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How to request Cosmic intervention for Mankind? Do we need it? 434 Channel

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In my quest for the truth about the nature of Human and Alien life, I read a lot of material related to Extraterrestrial communication. As I’m doing this, I’m trying to create an accurate version of Human future by analyzing and compiling Alien messages from all possible sources.

After many years of reading, I realized that all of them contain the same warning about Human future and all of them offered the same solution to our problems in form of a free will request for Alien intervention on Earth. In this video, I will present the main elements of this message, I will talk about how our future can change depending on your actions how Humans can benefit from Alien presence on earth according to the message, and we will think whether this message should be treated seriously.

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Here’s the compilation of all the Alien messages I could find talking about Extraterrestrial intervention on Earth. Like Humans, all other Alien entities are looking for the information about the source the energy, the creator, their main goals are the same as ours. That’s why they know what motivates Humans, and they have deep knowledge of Human psychological mechanisms, it seems they know about us more than we know about ourselves.

While Humans are developing their technical and spiritual abilities and progressing and becoming mature species, Aliens are keeping their distance observing and respecting Humans exercising their free will. They understand what Humans really are, and they know about the energy and power they have within it is sad for them to see our struggles with ourselves and the world around us.

They cannot help us with our problems as we’re supposed to overcome our fears collectively to create a world that we want for ourselves. Aliens will not get involved in creating our future without us deciding for this to happen. Humans are the decision makers and only they can decide what comes next. Human Freewill is based on the knowledge that we have about our own powers.

Currently, this awareness is in its early stages of development and we are feeling isolated living on Earth. The main purpose of Human existence is to unite and get rid of the artificial separation and division, replacing it with a deep sense of connection. The number of possibilities for a positive outcome of these Human goals is getting smaller and smaller, and one of the remaining opportunities for us to succeed is getting in contact with another race in Humans joining the family of other civilizations.

This act is expected and it will be met with full and immediate Alien disclosure should we decide to do it. This is a small window of opportunity that is quickly closing if there is no collective reaction to the situation Humans are in before a period of unrest and torment starts. Humans are losing more and more control of their future through the use of advanced technologies consequences of which slowly become irreversible.

The ecosystem exhaustion and scarcity of assets and resources is slowly becoming a problem that will lead to bigger conflicts. Although this exhaustion of available resources is expected. Collectively, Humans have not yet created a plan to tackle this problem. Humans are persistently unable to act quickly and efficiently. debating is usually more important than action.

And this will lead to a situation where we will have no choice but to relinquish all of our power to dose and control. Humans are at the precipice of big changes and only small group of people understands what’s happening. Only few comprehend that conflicts are created and maintained artificially for the benefit of a small group of people in power. Humans are slowly losing the ability to have a good quality life and they’re losing the ability to decide about themselves.

Through various types of technologies. Humans are now starting to be controlled physically and mentally. Human thoughts and opinions are fostered and curated to turn mankind into slaves simultaneously, making them believe that they actually control their future. Aliens have introduced themselves to those in power offering help, but this was rejected by Human leaders as they have a different selfish vision for Human race.

Those behind the curtain want to avoid collective unity, peace, harmony and connection with other civilizations. These people’s power comes from their ability to feed Human fears and mistrust. They know about our abilities and they want to make us oblivious to for as long as possible.

To make things more complicated, there are other Extraterrestrial races involved and those in control naively believe that the gift and cooperation come with no strings attached. Conflicts between races are also present in the Alien world, and those on earth who understand the Alien agendas have known about this for a long time. Here’s the suggestion from our Alien allies about what we can do to change our future and help ourselves.

We have two options to get in touch with other races. We either let our representatives continue to control our communication, or you as an individual make that choice on behalf of all Humans with no need for any representation. The first method has already been implemented by those in control and a group of hostile Aliens who want to benefit from slavery of humankind and from accessing earthly resources.

But the individual communication method is controlled only by you. Your thoughts can be read telepathically by Aliens, and all you need to do is clearly ask yourself the question whether you want the Aliens to appear on Earth, you need to give a clear answer to yourself or to a group of other people. You can say it out loud or you can concentrate your thinking on your answer.

A single thought with a clear message can drastically impact Human future and your decision to ask for helpful entities to materialize might be crucial to our survival. And honest emotional requests made with the use of your free will will be received by other races and this needs to be done by a significant number of people. Although it will seem like it is requested by minority, it will be accepted as the voice of mankind.

And that’s why it is important that this message is spread and shared with others. There is not many of us who are open minded enough to take advantage of this opportunity. Here’s what would happen if Humans were to decide to request for Alien support. The first step would be manifestation of Aliens and their spaceships on Earth and in the sky.

This initial visual contact will have huge impact on Human future, the changes would be quick and irreversible.

The structure of Human existence would be changed and uplifted in all fields of activity, power will be transferred to the individual and we would all unite facing the prospect of no longer being alone in this world.

All artificially created threats and dangers would slowly disappear, and those in control would be forced to reveal themselves and slowly disappear too. Over the next several years following stages of contact would take place. Physical appearance of Aliens with other Humans mutually beneficial cooperation in terms of technical and spiritual evolution, and the discovery of new worlds.

Every next stage would have to go through this same collective vote and it would need to be decided by Humans whether they feel it’s necessary to progress and whether it’s beneficial for our well being. Aliens would disappear the moment Humans decided that they collectively want for this to happen.

Here’s what Humans would be offered a more complete vision of life and our place among other life forms important interactions and exchange of knowledge and balance and mutually beneficial relationship with other races, liberation of suppressed technology and introduction of new technologies, drastically diminishing Human suffering through regaining control of own powers, and most important of all, comprehension of Human consciousness.

In return Aliens with received the ability to safeguard their harmonious balance in that part of the universe. Both Aliens and Humans would benefit from this sense of joy resulting from collective accomplishments and Humans finally living up to their potential. Aliens confirmed that the sense of joy is a sought after sensation because of its divine energy. So the question that remains is obviously whether all of this is true.

For me, the most important argument for this theory is the fact that in my psychedelic communication, I received the exact same message from extra dimensional entities. I was told that my job is to introduce entity messages of love, joy and hope to millions of people so that they can start their work on Earth.

I didn’t fully understand that message. But I think in light of all the other communication that you follow just and mediums received all over the world, it seems that we need the collective shift in understanding awareness and acceptance of Alien presence. Another reason why I would be willing to believe in this message is the fact that our mainstream science mainstream media and political and religious representatives will not talk about what mankind has witnessed for millennia.

This establishment attempt to deny and ridicule any effort for people to acknowledge the presence of UFOs and Alien life forms on Earth tells me that there’s a hidden agenda of secrecy and misinformation, withholding something very important from us. Another piece of this puzzle are the crop circles that are created with Alien technology impossible to recreate in earthly conditions.

The pictures in these circles show the same messages everybody gets in channeling sessions. For me personally also a very important element of validation for these messages is the language that is being used in communication with us. Every time I read someone’s a report of channeling or receiving a message like this, I recognize the same type of sentence structure that I see in my communication, or Alien messages use the same language, correct?

Yep, exotic in nature, very complex syntax using random vocabulary with words picked as if it was done by someone completely unfamiliar with Human lexical norms. It simply looks like written or said by an entity that doesn’t know what type of words Humans have decided to use collectively, in a given context.

It is as if someone took Human dictionary and tried to create a highly logical sentence comprehensible and correct, but very strange to read. That’s what all of these messages look like. Of course, at this stage, we cannot be certain that this is not another establishment distraction technique, or an attempt for an Alien race to take over control of Humankind.

Given the current attempts of the establishment to enslave Humanity, there isn’t much to lose, and I believe personally that it’s worth asking for help. I’m starting to doubt that Humans as a species are capable of overcoming their own limitations on their own, we’re already in a difficult situation of growing control that could escalate at any point further.

And no matter what decision we make, we need to find a way out of this mental and physical prison. What’s appealing about this method is the complete lack of involvement of Human representatives. I understand that asking for an intervention like this is no different than waiting for a Messiah or a Savior as it has been described in all earthly religions.

But I’m more worried about the next stage of deception where the Alien intervention will be actually faked by those in control. And I think that’s why we need to act fast. Please think about your answer to the question whether Alien presence is necessary on Earth and spread this message letting others make that decision to if these messages are true, the future of Human life might be in your hands.

People like you and me belong to a tiny minority capable of understanding the metaphysical nature of this reality. And we are the people Aliens would want to see as members of the Interdimensional Federation. Thank you for your time and on your way out, please sponsor 434 through methods listed on this screen. If you would like to get more information on this subject, or if you need support, talk to me.

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