TruNews Headlines with Doc Burkhart – December 11, 2020 [Transcript]

TruNews Headlines with Doc Burkhart – December 11, 2020

Today on TRUNEWS headlines, the Australian government cancels a billion-dollar vaccine contract when patients start showing false positives for HIV; Dr. Fauci says that we will still need to wear masks after the plunge injection teams come to your neighborhood; and governors around the country are absolutely giddy with issuing ridiculous curfews. Doc Burkhart. Airdate (12/11/20)

This is true news headlines news from a Christian point of view I’m doc Burkhardt sitting in for Kerry Kinsey who is off today, Kara’s wife Angela is still recovering from major surgery and your continued prayers are appreciated. Today on today’s headlines the Australian Government cancels a billion dollar vaccine contract when patients start showing false positives for HIV. Dr. Fauci says that we still need to wear a mask after the plunge injection teams come to your neighborhood. And governors around the country are absolutely giddy with issuing ridiculous curfews, all this and more on a Corona crazy addition of true news.

A billion dollar deal for the Australian Government to buy more than 50 million doses of the University of Queensland’s potential Coronavirus vaccine has been abruptly terminated. After several trial participants returned false positive HIV test results. You heard that right. Sources with knowledge of the current trial said pathology tests had in the past weeks confirmed that the positives were false and that the health of the participants had not been put at risk. That’s what they say. But it does raise questions about the vaccines development. Here’s report from Australian Broadcasting today show with more.

They begin this hour with Breaking News. The Federal Government’s deal to buy millions of doses of a COVID vaccine produced by the University of Queensland has been terminated. Let’s go straight to our reporter Fiona Whelan in camera on this fee. What’s happened? Well, Ellie, look, it looks like this vaccines out of the race. So the government had intended to buy more than 50 million doses If approved to be successful. The University of Queensland job has been in its trial phase.

But as nine Sydney Morning Herald and the age newspapers are reporting the deals being terminated. And that’s because several trial participants received false positive HIV test results. Now fortunately, this isn’t the only vaccine that Australia has been pinning its hopes on. Our health authorities are closely watching the Pfizer vaccine which is already being rolled out in the UK, among others. This was David littleproud on the show a short time ago. This is why we didn’t put all our eggs in one basket.

This is why we made sure there was four contracts that we signed to make sure that we got a vaccine. And this is intrinsically very difficult science that the UK and around the world is trying to break. So it was important that we didn’t just say you were the winner, we actually spread our risk. Well, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the National Security Committee of cabinet agreed to terminate the purchasing agreement on Thursday, following expert health advice and fears the revelation would severely damage the Australian public’s confidence in the COVID-19 vaccination program No kidding, which is expected to begin early

next year. But

however, the Australian Government was warned by a prominent vaccine scientist, that the use of an HIV fragment protein in the University of Queensland’s COVID-19 vaccine would present big problems. months before entering into a multimillion dollar deal to buy the 51 million doses of the protein based candidate. I want to read you a direct quote from this article. Listen to this. No one wanted to listen, Professor petrowski said, there’s a chunk of HIV protein that they’ve used to attach to the vaccine, that was always going to be a problem, because it induces most of the immune response against the tag. That was clear. And there hamster and mouse data. There it is. There are currently about three dozen potential vaccines in the pipeline around the world. And in at least some of them, HIV proteins are being used. Remember, you heard it here on true news headlines. Now, do you hear what I just said they’re using HIV proteins and vaccines. This has now moved from conspiracy theory to conspiracy fact. A lot of people seem to think that they just take the vaccine. They not worry about things like social distancing or wearing mask anymore. But well, bad news. According to Dr. falchi. We’re going to be wearing masks for a really, really long time, even if you’ve been vaccinated. Listen to this.

Why do I have to keep wearing the mask after

I get the vaccine?

I thought it was going to protect me from the vaccine. What’s the answer?

Well, the answer is unless you get the overwhelming majority of the country vaccinated and protected and get that umbrella of what we call herd immunity. There’s still a lot of virus out there. So just because you’re protected, so called protected by the vaccine. You need to remember that you could be pretty from getting clinical disease and still have the virus that is in your nasal pharynx, because you could get infected, we’re not sure, at this point that the vaccine protects you against getting infected, we know for sure, it’s very, very good 94 95% in protecting you against clinically recognizable disease, and almost 100% and protecting you for severe disease. But until you have a virus that is so low in society, we as a nation need to continue to wear the mask to keep the physical distance to avoid crowds. We’re not through with this just because we’re starting a vaccine program, even though you as an individual might have gotten vaccinated, it is not over by any means we still have a long way to go. And we’ve got to get as many people as possible vaccinated of all groups.

What does that take?

When are we fully vaccinated?

Well, the projection that I’ve made, and I hope it works this way, it’s going to depend upon the people’s willingness to come up and step up to the plate and get vaccinated. If you go now to December, January, February, March, you likely we’ll have the people who fall into the high priority groups get vaccinated. When let’s say you get into April, I would project by the time you get to April, it will be I guess, you want to call it open season, in the sense of anyone, even the non high priority groups could get vaccinated if we get the vaccine doses coming in at the projected rate that we had hoped they will and I believe it will, as we get into April, May and June, you’ll get more and more of the population. If 75 or more percent of the population decides they want to get vaccinated. I would hope by the time we get to the end of the second quarter into the summer that we will have enough people vaccinated that by the time we get to the fall in the third quarter of the year that we will have that veil of protective herd immunity my Bella would really essentially protect all the votes. Well, my Bella be able

to start college as a freshman in the fall.

You know, I hope so.

He helps so well. city of Miami commissioners have voted unanimously to approve a resolution that will enable them to aggressively enforce a curfew currently in place as a measure to help stem the spread of covid 19. Now in a statement issued Thursday night, officials said the enforcement of the citywide curfew would go into effect beginning this weekend until further notice. Here’s a report from WSVN in South Florida.

That on local level vote that has Coronavirus curfews making a stricter comeback in Miami sevens. Rafael Perez is live at city hall with that FL

Yeah, that’s right. So starting this weekend once again a curfew will be enforced throughout the city of Miami and officials say they expect everyone to take it seriously.

The governor has told us what we can’t do. And we believe we have some Home Rule powers to do what we believe is right.

The Miami city commission moved forward with a resolution they believe will help them tackle covid 19 cases locally aggressively enforcing Miami Dade County’s midnight to 6am curfew,

we don’t want to in any way go back to what happened in mid March that we closed on everything.

The resolution they passed yesterday means certain businesses that are clearly breaking the rules will have to close between those hours.

This curfew has to do with the styles that are serving alcohol that are bringing bringing and packing hundreds of people with no Social Justice Lee no face last

Commissioner Joker Arroyo says the curfew was in place but the city wasn’t enforcing it until now.

If they’re not following, they’re gonna be closely immediately on the spot and fine. And you know if napi of the study will make us

all in favor say aye.

While the commission voted unanimously to enforce the curfew there is one condition once the COVID-19 positivity rate drops down to 5.5%. On a two week rolling average, then the curfew can be lifted.

Let’s be clear health is the number one priority. But we can’t ignore the repercussions that causes so we need to mitigate our health policies with proper economic policies. That means aid for those businesses and predictability for when they can open up again, and assistance with enforcing the rules to keep it safe.

Some say this isn’t just a health crisis, but an economic one to

cut. The curve for the hours of time doesn’t really matter. It’s not that much of an issue. I think we need to be more proactive in increasing the amount of the fine shutting down the bad actors because they’re hurting the good actors and are hurting a lot of people. Everyone

in the commission agrees something needs to be done to keep COVID cases and hospitalizations from continuing to rise. While the mayor supports the Commission’s decision. He also says the governor’s executive order limited them on what they could do to try to curb Coronavirus case

So if we don’t have more of those, we could have done more things.

So while the city is going to be enforcing this curfew, they can only collect fines once the governor’s executive order expires and again, the curfew is in effect this weekend.

All right. So let’s get this straight Miami Dade is going to enforce a curfew despite the complete lack of any scientific evidence that curfews actually work. So think about the logic of this. You can’t go out after 10pm because that’s when Coronavirus is really bad. This is the smartest virus in the world. It knows what time of day it is it also knows which businesses to go to and which ones to stay away from. This virus is pretty smart, but it appears our political leaders are pretty stupid. And apparently the stupid virus has spread reaching pandemic levels in North Carolina. Here is demon kratt governor Roy Cooper issuing lockdowns and curfews for his state as well.

The virus is upon us with a rapid viciousness like we haven’t seen before. Even though we’re all frustrated and weary of the fight is more important than ever to take this virus seriously. So today I’m announcing new action to slow the spread. Effective Friday, December the 11th, North Carolina will enter into a modified stay at home order. This order will require people to stay at home between the hours of 10pm and 5am. It means just what it says people are stay at home between those hours. businesses including restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, personal care businesses, and most retail stores and more will be required to close by 10pm. In addition, all on site alcohol consumption sales must end by 9pm. We already have strong safety protocols and capacity limitations in place including a statewide mask mandate. With this additional action beginning Friday, we hope to get these numbers down. And let me be clear, we will do more if our trends do not improve. That means additional actions involving indoor restaurant dining entertainment facilities are shopping and retail capacity. None of us wants that. This year has been tiring and frustrating and painful. With the holidays here, many of us feel it more deeply. But the stakes are dire. This is truly a matter of life and death.

Well appears the stupid virus is also infecting Republican governors to Governor Mike dewine in Ohio has extended his curfew order to the New Year except for football game because Coronavirus doesn’t go to football games don’t you know?

The curfew has created a conflict with some of the most highly anticipated events of the year. The Columbus Crew MLS championship game on Saturday, Monday night’s football the Browns versus ravens then Bengals later versus the Steelers and the anticipation of the University of Cincinnati Bearcats hosting their conference championship football game. The start times these games are dictated by national television contracts. And as a result, the games will not be finished until after that 10pm curfew.

Ohio Department of Health is issuing a variance for this curfew for these four specific events. These events have run consistently with the protocols that we’re asking all Ohioans to follow spectators if these events are masked, they are socially distance. There’s added safety that they are in a large venue and that they are held outside. Now to be really honest, and Frank, the biggest threat from these games is not what goes on inside the stadium. biggest threat is from those who have an urge to gather with friends with people outside their own household. And candidly that is what we think the biggest threat is.

The biggest risk from these games is not the spectators who will be attending the games and who will be following their safety protocols. But from other fans not attending the game in person who may have that urge together with friends to watch these games inside without following the mask and the social distancing protocol.

And frankly, that is where our biggest worry is So to those who might be thinking about gathering with friends outside their household to watch these games, we would just ask you to please re rethink that. I know the importance of sports. And it’s important to be able to continue to do things, sports or other things to keep our morale up. sporting events are important to many specially in a sports loving state like Ohio. But I ask that you enjoy these events responsibly. So please don’t gather inside with people from outside your household and increase the spread of the virus or the risk of spreading the virus.

So just so you know, when the Cleveland Browns play Monday night, they’ll get to have a game but all the restaurants and everything located around the stadium have to be closed. All right. So think about that. So isn’t all an illusion. Some people in government act like it here is here’s a bureaucrat at the Department of Justice, presenting the mass deception. Let’s watch this. I’ll walk you through it here. All right. So watch this gentleman here on the right. So he’s offstage. He’s putting on a mask. All right. And so he’s getting his materials. He’s walking out to the podium here. All right, and then watch what he does here. It takes off the mask so he can speak,

right? Alright, let’s

watch it again here. So he’s offstage, putting on a mask. So this is all for show folks. walks out there. gets in front of the Dyess there, it takes off the mask to make everybody think, Oh, I’m biting by any mask mandates and everything. You need to be wearing a mask too because I was wearing one right? Well, he wasn’t wearing one. So imagine a vaccine that is so safe, that you have to be threatened at gunpoint to take it. My friends knowledge is the only antidote to the Coronavirus. There’s no vaccine for SARS or MERS. There’s no vaccine for HIV. There’s no vaccine for cancer. There’s no vaccine for diabetes. But somehow we’ve developed a vaccine in nine months. Okay. Well, before I close today, I want to encourage you to pray for the boldness and wisdom of staying up to the deception surrounding the pandemic and the vaccine.

Let’s pray. Father in the name of Jesus, Lord, we thank you for the opportunity to be able to come before you, Lord, we ask for wisdom and boldness in this day and age. There’s a lot of deception going on around us. But we know who is the father of deception, the father of lies himself. Lord, we ask for wisdom and we asked for discernment, to be able to discern truth in the midst of wise.

Lord, we also asked for boldness to stand up for truth, in the midst of fear in the midst of pressure, social pressure from all around us. Lord, let us stand for truth in this day and age, this theme for the Kingdom In Jesus name, amen and amen. or later today on the god cast tourney’s hosts Rick Wiles we speaking to Gordon Chang we had originally scheduled excuse me scheduled this interview for yet Thursday, but because of breaking news regarding the election, we instead decide to present the interview today.

They’ll be talking about the video of a November 20 lecture by Renmin university professor de dong Ching, in which he bragged that China has been able to fool the United States through their ties to political and business leaders. This will be an interview you won’t want to miss, so be sure to join us. One more note before we go. I’ve been filling in for carry for several weeks, and that’s coming to a close. Carrie will be returning the headlines very soon, possibly as early as Monday, where he’ll be presenting these daily updates from his home. There are still some technical details to work out but everything’s looking good for Karis. soon return he’s missed. And we’re looking forward to his reporting on behalf of Carrie Kinsey and the entire true news team on Doc burkart. Thank you for watching. God bless you.

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