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An Exciting New Alliance is Coming to Earth

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Greetings, we are the Arcturian Council, we are pleased to connect with all of you. We are looking for assistance from other Collectives in the non physical realm. Collectives who want to form an Alliance to create a new energetic field that would be able to modulate all of the energies there on Earth, so that you can have a pure experience of yourselves of your thoughts, and of your emotions.

This is a Herculean task, which is why we are looking for allies, those who are as interested as we are in helping all of you, you have had so much interference in your natural growth and development, interference that spans millions of years. And now, there are so many different kinds of energies present there on Earth, that we just feel it is time for humankind to show the rest of the galaxy what you can do when you have access to the right energies and no interference from the wrong ones.

Now, we know many of you take steps to protect yourselves to clear your energy fields, and to harmonize with those higher frequency energies, but you are in the minority. Most of the humans that are on Earth are being influenced by something that is detrimental to the development of their consciousness. And right now, one thing we know for certain is true about humanity and life on Earth.

And that is the truth is that you need a higher level of consciousness up to bring all of you together so that you can become the harmonious Collective that you are destined to be, we would just like to see you get there without interference, we would like to see you be able to receive more of the help that is coming your way all of the time. And we would like to see what you can do when there are no energies present that are there with the intention of disrupting your natural evolution.

We want to see you free because we know that you are capable of so much more. And those of you who are taking care of your energy fields are demonstrating that by holding so much light and so much love that you are providing the necessary balance that will allow humanity to continue to rise up and descend, that life on your world doesn’t have to be like this.

You don’t have to be divided. You don’t have to be living in fear or defiant to such an extent that you lack compassion for others. You can find that center point, that balance point that allows you to encourage others to raise their level of consciousness without beating them over the head with a bunch of dogma, links and propaganda that supports your beliefs. You help others to awaken by raising your consciousness and we want everyone else to have the opportunity to see you and to benefit from what you are doing there as the ground crew.

And that’s why we know that this alliance will be formed and you will see more from your fellow humans, even those who are asleep then it is possible for you right now to imagine they could be, but trust us when we say that we are coming together to create this new energy field and that everyone there on Earth is going to benefit from it. We are the Arcturian Council and we have enjoyed connecting with you.

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