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Situation Update Dec 24 2020 – Health Ranger

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Welcome to the Situation Update for December 24th. Christmas Eve, it is Thursday 2020 Mike Adams here. Today’s News is not not that good. A lot of doors are being closed on remaining options. And it’s also clear that the entire GOP establishment is made up of traitors, enemies of America. And they have turned against not just President Trump, but also Sidney Powell, as well.

And we sort of knew this, you know, for quite some time, but it’s really becoming apparent now. And it’s becoming also apparent that the final option here of We the People may be the, that may be the only remaining option. And it looks like that’s going to go active, right around January 8th, or 9th, if the situation doesn’t get resolved first. So that’s what we’re going to get into here today.

Thank you for joining me, by the way, correction on yesterday’s podcast, the Reuters article that talked about the emergency test of the broadcast system. That was a Reuters article from a different year, not 2020. So I apologize for that. I got it from a source that implied it was it was this year, and I went to the Reuters article, I checked it, and they make the dates really, really tiny on there, it turns out, so it wasn’t obvious.

That was a different year. Anyway, I’m sorry for that. misinformation, just corrected that now. And it doesn’t matter. It’s not like that was a necessary component of any of this. Trump can use the National Emergency Broadcast System anytime he wants. But the good news is it was tested in previous years. In fact, it has been tested multiple times since 2016. So it is working. Trump can invoke it as necessary.

A lot of rumors around about war with China. I’m telling you, I keep hearing different scenarios, different things from different sources. It’s it’s, this is more than just an election. Something bigger is brewing. But let’s get to the the actual things that happened today. Bill Barr is out. That’s good news. The bad news is that his replacement Rosen? I learned today is a member of the CFR and the Council on Foreign Relations. Yeah, Joe Biden’s a member. There are a bunch of globalist anti human, you know, global criminals. So Rosen said today, he’s not going to appoint Sidney Powell to be a special counsel. And Trump was not happy about that at all.

In fact, he tweeted out, quote, after seeing the massive voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, I disagree with anyone that thinks a strong, fast and fair, special counsel is not needed immediately. This was the most corrupt election in the history of our country.

And it must be closely examined. No, he’s right about that. But sadly, Rosen is not willing to play ball. We talked about that previously wondering if Rosen might recuse himself from this decision, which would kick it to Donohue, who is now the, the Acting Deputy Attorney General. But apparently Donohue never had a shot at this because Rosen was going to stone wall, and that’s exactly what he did.

So here we go. Bill Barr trader Rosen trader, Karl Rove, trader, Mitch McConnell, trader, Justice Roberts trader, it just goes on and on. You know, it’s kind of like, what could Trump do? I mean, he’s not a dictator doesn’t have the power to command everybody by himself, he has to have other people willing to uphold the rule of law, willing to defend the constitution.

And there are no other people apparently, in the swamp of Washington DC. In fact, least as of the moment, I’m recording this, which is late in the evening of the 23rd. Vice President Pence also has not acted, he has not invoked the pence Raistlin maneuver that we discussed the other day, even though he could, he has not acted at all. So pence doing nothing, even though he had previously claimed he was going to stand up and fight for every legal vote.

It was all just talk, kind of as we suspected. Also, you know, what’s interesting about this is as patriots and honest people, ethical people, Christian people, we have now grown to learn that everything in government is evil. It’s all corrupted. It’s all untrustworthy. It’s all a bunch of treasonous traitors.

So just remember this. Remember this when the day comes for we the people to solve this problem? Just Just remember, they’re all traders, with very few exceptions. I mean, there are that you know, Rand Paul, I mentioned before, and there are six members of the House, I think so far, maybe seven, who are willing to stand up challenge the the bad electoral votes.

A couple of good senators in there Josh Hawley, for example, and some others, you know, even Cruz has been fighting for transparency on this. So there are some good people, but by and large, across the courts across the bureaucracy, the regulatory agencies, law enforcement at the federal level, and so on, man, you can’t find a thicker, more putrid swamp than Washington DC.

Now, Trump did veto the NDA today, that’s the National Defense Authorization Act. And he had promised he was going to veto it because lawmakers would not strip big tech of their section 230 immunity. And Trump wanted them to put something in the NDA that would regain free speech for the American people. Of course, the law makers refused to do that, because they’re all big tech whores. They’re all sellouts and traders who are beholden to Google and Facebook.

And so Trump had to veto the NDA. But there’s something else there was something that had been hidden in the NDA, which was a section that would nullify the insurrection act. And that may be another reason why Trump did not sign it. But there is very likely a veto proof majority in both houses of Congress, which means that sometime after, after Christmas, the House and the Senate are going to have to get together again. And they’re going to have to do a new vote of a two thirds majority in order to override Trump’s veto.

And at that time, that would also been the apparently the insurrection Act would be nullified at that point, because they are terrified that Trump is going to invoke it. And that’s why he should invoke it. Now, by the way, when, when a corrupt treasonous Congress is a is about to override your veto. So they can put in place a nullification of the insurrection act as they loot and steal and pillage the country and destroy our liberties.

That’s when you should invoke the insurrection act. In fact, what Trump’s should really do, in my opinion, is invoke the act and then invoke the militias all across America to say, militia people. Guess what come to Washington DC, we need a million armed Americans here to defend the Republic, come to DC defend the White House Capitol building. We have you know, we’re under siege, there’s been a foreign attack, warfare against America, bunch of traitors, deep state swamp creatures running this place. And we need to defend this republic, he could do that.

And they would respond. So never think that Trump is out of options. It’s just a question of which options he’s gonna pull the trigger on, if any. I mean, even right, now he’s got the option of invoking the insurrection Act, or, you know, I give that list of 10 options. The declassification option is one that he it looks like he’s going to, to roll with here. And that’s a very powerful option. I mean, he’s been putting the right people in place in order to do that.

And by the way, the declassification option means that we don’t need Sidney Powell as a special console. And we don’t need the insurrection act, and we don’t need even the military. All we need is military intelligence. And I believe they’ve already given Trump all the documents that he needs in order to leverage, you know, leverage the Biden’s out of the way by showing them what he’s got on them, which is no doubt some very damning incriminating evidence.

But Trump put out a statement on vetoing the NDA. He said, quote, during my four years with the support of many others, we have almost entirely rebuilt the United States military, which was totally depleted when I took office. Your failure to terminate the very dangerous national security risk of Section 230 will make our intelligence virtually impossible to conduct without everyone knowing what we’re doing at every step. That’s interesting. So he’s talking about section 230 being a national security risk. I’m I don’t understand what he means by saying that with section 230 in place, that

our national intelligence is not secure. That seems to be what he’s saying there is there’s something I don’t know, maybe something hidden about the way big tech uses 230 that compromises our national security. And by the way, Trump, according to the mainstream media, Trump left the White House headed for Mar a Lago after he vetoed the NDA. But then according to another source I have Trump is still there, doing a powwow with General Flynn. So who knows what’s going on at this point things are getting very dicey. Now, Karl Rove who is sort of the Rhinos, Rhino.

I mean, he, he physically resembles a Rhino. He’s out there. In the media now calling Sidney Powell, a crazy conspiracy theorist. That’s the new label against Sydney policies, a conspiracy theorist because she finds evidence of extraordinary things, you know, regarding voting systems, for example, and their origins and who’s involved and the history of election rigging and things like that. So this is the way the establishment, you know, they’ve used this against myself and many others for 20 years to say that, oh, it’s a conspiracy theory, when you say that vaccines might be dangerous or, or if you say that pesticides are, are not healthy to consume in unlimited quantities, that’s a conspiracy, you know, so they’re using that against her now. And it’s the GOP people, Karl Rove

who, of course, was a bush, operative. This is being unleashed against Sidney Powell, and then that that attack on power is being used to prevent power from being able to meet with the President. So this is how they do it. They they discredit people who are capable of solving these problems, Sidney Powell, probably the best attorney hope for this country right now, you know, the best civil side possible solution to this. But she’s being completely cut out of the loop, no special counsel for Sidney Powell, not allowed to meet with the President anymore.

So that that option is just totally shut down. Basically, this is a kind of siege warfare against the President himself to creating a siege around him and cutting him off from all of his resources, which includes attorneys like Sidney Powell, and the cutting him off from independent media sources and cutting him off from advisors.

I mean, even Patrick Bryne, when he was at the White House on a Friday, you know, he talked about that. It was crazy. Trump’s General Counsel, Pat Cipollone, was a screaming at Trump and telling Trump to concede and shooting down every good idea. And and other people. I mean, Mark Meadows is reportedly part of this as well, it’s not clear whose side he’s on at this point. But Trump is surrounded by some very nasty bad people, and they’re shutting all of this down. And it makes you wonder, Is there anybody left that will follow Trump’s orders in the White House, you know, I mean, that’s how bad it. It’s, it has become. I’ll cover more of that here.

But I do want to mention, Jeffrey Prather did an update a couple of days ago, which is very good, very detailed into the inner workings of the D. O D and the intelligence community. And he said that it is possible that Chris Miller allowed military briefing information to go to the Biden transition team, as a test to see what the Biden team would do with that, and that it’s possible that then Biden team was caught abusing that intelligence sharing it with the Communist Party, the CCP. Now, praiser didn’t say for sure that, that that’s, you know, he hasn’t confirmed that’s what happened. But it is something that is likely, at least possible in his mind and, and pray ether came out of the DEA praiser knows these people, like, you know, like Chris Miller.

He knows how they think he knows how they operate. And that is a classic kind of sting operation that Chris Miller would, in fact, carry out against an enemy intelligence group. Now, if that’s the case, it means that the DLD may have already caught the Biden transition team committing acts of treason, which would make everything else here moot anyway, wouldn’t it? You know, if they’re going to charge Biden with treason, which remains a possibility. I mean, that you don’t need a special counsel in that case.

All right. I mean, you just bring in the military tribunals at that point. Now, as part of the continued cover up here, the Michigan GOP senate leader has cleared Dominion voting systems of wrongdoing. Despite the fact there’s forensic evidence alleging severe abnormalities and this came out of big league politics. Michigan State Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, who’s a republican is clearing Dominion voting systems of any wrongdoing. In the tweet says, quote, our investigation which has been very intense, discovered none none of the allegations and accusations Against Dominion are true. Wow. That’s called White washing or it used to be before the term White was politically incorrect. I don’t know what you would call it now. Rainbow washing or something.

But that’s, that’s like, wow, you you investigate it but we read a report, we read the audit report out of antrum. county that showed, you know, inherent errors that the system was built to create systemic fraud, and many other allegations, but the GOP in Michigan is covering it up. So somebody is getting to all these GOP people. They’re either getting threatened or paid off, or maybe both. Who knows. So that’s kind of an overview of the bad news we have so far. Well, there might be a little more bad news. But

that’s an overview of it. Now, let me hit you with possible good news. And this comes from the website, we love Trump. And this concerns some tweets that have been sent out to the White House staffers. And from the story on we love It appears that President Trump and his staff do not appear to be going anywhere. The White House just ordered its staff to stop packing up. See, they were packing up getting ready to, to leave before January 20th. You see, Trump and White House staffers were preparing to leave the White House and now an order has gone out telling them to stop packing. The order also includes the following statement, quote, updated information will be shared in the coming days. Does that sound like a statement from a team that is planning to lose?


I mean, it’s interesting, when the media says that Trump is heading to Mar a Lago, but then my source says that Trump is meeting with Flynn. And then this tweet to the White House staff is like, no, stop packing up, because you’re gonna get new information in the coming days. That’s, that’s interesting. I mean, it’s not, you know, it’s not rock solid evidence to hang our hats on here. But there may be something shaking. We’ll, we’ll see.

By the way, I’m, I’m getting a sense that January 8, or ninth is likely to be the day that patriots go active in America. And that means whatever you probably think it means. This, and I’m talking about if, if the Election Theft is still happening, because, you know, come on. The second amendment was created to defend our liberties against tyrants. It was created for this moment, it appears.

And, you know, I’m not calling for anybody to, to initiate any kind of violence, but rather, to defend our nation against foreign enemies and enemy occupation. We’re a nation under siege. We are being occupied and overrun by the Communist Chinese that have overrun, apparently, almost every layer of society that the courts, the lawmakers, the governors, maybe even supreme court justices, or they’ve been compromised through other means, like, Oh, I don’t know Jeffrey Epstein. I mean, it’s bad. And my sense is that there are millions of patriots who aren’t going to just, you know, slink away into the night and be okay with it, that they’re going to defend this nation, and many of them sworn oath to do so. As members of the military or, or law enforcement themselves, they swore an oath, and it seems that they are probably ready to make good on that sworn oath.

And again, that’s what the Second Amendment was designed for. I mean, what are you supposed to do when you’re under siege? You know, if, if, if you were living in Poland, let’s say in 1939, the Nazis just walk in and take over your country and take over your cities and, and start rounding up people and throwing you into concentration camps murdering you and you know, killing the Jews and everything. Are you supposed to just sit there and say, Oh, well, we don’t we don’t advocate violence. We’re gonna just let the Nazis do whatever they want. Because we don’t want to, you know, cause trouble. We don’t want to be unpopular. We’re just gonna go along with them, and then they come kill

you know? Are you supposed to just sit there and wait for that to happen? Obviously, history says, No, that would be a bad choice. 6 million people died there. How many people will die if the Communist Chinese take over America?

How many millions of Americans will be hunted down and exterminated and killed by the communists and the Marxists and the radical leftists who have already talked about they want to persecute Americans, especially Trump supporters and Christians and white people, and straight people and gun owners and, you know, everybody that’s on their target list needs to wake up and realize Joe Biden gets in, and the radical left gets their wish, you’re all dead. You’re all dead. And that means a lot of people have come to the realization that they have nothing left to lose. So they’re probably figuring they better fight now.

And that’s coming soon. So let, let us hope and pray that it doesn’t come to that. Let’s hope and pray that President Trump has a solution here. That doesn’t need Sidney Powell, and doesn’t need a Supreme Court and doesn’t need Congress and doesn’t need pence and doesn’t need the DOJ. Because all of those people, apparently, we can’t count on anything happening that would involve any of those people. It’s very sad that this is what it has come to. Now, Chris Miller, by the way, the Secretary of Defense recently said to Vice President Pence, quote, and this was in a, a video, quote, I want to personally thank you. We’ve been through some stuff, we’ve gone through some of the most complex military operations this country has ever conducted.

Like, what? What are you talking about? What do you think he’s talking about there? Why would he be saying this two pence, the most complex military operations this country has ever conducted, the only thing I can think of is they’re talking about gathering all the evidence that they’re going to drop through the declassification effort. That’s that’s about the only thing I can think of that would be a complex military operation.

Now, on talking about cover ups here, there’s a story out today that the Sergeant at Arms is going to enforce the subpoena for voter fraud evidence in Arizona. This has been covered by the Epoch Times, as well as a guest on Steve Bannon war room. A top Trump visor, Boris f. f tine. hard to pronounce name broke news that there’s a potential enforcement of a subpoena for voting fraud evidence coming in Maricopa County, Arizona, and legislators in Arizona trying to seek enforcement of the subpoena that was issued

earlier was actually issued last week demanding voting machine information. And then the county leaders voted to refuse the subpoena. Because of course, they’re covering up their crimes. Again, more traders, more traders who should be arrested and indicted and charged with treason, as far as I’m concerned. So there are efforts to try to get the voting machines I mean, again, we’re told this is the most transparent, most secure election ever, but you can’t see the machines you can’t see the balance. You can’t count the votes. Nope. All off limits. You have to take our word for it. We the democrats who cheated. It’s just incredible.

All right. I’m going to go through some other headlines here and then get back to some big picture explanations. There was an explosion that destroyed a hydroxychloroquine factory in Taiwan. I didn’t report on this yesterday, because I wanted to confirm it. We’ve got some people in Taiwan, and they did confirm it in Chinese language, local news.

Yes, it was a hydroxychloroquine factory. It provides raw materials to manufacture hydroxy. And it’s one of the largest suppliers in the world. And it blew up. I think two or two or three days ago. No, wait, yeah, two or three days ago. And I think this is Big Pharma at work.

Because Big Pharma does this kind of thing. They do bombings, and they don’t want hydroxychloroquine to be out there, preventing people from dying. That’s exactly the kind of thing they would do. Okay, YouTube has also censored ron paul’s Liberty report, because YouTube is evil. Again, this is the whole reason why we need to have Trump with a second term to fight against big tech.

And they’re vicious criminals, censorship, just anti human level of censorship. I mean, censoring Ron Paul, for God’s sake. He just wants freedom for people. But apparently that violates community standards now. YouTube, just unreal. And there was a video of Patrick Byrne with the steel report. Let’s see. Steel, truth calm. The steel report. Yeah, it’s an Vander steel. And in that interview, Patrick Byrne says that China may have access voting systems through a thermostat in a swing state election counting room, that it was probably a nest thermostat.

Whoa, I haven’t heard that anywhere else. That’s a new one. But Patrick Byrne does know a lot about you know, cyber technology and cryptocurrency and digital security, things like that. So Lots of different ways that cybersecurity has been compromised. Hence the reason for paper ballots, which of course the democrats hate. I mean, come on, just have national voter ID and paper ballots you show up, you vote on paper, no machines, no algorithms, just count the votes on paper, real simple. Trump has tweeted out that they’re slow walking the signature verification in Georgia. He says, quote, they don’t want results to get out prior to January 6th.

They know what they’re trying so hard to hide terrible people. Brian Kemp. Yep, Trump is right, of course, a slow walk in it because we’re surrounded by criminals and swamp creatures. And then a report out of the Washington Examiner that says that Sidney Powell is being blocked from meeting with the President, and that she was at the White House on Sunday, but she was blocked from meeting the President on Sunday. And then some, well, a negative analysis from Alex Jones, who says that enemies of America are planning to physically remove Trump by force next week, essentially to prevent him from releasing classified documents.

So they know that that Trump has the declassification option in play. They know that he’s got the intelligence he needs. And he’s got the right people in place such as as Rico and white Nick, on the declassification board. And as a result, they’re going nuclear on the president. They’re gonna try to literally remove him with the 25th amendment next week, according to Alex Jones. And then a new video from miles Guam at GE news says that hunter Biden sex tapes and pido tapes, and even joe biden’s financial documents have been handed over to Trump. So that might be part of the declassification effort.

That’s new information. But again, Trump is going to have to still be the president in order to effect this D class effort. I mean, he can do it. He could change this thing overnight. But he’s got to, he’s got to release the declassified information. He’s got to call for the militia.

To defend the Republic. There are millions of people are ready, Trump just needs to ask for help. So far, he’s not doing it. And Trump does say he’s infuriated by Pence, not fighting hard enough for election integrity. This came out of national file. And he is he’s infuriated that Pence is backing away from him. He says that Pence is quote, not fighting hard enough.

And I think we saw that yesterday from the fact that pence did not issue a letter to the states saying that, that their votes are not going to be accepted. So we have pence not, I mean, he says he’s gonna fight for every legal vote. But is he actually fighting for every legal vote, it doesn’t look like it. So I’m sorry, I don’t have a wonderful positive assessment for you today. There have been many things that have been moving in the direction of a Trump victory, and many paths for victory remain in place such as the declassification path. But I would say I would say right now that Trump’s ability to function in Washington DC is very compromised at the moment, it’s not gone.

But it’s compromised and Trump is great failing over all these years has been the fact that he would surround himself with swamp creatures and not realize it soon enough, like he should have fired Jeff Sessions earlier. He should have fired. Christopher Ray from the FBI long ago, he should have fired Gina Haspel. Long ago, he was right to fire James Comey.

But even he should have fired him sooner. And now he’s got staffers and general counsel people like cipollone and others who are just backstabbers and and they they are determined to see America destroyed. And then you’ve got these people like karl rove that are out there, just basically working for the CIA at this point. So Trump has no allies in Washington. And the only allies he has are being barred from seeing him like like Sidney Powell, for example. Trump needs to get out of DC.

He needs to connect with real American people. In my view, talk to Stuart Rhodes at Oathkeepers. You know, talk to Patrick Byrne have a private meeting bring Patrick Byrne into Mar a Lago or something Patrick Byrne has probably has a lot of solutions that are very practical, you know, heck, Trump’s should call in General McInerney. Who’s been interviewed by Brandon house a lot. And even invite Brandon and you know, invite real people who know what’s going on, who can offer solutions, people who aren’t traitors to this republic.

And there are quite a few of us out here, you know, who’d be happy to help. I don’t know if Trump has the ability to hold those meetings with, with people like that, or or if he’s under, I don’t know, wartime security or something, because of all the threats against him. I don’t know what the situation is. But I will mention this, although I’m going to put it in the rumor category. It’s one thing that does kind of make sense. I didn’t want to talk about this, because I didn’t want to spread


with something that can’t be confirmed. But this is a tip from a few days ago that. And actually, this has been repeated more than once. Among my sources, the rumor is, and again, this is just a rumor is that there there’s a nuclear device that has been installed in or around the White House. And that Trump is being told if he doesn’t leave, that they will detonate. And then they’ll blame it on Russia. So they’ll make Trump into a martyr, you know, he was he was killed by the Russians, and then Joe Biden will use that to attack Russia.

Now, there are a couple of reasons why this rumor actually does make sense. Number one, recall that this was the plan with Hillary Clinton. Hillary was supposed to take office in 2016. After she took office, they were going to detonate a nuclear bomb in America, in a major US city. And then they were going to blame that on Russia. And then Hillary was going to use that to go to war with Russia. And remember that a lot of those traces back to globalists who want China to become the dominant nation of the world. And the way China does that is to have the USA and Russia destroy each other. And, you know, and that’s insane.

I mean, think about it, USA and Russia fought as allies in World War Two, and we defeated Nazi fascism in World War Two. And right now, the USA and Russia could cooperate to defeat the CCP, frankly, which is the great threat of our world. You know, and even throughout world history, Russia has, has assisted the United States many times throughout, throughout, you know, the founding of our country, and so on. I mean, look, I’m telling you, Russia is not, as I see it, Russia is not our enemy. I mean, they’re their strategic competitors, no doubt, and they don’t want us to dominate them either. But they are not the great threat against America.

It’s China. And remember, Russia today is not the Soviet Union. I mean, at the time of the Soviet Union, they were much larger and more powerful and more dangerous. And, and, you know, they had a lot more resources, they were really threatening us back back in the 80s. But today, Russia is just trying to survive, you know, they’re trying to survive, mostly an energy based economy, and they’re really struggling with that.

They don’t have the resources that America has in terms of, of our economy. And, you know, Russia just trying not to get destroyed, because the US has all these missiles pointed at Russia, all over Europe, you know, surrounding Russia, they’re just mostly saying, you know, stop threatening us, we just want to be allowed to be our own country over here. China, on the other hand, has a posture they want to murder America, they want to destroy and conquer North America, they want to take over the world, and China is building bases in the Caribbean.

China has the training troops in Canada, China is trying to surround the United States, in the same way that us missiles are trying to surround Russia. And China is the country that’s infiltrating you know all of our systems today, which granted back in the 80s. The Soviet Union was trying that remember the video from Yuri bazmee inov, who was talking about how they’re going to take over America by by infiltration, and indoctrination of the system, and then demoralization and so on. Remember all those steps from that video. Check it out on the bright if you haven’t seen it yet, very important video. In fact, G.Edward Griffin interviewed Yuri beziehen off back in the 1980s. And I think that video is on there too.

But that entire doctrine is now what has been taken over and mastered by the CCP. That doctrine is now the Chinese doctrine against America and it has been very, very successful. And so as part of that, I believe that there is a very real possibility of a nuclear device that’s in Washington DC right now. And that Trump is being told you either can see it or we’re going to detonate this and Trump, it might not be that Trump isn’t willing to take action, it might be that Trump is thinking, My God, these deep state globalists are truly insane.

They will mass murder millions of Americans. if, if, if I don’t give them what they want, and he might be thinking, is it really worth it? You know, is my presidency is it worth going through this if they set off this nuke? I mean, it’s blackmail, right? It’s

blackmail by the deep state. They say we’re gonna nuke the city. And maybe it’s not just DC. Maybe they have nukes ready to go in other East Coast cities or dirty bombs or things like that, you know, maybe they’re targeting, I don’t know, Boston or New York or Miami or whatever. And they’re telling Trump, they’re going to set these off. Maybe they’re bluffing and they don’t have them. But Trump doesn’t know that. I mean, look, you can bet that they are pulling out all the stops right? Now. They’re going to try everything that they can think of. How do you think that got to everybody? Like bar? How did they get to? Maybe pence?

Or how do they get to Roberts? How did they get all of these people? How do they compromise them all? Because they’re willing to threaten everything. They’ll approach somebody and they’ll they’ll do something like, okay, hey, by the way, here’s a Bitcoin thumbdrive with $10 million on it, or we will kill your children and wife, and you know, your dog, set your house on fire, and deposit money falsely into your bank account?

And have you prosecuted for treason because you took money from China. Actually, it was us putting it in your bank account. You know, deep state operations are very thorough. They will ruin your life, they will make you wish you were dead. How many people can stand up to that? Obviously, not that many, especially in Washington DC, especially when the upside is Oh, you’ll be a successful politician.

We’ll make sure you win future elections, because you’ll you’ll have the special Dominion algorithm running for you, you know, and plus, you get all this money, and you’ll have all this power. And we’ll make sure the press says nice things about you in the Washington Post, versus being totally destroyed. So this is why there’s so many backstabbers because the threats and the coercion and the extortion is so complete. And then people have secrets. You know, there might be some blackhat units of intelligence, you know, agencies that have been gathering up things on these people. Like, oh, you know, Mike Pence, we see that your, you know, your family member sent a, you know, a dirty email to a college student, or whatever, you know, just find, find crazy stuff or just make it up if they have to say we’re going to go public with this.

This is going to end up in the New York Times. In two days. If you don’t go along with us see that there’s nothing they won’t do, including nuking US cities. Massive false flag operation. Come on. These are the people who funded the freakin Coronavirus. It’s killing people all around the world. Well, not as many as they claim. But it did kill a lot of people in March and April, before it became mostly harmless since then, it doesn’t matter. The point is, they will do anything.

They will kill any number of people to get their way. And now they’re gunning for America. So Trump may be in a bind that you and I can’t even understand.

It may not simply be a decision of whether Trump will act. And I’ve thought about this, too. You know how I said a couple of days ago, I said, you know, if Trump doesn’t act in five days, I’m going to become very frustrated with Trump. Actually, I’ve thought about that some more. And I decided, there’s no way that I can know what he’s dealing with. So it’s not really fair, even though I might be frustrated. I might, you know, I might express some frustration here. Obviously, none of us are happy for losing our country, right. And we want to continue to urge Trump to do what’s necessary. He’s got to defend this nation, against its enemies.

At this moment, I would still say to Trump, even if they tell you that there are nukes, and they’re going to set off nukes. I would say that’s all the more reason why you have to fight them and defeat them. Maybe they’re bluffing. But even if they’re not bluffing, if they set off nukes just shows why you have to, you have to go through this and you have to defeat them and eliminate these evil FMers from society if they are willing to kill millions of innocent people to get what they want. That’s why they themselves should be destroyed. don’t back down in the face of their tyranny. If they kill other innocent people that’s on them.

That’s how they are going to be judged by God. But Trump’s got to fight and he’s in the position to fight and we’ve given him all the the ability to fight by electing him to office in the first place. And he still has many options remaining right now to this day. And by the way, VP, pence still has the option on January 6th, to say that he refuses to accept the fraudulent electors, although I’m not putting any any faith in pence doing that on January 6th, I think pence will, will dutifully read the the Joe Biden votes without hesitation because I don’t think Pence is a person of courage, frankly, I really don’t. I think he’s gonna throw us all under the bus just like everybody else. In fact, I i’ve always questioned why why was pence chosen for the VP position? I really wonder.

He doesn’t seem to be at all aligned with Trump. Not in terms of courage, that’s for sure. So we are in a in a bad spot here but you and I can’t know what Trump is dealing with it may be far more serious than anything we can imagine. All we know for sure is that the forces of evil are very strong. This is like Lord of the Rings time here. You know the the forces of Mordor they can they can see they’ve got the Eye of Sauron they’ve got all the evil magic and the goblins and, and orcs and everything. And they’re marching across the country to seize everything and destroy all that is good.

And yet,

Frodo photos got the ring and Frodo. All he’s got to do is make it to Mount Doom and toss it into the, the the the volcano, right? And Trump that’s like Trump with a folder of declassification doc documents. All he’s got to do is open that up and show that to the world. And then everything changes. But Trump is on that March. Like Frodo not saying Trump is a hobbit but you know what I mean? But Vice President Pence is not Sam. Not Not at all. And and Bill Barr is like she lob the spider. He’s like this giant hulking spider that wants to suck the blood out of you. That’s that’s bill Barr. I guess I guess we could do a lot of characters in this, you know? And who’s Gandalf? I

don’t know.

Maybe Gandalf is General Flynn, we may find that out soon. In any case, Trump needs your prayers. And you need your support. And I want you to be ready to go to DC on January 6th because of all of this fails, then the final remaining option becomes we the people. That’s right. No one is coming to save you. You’re gonna have to save yourself, you’re gonna have to save your own country. And the window to do that is between January 6th and January 20th, it seems. And that’s that’s how all this is lining up. So that’s my summary for today. I, I wish I had better news for you today, maybe something more positive will happen tomorrow. But

right now,


doors are closing on this. And Trump appears to be surrounded by evil people. I’m not sure if he’s going to act in time. Although the declassification option and the insurrection act options are all on the table and other options, military options and so on. And maybe Trump knows something that we don’t like he knows China is going to attack on January 2, or something, which seems to be a possibility at this point. So so keep the faith folks and I’ll keep you informed as best I can. I will be posting another report tomorrow on Christmas Day. And also the day after Christmas, so on again, it’s every day, every day through January 20, if necessary, and even after that.

I will tell you what if Biden becomes president on January 20th, I’m going to continue these podcasts but under a new name. It’d be something like American life under enemy occupation or something. It’d be a different kind of report at that time. But I still think that that Trump Trump can win. The question is, will he act? Let’s send him prayers and and ask him to act even if it’s going to be horrific for us to go through. living under tyranny is worse. I would rather have a stand up fight and face the risk of dying than to live as a slave under tyranny and I think you feel the same. Thank you for joining me today Mike Adams here in the health Ranger natural and

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