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All right, Happy New Year, folks. We made it. I don’t know how we made it through 2020. It is Friday, January 1 of the year 2021. This is Mike Adams, here with a Situation Update laughing because part of me expected that none of us would make it through this year. I mean, it was, it was a crazy, crazy year. So much going down, and in many ways, the worst year of people’s lives. But I also want to mention the silver lining of 2020.

Before we get into the details of the news here, 2020 was the year that about half the world woke up to the total scam of the vaccine industry that creates diseases and spreads disease and then claims to prevent disease, the very diseases they’re spreading. Almost half of American Well, maybe 40% of America refuses to take this vaccine, it’ll be higher by the time all the deaths start occurring. And that’s a major accomplishment for 2020.

It could not have happened in any other year. So in a sense, we got to thank 2020 for waking people up about the vaccine scam. And the total lack of scientific credibility of the CDC. Dr. Fauci, St. Fauci. The Who, what else? Oh, the medical journals who trust the medical journals anymore.

In fact, who trust authority at all anymore, not as many people as used to probably half the country, sick and tired of the lockdowns, sick and tired of being told to wear your mask, sick and tired of the social distancing and everything and, and all the contradictory information coming out from so called authorities, Oh, don’t wear a mask. They don’t work. Oh, definitely wear masks, it’s mandatory. And then you don’t have to wear a mask after you get a vaccine.

And then the vaccine comes at Oh, get the vaccine, you still have to wear a mask. And it’s just like, locking you back down. And why I live in Texas, the mayor of Austin, who is of course, a crazy left wing, globalist creep has now ordered restaurants to shut down all the indoor dining. It’s like right before New Year’s Eve, he was ordered.

And the governor, I think, well, the Attorney General of the state of Texas is raging mad at the mayor of Austin. But of course, it’s Austin. So, you know, you’d have to have some lunatic left wing mayor of a city like that. All these liberal cities will tell you they have no idea what’s coming in 2021 because we’re gonna see we’re gonna see the collapse of some of these cities. We’re gonna see mass starvation, homelessness in some of these liberal cities. No question. It’s It’s common, and the people who can are fleeing those cities as quickly as possible. And by the way, another thing we learned in 2020, is that Democrats destroy their own cities.

You know, you you look at democrat mayors. And they allow left wing terrorists to just have total authority over their cities like in Seattle with CHAZ and everything. I mean, what a year, we were told the left wing terrorists were mostly peaceful. But then we’re told that when a Trump supporter questions the outcome of the election, they’re guilty of treason. And they’re guilty of ruining public faith in democracy. But four years ago, when democrats said the election was rigged by Russia in favor of Trump, oh, that was considered a fact. How do we know? Oh, the fact checkers told us I wouldn’t mind if 2020 was the last year we ever saw any fact checker ever again.

And I don’t want to get into the profanity, but f the fact checkers, because they’re liars. And everybody knows that now. That’s what’s amazing. Well, except that leftists who are still in there. They’re fake fact check bubble. And they’re stuck there for eternity. It appears. By the way, I’m Maryann from Gilligan’s Island, passed away. Right at the end of 2020. Dawn Wells was her name, she played the character of Marianne. And I’m old enough to remember as a child watching Gilligan’s Island in black and white on a TV that had three channels.

It’s like, yeah, you had three channels, man. That was it. There was no internet. Of course, there was no, no alternative media. And as I was thinking about this, I, you know, it hit me I realized that most of our lives, all of us before the internet, took off before we had alternative media, which is really around, you know, roughly the year 2000 through 20, you know, through 2020 to the present, I suppose.

But before we had alternative media, we were all being lied to by the same fake news networks that monopolize the information, the same networks that exist today. My point is that just as you know, CNN is lying to you today, CNN was lying just as much in 1990. And NBC was lying just as much in 1980. And you know, CBS was lying just as much in 1970, and so on. Whatever you remember, as a child growing up, if you’re old enough to, to have grown up before the internet, whatever you remember from the news, it was all fake, folks. It was just as much fake as the fake news is today, it’s just that there were no competing voices to tell you.

That, that that’s fake. So all that media reporting about all the major events that took place, even the the Oklahoma City bombing in the 1990s, right in Waco, Texas incident, the stock market crash of what was at 87, Black Monday. What else well, even 2001 911. And a Ruby Ridge and many such events throughout American history. Even going back to I think it was 1971, Richard Nixon, announcing that he’s taking America off the gold standard. Everything that was reported by the monopoly news networks was a lie. They were lying to you then just like they’re lying to you now. I mean, they twist it. They never tell you the whole truth.

And the CIA was involved decades ago. It’s just that again, people didn’t have an alternative explanation, until the internet came along. And they only let the internet exists for about 15 years. And then they started the real clamp down the censorship around 2015 or 2016. And now we’re living under, you know, Communist Chinese authoritarian censorship, tyranny of big tech and left wing media. They only let the internet succeed for a little while. Because the internet is what got us Trump, you see, and they don’t want that to happen. Again, no, the powers that be don’t want that to ever happen again, they’re still trying to get rid of Trump right now. And they, they’re going to fail. And I’ll get to that in a minute.

But I just want you to think about everything that you have believed in your life. When I was a kid, in school, in, in elementary school, every morning, you stand up, the whole class will stand up, you put your hand over your heart, and you say the Pledge of Allegiance. And at the time, when you’re a kid, you don’t know what any of that stuff means. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America to the to the public, you know, you don’t even know you’re not even saying the right words. But as an adult, you can go back and you can remember that, oh, and to the republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. You’re like, whoa, oh, those words actually meant something. And now we know that we’re being totally screwed by the system, because there is no justice for all.

There is no equal representation, when the election is rigged, is there and we don’t have a republican form of government. In other words, we don’t have a republic for which it stands. If we don’t have equal representation under the law, do we? So little

did we

know as children, we were reciting an oath, a pledge, that would make sense in 20, freaking 20. The year, the year of transparency, right, the year of all the lies coming out, which is just the beginning of the process of going through the muck of 2021, and 2022, and so on, there’s going to be a lot of muck ahead. It’s going to be ugly, we’re going to have to slog through it. But in the end, this is how we restore the Republic. This is how we restore liberty and justice for all. And this is how we restore By the way, a nation under God.

And that has been lost to by these left wing demons, the satanist who have been pushing, you know transgenderism on children and all their demonic, evil destruction of humanity and, you know, the destruction of God and churches and everything else. So that’s, that’s kind of a preview of what I think about 2020. And what’s coming in 2021 and beyond. But I want to give you that big picture perspective, never lose perspective of what got us to this point. How did we get here?

We got here because freedom was allowed for a little while on the internet. And freedom got so out of control that the powers that be tried to shut it down. But they they failed, the Trump got elected. And then the alternative media people like me and others, we built alternative platforms, like Brighteon and Parlor and all these others that are now taking over.

And there’s a mass exodus now away from Facebook and away from YouTube, and also away from liberal cities. I mean, the globalists have actually lost the war and there’s a massive rejection of liberal ideas now, of the taxation until death, you know that just the financial Doom of liberal cities and liberal states, the exploitation of children, the total lack of morality and ethics, people are rejecting it across the board. So we are actually watching the slow process of victory unfold. Right in front of our eyes, we’re living through this amazing time in history.

But the transition freaking sucks. Because people are going to lose their jobs and their livelihoods and their freedoms, and the freedom to speak and all of that, and I’ve been suffering through it just like you have, I was banned before most people even knew censorship was a problem. I was like, the pioneer of being banned.

It’s I’ve been talking about these things. Well, pretty early on when they didn’t want me to talk about this. And by the way, as a, as another example, of of all of this, this, moving away from false authority, and moving away from centralized control, guess what, Bitcoin is almost $30,000. And I don’t own any Bitcoin. Because Personally, I think it’s too volatile still, but I see the price going up as a vote against the false authority of the dollar and the fiat currencies of the world. You know, it’s a vote for Bitcoin is a vote against central banking. And so when I see Bitcoin prices going up, it puts a big smile on my face, because I say, people are voting for financial freedom and a sense of decentralization of the money supply.

That’s what Bitcoin represents, and other cryptocurrencies as well. Now, again, you know, if you’re going to speculate in Bitcoin, make sure it’s money you can afford to lose, because the price has gone up and down and up and down, you know, it’ll, it’ll rise, sometimes 50%, in one day, and in the past, it had dropped 70% in one day. I mean, it’s big swings.

So you got to have an appetite for it if you’re a speculator, but overall, the trend is that more and more people are voting for decentralized, basically peer to peer money, which is what Bitcoin represents. And that’s, that’s a vote for humanity, if you think about it. And that’s a very powerful thing. And, you know, I even said earlier this year, I thought Bitcoin could really go up this year, because of the whole COVID situation and how people need to move, they need to be more mobile, with their money, and so on.

Even though I’ve been critical of some of the Bitcoin hype, in years past, I’m happy to see it going up, and I hope it goes higher. And I think it will, I think it will go to $100,000. And by the way, as the dollar loses value, I’m not going to focus on finance here. But just to wrap this up, as the dollar loses value, because of all the money printing of the central bank’s Bitcoin described in dollars will go higher and higher and higher at some point Bitcoin will be a million dollars per Bitcoin, but that’s because the dollars will be virtually worthless at that time, like, that same million dollars might only pay one month’s rent or something, you know what I mean?

The dollars are going to become crazy worthless, because of people. Like, you know, Mitch McConnell, I guess it’s all the lawmakers. And Heck, I mean, even even Trump signed the spending bill, didn’t he? You know, he signed it. It’s just hundreds of billions over here, trillions over there. You know, December of 2020, was like a $3.4 trillion spending month

out of Congress, these people that then don’t want to give the American people more than $600. But I don’t think they should be handed out money to anybody, frankly, but certainly not foreigners, you know, foreign countries, gender studies in Pakistan, who I mean, come on. It’s a joke. It’s a crime as far as I’m concerned. But anyway, it’s all part of the massive move away from false authority, and decentralization.

And what the American people have also come to realize this year is that this whole form of government, this representative form, where people in the senate are supposed to represent us. It’s a joke, because nobody in the senate represents us, do they? They represent their own pocketbooks. They represent their own kickbacks and bribes and fraud.

And the same thing in the house. What do they represent themselves? The system is fatally flawed, it is broken. And the American people are rejecting both the DNC and now soon the GOP because of the GOP doesn’t stand up and fight for Trump right now. Especially on January 6, it’s over for the GOP. Heck, I’ll lead the charge away from the GOP if they betray America. I’ve got no patience for anybody that isn’t 100% on board with We the People If it means start a new political party. I’m open to that idea.

And maybe really what I think it means long term is, this whole system needs to be reformed this why do we Why do we need representatives in DC? Seriously? Why do we need that? those laws were created back in the horse and buggy days when no one could travel to DC.

So you had to appoint someone to take your wishes and your votes and travel to DC themselves, which took weeks? Well, now your vote can travel in a millisecond. You know, at the speed of light, we don’t need representatives. What we need is transparency and honesty. What we need is we the people in charge of our currency of our government of our laws of our regulators, we don’t need a layer of corruption in the middle, collecting a bunch of kickbacks. And you know, money from China. That’s what we do not need. So this is the time 2021 is the year that people are rethinking all of this. How do we actually create a society? Because this one’s going to collapse? no matter who’s president this, this was just about over?

How do we create the next society that respects liberty, especially religious liberty, freedom of speech, second amendment that protects life, especially protection against infanticide, and genital mutilation, the transgenderism push on children, and so on? How do we create that kind of society? That’s what we need to be looking, looking at with a sense of real transparency and kind of brute force honesty as we move forward here. Now, it turns out that, according to reports, as of last night, over 140, members of the House GOP are now planning to object to the fraudulent electoral slate on January 6 140.

And maybe by the time we get to January 6, that’s going to be even even more, I don’t know, what is the total number that are that are in the house, you know, out of 435? You know, it’s over 200. Right, that are GOP? So I think it is, we should have all 200. But does it cost them anything to do this? I mean, politically, they know that the objection is just, it’s just for show, they probably know that then they don’t have a majority of a vote in the House. They don’t think that their objection is actually going to work.

They don’t think that on January 6, that there’s actually going to be a vote that throws out the Biden electoral votes, and then recognizes the Trump votes in the swing states. They don’t think that January 6, in other words, is going to be a victory for Trump. So they’re happy to show their support now, when it doesn’t matter. What about the last eight weeks or whatever? You know, I mean, almost eight weeks now, what about the last eight weeks?

And, you know, kudos to to mo Brooks and Matt gates and the others? I don’t know all the names of all the members of the House that are standing up there, a number of them who are who have been courageous from the start, but it’s, it’s a very small minority of the total representatives in Washington and just underscores my point, why do we need representatives that don’t represent us? Why do we need elections? If our votes don’t count? Why do we have now taxation without representation? Why do we agree to be part of a United States of America,

if the other states cheat in the elections, conspired to do so in order to install their corrupt China puppet in the White House to rule over us in the free states? See, these

are the questions that have come to people’s minds at this point. And free America is not going to accept Joe Biden in the White House. I don’t think he’s,

I don’t think he’s gonna be inaugurated. Anyway. I don’t think he’s gonna make it that far. CNN is gonna have to film his fake inauguration from a jail cell with a green screen.

Look, it’s Joe. He’s been inaugurated that let’s Be the CNN report, just like that.

That Charles Jayco report from the 1990s from Iraq, or know Saudi Arabia, wasn’t it? Oh, yeah. We’re reporting from Saudi Arabia. See this fake palm tree?

We’re on the balcony of a hotel. Oh, my gosh, there’s an air raid siren put on your mask. I mean, it was like a, it was like a comedy skit. They’re gonna do that for Joe Biden’s inauguration. Have Biden in a jail cell with a green screen. And then CNN will have to explain away the bars. Like oh the bars, those are there to protect the president from from rabid Trump supporters who are trying to kill him. So we have put Joe Biden in a protective unit. That’s what the bars are. And the CNN viewers will believe that. Oh yeah, that’s just for his own protection. No, you morons. He’s in prison. That’s a jumpsuit he’s wearing. he’s not. He’s not working on his car in some


there. Alright, by the way, Catherine Austin Fitz has put out a really important video called planet lockdown, where she discusses what’s really at stake here, the globalist takeover. She’s from the Solari report, website, solare, s. o l, A Ri. We’re scheduled to interview cast, Catherine Austin Fitz, coming up soon, but she’s in Europe. And so we’ve had a little trouble coordinating schedules, I hope to get to talk to her soon. But that’s a really great video, the planet lockdown video. And Catherine is really sharp.

She’s a super sharp gal. She gets it, her analysis is spot on. And I respect her analysis. And the Solari report gives you a lot of good into I should check it out more frequently, frankly, that I got to add that to my new year’s resolution list. But what she’s saying, I think you’ll find is very consistent with what I’ve been saying as well, which is that much of what’s going on in the last year has been designed to turn our world into a giant prison camp. Remember, I said that, what, two days ago or something in this update, prison camp training. And they the globalize they, they never want you to be free again. They don’t have any plan for you to be free. They’re never going to restore life the way it was in 2019. Never. And in fact, in 2021 and beyond what they truly have planned for you is mass genocide against humanity. They’re going to kill you with the vaccines.

No, I’m not pulling my punches here. I’m not going to turn this down. They’re going to kill you with the vaccines. They’re going to kill you with the lockdowns, they’re going to drive you into FEMA camps, because you’re homeless and you lost your business, lost your job, lost your income, they’re going to crash the fiat currency, steal all your life savings, everything in your bank account, and then slap you in the face with some kind of new fed crypto wallet that you have to sign up for. And you won’t be able to access your money unless you can prove you’ve been vaccinated. You won’t be able to go shopping the grocery store, unless you have your vaccine passport, you know, all this stuff. This is all this is what’s coming. It might not be all rolled out just in 2021.

But I mean 2021 and beyond. This is what’s coming. Unless you fight like crazy to prevent that from happening. Bottom line is they want to kill you. They want to eliminate you they’re trying to exterminate humans from Planet Earth. This is their goal. Bill Gates has just re started his what was called Project SCoPEx, which is to put pollution into the stratosphere. Remember that that technology is called Stratospheric Aerosol injection.

It’s the SCoPEx Project. That’s to dim the sun. You know why they want to dim the sun? Seriously, you know why? Because dimming the sun suppresses photosynthesis. photosynthesis is the botanical physiological process by which plants produce energy. If you block some portion of photosynthesis, even 2% What you do is you cause mass global famine. food crops fail everywhere. That’s what Bill Gates is trying to do.

They’re trying to create global famine. And they also of course, created global plagues, with with COVID. And it’s got to be COVID 21 COVID, 22, COVID, 23 COVID 24. Oh, special Bill Gates variety, Bill Gates turbo plus COVID. And they’re gonna have another vaccine for every strain. Oh, you got to take this vaccine. You got to take that vaccine. Show me your vaccine passport. Oh, you can’t. You can’t shop unless you have your vaccine. Or you need to get into the store. shelves are empty. Yeah, too bad. Yeah, somehow the crops failed this year. We don’t know why. Seems like been kind of a cool year to temperatures have been down. Yeah. You notice the sun is more kind of orangish in the sky. Yeah. We don’t know why. It’s more beautiful, though, isn’t it? Look at look at the sunsets are much more beautiful now. Yeah, even though we’re all dying of starvation.

Yep, food crop failures, all being engineered folks. All engineered. This is the end game for humanity. So remember, as we are fighting for Trump in this rigged election. What we’re really fighting for is human survival for the future of humanity on this planet. That’s what we’re fighting for. And personally, I don’t think I don’t think we get through this without losing billions of people. Think billions are going to die in the next few years because of the effectiveness of the vaccines and the bio weapons, and the the engineered food famines,

they are

going to kill billions of people. They might kill nine out of 10. That’s not even enough for the globalist they want to kill, you know, 95% of the population or so they want to get it down to maybe under 500 million total? Well, that’s a lot of genocide, isn’t it? How are they going to engineer that? Well, you’re watching it. They’re doing it right now. So part of what my goal is here, to help you be among the survivors.

That’s and to be a survivor, you’re going to have to be, number one, avoid the vaccine, because that’s going to kill you, or make you infertile, they’ll kill you later upon exposure to the next, the next binary weapon that they release. So just avoid the vaccine, they’re going to make your life a living hell. And then secondly, you’re going to have to have your own food supply, you’re going to have to be able to handle the, the the outages, the logistics, breakdowns, and then you’re going to have to somehow survive the tyranny of global government, as well.

And I think Texas is the best chance to survive all that. That’s why I’m in Texas, because I know in Texas, we’re not going to submit to mandatory vaccines, we’re not going to give up our guns. And if we have to, we’ll have our own Texas currency. And when they crashed, the dollar will just roll out Texas, Texas has its own gold vault run by the state now, did you know that? I think it’s in use already. Massive gold vault in Texas.

Yeah. Because Texans plan ahead for that kind of stuff. All right now getting getting to the election, finally, but I needed to give you that context. So you understand. I know you do. I mean, I’m not trying to say you don’t. But I just want to set the right context here for it. So you got to understand that the ballot fraud in Georgia has just been exposed and kind of a smoking gun fashion. This is thanks to Pulitzer. What’s his name giovane. Joe joven Pulitzer. Not only did he point out that the machines could be hacked, and he demonstrated they that Dominion machines are hacked in real time during the Senate hearing the other day.

But he also pointed out that the ballots are printed differently with different barcodes on them, depending on whether the ballots were used in more democrat leaning districts or more conservative districts. In the conservative districts, the barcodes were printed in an offset manner that caused those ballots to be flagged as errors. And this is how they ended up with a 68% error rate. And the balance that are flagged as errors are then offshored. For quote, adjudication, and the adjudication takes place in, you know, Barcelona or Frankfurt, or Serbia, or China, or somewhere else, or maybe all those places.

And the votes are changed to Biden votes, and then they’re pumped back into the machines remotely. And then boom, all of a sudden, Trump votes become Biden votes. And then Biden wins Georgia. Oh, what an amazing outcome. All fraudulent. It’s all been blown wide open. All the evidence is there. Now. We know the Dominion machines can be hacked in real time, it’s two way data transfer. Election outcomes can be altered. The ballots were printed differently in different districts and so on. And this is on top of all the 1000s of affidavits in Arizona, in Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and everywhere else. And the suitcases of ballots and the balance being run multiple times, test ballots and so on. That just happened to increase votes.

For Biden. There’s no question the overwhelming mountain of evidence of election fraud. It’s irrefutable at this point. And if the Supreme Court is ever forced to actually hear any of this on its merits, they will have no choice but to throw out the election, especially anything that was done on Dominion machines. But there’s more than this. There’s also Phantom voters. This is the bobby Patton issue. Phantom voters in Arizona. There was now a door knocking investigation. Let’s see this was a Liz Harris, the director of citizens investigation, and we the people AZ Alliance, and they visited the homes of 1000 people who were supposed to voters and they found that 539 out of those 1000 did not live at those addresses.

That means 54% of that 1000 person sample were fraudulent. Imagine that. Because the democrats just keep making up fake names and fake ballots and fake addresses and they get them into the system. And they make sure all those vote for Biden 100% vote for Biden. And so there’s a story about this, let me read you a couple lines out of the story. Gosh, I don’t have the source for this. The door knocking investigation confirms what Bobby Patton had claimed about names that have increased the voter rolls. Beyond the actual growth of Arizona’s new residence, they found people voting who are only registered with initials like D or j BB.

And those people cast votes. So they didn’t even put in real names. It’s just initials. They’re seeing registrations that switch up the first and middle names or use a combination of initials first and middle names to produce multiple registrations. It’s all the same person. But they use birth dates that are only a few months apart to avoid detection. So so if you have a person named like, Donald J, Trump, his initials will be d j, t. And then the democrats would create many derivatives or permutations of that name, they would have a D, TJ, and a JDT, and a T DJ, and everything else, you know, every variation you can imagine. And then those would all be their Phantom voters. And they would make sure that all those voters vote for Biden. And that’s how they do it.

And they also found a bunch of voters tied to the same phone number. So Phantom voters have the same cell number. They’ve found phone numbers that are registered to 19 voters all from the same number. It’s, I mean, it’s crazy. So this is why so many members of the GOP are now stating they’re gonna stand up and contest the fraudulent votes on on January 6, and maybe the GOP can redeem themselves at this point. I mean, I’m willing to say that. I’ve said I’m fed up with the GOP, but I’m willing to accept. I mean, even with Pence, I’m willing to accept that Pence is going to be the hero of America, let’s say on January 6, he stands up and says, I do not accept these fraudulent votes from these fraudulent states run on fraudulent voting systems by fraudulent Democrats. And he throws them out the window. Great.

I will take back what I said about pence if he does that. Same thing with the GOP. I will take back my criticism of them being spineless jellyfish. If they actually stand up, I just don’t think it’s gonna happen, folks. I don’t think it’s gonna happen. You know why? Because I was born in the 60s. I’ve been around long enough to know that people don’t change. People don’t freakin change. scumbags that got elected to office are the same scumbags. today. fraudsters in Congress do the same fraudsters there’s no reform.

There’s no come to Jesus moment that happened in Congress. Everybody saw the light as Oh, I’m gonna be a good person now. No, they’re the same scumbag jellyfish, that they were the day they got elected. Nothing’s gonna change folks. Not in the halls of Congress. Not without a revolution, or a collapse, or something big like that. That’s my opinion.

But hey, VP, Pence, prove me wrong, sucka. Prove me wrong. Do it. I dare you prove me wrong. Show America that you actually have some courage. And I will. I will take those words back. All right. Now let’s try to sort out what might happen on January 6, by the way, because there’s been a lot of contradicting information on this. You may have noticed this too.

And I saw an article yesterday, the Congressional Research Service says that on January 6, quote, an objection to a state’s electoral vote must be approved by both houses in order for any contested votes to be excluded. Wow. So wait a minute, according to other explanations that we’ve we’ve read, and even law Trump explaining it a couple days ago. The minute objections are raised, then the objection is voted on. Right. And then it goes to, like a contingent election type of scenario in the house reportedly, where every state gets one vote.

And then the senate votes. And then if they disagree, then that state is thrown out. All these I’m not sure if Laura said exactly that. But I’ve heard that explanation as well. Well, there are so many different interpretations of this. And believe me, I’ve listened to dozens of different people talk about this, even

attorneys talking about this. And nobody’s got the same take on it. You know, why? Because it’s not clear. And there’s contradictory information in things like the 12th amendment. There might be contradictions in the electoral vote act of 1887. That seems to contradict the Constitution. I think article two, and so on, so I mean, I’ve read the 12 amendment to what the meme is not that crazy. All right, here’s what I said, here’s what the 12th Amendment says. This is what happens on January 6, according to the 12th amendment, the person having the greatest number of votes for president shall be the president, if such number be a majority of the whole number of electors appointed, all that means is out of the total pool of electors, whoever gets the majority of that pool is the president.

But then the 12th amendment goes on. This is crucial to understand, quote, If no person have such a majority. Now, that would seem to indicate it could only happen if there’s a tie. Right? Right, or if states have been disqualified, so that no one gets to the majority of electors appointed right. Quote, then from the person’s having the highest numbers not exceeding three on the list of those voted for as president? Like, how did three get into this? Where does I guess we’re saying, you can only consider three people for president comma, the House of Representatives shall choose immediately by ballot the president.


But in choosing the president comma, the votes shall be taken by states, the representation from each state having one vote, a quorum for this purpose shall consist of a member or members from two thirds of the states. And the majority of all the states shall be necessary to choice. Okay, so what that means is they got to have at least one person present from two thirds of the states to have a court, which means, you know, a critical mass of voters to take a vote. And then out of that, out of that two thirds of the states, then they have to have a majority to win that vote for who’s the president and this is on the House side, solely.

But none of the state legislators are in session on January 6, are they? Maybe some are, but I don’t think most of them are. So a member from a state delegation would have to be, for example, the maybe the the Speaker of the House at the state level, the state, legislative Speaker of the House, whoever that is, and that’s different from the the member of the Federal, you know, congressional house. That’s different. That’s a different person. Where are those people on January 6, they’re not in DC, are they? They’re not in DC. So I’m not how does this vote even happen? See, this is what has hit me the last day or so I’ve been reading this. Like, yeah, I’m not sure how this goes down. I’m not sure Laura Trump is accurate on this. I’m not sure the Congressional Research Service is accurate. I’m pretty sure Nancy Pelosi is going to lie to but I don’t see how this vote happens. And if the vote doesn’t happen, then guess what else? The 12th Amendment says?

All right, check this out. And if the House of Representatives shall not choose the president, whenever the right of choice shall devolve upon them. I hate those days when things devolve upon you. You know, you look in the mirror. Oh, man. I’ve been devolved upon. Not a good day. Okay, calm up before the fourth day of March next following like speaking like Yoda raising person you are, then the vice president shall act as President, as in case of the death or other constitutional disability, the president.

So I’m trying to parse this. And I think it says that if, if Congress isn’t able, no, no, I’m sorry. If the the members of the legislature’s of the states are not able to vote on this on January 6, I think it means that there is no choice on that day. And then President Trump remains president until March 4. And then after March 4, Mike Pence becomes president or I think that’s what it means.

Or maybe it means that Mike Pence becomes president on January 6, and serves until March 4, maybe that’s what it means. But suddenly, now we have March 4 in play, which means that there’s an outcome of this whole thing that could push the outcome of the election. I mean, to march 4. I mean, this has been crazy enough already. I don’t know about you, but this is felt like one long, November 3 nightmare this whole time. I don’t want that nightmare to go all the way to march 4. I mean, seriously, another two months on top of the two we’ve already had here. This is worse than a COVID. lockdown. It’s like a political lockdown.

But it would give Trump’s people more time, wouldn’t it take the case? To the Supreme Court would also mean that Biden does not get inaugurated on January 20. Not even from prison. So depending on how you read all this stuff, and how its interpreted. Well, let me just give an example here. So national file, writes this, quote Jason de Meister, an advisory board member for President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, published a series of tweets, quoting an Epoch Times article about Vice President Mike Pence, his ability to toss the electoral votes from contested states with credible accusations of widespread voter fraud, quote, this move would likely lead to a contingent election,

which President Trump would handily win, period, like, Whoa, that’s a big leap. How do you get to that?

I’m not criticizing national file, by the way, Tom PAPR is doing an amazing job there. And National is a really great website. I definitely we index them on sensor dot news. So I’m not criticizing NASA fine. I’m just saying, just saying, whoa, that’s a big leap. How do you get from pens throwing out the votes to to Trump handily winning? Because I’m pretty sure Nancy Pelosi is gonna, you know, like, take her boots off and just start throwing them at the podium, anything to stop. I mean, if she has to, like stripped down nude and his streak across the front of Congress, just to make everybody pass out, I mean, she’ll do it, whatever it takes. She’s not gonna let she’s not gonna let Trump handily win. If she has anything to say about it, that’s for sure.

She’ll probably bring Rotten Tomatoes. Just toss them around. I mean, I’m pretty sure the democrats are going to have something to say about all this, and they’ve got the votes in the House at the moment. So where does this really go? Whoo. I’m not sure that anybody knows. So. So there. There are really three outcomes that can happen on January 6, okay. This, this is irrefutable. There are three outcomes on January. Well, yeah, there are three. Biden is accepted as the president elect. That’s outcome one, outcome two. Neither Biden nor Trump are accepted as the president elect. And that would seemingly extend out to march 4. And then outcome three, Trump is selected as the president. Well, the securing his second term, he’s already the president.

Those are three outcomes.

There’s I don’t think there’s anything else that could happen on January 6, other than those three outcomes. And the democrats are sure that outcome number one is it’s a done deal. They say this is just a formality. I think they’re wrong about that. But I do believe that I’ll come number one, Joe Biden being president elect, according to Congress after January 6, I think there’s about an 80% chance that that’s going to happen. Sorry to break the bad news to you.

But I think that’s the most likely outcome. So on the evening of January six, don’t freak out and jump off of tall buildings or anything. If you hear that Biden is now officially the president elect, I expect that to happen. These other outcomes are very, almost kind of, you know, pretty, not probable events, we should say.

They’re not likely to happen. But that’s okay. I think Trump has been waiting for this. Now remember, Trump is going to present some kind of bombshell evidence before Congress votes on January 6. Now, that could be a game changer that could make option two or option three, far more likely to occur. I agree. Especially if Trump walks in to the joint session with Jeffrey Epstein. Hey, Look who I found. Yeah, Epstein. Yeah, some of you recognize him,

because he’s the one that got you your little kitties? That’s right, some of you senators. And if Trump rolls out Epstein, so yeah, he’s our witness now. And by the way, here’s

a giant three ring binder of what he said about all of you. And you can resign today, right now and you won’t be prosecuted. Or if you don’t resign, you will be prosecuted. What do you think would happen? There’s a wild card for you. I think I mean, the Epstein option sounds awesome. Let’s just roll in Epstein. But I’m not sure that’s what Trump has in store. Maybe he’s got something else. He’s got some other cracking evidence. Maybe he’s got, I don’t know, some software engineer who’s gonna say, Yep, I programmed it.

The whole thing was rigged. It’s all stolen. Maybe maybe Trump is going to roll out D class information on Joe Biden, that morning in front of Congress going to say hey, guess what? Here’s all the financial transactions Joe Biden is a trader, he’s going to be arrested tonight. You probably shouldn’t vote for him, you know, something like that. So those are game changers.

But barring that, then I think I think Biden gets the vote on January 6, again, because because Pelosi and the democrats control the house, and there are enough traders in the senate such as Romney, that we could probably can’t even get a majority vote in the Senate for Trump. And who knows what mitch mcconnell is going to do cocaine Mitch with his Communist Chinese wife, or a friend of Communist Chinese? Who knows what, what cocaine Mitch is going to do? So then Trump is waiting for this though. Because remember, and this is something that came from Jeffrey Prater a couple of weeks ago. Oh, and by the way, Yeah, I am.

I’m interviewing Jeffrey Prather. In a few hours Come to think of it. So we’ll be publishing that, this So be sure not to miss that. It’s going to be a really interesting interview. But Jeffrey Prater said that he thought Trump was not going to invoke the insurrection act or military authority, anytime close to Christmas, he was going to wait until after every other attempt through the civil courts or through Congress or through legal means, was exhausted.

And it turns out that prayer seems to be right about that. In fact, if Congress votes to accept Biden, on January 6, all that does is it confirms to Trump that the Republic has already been infiltrated by the enemy. And that Trump only has these last options remaining. You know, the insurrection act, perhaps or just declaring the election to be an act of warfare, whatever is necessary military authority, do a redo, seize the ballots, seize the machines, Show the proof to the world, whatever it takes at that point. He knows that’s the last option. And he he cannot be criticized for acting too early, can he? Because he will have waited.

He gave the Supreme Court a chance. They rejected it. For lack of standing, which is insane. He gave the district courts a chance they rejected it to corrupt those people going to be on the arrest list. He gave Congress a chance Congress failed too much corruption when the system is too corrupt to function. And remember that Jenna Ellis said yesterday that Donald Trump or the day before that Donald Trump is being denied due process, and that the courts are not allowing him to pursue his constitutional rights that were granted to bush and gore during 2000.

Bush versus Gore. But Trump is being denied those rights by the highest court of the land. And that this dereliction of duty, she used that term, this dereliction of duty goes from the highest court all the way down to the lowest courts. What Jenna Ellis was saying is that, essentially, when Trump invokes military authority, it’s because he has the right to do so because every civil option has been exhausted.

So you see, in essence, on January 6, if Biden is if he if he wins the vote in Congress, that falls right into Trump’s trap. And you know why even more, because we now know there going to be at least three senators objecting. And also, now 140 plus members of the House objecting that’s going to force a floor vote in the House and the Senate. You know why this is crucial. You know, this is part of Trump’s mastermind plan here, because a floor vote gives you the names of the traders who vote for Biden. Without the floor vote, you don’t know for sure which members of Congress to arrest, you don’t know for sure which ones are all in with the fraud, and the criminality and just just the the total complicity of this rigged election, obviously.

But if you force a floor vote, then they have to vote and their names are on the vote. So you will be able to see every name of every member of the House who voted for the fraudulent Biden votes. And the same thing in the Senate. And that becomes the list of traders. Like I said yesterday, he’s making a list. He’s checking it twice. It’s going to find out who’s naughty or nice. Trump Oh, Claus is coming to town and he’s coming to arrest some people. That’s what’s coming next. And that will begin likely pretty quickly after January 6. Then again, I may be totally wrong in the sense that there could be bombshells that drop even before January 6, and make this whole thing mood.

I don’t know, that’s possible. But remember Trump’s under a tight deadline here because in my estimation, we the people, ie the militia groups, and so on, start self activating pretty quickly after this, you know, maybe around January 9, eighth, ninth, 10th, something like that. So Trump’s gonna have a very limited window of opportunity to act. Now, remember, I mentioned this yesterday, but it didn’t explain it quite enough. On December 16, Trump had signed an extension of an executive order that he originally signed in 2017. And it’s an executive order number 13818. And what he did on December 16 of this year is he signed a one year continuation of that national emergency. And this is on It’s called text of a notice on the continuation of the National Emergency with respect to serious human rights, abuse and corruption.

Now, why did he do this? I forgot to mention yesterday, the Epstein wild card in this Yes, because anybody who was involved with Jeffrey Epstein, who Linwood says is very much alive. anyone involved with Epstein. And by the way that will ensnare a lot of high level Democrats and Republicans is, in fact, subject to the seizures and the IRS under this executive order that talks about human rights, abuse and corruption. Now, you can’t have a better definition of human rights abuses and corruption than to have, let’s say, a standing senator, or lawmaker who was part of the Jeffrey Epstein, you know, child pedophilia trafficking cartel.

And by the way, just as background in case you’re not sure how that worked, what happens is when the people in power, the real power people behind the scenes, when they say, Oh, we want to make you a senator, for the state of let’s say, Nevada or something. Or, you know, we want to make you Governor of Arizona. But first so that we can trust you, you have to go to Epstein’s mansion, where you are going to rape a 13 year old boy. And it’s all going to be on camera. We’re going to keep those videotapes and you’re going to do everything we tell you to do forever. We’re gonna make you powerful, but you will never go against us are those tapes get leaked? Right? This actually happens. This is how politics works. This was the whole purpose of the Lolita Express flights. This is why the Epstein mansion was filled with cameras and a giant camera recording room.

And I’m sure Glenn Maxwell is going to have some interesting things to say about all this, but also Epstein himself if indeed he’s alive. So most of the people in power. I’m not saying all. For example, Senator Rand Paul would never do this to somebody because Rand Paul is a moral, ethical person. And by the way, you know, there are other senators like that. I can’t see Josh Holley, ever doing anything like this. And, you know, there are many others. But by and large, the corrupt people. And it’s not hard to find out, you know who those are the corrupt people, they are almost universally child rapists. But their child rapists, they’re consenting to being caught on tape, not not caught, but just to be filmed. This is how they turn over their power to the the puppet masters behind the scenes.

They know that you will never turn against them. And by the way, as Lynn wood is implying, why do you think Justice Roberts on the Supreme Court always does what he’s told to do by Barack Obama? Oh, interesting. What do you think they have on Roberts? Well, use your imagination. It’s probably not pretty. What do you think they have on other senators and governors and former presidents? How many tapes Do you think existed on a bill clinton?


that’s like an archive library. You got to buy a whole new hard drive to store the bill clinton video files too much to fit on one drive. I mean, these people are sick. And Epstein was the agent that would bring in the children and put them on, put them on camera and then turn over the videotapes to the puppet masters. This is how power works in a corrupt immoral society. And that’s what we have here. And that’s what Trump is going to expose. What if Trump got all the video tapes from the Epstein mansion? Hmm. What if Trump by having the cooperation of Jeffrey Epstein still alive and then also the cooperation of galane Maxwell has now assembled a giant three ring binder Like a table of contents of videotapes, of members of the House and Senate who raped little children on camera? Would that be a bombshell on January 6? Pretty sure it would be a sick one. have half of America vomiting?

It’s like really our system is this corrupt and demonic? Just how can how can it have come to this? Yeah, well, people desire power, folks. Some people are willing to do anything to get it. How do you think Katy Perry became a top singer Hmm. Or Lady Gaga or any of these, these music industry or Hollywood people. They agree to sell their souls to Satan. They agree to worship Satan. And then they’re given the contracts, they’re given the publicity, they’re given the, the top records and the you know, all the opportunities. You have to sell your soul to evil to do that. This is how it works in politics and music and film. And in banking, the top ranks of banking, it’s all the same. That’s right. The only good people Oh, I forgot to tell you. This is also how it works at the top ranks of the church, the Vatican, the Pope, the Pope, Steve quale calls him an entity. I think the pope is is a demon infested human skin bag. And that’s just, I can’t even tell you what I think the Pope has done. Because he gross you out. This is what runs our world. And then the good people, the good people who care about humanity.

They are demonized. They are censored. They’re banned. They’re smeared and defamed all of that. In fact, it’s it’s become so obvious, I don’t trust anybody. I mean, unless I go online and see that they’re being attacked by all the usual sources, they got to be attacked by the Atlantic they got to be, you know, attacked by by Google and attacked by Wikipedia and attacked by all the liberal media. If they’re consistently attacked by all the left wing media that I know that’s a person that’s probably a good person. If they’re praised by the left wing media is probably a demon infested evil, you know, horrible creature. That’s, that’s raping children. The honest truth. That’s it’s very simple. It’s a simple litmus test. So the reason that Trump I think extended this national emergency about human rights abuses and corruption, is because he may be about to drop some of these bombshells right before the January 6 vote. And this could implicate many, many members of Congress and the Senate and also governors.

Who knows maybe even members of the FBI or the DOJ or other positions in government? Maybe maybe people sitting on the bench with SCOTUS. So think about that possibility. Because that’s the kind of disclosure that’s coming. I suspect there’s going to be a mass resignation event that will take place, we may never know why. Because it may be all behind the scenes. It may be Trump saying, hey, check out this folder. You’re in it. You’re very photogenic, you know in the, in the bright lights of the Epstein mansion, there, shame, shame that you’re on video doing that thing. You can no longer be a senator, you can no longer be part of the Federal Reserve, hmm, and so on and so forth. So these are the kinds of things that I think are coming soon for America.

And it’s going to be, you know, a day of reckoning not just not just a day of cleaning out the swamp, but also a day where the American people have to step back and go, WTF, man, How on earth did this ever happen under our watch? How did this happen? How did pizza gate happened and then get covered up again? You know, how did 911 happened and get covered up again? How did Sandy Hook happened and got all covered up again? It’s all the same answers. CIA controlled fake news media, big tech censorship, you know, and peer pressure the eye rolling peers. Oh, it couldn’t be that bad. Oh, yeah. That’s crazy. Yeah, vaccines aren’t harmful to people. You know, the virus came from bats. And monkeys. It wasn’t built in a lab. You know, whatever.

These people. You’ve seen them your whole life, probably family members and friends of yours. Right? They’re always telling you that everything’s fine. There are no conspiracies. Maybe they change in 2020 though. 2020 was a year that a lot of people woke up. Well, if they got smacked upside the psyche in 2020 wait until what happens next? This is going to make people’s heads explode. What’s coming? Yep. And that doesn’t even get into this the senate demanding you know all the UFO files from the DNI within 180 days after the NDA was signed everything, talked about that a couple days ago. What do they want with all the UFO files? You know and and what’s this? I took notes on this low yield nuclear warheads have been delivered. The Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security

Administration the NSA remember, which was hacked by solar winds, has finished the planned production run of controversial low yield w 76 dash two nuclear warheads for the US Navy’s Trident D five submarine launched ballistic missiles and delivered all of them. The w 76 dash two is believed to be around five kilotons. It would have only one third of the yield of the little boy bomb that the US dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. This is from the low yield nuclear warheads.


so this is where the military can blow up a couple of city blocks with with a nuke, tactical battlefield nuke. These have just been delivered. The Marine Corps started filling 30,000 new rifle suppressors to combat units. This is from military comm yeah began feeling the first 313 1700 Knight’s armament company suppressors designed for m four and M for a one carbines. Knight’s armor, I’ve got some of those suppressors. They’re kind of heavy, kind of on the heavy side, I don’t like them. The command hopes to field approximately 30,000 of those devices by fiscal year 2023. So the Marines are getting rifle suppressors. Indonesian fishermen caught what appears to be a Chinese underwater drone. So this fisherman in Indonesia brought in a very different kind of haul. This is catching what appears to be a Chinese underwater drone. It’s an ocean glider type unmanned undersea vehicle.


this is some of what’s going on in our world. And don’t forget all the orbital weapon systems we’ve talked about over the past few days. A lot of stuff coming down. And then also don’t forget about what happened in Nashville,


oh, in the White House had just released a planetary protection strategy. This came out of It’s a whole new planetary protection strategy, mostly focused on how to not contaminate earth when they visit other worlds and bring things back. Yeah, no, seriously, that’s what’s in the news. space.


So if you thought 2020 was the craziest year you would live through, think again, folks. It’s now 2021. We are in it. And it’s gonna get crazier from here forward. So that’s basically my my take on where we are. Want to say Happy New Year to you. And I want to send you prayers and blessings. And thank you for all your support. And just invite yet keep tuning in. I’m going to have a new update for you each day here, at least until this election is resolved. And sounds like that might take us all the way to march 4. Who knows at this point, but I’m going to stick with this. I’m going to keep doing the research. I mean,


I can’t stop until this is wrapped up. I don’t know about you, but I can’t just go back to normalcy until this is resolved. So I’m doing all the research every day and I’m bringing you this information as best I can. And I appreciate all your support. So feel free to check out my website of course and our online store will begin shipping on January 4. And you know, check it out hundreds of products for health and home and survival preparedness, certified organic lab verified superfoods supplements, essential oils, all kinds of things for health and happiness. Healing the world through clean food. That’s our slogan there at that helps fund the platform. So thank you so much. Be safe. And I’ll talk to you again in about 24 hours. Take care

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