that go against chemical warfare, biological warfare, why is the US or Ukraine or whoever it is involved in these labs? Why are they above the law? Why why do they get to operate these labs?

Dr. Francis Boyle 16:31

Well, they really don’t. I mean, we run them, we put them in there. They’re under our control and domination. Yeah, you can see the, from your picture there they’re they’re all around Russia. And that’s, you know, these are our labs. Yes, they’re there. They do what we tell them to do, but we control them.

Dr. Francis Boyle 16:51

And it’s because of the geographical location. Also notice the labs you have over there near China. Right, the same policy against China. Over the, you have it there on there right off of China. So short there, it’s no doubt what why are they? Why are all these labs positioned around Russia and positioned around China? They are to be used against Russia and China for sure.

Owen of Infowars 17:22

Do you believe that Putin has a just cause to go shut those labs down?

Dr. Francis Boyle 17:29

Well, let me say this, Owen the these labs are extremely dangerous. They have to be secured, first of all, but they simply cannot be blown up. We found that in Gulf War I, as you know, are discussed with Alex, the Center for Disease Control and the American Type Culture collection sent 40 shipments of weapons specific biological warfare weapons to Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

Owen of Infowars 18:08

Dr Francis Boyle, we’ve got to take a break here. Let’s hold that thought. I’m going to ask you the same question on the other side of this break. Dr. Francis Boyle with us here on the Alex Jones Show. And Dr. Francis Boyle is with us here.

Owen of Infowars 18:21

Not to be redundant, Dr. Boyle, but we got cut off by the last break. So I’m just going to ask you the same question and give you the time to properly respond here was Vladimir Putin justified in going into Ukraine to shut down these biological weapons labs Dr. Francis Boyle?

Dr. Francis Boyle 18:40

Well, let me say this, these labs are so dangerous, they must all be secured and decontaminated by Russian biological warfare experts. You just can’t blow them up. We made that mistake in Gulf War I, where we gave the Center for Disease Control and the American Type Culture Collection 40 shipments of weapons specific biological warfare agents to Saddam Hussein, in the hope and expectation that he would weaponize them and use them against Iran, which he did.

Dr. Francis Boyle 19:18

When the war was over. However, we then ordered our own troops simply to blow these biological warfare, weapons labs up and in the process of contaminated infected our own troops having a role to play in Gulf War sickness. So, these have to these labs have to be handled very carefully. Of course, they have to be rendered permanently inoperable for any purpose at all.

Dr. Francis Boyle 19:49

They serve no legitimate medical or scientific purpose, but have to be careful, any type of contamination, not only of the Russian troops but also the innocent Ukrainian people over here, you know, I, they invited me to lecture over there in Ukraine. I’ve been there. I met many government officials, lawyers, peace leaders, and even had a tour have asked for a tour of where Nestor wrote his Chronicles that monastery where Kiev and Russ civilization goes back for both the Russians and the and Ukrainians. So this, this has to be considered as well.

Owen of Infowars 20:34

So in China, in the Wuhan lab, they were doing the gain of function research, which is just ramping up manmade viruses to make them as contagious as possible. What use that would have for humans on planet Earth is beyond me, but the story is now in Ukraine.

Owen of Infowars 20:53

So they’re saying their their official narrative. Now, Dr. Boyle is what they’re saying is their health labs, quote unquote, health labs, but as you just said, there’s no practical use for these labs, other than a military application. I mean, what reasoning would they even give to call these a health lab? Or is that just an outright propaganda lie?

Dr. Francis Boyle 21:15

Well, it’s Orwellian doublespeak Owen, and over the years, what the Pentagon and the CDC Food and Drug Administration, this whole US offense and biological warfare industry, we have now, the justification they have come up is with it is, oh, well, there’s some exotic disease out there, somewhere in the environment, or that we can discover and sink above or derive ourselves with synthetic biology. And therefore, we have to develop some type of vaccine against it.

Dr. Francis Boyle 22:02

But in order to do the vaccine, we first have to develop the biological weapon. You see, it’s sort of like three card monte or a shell game or something like that. So there’s, oh, yes, we’re there for health purposes. But really, that’s just a facade justification for developing offense and biological warfare weapons, with gain of function, DNA, genetic engineering, synthetic biology, but but they’ve used this lie.

Dr. Francis Boyle 22:34

For as long as I’ve been opposing biological weapons, going back to the Reagan administration and their Neo cons. And I have to point out, the Reagan administration and their Federalist Society lawyers and their Neo cons fought me and the Council for Responsible Genetics, tooth and nail from 1985.

Dr. Francis Boyle 22:58

Until Bush Senior came in there, and a 1989 and dropped the opposition to my legislation, because the Reaganites and the Neo cons and the Federalist Society lawyers knew full well, even from my personal statements and testimony in Congress, I was going directly after them with life imprisonment, and hitting them as hard as I could, short of the death penalty, because I’m against the death penalty.

Owen of Infowars 23:31

Going back to the biological weapons that the West provided to Saddam Hussein, which we then ended up blowing up causing all kinds of health problems for our troops, and I’m sure others are in that region of the planet. Are you afraid at all that they? Because to me, that sounds like a cover up operation? Are you afraid at all that they might try to run a similar operation in Ukraine and just say, screw it, we’re gonna blow up these labs to cover up our operations.

Dr. Francis Boyle 24:01

Sure, Nuland has already said this, this is what psycho analysis calls Projection. We’re Projecting on the Russians what we very well might do ourselves. So yes, there could be a what you call a false flag attack by these us Bio Labs in Ukraine and blaming it on the Russians right to justify US military intervention, direct US military intervention into Ukraine.

Dr. Francis Boyle 24:32

And the you know, the statement the other day by President Biden, about use of chemical weapons is was pretty ominous. And here Owen, and technically, I want to point out there’s a separate regime applicable to chemical weapons to Chemical Weapons Convention, but as a matter of fact, the only government in the entire world that has violated its own obligations to disarm itself from the chemical of all chemical weapons, alright is the United States of America, we have to keep that in mind.

Dr. Francis Boyle 25:11

And under the influence of the Neoconservatives who believe like biological weapons, they can and should be used. There was a date certain in the Chemical Weapons Convention, to which we are a party say all chemical weapons must be disarmed. No later, I think it was April 2012, or something like that, with no excuses.

Dr. Francis Boyle 25:38

And yet, ever since then, we have come up with one excuse after another after another, patently bogus lies for why we have to keep our chemical weapons. Indeed, when we demanded Syria give up their chemical weapons. We got that job done, lickety split. And yet we’ve refused to do it. Because the United States government, the deep state, the Neoconservatives want chemical weapons.

Dr. Francis Boyle 26:05

And so sure, there could be a false flag, chemical weapons attack there in Ukraine, to get the United States directly involved in warfare against Russia, as implied just last week by President Biden. We know that the chemical weapons attacks in Syria were not by the Syrian government. I said that at the time. And also Professor Ted Postel, at MIT, who specializes or specialized in weapons designs for the United States government said the same thing.

Dr. Francis Boyle 26:44

And the Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter Seymour Martin Hirsch did extensive expos essays both first in the London Review of Books. And then second in a German publication saying the Syrian government had nothing to do with those chemical weapons attacks. So it was all done by our Jihadis over there in Syria. And, and we assisted them.

Dr. Francis Boyle 27:11

So short, this could happen again. Oh, and either a false flag chemical weapons attack, which Nuland basically suggested, or a biological warfare, weapons, chemical attack, so and that that would be trumpeted by the Biden administration, and the mainstream news media for over intervention into this war, which literally was set up a world war three, between the United States and Russia and Russia.

Owen of Infowars 27:44

Final segment here with Dr. Francis Boyle. And I got two questions left for him. And then if we have more time, he can just make a final statement. Dr. Francis Boyle, what kind of backroom deals are made, or do you believe are made by the West and countries like China and Ukraine because it appears that these these bio weapons labs are just really Western operated?

Owen of Infowars 28:12

And then they somehow get these countries to agree to run them and house them? But it seems to be like it’s Western controlled and operated specifically in Ukraine, maybe in China to what kind of backroom deals do you think go down as the expert in this? I mean, is this is it like, Hey, we’re gonna give you billions of dollars in foreign aid to Ukraine, but you’re gonna house our biological weapons research? Or how does this stuff go down?

Dr. Francis Boyle 28:38

Well, first of all, I think we have to understand that we have an international transnational cult of Nazi biowarfare deathscientists like Tony Fauci who has been up to his eyeballs in this for Reagan, when I got involved in this, around 1983 or 84, Reagan put Tony Fauci in charge of our offensive biological warfare weapons program, and that is how long he has been there.

Dr. Francis Boyle 29:15

And then he has trained, and Francis Collins, of course, the former head of NIH, he’s involved in this too, as we know, they funded the research that led to COVID-19 that offensive biological warfare weapon with gain of function property, and then that just spread all over the world. Yes, it’s a cult of these people, including over there in China as well that Wuhan Bat Queen.

Dr. Francis Boyle 29:50

She was trained at the Galveston, BSL 4 down there in Texas, which is again part of the offensive us biological warfare industry. The British are a part of this, the French, the Israelis, so so we have a network and a cult of Nazi biowarfare deaths, scientists, which gets back to the point you raised about these athletes, we have to resist this Nazi medical tyranny by these dead scientists like Fauci and Wallensky. And we can go through the whole list of these people. Yes.

Dr. Francis Boyle 30:38

Second, the second motivation is just money. They take patents on this technology beforehand, every step of the way. And so they can benefit on both sides of the bargain, as it were, they can benefit and make profits off of both the biological warfare weapon itself, and then on the alleged vaccine, or therapeutic. So they’ve got us coming and going and and they’re, they’re killing it, they’re making a killing off of us is as they go to the bank. So that is my interpretation of what what’s involved here Owen.

Owen of Infowars 31:24

Is it a well known secret in DC in the halls of the elite politicians, and the Neocon hawks and just the the political establishment there, the swamp or the deep state as it’s known? Anthony Fauci his role at the NIH or whatever else he’s involved in? Is that all just a front is Anthony Fauci really the biological weapons chief for America?

Dr. Francis Boyle 31:48

Yes, since Reagan, put him in power at NIAID, I think it was about 1984 or so, Owen, and that’s how long I’ve been fighting against Fauci and about 95% of this Nazi biowarfare death science dirty work has been funded by Fauci, NIAID, and then NIH, since about 1984.

Dr. Francis Boyle 32:16

When Reagan and the Neo cons got into it, as I said, what spurred me into action was a very comprehensive report on the abuse of DNA genetic engineering, by the Reagan administration and his Neo cons, to research develop test stockpile for use of biological weapons, every type of biological weapon that they could think up.

Dr. Francis Boyle 32:43

And indeed now with synthetic biology that they can concoct indeed, the COVID-19, the Bat Queen took a synthetic biology organism from the Wuhan BSL 4, brought it over to the University of North Carolina, BSL 3, and then gave it gain of function of properties under Barrick there who’s an expert on this and his team.

Dr. Francis Boyle 33:14

And by the way, the FDA was involved in this to now think about that. The FDA that is proving these Nazi Franken shots, that that are killing people and disabling people was involved in the development of COVID-19.

Dr. Francis Boyle 33:36

So they’ve got us on on both sides here. Likewise, for Wallensky, you know who can’t get her story straight either, right? She can’t. She comes from the Harvard Medical School. The Harvard Medical School was involved in the development of the COVID-19 biological warfare weapon. Indeed, Harvard was one of the sponsoring institutions of the Wuhan. BSL 4 China’s Fort Detrick.

Dr. Francis Boyle 34:05

Now think about that for a minute. And indeed, the chair of the Harvard Chemical department, Chemistry Department, Lieber, he was over there too, with his own lab specializing in nanotechnology and Lieber had also work for the Pentagon, Fort Detrick, nanotechnologyIsing a bio warfare weapons for them. The Amerithrax attack, nanotechnology, there you had a trillion spores per gram on Amerithrax.

Dr. Francis Boyle 34:42

I was the first one to blow the whistle on that coming out of the US bio warfare lab and program on November 1 at our Conference for the Responsible Genetics at Harvard Divinity School. So the This type of activity I had thought that my Biological Weapons Anti Terrorist Act would would put an end to this, but it didn’t, it made no difference. There was too much money involved and too many completely unprincipled people like Tony Fauci with with a Nazi mentality here.

Dr. Francis Boyle 35:21

And again, I don’t really follow professional athletics. But I think these guys have it right. We have to resist Nazi medical tyranny. There is no other word for what is going on in this country today. And I commend these athletes for using their celebrity power to bring this out to a broader audience, in the American people, certainly that I can as a mere law professor.

Owen of Infowars 35:49

Well, I’ll tell you what it makes a lot more sense now especially with Peter Dasik and others like, oh, Fauci. He’s like the CIA guy. He’s like an army guy. And these leaked documents and texts and conversations that we know about. Now, it all makes more sense.

Owen of Infowars 36:03

Dr. Fauci was never a doctor, at the head of some health bureaucracy in America, Dr. Fauci has been the biological weapons chief of the United States in America for almost 40 years now. And boy, boy, you understand that it all starts to make a lot more sense.

Owen of Infowars 36:21

And so here’s the problem. And I’ll close with this. And we’ve got about 90 seconds here. We have to deal with this criminal rotgut in our country, we the American people need to be the ones putting Fauci in under a criminal investigation for war crimes and biological weapons crimes. We have to do that.

Owen of Infowars 36:37

Because if we don’t, folks, that’s when you start to get World War scenarios when other people that you might think are bad, like Putin or Xi, or having to deal with the corruption here, because we won’t deal with it. Final 60 seconds closing words, Dr. Francis Boyle.

Dr. Francis Boyle 36:52

Right on Well, I was on previously with Alex to explain exactly how to do that. Namely, we have to convince every state and local prosecutor here in the United States to bring indictments against Fauci, Collins, Dasik everyone involved in that UN, the UNC BSL 3, as well as the people involved at Moderna, Pfizer Biontech, Johnson and Johnson, the Chief Executive Officer, scientific officer for murder and conspiracy to commit murder against the American people. I went through this at great length with Alex on a previous show.

Dr. Francis Boyle 37:45

But that’s that’s what we can do. Right? The federal government is not going to help us because, as we know, the so called Department of Injustice is in Biden’s pocket. And Biden is the one who appointed Wallensky from the Harvard Medical School up to its eyeballs and COVID-19 as the CDC director.

Owen of Infowars 38:07

Dr. Francis Boyle, great stuff as always, thank you so much and I.

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