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Health Ranger Situation Update for March 9, 2021 – The root cause behind all the insanity, desperation and hatred

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Mike Adams 0:00
All right,we’ve got a lot of news today I’m gonna try to move through it a little more quickly than usual, if possible. This is Tuesday, March 9 2021. Mike Adams here for the Situation Update, also at 1pm Central. Today I’ll be joining Allen Keyes, and Bob Sisson for the IMTV broadcast. That’s going to be lots of fun. You can see that. Well, you can see the video at bright town calm at the IMF TV media channel.

Mike Adams 0:30
Now we will have some fun here today. That’s for sure. No more bear stories. But we’ll we’ll we’ll find a reason to laugh at something. I mean, my goodness. It’s like the world. But we’re gonna start with some hard news first. SCOTUS has thrown out the Lin Wood case and they threw out another election case. related to Trump in the election. Basically, SCOTUS has just said, we’re not going to hear any evidence of any case related to election fraud.

Mike Adams 1:00
And this is not surprising because of course, they betrayed America. And as Sidney Powell said, the collapse of the three branches of government is now complete. So folks, there is no rule of law remaining in America, there’s no rule of law. And this is also apparent in the fact that the DOJ will drop all prosecutions against left wing terrorists who were actually throwing Molotov cocktails at government buildings, all throughout 2020.

Mike Adams 1:29
There’ll be let go, no charges, but then conservatives who did nothing, just peacefully walking around, near or even in the Capitol building on January 6, they’re being charged and treated as if they were terrorists. So there’s, there is no functioning rule of law. And essentially, and this is the dangerous part of this, remember that elections are surrogates are placeholders or replacements for violence?

Mike Adams 1:57
Because before elections took place, you know, Kings throughout history, how did you decide who was the ruler? Well, it was the one who murdered the their opponents, you know, you defeated the enemy army, and then you became king. It was all about violence and, and mass killing and who could kill the most people.

Mike Adams 2:15
So democracy, or a representational Republic is supposed to be a replacement for violence, to say, hey, right, we’re all going to participate in this election, we’re going to respect the outcome of the election. And that way, we don’t have to fight each other and, and have, you know, pistol duels, like in the old days of the US or swords and crossbows.

Mike Adams 2:38
Instead, we’re going to vote, but the only way the voting works is if it’s honest and fair. And people have faith in its fairness. And that was just obliterated by the Supreme Court and the democrats with the rigging the mass theft of the 2020 election. So it’s almost as if the Supreme Court is saying, and I’m not saying this, the Supreme Court is saying, it’s almost as if they’re saying that America should be returned to mass violence and warfare to determine who’s in charge, because elections no longer mean anything.

Mike Adams 3:12
That’s what the Supreme Court is saying. And that’s a very dangerous message, obviously, because that would be horrific for the nation, mass chaos, Civil War, fighting every all the time, it would just be like Somalia, which I guess seems very familiar to certain members of Congress in DC today, which is why they’re building razor wire fences around the Capitol Building, because they know that their policies are going to create violence.

Mike Adams 3:36
They know the election was stolen. They know the Supreme Court is all totally corrupt at this point. Well, you know, maybe not every single judge on the bench, you know, not not Alito, right. And let’s say not Thomas, for sure.

Mike Adams 3:51
Clarence Thomas, is He’s the best. He’s the best supreme court justice that we’ve probably seen in a generation really no question about that. But about the others there. Aside from Alito, I’m not so sure.

Mike Adams 4:05
So Supreme Court has just thrown America under the bus not going to be pretty from here. Forward, you’re gonna see more lawlessness. And with the Democrats, defunding the police, you’re going to see of course, an accelerated collapse of society. And there’s a story about this in law enforcement today. headline is abolish the police after a little boy has seizure. Family gives up on 911 call after hearing automated hold message.

Mike Adams 4:29
Can you imagine a family in Kansas City was recently shocked when they call 911 while a four year old child fell unconscious and began seizing due to the family being greeted by an automated please hold message when calling the emergency number right so you don’t 911 or a suicide?

Mike Adams 4:49
Suicide Hotline, please hold suicide hotline please hold you know 911 there’s no response in many cases So Simone Grantham, the child’s aunt, stated the following about the experience, quote, We literally have a four year old baby unconscious, seizing on the floor and can’t get ahold of 911 it was scary. I was dumbfounded. It was crazy.

Mike Adams 5:14
Because how are you in emergency line? In an emergency, we can’t get ahold of you. I love how she’s stating what every person needs to hear and the kind of the obvious point. It’s not an emergency line, if nobody’s there to take the call. And this is going to be happening in every major city all across America with increasing frequency. Why? Because the whole system is breaking down.

Mike Adams 5:40
More crime, more medical emergencies because of the vaccines and all the suicides and mental health and lockdowns and masks and everything. totally insane situation. Fewer police to respond to calls. And also people just crazy. people lost their minds like metals poisoning and fluoride poisoning everywhere and 5g poisoning. Everybody’s lost their minds. So if you’re living in a way where you, you rely on 911 to solve an emergency, then you put yourself in a very bad position, that’s for sure.

Mike Adams 6:15
You can’t trust 911 you because you can’t trust anybody to show up when you need them. By the way, maybe the child was having a seizure because just got vaccinated anyway. So a lot of these problems are actually caused by the system itself, you know, caused by the media pushing vaccines, everybody should get vaccinated, it’s the right thing to do.

Mike Adams 6:33
And then 911 gets overloaded with all these calls of seizures, people passing out and people swelling up looking like elephants, you know, just from the inflammation response or just dying, you know, I mean, just just passing out and losing consciousness and dying. Well, no wonder the system’s overloaded. They’re killing people with the vaccines. But we’ll get to more of that later.

Mike Adams 6:55
Different story on the political front. From the Epoch Times Trump says, no more money for rhinos. And he says he’s going to be asking supporters to donate to his pack in his website. So I guess the sign for today is don’t feed the rhinos. They can be dangerous. Yeah, yeah. Well,

Mike Adams 7:14
not only don’t feed the rhinos, don’t vote for rhinos. Now, whether you want to donate to Trump’s pack, you know is your call that would, of course, put the money in the leverage in the hands of Trump. And he would be kind of a kingmaker of sorts, right, deciding who gets funding to win an election and who he chooses to endorse. And it’s not a bad roll for Trump.

Mike Adams 7:36
You know, and he’s, he, frankly, he’s still the leading Person of the conservative movement in America. If Trump were to run for president right now, he’d win just like he did last November. He won, then he would win again. And if he decides to run in 20 2024, he might win again there too. But I don’t know. There’s some other contenders coming up.

Mike Adams 8:00
But as long as it’s not a rhino, it should be interesting. I mean, we don’t want rhinos. We don’t want the mitch mcconnell’s. And by the way, the right scoop is reporting that that five establishment Republicans, senators are announcing their retirement, including maybe mitch mcconnell. Wouldn’t it be great have mitch mcconnell? retired? Actually, it’d be great just to vote him out.

Mike Adams 8:24
But sounds like he’s gonna be retiring because he knows he’s done for. He’s already. What do they say screwed the pooch is? What does that really mean? I’m not sure. But whatever it means mitch mcconnell probably did it. So he’s out of there. Right now, in the meantime, Joe Biden, who’s walking around no clue where he is or who he is or what he’s doing.

Mike Adams 8:46
He forgot the name of the Pentagon. Yesterday, he was talking about, you know, that, that five sided building where the military, I mean, I’m paraphrasing, but he forgot the name, Pentagon. That’s something scary right there. He’s, of course, signed off on everything they put in front of him. He’s being run by a bunch of radical left wing, trans puppet masters.

Mike Adams 9:13
And so these 14 $100 payments are going to be going out very soon to people all across America. Now. I want you to think about what this economy has become. In America, you have an economy where the government hands out money to people in huge amounts, multiple times a year, it seems right that there have been multiple bailouts and all the unemployment benefits and all of that so this is multiple times a year.

Mike Adams 9:43
And this has become basically universal basic income for people UBI people are living off of this money a lot of people are and in the the new COVID bailout bill.

Mike Adams 9:55
It put in an extra 15 weeks of massive bailout money. I think it was like 15 $100 a week or something in that range for federal workers, who are taking care of a family member that shows any symptom of COVID. So think about that, if you’re a federal worker, you will no longer have to show up and do your job for 15 weeks, you’ll get paid something like 15 $100 a week.

Mike Adams 10:23
Even if you have a symptom of a family member has a symptom, including if you have a vaccine reaction symptom from the COVID vaccine. So how hard is that for these federal workers to fake you know, just go to the doctor, get a note? Oh, yeah, he had chills. Again, guess you better stay home for 15 weeks. And then the rest of America is wondering, like, Where’s the freaking mail? I thought the post office used to be you know, through rain or sleet or snow, we deliver the mail or whatever that slogan went.

Mike Adams 10:54
Now, it’s like, we’re gonna stay home and not deliver the mail. Because we’re getting bailout money. I want my bailout money. That’s what the federal workers are saying. Now, on one hand, you might say, hey, it’s actually a good thing that so many federal workers are staying home, they’re doing less damage by not doing their jobs. And that’s a good point, I get it. But when it comes to the mail, I would actually like to see the mail delivered that would help.

Mike Adams 11:24
And the mail is backed up No, seriously, because, you know, we send out packages from health Ranger store calm. And you know, we send out via FedEx and UPS and us mail, or USPS, as it’s called. And we had customers calling us complaining saying like, Where’s our package.

Mike Adams 11:43
And we ended up finding out that in some regional mail centers in America, first class mail is backed up for weeks, for weeks. And then in other areas, we found that FedEx second day air was also backed up for a couple of weeks, at least at one time recently, that the mail is not getting delivered, the packages aren’t getting delivered. The freight systems are breaking down. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to ship anything recently on on freight. And oh, by the way, UPS is closing down its freight service.

Mike Adams 12:21
So there’s no more ups, commercial freight at all, that that whole thing is shut down, they abandon the business. And if you are trying to get pallets of material shipped out of California, to anywhere else in the country like Texas where I am, it’s a nightmare. It’s a nightmare, and the costs are doubling and tripling.

Mike Adams 12:44
And there are no I mean, not enough drivers, you know not enough workers to load the trucks, not enough workers to unload the trucks, the fuel prices are skyrocketing, under Biden and so on. But the federal government’s is handing out free money to people to stay home and do nothing.

Mike Adams 13:03
How is this going to function? How does this system continue? It doesn’t. Not for long, people are being paid to stay home and do nothing and just collect free money. And the democrats their entire job is just keep passing more free money handouts for everybody that’s their role in government is just, here’s more free money, vote for us. And that’s it. People don’t even feel like they have to work anymore.

Mike Adams 13:29
Or a lot of people don’t. So we have this, this also this cultural generational problem where you’ve got people under the age of 30. By and large, I know there are exceptions. But by and large, people under 30 have no work ethic. They’re actually offended by the idea that you might assume they should have to work. No, really.

Mike Adams 13:48
They they have no clue that work is a way that you might earn something, because they’ve been raised on this idea that they’re the victims of everything, and they should get free handouts all the time. So democrats and Biden are feeding right into this and handing out free money to all these 20 something people who are sitting around going Hey, why should I ever have to work they’re never gonna sign up for a job that involves, I don’t know physical labor or effort or you know, pushing a broom or lifting a box or anything that’s hard, because society has been handing out free money.

Mike Adams 14:27
So this is creating By the way, the reason all this matters is this is creating massive engineered food scarcity across America because there aren’t enough workers to run the entire food supply line. Not just the farms, but also restocking food at the grocery stores or processing food, let’s say at the meat plants. You know, food shipments, food manufacturing bottling delivering food every thing, there are fewer and fewer people willing to do any kind of actual work.

Mike Adams 15:06
And I was, I was joking with my wife today and saying, you know what, when we retire my generation, I’m in my 50s. And many of you listening are as well, when all of us retire, you realize the younger generation will have no one left to work. Because who’s doing the work today, who’s you know, who’s doing the customer support people over 50, who’s, who’s working at the meat plants right now to actually get work done.

Mike Adams 15:33
It’s mostly people over 50 I guess some people in their 40s, but the younger generation under 30, they’re not. They’re not working, not doing any real work anymore. So somebody should, should send out a warning to the younger generation, you got about five years.

Mike Adams 15:52
And after that, nothing will function in society, because all the people who were actually willing to work, people who grew up with a work ethic are all going to be retiring, and you’re going to be left you the youth, you’re going to be left with a society where you don’t know how to do anything, and nobody’s willing to do anything, the whole thing’s just gonna crater.

Mike Adams 16:10
He’s not gonna get groceries at your grocery store, like I get fuel delivered, you’re going to get nothing. And they won’t know what to do about it. So they’ll just, I guess, starve to death in their own concrete jungles, their cities, because they don’t know how to grow food either. Amazingly.

Mike Adams 16:29
Alright, so what’s the democrats answer to this? Do they think we should change the culture and teach a work ethic? to young Americans? No, their answer is flood the country with illegals. And that’s this is their whole border policy now. It’s like just flood the country.

Mike Adams 16:49
Because even they know, young Americans won’t work. So they’re just saying, Hey, we’re gonna have this new law, you know, new border policy, agricultural visa worker situation, we’ll just have hundreds of 1000s, or maybe millions of migrants just come flooding in.

Mike Adams 17:06
Because you know what, I mean, regardless of the politics, the Mexican migrants actually will work, it turns out, because they, they want to get paid. You know, until until the democrats give them free handouts, one day, probably soon. But until then they want to earn money to send it back home, to their Mexican families. So the Mexican migrants are actually willing to work.

Mike Adams 17:33
And the American youth are not willing to work. And then the the conservative rhinos come along and say something like, well, the these these immigrants are taking Americans jobs, you know, picking strawberries, or mopping floors, or cleaning toilets, or whatever they’re doing.

Mike Adams 17:52
And I know this is gonna sound I mean, look, you can’t put me into a political box here. Okay. But this may sound surprising to those of you who are conservatives, but I got to tell the truth on this, the American workers will never do those jobs, they will never do those jobs, period.

Mike Adams 18:08
Trust me, we’ve tried to make that happen. They won’t do it. The American workers, the youth are over privilege. They’re not willing to do any physical labor period. And they don’t even know how, and most of them just lack the strength. Have you seen what these young frail soy boys look like? They might get injured, pick it up a mop, much less work in it.

Mike Adams 18:35
So you know, I mean, make of it what you will, I think we need strong borders and I and we need, we need an immigration system that is strict, so that we get to choose who comes into the country, right? It shouldn’t just be everybody flood in. That’s not a good system.

Mike Adams 18:51
So I am, I’m all for the Trump border wall and all of that. But it does leave me with the question of who’s going to do the work in this country? Because the Americans absolutely will not do it. So that’s, that’s going to get real interesting here in the coming years, for sure.

Mike Adams 19:08
Now, speaking of the illegal flood of migrant workers, and so on coming in illegal aliens, the Biden regime has issued a gag order. This is covered by Breitbart restricting all DHS officials from from talking to reporters about the border crisis. So no longer allowed to even say there is a crisis.

Mike Adams 19:32
So they’re just gonna pretend there’s no problem. After all, these are future democrat voters, right. Once they make it to California, they get they get a driver’s license, they get a voter card, they can just start voting and they start collecting, in many cases, all kinds of welfare benefits and so on.

Mike Adams 19:50
And Biden says you can’t talk about that anymore. Pretty sound the tech giants will ban you if you even say there’s such a thing as an illegal immigrant or especially Italy. Alien. They don’t like that term. They’ll just say there’s no such thing you know, Snopes will have an articles like there is no illegal immigration.

Mike Adams 20:07
That’s a myth made up by q anon or something. Oh, have you heard the new term blue anon. By the way, blue anon means a leftist conspiracy theorist who believes in all the crazy left wing conspiracy theories like the Russia collusion hoax, or you know the Covington kids story that the Washington Post lied about, you know, those kids in that rally or or the Jesse Smollett noose incident, which was a total race hoax, false flag, so leftists who believe all that crazy nonsense, they’re called Blue anon, which is very funny.

Mike Adams 20:47
And the Urban Dictionary has not banned the term blue anon, which is exactly what blue anon people would do is ban, the term that describes that they are conspiracy theorists. So they’re actually confirming their existence by banning the term it’s it’s almost kind of funny. All right, now new science is coming out about masks, and how they mostly don’t work.

Mike Adams 21:10
The Wyoming government has announced at the end to the mask mandate, that’s good news. So there’s another state that’s saying enough with these masks. And then there’s an interesting story on sovereign The CDC is about to be cancelled by Google and Facebook for COVID heresy.

Mike Adams 21:26
That’s the title. Basically, the story says there was only a well, based on new science, that’s published by the CDC, there was only a 1.32% reduction in infections in areas where mask wearing was strongly followed. So in other words, masks barely work on what they have a 1.32% reduction.

Mike Adams 21:52
Okay, which is not that much. But out of this out of this, the mainstream media announced that well, that’s proof that masks really do work. So the Washington Post had a headline that said, quote, after state lift restrictions, CDC says mass mandates can reduce deaths.

Mike Adams 22:13
But the story doesn’t say it’s only 1.32%. And then the New York Times said, quote, wearing masks, the CDC study reported was linked to fewer infections, with the Coronavirus and COVID-19 deaths. Yeah, okay. Yeah, fewer infections. 1% fewer. But that’s is that really worth all the trouble? NBC News, which is all fake news, said that the 1.32% reduction is, quote, strong evidence that mass mandates can slow the spread of the Coronavirus.

Mike Adams 22:47
Yeah, by 1%. I mean, see, see how they lie with their fake headlines that technically aren’t, aren’t lies, but they’re misleading you in thinking that well masks must be significantly effective at reducing infections, and they aren’t. They are marginally marginally effective at reducing COVID death. But what they didn’t take into account was the harm caused by mass that can cause for example, bacterial pneumonia.

Mike Adams 23:18
How many more people died from bacterial pneumonia or, or died from, you know, oral health problems caused by re breathing in all of the toxic bacteria that’s in the mask, which quickly becomes a petri dish, a warm, moist petri dish, because you’re exhaling into it. And it’s growing all this bacteria.

Mike Adams 23:38
That’s then you’re inhaling that into your lungs. Like it went from your mouth to the mask and now into your lungs. And now you got a problem. So how many people are dying from this mask mandate? And yet, no one in the media wants to talk about that. They talk about masks as if they’re really really amazing.

Mike Adams 23:59
Oh, and by the way, then Dr. Fauci and I think the CDC are saying that if you’re vaccinated if you’re fully vaccinated, you are now allowed to not wear a mask in your own private home when interacting with another person, if they’re also fully vaccinated.

Mike Adams 24:21
They put that out. I’m thinking, are there still people who are wearing masks in their own private homes when other people come to visit them? Is that still going on? Really?

Mike Adams 24:34
Because I’m a little shocked at that. I thought, well, maybe that’s just me, but I thought we all figured out you know, vitamin D and zinc and avoiding inflammatory foods and just having good hygiene and so on that good nutrition, that all works. You don’t need masks. But now you have permission to go maskless in your own home. Thanks to the CDC. If you’ve been fully Fully vaccinated.

Mike Adams 25:01
But not if you’ve only been partially vaccinated, you might still be a super spreader. So you have to get the second dose the second shot, then then you can go maskless Okay, well, it’s um, should we bow down and thank the CDC for their permission. For what we’re going to do it in our own private homes now. Oh, thank thank you, CDC, for giving me the right to take off my mask in my own home.

Mike Adams 25:34
Oh, my.

Mike Adams 25:36
Alright. And then in another absurdity related to all this wall street journal column was describing news that said herd immunity for the US is likely by April. And this was authored by a john Johns Hopkins professor who’s talking about most of the areas of the US are going to reach 60 to 70% of infection rate by April, and, you know, that’s herd immunity, whether you expose one way or another. Yeah, you basically reach herd immunity.

Mike Adams 26:04
Well, Facebook said, No, that’s fake news. You can’t, you can’t say this is going to end in April. So now, The Wall Street Journal is accused of fake news by Facebook or Facebook. And I see they just want to keep it going as long as possible. They’ve got to keep it going. Way beyond April, they need four more years out of this to keep Biden hidden in a basement somewhere and at least as long as they can get away with it probably won’t last much longer.

Mike Adams 26:33
They need to keep locking down the economy. They need to keep punishing people and handing out bailout money. But they can’t have more bailout money. They don’t have an excuse to say, oh, there’s COVID is still here. We got to keep sending people checks. See the whole democrat scheme collapses. If we solve COVID. And people can get back to work and reopen their restaurants and reopen small businesses and get the economy working again.

Mike Adams 27:01
And people could, you know, hug each other again. Well, the democrats can’t have that they have to keep people apart. They have to keep the racial hatred going. isolation, fear, psychological terror, you know, obey, obey, obey. And this is what they need to keep going. So they can’t have the Wall Street Journal saying there might be herd immunity pretty soon.

Mike Adams 27:21
No, not allowed. You know, speaking of left us here, let’s just go ahead and get into the cultural segment of today’s podcast. And then we’ll have a little bit more economic news after that, but the culture segment is pretty wild. So Burger King went insane yesterday, and they put out a woke tweet. That backfired horrendously as reported by summit news. So here’s the deal. Burger King put out a quote and said, this is a tweet, they said, quote, women belong in the kitchen.

Mike Adams 27:54
Now. You can imagine what this set off now, Burger King then explained in a follow up tweet after the the internet exploded. Burger King was saying no, we meant that we meant that in the in the culinary schools, the chefs, the chefs are 80% male. And we think there should be more than 20% women becoming chefs. And so that’s why they said women belong in the kitchen.

Mike Adams 28:25
But of course, leftists are totally insane. I mean, number one, they don’t even believe there is such a thing as a woman. So I don’t know, what’s the point of saying women belong here, or there are men here and there. According to the left, there’s no such thing anyway. So what? Why does it even matter that 80% are men if you don’t even believe that there are men see, I mean, makes no sense.

Mike Adams 28:46
They don’t believe in gender. But then secondly, you know, the left interprets this as saying that burger king wants women to be basically barefoot and pregnant and you know, cooking dinner for the man to come home. You know, come home from work, make me a beer and warm up the chicken, you know, whatever that that kind of, I guess, bizarre 1950s twisted version of, of America under the suppression of women or something like that’s, that’s what the reaction was to that.

Mike Adams 29:18
So Burger King had to put out a clarification. And said, oh, we’re on a mission to change the gender ratio in the restaurant industry by empowering female employees with the opportunity to pursue a culinary career. But again, they’re saying here that there’s such a gender as women.

Mike Adams 29:37
But I thought I thought that that’s transphobic to say that there’s a gender of women and men I thought you had to say all gender is subjective and fluid. So Burger King screwed this up no matter what but that’s the way the left works. Even if you try to fit in and virtue signal along with the leftist they’re gonna come after you anyway cuz you virtue signaling sounds like anti women or something.

Mike Adams 30:05
So there’s no way to actually make the left happy. Except to just go mad and start, I guess eating and killing everything in sight, which is what the left ultimately ends up doing is they lost their minds. That’s the only way to make them happen. They just want mass chaos and violence and death everywhere.

Mike Adams 30:21
Okay? But if you if you try to make sense, and say, yeah, there’s such a thing as a woman. And let’s let’s teach more women how to be chefs, then Oh, you’re attacked, you’re viciously attacked. So I think it’s hilarious that Burger King wound up committing, you know, left wing suicide. And there’s a there’s a big boycott now of Burger King. Not for the right reasons.

Mike Adams 30:46
But because of the tweet, that’s hilarious. Now there’s a new term, check this out, you know, left us? Well, let me back out. Remember how I said the other day that that LGBT that the tea in there, if you want to qualify as tea, you can make up any gender you want. Remember how I said you could be like, like a Christian gender, you know, or a patriot gender?

Mike Adams 31:11
Well, I wasn’t the only one who had this idea. Because you know, if you want to be part of the tea, and you want to get all the extra goodies, you want to you know, if you’re a food company, you want the label member that grocery store called giant foods, and they have labels. Now, under the food on the shelves, it says, Oh, this is a, this is a transgender food company, or this is a black owned company, or this is this is a woke company or whatever.

Mike Adams 31:34
So you want to be part of the tea, you can make up your own gender. Well, some conservatives came up with a new gender called super straight. You know what superstrate is? super straight is what we used to call normal. By the way, superstrate means you are only attracted to people of the opposite sex, who are not transgenders. In other words, if you’re a man, you’re attracted to a woman.

Mike Adams 31:59
And if you’re a woman, you’re attracted to a man. Again, that’s what used to be called just normal. Now, it’s a gender called superstrate. And again, this is conservatives coming up coming up with this and saying I would so we’ve come up with our own gender that describes our sexual preference, that if I’m a biological man only attracted biological women, not trans women, which is a biological man pretending to be a woman, right?

Mike Adams 32:25
And if a biological woman, you’re attracted to biological men, not trans man, which is a biological woman faking like they’re a man. So got it super straight means you’re, you’re, you’re really just

Mike Adams 32:38
normal is what it used to be called. Now, then, if you use the term straight, without the word super on it, you went straight is supposed to mean, don’t get this, according to the left, straight means that let’s say if you’re a man listening to this, that you’re attracted to women, but that that might include trans women.

Mike Adams 33:00
What? I don’t think so. No, that’s. So in other words, they say if you’re straight, just plain straight, you should be willing to date biological men who pretend to be women. And if you refuse to, then you’re What? Oh, you’re transphobic. Now you’re a hater. Oh, so you, you must accept dates with transgenders who are pretending to be something that they are not physically.

Mike Adams 33:31
That’s, that’s what the left is demanding. So anyway, superstrate is now the new term that you might, you might consider using, because it puts you in a gender designation. That is just being what we used to call normal or straight. Now, then the leftists are going insane about this. You can’t make up your own sexual identity terms.

Mike Adams 33:55
They say, Oh, really, because that’s what they’ve been doing for years with with transgenderism. So what, we can’t make up our own genders either. Again, I’m just gonna be like the Patriot gender, or the Christian gender or whatever, super straight Christian gender, that’s my gender.

Mike Adams 34:14
What are my pronouns? You can just make up whatever you want. Use a pronoun like, Your Honor, you know? So every time they refer to you, they have to say, Your Honor, and say, yes, super straight, Christian. Whatever. So yeah, playing their game. And if they’re going to hand out, you know, all these laws and all these benefits to transgenders, you can be a transgender to you just be a super straight Christian or a super straight patriot.

Mike Adams 34:39
That’s your gender. And those are your pronouns. See, because again, it’s all subjective. Anybody can make up anything they want and call it a gender. All right now this brings me to the giant foods story. I covered it yesterday.

Mike Adams 34:52
Remember how giant foods was it was putting all the labels on on the underneath the food products on the shelves. So when you’re shopping, you can expect more white guilt at the grocery store, you can be shamed into buying, you know, bags of lentils, made by lesbians, or, you know, bags of Uncle Ben’s rice, you know, harvested by people of color, or whatever the case may be.

Mike Adams 35:14
So they’re putting all these labels on there to try to shame you into buying food made by companies that are owned by, I guess, minority groups or LGBT groups or lesbians or gays or what have you. And the you know, the reaction of that story yesterday was, as I expected, people were really just shocked that this is what grocery stores have come to. in America.

Mike Adams 35:38
This is so insane. We’re supposed to buy woke food now. You know, it’s like, woke tard grocery chain, and why does it matter? The sexual orientation of the person making your food? Why can’t we just buy food based on the quality of the food, or the nourishment of the food or whatever. I mean, I don’t care if a gay person made the food or lesbian or transgender made made the food. I just don’t shove all that in my face when I’m shopping, you know, for organic produce, or whatever.

Mike Adams 36:08
I don’t want to know the sexual orientation of the company behind these artichokes here. Okay, I really don’t want to know how it doesn’t is of no interest to me. But I thought, because the left always goes one more step towards insanity, compared to where they are now. You think they’ve already reached peak insanity?

Mike Adams 36:32
No, they haven’t. No, I mean, you never thought you would see labels on a grocery store or the LGBT, you know, transgender tacos or whatever, you you never thought you would see that it’s here now. So where are they going to go next? Well, to understand this, you got to think about the spectrum of victimization of leftists because they’re, they’re experts at being victims.

Mike Adams 36:55
And so right now their victimhood is all about gender identity, or their ethnic identity. But guess what, guess where they can go next? They can go into medical or disease identities. So you take every disease, you know, obesity, or heart disease, or cancer, diabetes, and you can turn that into another label of victimhood.

Mike Adams 37:21
For the groceries that people are buying, like, Oh, this company that makes this bread is run by cancer patients or, or you know, the these fruits are the people that pick these fruits, they’re obese or whatever. And what if you combined this to go super fully woke?

Mike Adams 37:40
You combine diseases with gender identity, and sexual orientation, you would get something like a label on the Chava obese granny tranny, gluten free granola, you know, and you’d have a news coverage. local newspaper be covering the story, interviewing

Mike Adams 38:03
the trainee grannies, a couple of old guys dressing up as women. We used to be grandpa’s. And then one day as we were getting their testicles removed, we realized we had gluten intolerance. And we wanted other people to treat their bodies, right? with gluten free foods.

Mike Adams 38:24
Because even though we cut off our balls, we don’t want you to have digestive upset so that it becomes Oh, and that they have to be morbidly obese. So it’s obese granny training gluten free granola. And you know that we get major coverage in the local newspaper. I know it sounds insane. If you’re laughing Don’t laugh this, this is coming.

Mike Adams 38:47
This is coming. Like in a couple of weeks, probably you’re gonna have a story like this, that they’ll probably even have, like a whole line of personal gender fluid purses, or something, you know, like like a like you can wear you could you can strap on and wear it around. It’d be like granny tranny fanny packs or something.

Mike Adams 39:06
Just like what, what who aren’t you? And what is that? Oh, I don’t know. But some granted, trannies made this fanny pack and I think it’s awesome. It carries everything. And they get major coverage in the in the media. So if you’re thinking this funny again, this is not funny. This is what’s common.

Mike Adams 39:22
So I made a list of some products that I think we’re going to see. These are predictions of what we’re going to have on the grocery store shelves here in America, you’re going to have high blood pressure certified organic bisexual buns. You know, for hamburgers and hot dogs and such.

Mike Adams 39:37
You’re going to have presidential brand dementia TV dinners, where you open it up and sometimes the meatloaf is just missing. Like dimension dinners. Like did I eat that or was that never there? You’re gonna have diabetic lesbian, trans fat free flapjacks. Why not? Why not? You’re gonna have cross dressing. Prostate Cancer shemale Asian salad with sesame seeds.

Mike Adams 40:04
That one’s also known as a bad tourist experience in Bangkok By the way, well, second label on that you’re going to have Alzheimer’s urinary incontinence, gay gourmet mustard, also known as gay Poupon. Yep, you’re gonna have to buy it otherwise you’re, you’re gay phobic. You’re gonna have joe biden’s corn pops in the hood, sugary breakfast cereal for diabetic children of color with proceeds to benefit the local breast cancer centers for African Americans.

Mike Adams 40:35
Yep, you’re gonna have bipolar Hollywood trafficking brand paedo pan. Peanut butter for kids. You got that? pido pan. Oh, what did that one go too far? That so that’s the one that went too far. Okay, I hear you booing that was that was bad Peto pan peanut butter. I’m sorry.

Mike Adams 40:55
No, I’m not trying to make light of that. I’m just saying that that they they are into pedophilia, right. I mean, that’s where transgenderism is going. There’s been all kinds of articles in the left wing, online magazines and publishing sites, they’re saying that it’s just another sexual orientation.

Mike Adams 41:13
That’s them saying that not me. They’re saying pedophilia, in their view is just another sexual orientation. So why not what they’re gonna have, they’re gonna have you know, perverted Beto pan peanut butter. That’s where all this is going, folks. If we don’t stand up and have some morality, some standards of ethics and morality, you know, some objective reality here to say no, it’s wrong, to exploit children’s wrong to abuse people. It’s wrong to have biological men beating up women in the sports ring.

Mike Adams 41:50
And calling it you know, an achievement for women. You’re not even a woman. That’s all wrong. It’s it’s, it’s evil, to commit violence against women. while pretending to be a woman when you’re actually a man. That’s just pure evil. It’s demonic stuff. And it’s wrong to prey upon children.

Mike Adams 42:09
But if this, if this is invading the grocery stores, where does it end? I mean, it’s already you go online to And what is it now? Oh, it’s like, you know, we’re celebrating Black History Month, we’re celebrating Women’s Day, we’re celebrating LGBT this and rainbows that, and you know what the message is on Amazon.

Mike Adams 42:30
If you’re a white person, you have no value in society, you suck, you’re worthless. Go away. I mean, that that’s the message everywhere on Amazon, it’s on Netflix. I mean, Amazon Prime, wherever you go, you you log in any site now. And it’s like, oh, we love people of color. We love transgenders. We love rainbows.

Mike Adams 42:50
But you straight, super straight white, male, Christian, you’re a horrible person, we don’t want you, as a customer, get off of our platform go away. That’s the message. And I say you should take your money and you should go away, you should go somewhere else. You should vote with your dollars somewhere else.

Mike Adams 43:11
Because I thought the civil rights movement in America was supposed to be about this idea that every human being has value. who wasn’t that supposed to be it? Regardless of your skin color, regardless of your sexual orientation, regardless of your ethnicity, or country of origin, that every human life matters, doesn’t it? And isn’t that just encapsulated with the phrase all lives matter, but even that’s called racist.

Mike Adams 43:37
That’s called racist, because the only way that you can not be a racist now is to say that white people suck, and they have no value in society. And the only voices that should matter in society are black voices, or transgender voices, or lesbian voices. Those are the only ones that matter. For that they should be in charge of everything, laws and the judicial system.

Mike Adams 43:59
And corporations, they should run all the corporate boards, and they should run all the media and Hollywood and movies and they should be all the actors, all the actors should be trainees, and on and on and on. That’s the message. That is not a message of equal justice or equality or morality or fairness, or tolerance or diversity or inclusivity, is it No, that’s a message of hatred. The left is pushing a message of hatred and bigotry and anti white racism.

Mike Adams 44:27
And that’s the truth. That’s what the left is doing every single day in America. They’re full of hatred and bigotry, and they hate you for the way you were born. And just because you bought the obese granny train and gluten free granola doesn’t give you a free pass. You can’t buy your way out of the evil that you are that you were born with the color of your skin. I mean, that’s the message from the left. It’s so insane.

Mike Adams 44:58
So insane. You know, I just think and I’ll say this and move on, but I just think if if giant foods is going to put labels on the food they should they should really go all out. They should have more labels they should have, you know, white owned labels as well.

Mike Adams 45:16
Because they’re going to have you know, black owned and Hispanic owned Why are they leaving out white people don’t white people own food companies today there’s something wrong with white people owning food company, or or whatever they should put on their like redneck owned.

Mike Adams 45:29
Like here’s some, you know, certified organic beef jerky, redneck owned. See, that’s the beef jerky one. You want like purebred rednecks, because they know how to make jerky? At least that’s what I’ve learned living in Texas. I mean, I’m joking. I’m kind of joking about the term here.

Mike Adams 45:47
But why not go all out on the labels? Why stop at just certain colors and races and genders, but not others? How about a label that says this company Christian owned? How about that? Would that be an experience? The owner of this company believes in God, they’d probably sell a whole lot of that product because most people really want to get back to some basic Christian principles. I mean, if you have a loaf of bread, one loaf of bread is like Ah, this is made by transgenders.

Mike Adams 46:19
And another loaf is like this is made by a moral upstanding Christian family. Which, which bread do you think is going to sell more? I guarantee you, it’s going to be the Christian bread that sells more. I mean, if they want to play the label game, put it all out there let people make the full decision with the full information.

Mike Adams 46:40
And I’m not saying that transgenders can’t make bread, I’m sure they can. But if you’re going to shove that in everybody’s face, there’s going to be a backlash against it. That’s the point. You should either go no labels or full labels.

Mike Adams 46:54
Why not just have political labels on the food like, like, you know, this jar of pickles is made by left wing blue and on lunatics who hate America, that should be the label. And then there’s this other jar of pickles that’s made by people who believe in the Constitution, which pickles are gonna sell better? Trust me, it’s got to be the pro constitution, pickles.

Mike Adams 47:15
Most people love America. I mean, most people in America love America. I don’t know about everybody else. Most people believe in the Constitution. And most people believe in morality and ethics. And they want to support companies that are run by ethical moral people. Maybe, maybe I’ve just stumbled upon a whole new idea. Maybe I could start a grocery store in Texas, that that does label everything like Christian owned, you know, honest people made this bread, a moral, ethical company here.

Mike Adams 47:52
You know, cisgendered super straight, male or female uncommon, here’s your female chefs here. You know, owned by rational reasonable people. And then that would end up being some kind of like, crazy hot fire Texas burn your mouth hot sauce or something? Like clearly they’re not that reasonable if they made this hot sauce.

Mike Adams 48:18
Or how about, you know, since really, most of the food in grocery stores is made by globalist corporations that hate humanity, and that support D population. So why not just say, there’s macaroni and cheese made by an anti human corporation that hates you and wants you to die?

Mike Adams 48:34
Just read the ingredients. If you don’t believe me that that would be the honest label. Right there. I should make like a pair of virtual reality glasses, you wear the glasses, you walk around a grocery store, and it reads the barcodes on the products and then gives you a pop up of how evil the company is that makes that crap with like warning signs of what’s in a high fructose corn syrup. sodium nitrate cancer beware.

Mike Adams 49:03
By the way, have you heard the theory, that is vaccines that are contributing to the transgenderism? Because the vaccines are made? Well, many vaccines are made with aborted human fetal tissue. And they they took a dead male baby a couple of decades ago, murdered the baby.

Mike Adams 49:23
Mother was a psychiatric patient. And they then have cloned that baby’s tissue, year after year batch after batch and they’ve used that to grow these festering cess vats of diseases, you know, like measles and mumps, and chickenpox and so on. And then they harvest this tissue and they put it in the vaccines.

Mike Adams 49:47
Well, the thing is, remember when that lab I think it was in Italy, ran a gene sequencing test on on vaccines and found the complete human genome of a human Male baby. Remember that I think children’s health defense even covered that. And so you’re injecting every child with the full genome of, of a male baby. But then there are other other tissues that are taken from aborted female babies.

Mike Adams 50:21
And so I wonder if there’s some vaccines that are using more female genes, and that’s getting injected into male children sometimes and altering their gender expression, possibly, right. Is that is that a possibility?

Mike Adams 50:38
I would think the answer is maybe certainly needs to be looked into. Why are you injecting children with other children’s genes? Number one, that’s crazy. Why are you Why do you have aborted human fetal tissue in the vaccines in the first place? And then secondly, you have all the gender bender chemicals that’s in the food supply, like the Atrazine, which is a castration chemical.

Mike Adams 51:01
And you know, glyphosate as another herbicide, you got various pesticides, you have hormone mimickers and hormone disruptors, if estrogen in so much the food supply, especially in soy, you’ve estrogen mimickers. And so you’re feeding all the soy product to these males, and that’s where you get the term soy boy.

Mike Adams 51:21
Because they grow up like they look like girly boys. And then yeah, of course, they’re confused. Because they don’t have the testosterone. I mean, they’re they’re actually, in a sense, they’re victims of the mass food poisoning, and it’s screwed with their biology. And so yeah, no wonder they’re confused.

Mike Adams 51:43
Now, why do they feel fluid as they’re eating a soy burger? And then Bill Gates is saying everybody should be eating soy burgers all the time. He says artificial meat is the way to go. Well, what how do they make that artificial meat?

Mike Adams 51:55
Well, a lot of ingredients are soy. And also MSG, by the way, which is a neurotoxin, that they put that in there to yeast extract, and other toxic chemicals. Basically. Artificial meat, fake meat burgers are the one of the most toxic, you know, anti environmental foods that you can possibly eat. It’s all genetically modified soy crap with stuff with chemicals to make it taste decent.

Mike Adams 52:23
And this is what they want you to eat because they want to turn everybody in the soy boys. They don’t want the male archetype to even exist. They think there’s no value the globalist they don’t want any males that because they don’t want anybody to defend society against the assault of the globalists. They don’t want men of the household or fathers teaching sons how to do anything.

Mike Adams 52:44
That’s why they’ve destroyed the family this whole time. So everything they do in the food supply, and with the chem trails and the 5g, it’s all attacking the sperm. Yeah, it’s like a war on sperm. All across the world. It is it’s a war on spur. And it’s a war on on cultural values, war on men, even Burger King.

Mike Adams 53:04
Even when they accidentally said women belong in the kitchen. what they meant was that there should be fewer men as chefs, that’s really what they meant. That screw the men, they want women to be chefs only. Now it’s not the wrong women being chefs. They’re Welcome to it.

Mike Adams 53:21
I mean, being a chef is a very creative expression. adds a lot of value to the world. Anybody should be able to be a chef as far as I’m concerned. But is anybody like preventing women from being chefs? Does any chef school sail you’re a woman, you’re not welcome here. We don’t teach women?

Mike Adams 53:37
No, that’s never happening. nobody’s doing that. Women and men are self selecting what they want to do. And so if there’s only if 20% of the chefs are women, that’s because there just aren’t more women who wanted to be chefs. No one’s blocking them from being chefs. Come on. It’s not like an anti woman secret conspiracy among the chef societies. Like men only.

Mike Adams 54:04
No. Are you kidding me? The chef society is, in many ways, pretty much already LGBT. So I’m sure women are welcome, including trans women. All right, but I do want to say this. Now this is the the final chapter of today’s podcast, I do want to say something in defense of the confusion of the youth.

Mike Adams 54:24
Now Now granted, as I’ve already said, they are poisoned by the food supply. They are poisoned. Their endocrine system is all haywire hormones are all screwed up because of the chemical exposure. But there’s something else that’s happening.

Mike Adams 54:37
That may explain why so many of today’s youth are so violent and freaking out and seemingly insane. And they’re so angry at everything in the world. There’s some legitimate reason behind this. And there’s a cause I will explain. It’s this economic divide which the left likes to call so called inequality, that you know, the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poor, and the middle class is being destroyed.

Mike Adams 55:09
Now the correct and the observation, but the left thinks the answer to this is to just seize more money from everybody and redistributed through more bailout money and universal basic income. And that’s a horrible idea. But there is an economic divide. However, the cause of it is none other than money printing from the central banks.

Mike Adams 55:33
The central banks are stealing from everyone, the central banks by printing money and debasing the fake fiat currency, what they’re doing is stealing from the middle class, well, crushing the middle class and causing the economic divide, where you have the super wealthy class, you know, the Jeff Bezos, the Elan Musk, the bill gates of the world, and the bankers and so on, again, all the bailout money that getting all the business, you know, their businesses are always considered essential.

Mike Adams 55:57
So they’re open while everybody else is being crushed and run out of town. But the lower income people that especially the youth, they have a terrible time trying to get ahead. It is much more difficult to get ahead financially today as a young person than it was when you and I were in our 20s.

Mike Adams 56:18
And again, I’m in my 50s. So talking about 30 years ago. And here’s how you know this. Consider the number of hours of wages that were needed to buy a car, or to buy a small comfortable house back in let’s say, the 1980s, or the 1990s. Just take the the number of hours you had to work to buy a car in the 1980s versus the number of hours you have to work to buy the same quality car today.

Mike Adams 56:49
Are those numbers equivalent? No, they’re not, especially a house to buy a house today, a young person has to work three to four times as many hours as you and I had to work. That’s right. Remember how hard it was to buy your first house and pay that sucker off? It took a lot of work didn’t it took a lot of years, a lot of effort.

Mike Adams 57:13
Imagine that being three times harder or four times harder. That’s the way it is right now that explains some of the cultural anger and backlash that’s happening by the youth. Because they can’t get ahead. But why can’t they get ahead? It’s the central bank money printing. It’s the fake fiat currency, the money creation, the quantitative easing, all the bailout money, this is creating the problem.

Mike Adams 57:39
The left doesn’t see that the left thinks that the answer is more money printing to hand out more money to people who need it. But of course, that’s never the answer, because all it does is muck up the entire economy and interferes with the natural distribution of resources in the economy.

Mike Adams 57:55
If If we could just keep I mean all of us young people, old people alike if we could just keep the money that we earned, and not be looted by the central banks, then the youth would be able to get ahead better.

Mike Adams 58:07
And then they might learn that if they work and save money, they can actually own their own home or own their own car free and clear, not live like a slave to the monthly payment systems and the bank loans and all of them the credit card, minimum payments and so on.

Mike Adams 58:24
They’re stuck in a system the system is rigged against them in a way that you and I never experienced. It was never this bad. When we were young. You know I bought my first car. I’m not even joking. You’re gonna think I’m making this up. I bought my first car for $75 from a neighbor and the sucker, it had a fuel line leak in it. And I think it leaked about $20 worth of gas every week.

Mike Adams 58:53
So it did not pay for itself. But 75 bucks, I bought a car. It worked. It ran. I mean, it wasn’t pretty or anything but hey, you could mow a few lawns. You know I would mow a lawn I would get five bucks. I could buy a lawn mower for like 100 bucks.

Mike Adams 59:15
And then I mowed 20 lawns I paid for the lawn mower. I did this when I was young. And then I mow a few more lawns. I could buy a crappy car. You can’t do that today. You can’t afford a car even a used car by mow in a few lawns doesn’t work.

Mike Adams 59:32
Not that anybody young wants to mow a lawn anyway. Not when they’re getting free money from the Biden regime. So you see the catch 22 here. The left is just going to keep printing more money and having more bailouts. And then young people are going to realize that there’s no point in even trying to get ahead Why Why bother working?

Mike Adams 59:50
The free money is falling out of the sky from Biden just keep voting democrat that’s what they say to themselves. They’re gonna keep getting free money. There’s no point in working Then the economic divide just gets worse and worse and worse, and there’s no middle class anymore.

Mike Adams 1:00:04
And then because the lower income people have less and less and less, because of the massive looting by the banks, then eventually you’re going to have a populist revolt, you’re going to have an uprising, you’re going to have an Tifa turn against Biden, actually, I think that’s already begun.

Mike Adams 1:00:22
You’re gonna have black lives matter, turn against the Democrats, you know, that kind of thing. You’re gonna have this massive populist uprising, just just lashing out in anger and violence, because their lives have no meaning there’s no hope. There’s no way to get ahead. If you earn money, it’s looted by the Central Bank anyway.

Mike Adams 1:00:41
So what’s the point? And no matter how much money you earn, as a young person today, well, the banks are going to print trillions anyway. And there’s going to be billions handed out to people who didn’t earn it didn’t deserve it in the banking industry.

Mike Adams 1:00:57
You know, the finance, the military and weapons industries or whatever, you know, that there’s going to be all these bailouts to everybody who didn’t earn it. So why should you work? Why should you earn anything? Why should you bother trying to get ahead? That is the thinking that’s dominating the youth today, and in many ways, in many ways, you can’t blame them. See, that’s my point.

Mike Adams 1:01:19
Until we have honest money, we will never have a sustainable culture will never have peace in America without honest money. It’s it’s the central banks that are the cause of all of this. They are destroying our culture, destroying our economy, destroying our nation, destroying our laws, destroying our future, it’s the central the damn central banks.

Mike Adams 1:01:43
And of course, now they’re attacking cryptocurrency and suppressing the price of gold and everything else. They’re the cause of the destitution, the desperation, the conflict that is here now.

Mike Adams 1:01:55
So if you really want to solve this problem, folks, it’s not about handing out money to people who don’t have it, it’s about ending the central banks, ending the looting of the monetary system and returning America, to honest money, where any person whether the low income or high income can put in an honest day’s work, and pocket an honest day’s wages.

Mike Adams 1:02:17
Once we have that, if we can ever get to that, then society will begin to heal. That’s how we heal. That’s how we get our middle class back. We got to end the central bank conspiracy, the criminal banksters the banking cartels, we got to end that we will never have a society that functions.

Mike Adams 1:02:38
And by the way, there is no process no political process through which central banking will ever be ended. So the only way it’s going to end is through a systemic global debt collapse and that’s exactly what’s coming. And that’s going to be followed by massive chaos and starvation and death and lawlessness and just you know, freaking Mad Max or what have you, it’s got to be ugly.

Mike Adams 1:03:01
Because you know, rational minds have not been allowed to be sane on this issue. You know, like Rand Paul. Instead, it’s just it’s just about endless money printing is driving us into collapse that’s where we’re going as a as a global financial system.

Mike Adams 1:03:20
We’re all headed into collapse. So So yeah, it’s a crappy time to be a young person right now that’s for sure. Especially during this COVID nonsense, not even allowed to socialize.

Mike Adams 1:03:34
So you know, at some level we got to give them a little bit of leeway you know, they want to have all these crazy facial piercings and blue hair and and tattoos like demons or whatever it’s like okay, you look you look insane but at some level I you know, I can see why what what drove you insane but you know, please come back to to reality.

Mike Adams 1:03:58
Maybe someday we can figure out a way to help these youth heal. Hmm we can only do that with honest money, the rule of law and Christian principles by the way, that’s the only pathway to get back to a sustainable society.

Mike Adams 1:04:11
Everything else will crater and collapse. Alright, that’s that’s my report for today. Thank you for listening. If you want to support what we’re doing check out health Ranger and also check out all the platforms we’re building bright town calm.

Mike Adams 1:04:24
We got a few glitches yesterday because of our whole new codebase and everything. I think we have that sorted out but sorry about the glitches so it’s kind of complex to move everything to a whole new code system but bright town comm use it it’s free to use post your videos, check out bright town dot social as well, our social media alternative to Twitter and natural you know, thank you for your support.

Mike Adams 1:04:50
Thank you for for sharing this podcast to anyone who you think may benefit from it or enjoy some of the satire that that we include in everybody. Yes. But they You’re listening. I’m Mike Adams bringing another podcast tomorrow. And in the meantime, have yourself a great day. Talk to you again soon.

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