U.S. States’ Split Over Texas Election Lawsuit Signals New Secession Movement [TruNews Dec 10 2020 Transcript]

U.S. States’ Split Over Texas Election Lawsuit Signals New Secession Movement

Today on TruNews, we discuss the risk of a new Civil War erupting over President Trump’s Supreme Court election fraud battle, which now involves 40 states. We also detail the unparalleled heroism of a Georgia father named Brandon Slater, who risked his life to save his family from a raging fire that consumed their home in middle of the night. Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart, Edward Szall, Matt Skow. Airdate 12/10/2020

This is TruNews, I’m Rick Wiles, a Texas State Representative filed a bill in Austin to allow the Lone Star State to leave the United States and become an independent republic. Kyle Biederman is Republican who represents Fredericksburg, Texas in the state legislature. His bill will allow a state referendum on the issue of secession. The Texas legislator is not the only person talking about states leaving the union conservative radio talk show host.

Rush Limbaugh mentioned it to his vast radio audience Mr. Limbo fears the cultural divide in the USA is too great to mend. The King of talk radio said he’s never seen the nation so divided and believes conservative Republican states may have reached the breaking point and will soon Express willingness to leave the union of states.

I’ve referenced this. I’ve alluded to this a couple of times. Because I’ve seen others allude to this I actually think that we’re trending toward secession. I see more and more people asking what in the world do we have in common with the people who live in say New York? What is their that makes us believe that there is enough of us there to even have a chance at winning New York, especially if you’re talking about votes. I see a lot of bloggers I can’t think of names. Right now a lot of bloggers have written extensively about how distant and separated and how much more separated our culture is becoming politically and that it can’t go on this way. There cannot be a peaceful coexistence of two completely different theories of life theories of government theories of how we manage our affairs. We can’t be in this dire a conflict without something giving somewhere along the way. And I know that there is a sizeable and growing sentiment for people who believe that that is where we’re headed, whether we want to or not.

Matt scow, Ed Rizal and doc Burkhardt have followed us throughout the day, the latest developments in the controversy over the November 3 presidential election. Guys, we must be near the end of time when radio talk show host like rush limbaugh sound like TruNews, the largest radio audience in the country? Yes. So when we talked years ago, that we were headed towards Civil War, we recall conspiracy theorists. We were mocked and laughed and everything. But now it’s it’s it’s becoming mainstream conversation because we were right. We saw it years ago, that this is where it was headed. And if the country did not change its ways it would split and break apart.

I’ve seen it played out right now. Yes, turn on the TV, look at the news. Just go out and look at you know, just your neighborhood. There’s a division. I just see divide and conquer. That’s what I’m feeling right now.

We have to literally two nations living on the same soil. Yeah. And and now it’s getting down into the neighborhood level, right, that you your neighbor may be completely different than you and you you have no no common grounds of communication, that their their their worldview is shaped by leftist politics. And your worldview is shaped by conservative values. And the two of you can’t communicate. And I’m seeing this now even down into the neighborhood level. At some point the country splits apart and people go their separate ways.

It appears to come down to who you call Lord because it comes comes to the Issues whether it be locked down the election or, or even a choice about how you’re simply going to live your lives, you know, it comes down to who you listen to who you agree to take orders from. we as Christians, we take orders from our King Jesus Christ, but others have decided to take orders from King Fauci or King Biden, or King Sora. Because their God is the

government. Yes. And I look to the government for everything that they need, and, and conservatives tend to look to God and believe that our rights, our freedoms come from God, our blessings come from God, but left leaning people think it comes from government,

you know, where I saw the really this started to shift to the change in the divide. When church God was being mocked and demonized. Like publicly pronounced your faith, you will be, you know, demonized. Yeah. Well, you before, it was like there was a respect.

Yes. Oh,

he’s a crazy amount is respect that now, it’s, you believe in ADS. You know, it’s like this vitriol, the vileness comes out as,

and I can take it. You know, from my age, viewpoint, I can tell you, Matt, that there was a day that unsaved people centers had a, a deep respect for Christians. And if a pastor walked in the room, and they took it, they stood up, you know, pastors in the room unsaved. Guys, and I mean, that that was the way it was in America. And and now we’re at a place that if a pastor walks into a room, they’re going to cheer them they’re going to curse out.

Because in our culture, that that person with morals is looked on like they’re, they’re persecuting others, because they don’t have this PC culture about them. that’s a that’s a judger. He judges people. Yes, his morals equivalent to a judgment on their set. Since

I read, you know, Doc, I remember when the words tolerance, and diversity were introduced into our vocabulary. It’s not like the words didn’t exist before.

Ever. It’s built into the foundation of our content. We’re tolerant of others. Yes. But Christ and Christianity is supreme in

the United States have been a diverse nation since the very beginning. So diversity has existed, but then it became they become weaponized. Yes, that’s right. The two terms they were used as a club against others. Yes. You You have to be tolerant, but I don’t have to be tolerant of you.

Yes. And I’m going to say I, I recognized decades ago, I would say back in the 80s. Like, oh, this this political quirkiness is nobody even knew what is political correctness. But when they started talking about diversity and tolerance, just in my spirit, this is back in the 80s. I knew, oh, this is this is going to be a this is going to be a movement. This is going to be a weapon against a church, a social


And so the church in America did not take it seriously. And Christians tended to just laugh it off always says leftists. It’s you know, they’re just crazy people, you know, the country would never listen to them. And then when Obama got in the White House, I think suddenly, Christians in America said, Wait a minute. This is a leftist administration. And now here we are at this point, and it’s not a laughing matter anymore. These people are dead serious. And we’re seeing what was going on in Portland and Seattle in places like they really want to burn down the country. Look at Portland that

video yesterday,

chasing the cops down,

the cops are leaving their cut their fellow cops behind. Yes, it is took off,

Rick, I even see this ideological split here in our nation, going even down to the church. There are, you know, for instance, that Mr. Warlock or Warnock were not in for us as to Warnock is a pro choice pastor. You know, which, you know, that’s, that’s like military intelligence. It doesn’t exist, you know. But, you know, that’s the kind of opposition that we see here. It’s even down within the church that there, there are two different churches in America. They’re two different ideologies, two different ways of life, even two different ways of, you know, making a living. You know, there are the class of people that say, if you want to get ahead, you work hard. You save your money, you build things, the other say, What can the government do? And, you know, it’s it. This is definitely at least ideologically to separate nations

is in at some point, it will split apart now President Trump this morning

went on a

Twitter rampage and was tweeting a lot about this divide in the country. And he said that we were approaching eight, or actually he said we’ve reached a dangerous moment. Ever. We have some of the President’s tweets.

Yes. We have the six tweets from this morning, the first day he put in all caps, wisdom and courage. He went on to say people are upset. They have a right to be Georgia not only supported Trump in 2016. But now, this is the only state in the deep south that went for Biden, have they lost their minds, this is going to escalate dramatically. This is a very dangerous moment in our history. The fact that our country is being stolen, a coup is taking place in front of our eyes, and the public can’t take this anymore. The third tweet President Trump sent out this morning the fact that our country is being stolen, a coup is taking place in front of our eyes. Fourth, how can you give an election of somebody who lost the election by hundreds of 1000s of legal votes in each of the swing states? How can a country be run by an illegitimate president? President Trump also said the Supreme Court has a chance to save our country from the greatest election abuse in the history of the United States. 78% of people feel and know the election was rigged. He ended by quoting Fox News host sean hannity said Donald Trump won by a landslide. And they stole it from him. This isn’t a president who’s conceding No.

But think about we’ve reached we’ve reached this stage where the President of the United States is shouting. There’s a coup. That in itself

in the way shonky on Twitter, you know, it’s like we live in a Twitter age now where the President just just says whatever.

And then he’s being censored on Twitter. Right. But he’s screaming there’s there’s a coup underway.

And I was in

the United States and, and even even scarier is half the country says, Yes, there is. We’re getting rid of you.

Take it, shut up and take it. Yes.

But there’s also 74 million people out there that say, yes, there is a coup going on. And and and we’re not going to allow it, we’re not going to allow it. But how far will they go to not allow it? That’s really the question at this point.

You’re right, Doc. And I, I would say the majority of the people in the Trump voter base would roll over and let the coup take place. Because they don’t want to be inconvenience with stopping a coup. But wait, there is a there’s a substantial portion of that 74 million? Who will not take it? Right,

let’s say just 10%? What

did you say? 5%? is all you need

for three to 5% of the nation is all you need to shut the country down?

Yeah, that’s what the American Revolution was fought

as exactly right. I mean, there’s the impression from history that the all the colonists in America were up in arms against the British, that’s not the case at all, you could probably split it a third, third, third, third, that were extreme British loyalists, third that were, you know, extreme colonialist. And a third that were like, whatever.

I’ll go with the side that when

Yes, and so, but to think that there were people in the United States that, you know, said, Hey, I like living under the crown. I like taxation without representation. I like the way things are, or that we’ll work things out in the future. But, you know, this right now, we didn’t have the one I’m thinking about Rick is which side is better armed at this point? And because that’s eventually where this leads, isn’t it?

Yes. Well, I hope not. Well, I hope not. But not i a lot depends on what happens. Let’s hope our system works. And that justice is done. And it’s done legally, and peacefully. And constitutionally, but this is unprecedented. I mean, this how people were hoping that in 1862, and it didn’t end up that way, right? Because the democrats started shooting, that let’s be honest, the democrats started the Civil War, they started shooting. And then it all broke loose. The Democrats started the Civil War. They demanded slavery.

Well, and really, even though they weren’t called Democrats, then in the revolution, you know, they demanded slavery allegiance to the crown. So even though they weren’t called Democrats, they, they believed in the fealty of the crown.

And I would take it that Thomas Jefferson, who obviously was a major part of the revolution, was actually an extreme radical. And he admired the Jacobins in France, the French Revolution. So, so Thomas Jefferson is the co founder of the Democratic Party. So you can say that there is jacobin DNA inside the Democratic Party. Yes. And that does not mean the entire Democratic Party has always been jacobin. But there’s some DNA in the Democratic Party, that’s jacobin,

the manifesto,

but even with Jefferson, you know, the Jefferson letters were Adams, they were vehemently opposed in their ideological ways, and how they looked at things, but remained constant friends, and I’ve read the book. So those writings back and forth, deep respect. That’s how things were. And then if you really wanted to get into disagreement, just go do your single shot. And we’ll

demonstrate, and you have to do

why I longed for an age at time when we don’t say Civil War every day, don’t talk about a coup. But I also realized that we’re at a place right now where we’ve been pushed the same, we’re not budging anymore, we’re not going to accept those values in political correctness. It’s just, it’s a compromise. It’s a symptom,

we’ll compromise. I don’t want to coexist with them. I don’t want to coexist with the leftists. Their values are from Hell, I don’t want to coexist with them. Because that means you have to recognize that there’s some kind of value in their value, look how

much they they own, and what they represent here. All the media, the newspapers, all this, and this is going to be it’s not this band aid when it comes on

civil war, they push it to civil wars, one side wins and takes everything from the other side. That’s the way it works. Yes. So to the victor belongs to the spoils always how it is and and if if they push it to the point that the country erupts into civil war, then they risk losing everything? I don’t think it’s going to go that far. I hope it does. And I think that there are things underway, that are going to shock them. And suddenly, they’re going to be on the run, I actually expect to see a large number of senior democrats in this country flee, leave the country to fill that void, to avoid arrest. Well, they’ve only been promising it for eight years. So maybe they’ll finally live up to this. And I do believe you’re right, Doc.

But I believe we’ve reached a point where there is a portion of the country that says, We’re not going to go, we’re not going to take this anymore, we’re not tolerating anymore. In fact, we’re going to clean up the mess. And it’s because of the is because of China. And and when when the aggressive strategy of the Chinese Communist Party is revealed to the American people, and the American public sees that prominent democrats and I believe also Republicans have been working with the Chinese Communist Party to bring down the American Republic, that’s when the rats will flee. Because they will know, they’ve been outed, the lights are shining on them. And either they face arrest and execution, or they flee. And to get out of the country quickly. Either one, hey, we’re rid of them. That’s that’s the way I see. It

would unify us to have an outside enemy and seven internally. So

that’s why we spent a lot of time talking about the election software. I only inject quickly to mention this right, because while we’ve been recording, that has been a breaking statement from Sidney Powell. Sidney Powell, the lawyer who used to represent the president is representing the people united rights right now. She is claiming she just said this on lou dobbs, Fox Business owes lou dobbs, that a $400 million dollar transaction that she’s mentioned and alluded to Lynn wood has alluded this to us also, she’s claiming that China paid $400 million to smartmatic. But we don’t

know this is the security Exchange Commission document.

Yes. And we weren’t able to confirm that for the documents that were available. And

it did mention $400 million, but we didn’t. We didn’t present it to our audience. We I think we showed it.

You know, we’ve talked about this,

but but I’m verifying we’re unwilling to say that the $400 million came from China. Yes, because we had no evidence. All we had evidence of was a securities exchange commission document a filing, right, it’s what’s about a $400 million issue of securities. smartmatic but she is now saying that the $400 million was transferred from China.

Yes, that is what she is just told lou dobbs,

she’s gone on the record with that, then Rick. Wow.

That’s huge. That’s huge. That’s how

they deal with it.

I’m telling you, if this comes out that prominent, influential Democrats and Republicans in America, knowingly colluded with the Chinese Communist Party, to rig our elections, and to allow the Chinese communists to gain control of this country, the game is up for them. Because they will be executed as traitors. Not by the American people, not by citizens, but by the military, the military will round them up and execute them because this is an act of war. And I’m saying this because I know this sounds radical, but I want the left to know this. Your you’ve been playing with fire. Those of you in the left, you’ve been playing with fire. And you’re about to get burned. People that Played with Fire get burned.

What do you say? So there’s a lot of Americans who weren’t happy with Trump, right? And they voted for Biden, because they just weren’t happy with Trump. Now those people, you tell them, Look, this thing was rigged by an outside country? Do you love America enough to do the right thing and support America going to, you know, whatever length that they have to take to eradicate this? How many are so dug into their party line, other than their American liar? That’s where it’s the bottom.

I think there’ll be a lot of them. Let’s hope there’ll be a lot of them that will that will that will not get it will not understand it. You know, in a perfect world, you hope people will see and understand things, but it’s not a perfect world and they won’t see it. Okay, after the Civil War, the country was divided for decades, people were arguing about the Civil War, and we’re

actually still

today are arguing about the Civil War. Right. So the wounds last

for generations for

generations. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said that the Texas lawsuit that he filed is President Trump’s last shot his last chance to save his presidency. Let’s listen

at three 3pm. Right. And we’ll know today people watching the states that officially join in but let’s say the Supreme Court declined to hear your case.

What are your next steps? You know, that’s

that we have nowhere to go.

I mean,

okay, that’s our only place to file our case. We don’t have another filing place. We can’t go to District Court. That’s why I am saying this really matters for the Supreme Court to give us a chance to at least present our side.

Well, you heard it right there. Ken Paxton, the Attorney General for Texas, the man who has led the Supreme Court challenge. He’s saying that this lawsuit, you better get behind it. You better support it. Supreme Court doesn’t hear it or does it’s not successful. It’s done. This is the Hail Mary.

Oh, I agree. I believe that’s exactly what you guys today. Notice something about the States? Where are we at right now? Right 18 states that are that have signed on with the state of Texas?

That’s correct. And approximately 22 states which have signed on against it, I’ve come out against the Texas suit.

Now this isn’t the electoral map that we’re looking at right

now. But we use the template for that has the actual electoral college votes per state on it, because this is going to be an issue coming up. Okay, so

I see blue, red and gray. So the red states have joined Texas in the Supreme Court case. You’re saying that the blue states have have officially entered this case against Texas?

That’s correct, either through the Maine suit. Amica is briefing a friend of the court briefing, but this is in the Supreme Court doc. And

what about the gray states?

The gray states haven’t decided actually specifically I’ll use one example Ohio. They actually did file an abacus briefing today and said they’re starting with neither, although the Attorney General, starting with the Democrats,

they’re the modern border states.

Yes, that’s correct. But in Ohio’s case, for example, Rick, Republican Attorney General said this is just before the program, he is siding with the democrats against Texas.

Look at the swing states,

the Attorney General for Ohio. And Pennsylvania is another great example because the Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania counted blue because they are Attorney General Tom Wolfe sided with the democrats but the General Assembly the legislature’s in Pennsylvania, sided with the Republicans. Do you have a split In that state over the Supreme Court case,

but I’ll tell you right now, the supreme court’s going to listen to the state legislatures. Why? Why? Right? Because it’s in the Constitution. That’s right. There is no Office of of Attorney General in the constitution or states, but there is mentioned of state legislators because the United States of America means states that are united. Right? These are united states. The whole Republic is about states. Right. And that’s why with the Civil War, I’m sure already are, you know, we have emails from people on Rick, you’re wrong. What about slavery as well? states?

Right. Okay. It was about both. Yes. The issue of states rights that the states had the right to govern themselves, and not be dictated by Washington. Yes, that was an issue. But the issue that they wanted to rule was slavery. Yes. So it was about both states rights and slavery. And really,

it was an issue that had existed there for 80 years from the from when the constitution was originally written, right. But the only way to get the constitution ratified was to compromise on some issues to get the constitution passed by all so the founding fathers

made a mistake in in drafting the Constitution, because, as you said, they wanted, they wanted the slave states to come into this new country. And so they compromised on the issue of slavery, which was a moral sin. But it was a moral sin.

But the constitution also allowed for corrections within the constitution to and those corrections came about both through constitutional amendment and through decisions of the Supreme Court. And so that never worked. But that you’re right sin.

Bit us as a nation, it’s it’s stained us and conditioned, never have been slavery recognized in this country. But the democrats want it slavery, even Yes, before there was a Democratic Party. They it was that the founders of the democratic party who wanted slavery, but we should have never acknowledged slavery, anytime you in your personal life, in business, in politics, anytime you make room to accommodate sin. Even though you’re not committing that sin, but you’re accommodating somebody else’s sin, right. At some point, Yat Sen will come back to hurt you.

It always comes back it always as soon as swalwell. You know, he had a little fun with Fang Fang, and it comes back, it all comes back. Right? Eventually,

we all learn that lesson, too. We did it with an edge. Go ahead.

Can we put that mat back up on the screen again, please. So our audience can get an understanding what it is that we’re saying here. So all the red states that you see there are states that have partnered or filed along with Texas and this lawsuit, challenging the results of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, in Georgia, and all the blue states are those that have aligned themselves against this decision against this lawsuit. And it’s the states that are in gray are ones that have not taken aside in the fight yet. But really, when you look at it, it falls along, generally along where the electoral votes landed, during the election, with some questions on individual states and everything. But for our audience, this just so you know, this is something if you want to share this program tonight, share it with as many people as you can. This is the map of the future, maybe we don’t know. But there are things happening in Supreme Court right now, that could determine whether we remain a United States of America or not.

But even Donald Trump carried North Carolina and yet North Carolina is suing to prevent Donald Trump from being sworn in as the 42nd term. Well, that

trend is carrying forth because there’s a lot of Republicans that are opposing President Trump’s challenge. I mean, dating back to statements by the former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who said that this, this current challenges lectures process is an embarrassment to the nation. There’s many other Republicans who stand with people like Chris Christie in opposing President Trump’s challenge. Now, there were some gray states on there.

There has been a lot of movement throughout the day we’ve been again we’ve been watching the Supreme Court docket, which is where all the all the filings get placed for this, this actual this challenge. I saw something very interesting that in the grace days, we’re gonna put the The map backup for control the gray states, Alaska, Arizona and Idaho, though they haven’t taken a position, there has been a very strong position taken by some elected officials in that state.

Specifically, elected officials in that state filed an advocacy briefing where they alleged that a cabal, and an oligarchy has been formed in four of the defendant states, the fates, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and, and Pennsylvania, which threatens the operation and integrity of the nationwide republican form of government. And they referred this when they talk about oligarchy, Rick, they said it goes back to the English form of governance, and even the House of Lords in the medieval era. That’s the comparison they’re making. What’s taking place?

Wow. So nothing’s changed. No, it’s the same battle that’s been going on since the beginning.

Since the revolution, they’re fighting the same battles. So maybe Her Majesty, the Queen has her hand involved in this


The Freemasons got it right. Let’s put number nine on the screen. This is a this is a quote from the United States Constitution. Article two, section one,

this is about the electoral college DACA. Let me read this. Okay. So this is from Article One, section two of the Constitution. And it reads the executive power shall be vested in a president of the United States of America, he shall hold his office during the term of four years and together with the vice president chosen for the same term be elected as follows. So this is the process. Each state shall appoint, in such manner as the legislature there have made direct legislature of the individual state, a number of electors equal to the whole number of senators and representatives to which the state may be entitled, in the Congress stop

hate us go back to go back list or so. This look at this line by line. The Constitution says each State of the Union, Shao, that makes shall point how, in such manner as the state legislatures may direct Yes, it’s not the secretary state of Georgia, it’s not the Attorney General of Pennsylvania is not the governor of Wisconsin, it’s the state legislature of each state, they shall shall shall appoint a number of electors equal to the whole number of senators and representatives to which the state may be entitled in Congress. So if a state has one member of the House, two US senators, they get three electors like Montana,

Montana would

be if they have 40 members of the House and two senators, they get 42 electors by California. So

so as we go into the next one here, but no senator or representative or person holding an office of trust or profit under the United States shall be appointed and elector, that means anyone that’s within the government right now, and at the federal level can be an elector. Now, the electors shall meet in their respective states, they don’t all get together at one place, and vote by ballot for two persons, of whom one at least, shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves. And I don’t know if you want to comment on that or not, Rick?

To me, that’s vague. I guess constitutional lawyers don’t see vagueness in it, but they vote for two persons, of whom at least one shall not be inhabited of the same state. So the way that’s interpreted is the president and the vice president must come from separate states. Okay.

So let’s put that back up on the screen there. And they shall make a list of all the persons voted for and of the number of votes for each, which lists they shall sign and certify, and transmit sealed to the seat of the government of the United States, directed to the President of the Senate. The President of the Senate shall in the presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the certificates and the vote, she’ll then be counted. By the way the President of the Senate is who right now, Rick,

who is a priest,

I don’t know, isn’t a


Vice President isn’t vice president,

vice presidents

vice president this sense. He controls a lot of this process. It’s transmitted to him and he is the one that actually opens the actual sealed certificates of certification.

So the President of the Senate shall, in the presence of the Senate and the House of Representatives, open all the certificates, and the vote shall then be counted. The person having the greatest number of votes shall be the president. Notice it doesn’t say the majority there, it says the greatest number of votes,

if so important, the person having the greatest number of votes, right shall be the president,

if such number be a majority of the whole number of electors appointed, and once again, there’s another word they’re appointed. In other words, there has to be electors from particular states. So you are appointed, right? And if there be more than one who have such majority and have an equal number of votes, then the House of Representatives shall immediately choose by ballot one of them for President. If no person have a majority, then from the five highest on the list, the set house shell in like manner, choose the president,

by the way, we don’t have a typo there. Choose is the the old spelling, right?

That one makes more sense.

Yeah. Oh, that’s the way I would do it. But something and keep that that still up for just a moment, something that we were marked as we’re reading through this today. They when they wrote this, when they hammered this out, they expected for there to be a whole bunch of people running for president, right? They did, because it said, there then from the five highest on the list, they expected more than five to be running. Sometimes

we got Coke and Pepsi.

They expected there to be a real contest. So you know, real, you know, argument going on.

So let’s so our founding fathers did not believe in a two party system. No way. They didn’t know what they wanted against it. Absolutely. They wanted lots of people running for president.

Yeah. All right, let’s go to the next slide here. But in choosing the president, the vote shall be taken by states the representation from each state having one vote now this is important. Where if it does go to Congress, all the delegates of particular state all the representatives from a particular state, let’s say California, they have to determine their vote as one body themselves after they get one vote, one vote. Montana gets one vote, even though it has three delegates.

So there will only be 50 votes.

That’s right. So keep that in mind, the representation from each state having one vote, a quorum for this purpose shall consist of a member or members from two thirds of the state. So in order for there to be, you know, a an election or vote on this matter, out of the 50 states, you have to at least have 34 that will vote that’s a quorum. Okay. So a quorum for this purpose shall consist of a member or members from two thirds of the states, and a majority of all the states will be necessary to a choice.

So even though you have to have 34 states voting on the issue, you still have to have 26 votes to win the election. In every case, after the choice of the President, the person having the greatest number of votes of the electors shall be the vice president. But if there should remain two or more who have equal votes, the Senate shall choose from them by ballot, the Vice President. And I don’t know, the Congress may determine.

And this is important, because we’ll relate to this here in just a moment. The Congress may determine the time of choosing the electors in the date on which they shall give their votes, which day shall be the same throughout the United States. So as it stands right now, what are those dates, there are two dates that are important right now,

this coming Monday is December 14, is when the electoral college is supposed to meet. But that is not in the Constitution. Constitution says that Congress may may establish the dates. So this section to Article One this Congress did establish a date. And where I think, Matt, what the supreme court could rule is, because that date is not constitutional. is not chiseled in stone. It’s an it’s a law. Therefore, I think the supreme court can say, we’re going to suspend that date. Because it’s not written in the Constitution. We have a we have a controversy among the states. We’re going to set that date aside to solve this controversy.

So are they looking to bypass the electoral college?

No, no, they’re not gonna watch this. No, they’re gonna if this plays out the way I think is going to happen if the if the Supreme Court announces tonight or tomorrow, because we could get an announcement tonight, right? Most likely, it’ll be tomorrow. That they’re going to hear the case well, Monday Is the electoral college meeting, I would expect that the Supreme Court is going to do one of two things. They’re either going to hear the case immediately, tomorrow, Friday or Saturday, which I don’t think is likely. Or they’re going to say that they’re going to hear the case. But they are ordering the electoral college to delay its meeting until they can till they can resolve the matter. And then I think we’re just going to go from there is the supreme court is going to be very wise in their decision. Because they’re going to say, we’re not going to decide the election. We’re going to follow the Constitution. Right, and we’re going to order not suggest not imply they’re going to order the state legislatures of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan, not the Attorney General. Not the governor. Not the board of election. The board of elections. smartmatic Yes, they’re gonna and not the news media,

right that who usually picks the electoral delegates.

Well, it’s the media live picks the winner, no,

yeah. picks the winner. Yes. Now the way the electors in our modern time winner representatives to know what they do is that each each presidential candidate submits a list of electors. So when you vote for president, you’re actually voting for the Florida electors pledged to Donald Trump were the Florida electors pledged to Joe Biden, that’s really who you

remember in 16 some more saying, I’m not even gonna vote. I’m not gonna follow that, and I’m gonna vote for it.

They’re not, they’re not obligated by the Constitution. They’re not obligated to do that. Right. All right. So but I think the Supreme Court is going to order the four states, not all the stations of four states. There are, they’re going to say there is legitimate concern about fraud. We cannot order a new election. There’s no constitutional mandate for a new election. But the Constitution does say that the state legislature shall appoint the electors, therefore, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, you pick the electors, and we the Supreme Court will accept your choice. Right? And guess what Supreme Court says, we did our job. We’re out of it. And they throw it back to the four state legislatures. Now, you’re all Republican. That’s right. All for both houses in all four states, Republican

and neglected to cheat on those races done 16 2018. I’m sure they’re kicking themselves on that.

So that’s my that’s my take on how this is going to go down. I would be shocked that the Supreme Court refuses to hear this case, because the Constitution says the Supreme Court’s responsibility is to resolve to hear the tissues controversy controversies among the states. And this is a controversy. You guys showed the map. This country is split between the states. It is a controversy among the states.

Now let’s kind of play out the scenario a little bit. Let’s say the supreme court does toss it back to the legislature’s what will be the reaction among the general public. Rick, what what are

your thoughts on that?

What do you think we will see played out?

Well, I think the left will go berserk. I think I think the state police National Guard will be called out to protect the state houses. I think the state legislators will have bodyguards to get them to the meetings and rightfully so.

And I think Chris Miller, I think this is where he comes in and was a great pick.

Yes. These sectoral defense.

Yeah. Is what really do. I

think I think that book in in the Civil War. Lincoln, President Lincoln had state legislatures arrested. my home state of Maryland, he just rested the legislature

the entire body. Yes. Well,

there’s the rest of them. All right. It wasn’t the only state that that that Lincoln arrested state legislators, because why? They were voting to succeed from the union. Okay, so they just went in and said, Hey, this is an active insurrection. You’re under arrest. We’re taking you so he said federal agents in an arrest of the state legislators. So I mean, this already happened. It’s it’s a history.

So anything here could happen but i i think the left will go berserk and will threaten the lives of Republican state legislator like the representative Michigan who said, our sole console what to do, get it down, do it right, make them pay. So now Michigan is one of those states. Right then the republican aren’t going to go out there and threaten democratic legislators. That’s not the way republican conservatives behave. But the democrats will say, I mean, some of these states Doc, I don’t know what the balance of power is. It could be one or two votes. You You kill or hospitalized a couple legislators. Look what they did to Rand Paul. That’s right.

You do the fear part is

you terrify them, you throw a molotov cocktail into their house. And, and maybe if you can just keep two or three from going to the meeting. You’ve you’ve affected the balance of power,

and it is close when we were looking at those states yesterday, Rick, it is by two or three in each of the swing states right now the battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Hey, how

to put number one back up on the screen. How we started tonight’s God cast. So the state representative in in Fredericksburg, Texas, Kyle Biederman is introduced a bill to have Texas secede from the union. Now, I don’t think that’s going to go anywhere. And I’m gonna tell you why. There is an erroneous view that Texas has the right to secede from the union. And I always assumed that was correct.

that lives in Texas. I thought that was

I did too.

I thought it was based on the treaty with the republican tech. That’s

what I that’s what I was told. That’s what you know, I lived in Texas for 10 years. That’s a it’s kind of a folk lore legend in Texas. But I did some research. I might be wrong on this. So let’s go back to a guy named john Nance. Garner. Okay. JOHN Nance Garner was a Texas Congressman. He was he was a wild guy. He was whiskey drinking cow punching. Poker playing Texas, Texas

cow punching. A cow punching? Yeah, does that.

Cow Cow real life punch cows. Okay. And if you drink it enough, you punch him pretty hard today. But john Nance Garner was a you know, he was known as cactus jack. That was his nickname. Well, cactus jack became Speaker of the House of Representatives in 1931. Okay, he served one term is the Speaker of the House. It’s very fresh, frankly. Yes. Right at the turn of the the Great Depression. But Franklin Roosevelt chose cactus jack Garner to be his vice president. So speaker Garner was elected vice president united states with FDR in the 1932 election, and so 1933 sworn in. And back then presidents were still sworn in. The inauguration was in March,

not January, and I changed with the 20th amendment.

Right. So john Nance Garner, as Speaker of the House brought up this topic of the Texas admission to the union. Okay, okay. That Texas was brought into the union, March 1 1845. That’s what that was the day that the United States Congress adopted the congressional joint resolution for annexing Texas to the United States of America. It was adopted March 1 1845. Okay, okay. I’m going to read something to you.

This is from that document. It’s talking about, it gives like three or four things that Texas must abide by and can do. Number three, it says third, new states have convenient size not exceeding four and number in addition to said state of Texas, and having sufficient population may, hereafter by the consent of said state, be formed out of the territory there of which shall be entitled to admission under the provision of the Federal Constitution, and such states as may be formed out of the territory lying south of the 36 degrees 30 minutes. north latitude, commonly known as the Missouri Compromise line, shall be admitted into the union with or without slavery, as the people of each state, asking admission shall desire and in such state or states, as shall be formed out of said territory, north of said Missouri Compromise line slavery or involuntary servitude, except for crime shall be prohibited.

What does this mean? The the document that the United States Congress passed in 1845 that it At the Republic of Texas into the union gave Texas not the right to succeed from the union, but to become five states.

I knew that too. I knew it had the right to do that

they can become five states. The current state plus four, they could have four babies. Okay, so with Texas,

you could have Texas or Central Texas. Yeah.

So you got it’s already divided. If you live in Texas, everybody knows that. You got you got. You got North Central Texas. So you got Central Texas. You got East Texas. You got West Texas. You got North Texas and you got South Texas sorry, kind of divided that it’s already divided. Texas would have 10. United States senators want a trump card not to this is the time and each one of the

new states would also have representations House of reps. They’d have an appropriate based on their population or

population. But some I read once and might have been Texas would control the us senate 10 seats in the Senate. Why do they? Well, they push for its time, Texas. Come on, we need you pull out that trump card and and do it. Now

you might end up with one or two red states out of that. That’s a possibility.

I mean, you mean blue states? Oh, yeah, for sure. You know, you make sure you draw the lines. Right.

Right in Fort Worth and Dallas.

Yeah, you put you put Dallas in East Texas, but it doesn’t have enough votes to outvote Tyler, and all the other parts of you, you know, and you put

Houston maybe with the Austin offset. Oh, no.

You gotta split them up, you know, but you split up. Yeah, you take this big cities, you put each of the big cities into a different state. All right. And, and Texas now has five states 10 US senators, they have the balance of power in the US Senate. The key to controlling the US government right now is with the Senate.

Wow, boy that could radically change the future of the country couldn’t

Yes, you know, a populous patriot patriot Populist Party. That ought to be their campaign in Texas. will give you eight more centers. That’s right. And they all get to be Texans. Because you can be your Texas East tech, but they’re already that they’re already in North Texas. South Texas, East Texas. West Texas. Yeah. Well, Texas. All right. Where do you live eastern

part of the TriStar state? Yeah, they

all have different accents to That’s right. They do.

Yeah. So that’s my, that’s my proposal, Texas should just radically shake up the country and dominate the United States Senate for the next 100 years. It would it would put the brakes on the left. They would never be able you want to stack the Supreme Court. How about we stack the senate stack the House of

Representatives today? Wow. We could add up to 20, maybe even 30 new representatives in Congress as well. I mean, in the House of Representatives to

Well, no, no, because we’ve got population.

I don’t know how many reps Texas currently has, but they you know, each one would have its own separate representation.

But the other thing to do to get back to constitution is we should have about 10,000 members of the House. Yeah, the stadium is because there is no constitutional provision for 435 members of the House. That isn’t the right, absolutely an arbitrary figure that the politicians came up with back in the 1920s. Yes. And they kept the growth of a house at 435. And the Constitution does not say it the Constitution says that each house seat shall be based on a specific number of citizens. It’s in the Constitution, but it

doesn’t spell out what that number is.

They said does it does? It does?

Oh, it does.

That’s why I’m saying there should be about 10,000 members of the House. And we’ve kept if Israel would not be able to control the seats, China couldn’t control that many seats because at least so spread x

barely controlling

Exxon could control the seeds. Twitter couldn’t control that many seeds. Because a house district would be basically about the size of a small town like Vero Beach true representation and

they don’t have to go to Washington either. That’s that was never in the constitution send these people over to Washington, DC to power them. Yeah, but they didn’t want them to live. They didn’t know. That’s right.

They were they were go back.

That was the reason that the house was elected every two years. Because to be a 10 a permanent career they were to be citizen

now. Zoom is Zoom Zoom, you’re

telling you that the Patriot Populist Party has a platform that can radically change America in 2022 Give every American a voice. And and by 2024, we could be running General Flynn and and Sidney Powell for president vice president. Well,

Texas, five states represent real representation in Congress at the local level.

Well, something else was going on. I came across this today. This put number 10. On the screen. This is abc news. Edward, what’s the story here?

So ABC is reporting according to a letter that they’ve got their hands on, the Pentagon plans to cut most of its support to the CIA’s counterterrorism missions. Now, this is a based on a letter from acting defense secretary Christopher Miller, sent to CIA director, Gina haspel.

Now what it outlines is that the CIA’s special activity center that they get a lot of logistical support, they get a lot of force protection funding from the Pentagon. Well, as of January 5 of next year, that support will be cut. And that’s according to Christopher Miller, the the Special Forces secretary of defense that President Trump has placed in there saying that you can no longer rely on department defense to give you your force implementation. So

So what does this have to do with the price of bread?

Well, January 5 is one day before Congress and the President of the Senate Vice President Pence meet to certify electoral results. Hey, but

what’s it? What’s it mean about the CIA and the Pentagon,

or the CIA has been defunct, this is huge that the CIA is losing a large, first of all, their justification for having combat forces, their justification, CIA

has military troops,

that’s right combat units, SWAT teams, everything that actually comparable to forces in the US military, from the Marines to the army, but it’s not really considered to be such and it’s working under a black budget. This cuts that at the knees. So a lot of covert military operations going on in the world in the past 1020 years, actually has not been the Pentagon has been the CIA.

That’s correct. acting like a military.

This this solidly puts the power back in the military’s hands, specifically in the CIA’s hands on how we conduct foreign policy and intervention. Wow.

This next one, I came across this as I got it out of the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, how Israeli firearms fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. Boy, it’s a mystery.

Bringing colonial on that one.

I read the article and it says, you know, Israel’s still they, they legally sell guns to Mexico, to the military, into the police. And somehow, somehow the Israeli guns end up in the hands of drug dealers. And we just don’t know how this is happening.

So we send money to Israel, they build weapons and firearms. And then they sell them to Mexico, Mexico,

and Mexico gives them to the drug cartels to use against our cops. So you get this figured out? Yeah, that’s how that’s working.

I thought the Iranians were arming our cartels in our gangs was not one of the justifications, even the Venezuelans. Well, that justification for sanctions,

but Israel is not doing it on purpose. Well,

that’s right accident,

stuff happens. Stuff happens is just, you know, they can’t keep track of every gun they sell in the world.

Now, let’s put that still back up. Let’s just change the name on it here how Russian firearms fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, or how Chinese firearms fall into the hands of Mexican droid after have a war. Or I could even say how French firearms fall in the hands of Mexican drug cartels. Anybody else we’d be upset about and there’ll be senate hearings.

That’s why we don’t have a wall.

But you say how Israeli farms fall in the hands of Mexican drug cartels? Oh, you can’t talk about Israel. You can’t bring them up because they can’t do anything wrong.

is an accident. An accident stuff happens they don’t

fall off a truck and the drug cartels just pick them up off the ground.

Talking about things falling off the truck. Did you also I know we were planning to do it. Did you all see the the ship the cargo ship that all the containers fell off of it? And oh, yes. Did you see that last week? This. This? I don’t know what countries it left. I had looked at a picture ago is this for real? This This thing’s coming across the ocean. And you know how the shipping containers are stacked up? massive high. They broke loose and they’ve been falling into the sea. Okay. The ship still traveling, but they’ve lost I think like hundreds of

what ocean was humor. It’s

a Japanese flagship. And it’s according to this report, I’m reading from Honolulu civil beat. It was off the coast of Hawaii that this this began, it’s still going on. There’s about 1800. It’s just

literally, it’s literally I mean, this dropping containers in the ocean as it goes, Well, you can be the captain calling back to home headquarters lost another one. Amazing. Hey, I’m going to close here, but I got some please don’t Don’t hang up on us yet. This is really, really important. Okay. So last, I think was last Friday. I was doing research on the election. And so I was looking at the Atlanta newspapers, at the Atlanta television stations. And, and I saw the story. And I see a lot of stuff that, you know, it never gets into the program. But I saw this troubling story about a Georgia family that lost their home in a fire.

And I read the story. And, and this young father ran back into the house to save his children. The house was on fire. He got severely burned. He broke the windows out with his arms. He cut his arms up really bad. That’s true. He got burned in the open flesh. From the windows. He rescued his family. They lost their house, they lost everything. And it just it just I was I mean, you’re. You’re hurt for a family that’s lost everything. But I had such admiration for this young father. I thought what a real man.

That’s a real star card.

Yeah, he’s, he risked his life. He’s severely burned. He’s in a great deal of pain, but his children are safe. And and I thought, you know, 50 years from now. This children are going to remember my dad risked his life so that I can live. And if that man is still alive, it looks like he’s in his 30s You know, he could be you know, Benny’s, 80s 50 years from now. You still ask him about those? What are those burns? What are those scars on your granddad? All right. And so those scars will always be memorials of his courage. And I was just so impressed by so I, I kept checking in to the Atlanta TV station over the weekend, just to see how he was doing well.

There was a GoFundMe campaign started, and I later found out that Lynn Pavlik who started the GoFundMe campaign is Brandon’s mother, this young man, his brand, his name is Brandon Slater. And that’s his wife and children. And the as I said, the woman who started this GoFundMe campaign, Lynn Pavlik, is his mother. And And so over the weekend, the The campaign was off to a really slow start, and wasn’t making much progress.

So TruNews gave it a little boost. And it got traction and started taking off. And so right now, you know, they’re up to over $24,000. To have to get a new house have to get everything furniture, clothing, everything, everything. So this is what I’m asking my today’s family to do. I’m asking you to go to GoFundMe, go to the Slater house fire fund. GoFundMe and find the Slater house fire fun write this down. Or take a screenshot online? Yeah, phone watching.

And then look this up. Okay, and do two things. Donate now. Make a gift, and then share it with others. This is a Christian family. And I’ve been communicating. His mom has been emailing me giving me updates on his condition, his the number of surgeries that he’s been in, right? He’s in a great deal of pain. She’s told me that the pain is indescribable that he spent a great deal of pain. He’s He’s undergone a number of surgeries. But they have nothing. They’ve lost everything.

But they have everything to

but they have everything. They’ve got a father, an earthly father who loves them and they have a heavenly father who loves them. Would you please I’m asking you to do this for me. I’m not asking you to donate to News Today I’m asking you to donate to the Slater family. And I want to get up tomorrow morning and see a huge number on that GoFundMe campaign.

And, you know, I, I don’t know what we’ll do here, if our audience if our people, if you will, if you’ll tell me that you’ll get behind us look, maybe maybe we’ll buy them a house, but I need to hear from our audience, you know, but what you can do right now is show your support and your love and give something today right now today. And then let’s see how this campaign works. Maybe they’ll get enough money to get a house. But if they don’t, then let’s take it on as a project.


Okay. Are you in? I’m in I’m in a if you know or maybe we just all go to Georgia. He’s in Dahlonega, Georgia. And a lot of good. A lot of good. Georgia is a great little town. I’ve been there Susan, I went. When we lived in Tennessee, we went into salonica Gold Rush days is a weekend festival because there’s gold in the lawn ago. Oh, wow. And people are still finding gold in the river. And so Susan, I like we like small town festivals. Okay. And so we would attend Gold Rush days and salonica. And anyhow it’s a great town great people but

but Rick what what is the ADL and right wing watch going to say about this?

I hope they donate. I hope they donate. And and what this is about people.


This is about people. And this is a family that’s hurting. I don’t know them. But God put them on my heart. I couldn’t shake it loose. I just couldn’t get rid of it. There’s all weekend or all weekend and every day this week. I’ve been I’ve been checking in with them and he tossed

them out of the window. The kids?


yes. Throw them out. Right. The

house burned down. In fact, we have a we’ve got a video report from Fox TV five in Atlanta. Let’s watch it.

This is all that’s left of the family’s home after that devastating fire. It’s hard to really recognize anything here on the property. Both parents are blaming themselves right now for losing everything. They had no house in a plane. It was it was really really terrible. I don’t want to do this in Fox five was there Friday afternoon is Brandy Slater and her children came to see the charred remains of what the family spent 10 years building

and now I just I feel really bad because my husband’s in a lot of pain and I couldn’t help him.

On top of losing all of their possessions that Slater’s husband Brandon was severely burned. When he opened up our bedroom door. He’s logging in and said oh my god, the house is on fire.

And my kid

this flames quickly ripped through their home on Flanders road. Loved Ones tell us he ran it through the fire to get his kids out safely. He had sustained a lot of burns to his arms severely to his hands, his back and his shoulders and he’s seen from breaking out a window he had torn his arms and hands up pretty bad. The muscle and everything’s exposed. It got burned really bad. Braden was able to help everyone get out to have children have minor injuries. They’re pretty emotional about it. They are talking about what happened. The family believes the fire was caused by a space heater even though all they built is gone. insulators not sure what lies ahead.

I think my kids my husband.

Did they say that? He was burned so bad that the muscle was exposed. Breaking the

windows the glass cut his arm up and so the fire burned the muscles. But he

can’t do ratable pain is the story of courage. This man. He kept going to make sure all his kids you saw the kids there in the photo. They got out and alive. That’s right.

He’s a hero and the right stuff. Would you help me? Okay, go to go fund me. Find the Slater house fire fund and give something right now. Don’t put it off dump dump. Don’t say how to do it. No. Tomorrow. Just do it right now. Do it right down.

Why are you thinking about $5 goes along?

Yeah. And we’ve got a lot of people on social media right now that are going there. They’re responding on Facebook and on our TruNews website right now and chat. And they’re going there and they’re giving even right now buying just we’ve got 1000 people watching us on Facebook, if every one of you gave $5 I mean that would make a tremendous difference. Just right there. just just just on Facebook.

I want his face to light up in hospital bed. I want his mom to tell him. We don’t know where it came from. Yeah.

We know that generosity came from came from our Savior. That’s what put it in us.

I think that’s, you know, these people don’t even know us. Yeah. He doesn’t know me. He doesn’t know I’m talking about him right now.

But that’s the gospel. That’s the gospel. We’re helping his family,

his Christian his family. And but the Holy Spirit’s burdening me say help this family. And, and so if everybody listening if you do something his mom’s going to go to the hospital tomorrow. Go. Brandon. I don’t know who these people are. I have no idea. It’s like in the middle of the night. It just, it exploded. They went from 24,200 that we don’t even know where it came from. It just happened suddenly. We can do it, folks. We can do it. Do something. Show your love. help this family. Amen. And, and and tomorrow night. I’m going to put a screenshot tomorrow night of where that figures that so you see right now 24,001 92 tomorrow night, we’ll see where it’s at.

Yeah. And TruNews. gets nothing.

Nothing, Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. disgrace. Yeah, just grace, ordinary helping. Ordinary grace. That’s all I get, or

just kids are gonna appreciate it. Rick better believe it.

You better believe it. And everybody who gives you get grace from God. He may know what because what you make happen for others, God will make happen for you. I learned it from Mike Murdock many years ago. And it’s a it’s a biblical truth. You don’t know when you’re gonna need that kind of help. You don’t know, if I go. I don’t think my house ever burned.

You don’t know. You don’t know when you need that kind of help. You could be in a car accident. You don’t know what’s going to happen to that you need that kind of help. You need the mercy of God to be poured out on you and you need strangers who don’t know you who give out of the goodness of their heart.

I pray that doesn’t happen to you. I certainly don’t want it to happen to me or anyone my family. But that family didn’t expect it to happen to them. And here it is a Christmas time and look, look at that. Let’s give them the greatest Christmas they’ve ever had. We’ll give you a report tomorrow night. Thank you for watching TruNews. God bless. We love you. We’ll see you tomorrow.

God bless you.

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