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Andrew Bartzis (Galactic Historian) – Space and Time Part 1 – Void Space, Uncreational Events, Timeline Genocide, Observer Tech

Andrew Bartzis (Galactic Historian) – Space and Time Part 1 – Void Space, Uncreational Events, Timeline Genocide, Observer Tech

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Andrew Bartzis 0:09
Each different bubble of reality is true.

Andrew Bartzis 0:13
A Galactic Historian is a person that looks at all the lines of dramatic karma nudge nudge, it’s the Holy Grail. Improvised, mysterious, its counter psychic intelligence. Why is DNA farming of this dark cluster is so important? Because we do manifest our reality, we do create our reality.

Unknown Speaker 0:54
We have the opportunity to talk with him for a little bit and to experience some of what you’re going to experience here tonight. And I found it to be rather amazing. And some of the things that he was able to tell me, I found it to be rather amazing, and I think you will. But, Andrew, before we get into all of that, you know, we have new listeners every night. And therefore, it’s possible and I would say probable, highly likely that we have some that are brand new to the whole thing that we talk about here. And so let’s begin with this when we use the term Akashic or Akashic records, what are we talking about there?

Andrew Bartzis 1:44
You’re actually talking about the cellular memory of our Earth. There is a crust on Earth that’s below the dirt layer that is granite and within granite is 65 to 75% crystalline. And that crystalline structure in his own concept is a data storage unit, as well as an interactive co-creative, spiritual, physical and interexchange device of history.

Andrew Bartzis 2:07
Anything that is a psychic record is recorded in the Akashic Record. Each separate planet that is in this solar system and in this galaxy has their own versions of Akashic Records. The soul of the planet is what determines what the Akashic Records is. If you picture that of a brain and the skullcap are rounded, the skull cap stores the data and the brain is the processing unit.

Andrew Bartzis 2:30
And that is the basic way to break down the Acacia Records. Many Ascended Masters that each different versions of it because other planetary concepts have come here and expanded the Acacia Records of Earth.

Unknown Speaker 2:43
Now let’s also kind of define this term when we talk about you or somebody else reading the Akashic Records. What are we, what does that term mean? When you say you can read the Akashic Record.

Andrew Bartzis 2:59
Ah, the vast majority of Akashic Records read out of there either go into a trance or go into some type of altered state. And when they’re doing that they’re going to their past, present and future and you uniting parts of them into the one nanosecond in the future because the Akashic Records are always anticipating your presence.

Andrew Bartzis 3:21
When I function with the Akashic Records, I’ve already unified my past, present and future selves in dream time, as well as me physically standing here and communicating to you I’m coexisting in the past in the present and in the future, as well as in several different dream time situations. Dream time exists in the North Pole in the South Pole, this Earth it’s the top and bottom of the magnetic concepts of Earth our area. And that’s how I’m able to get into the flux and flow of the actual Akashic Records to read them live.

Eric 3:51
Okay, so now one more thing, and that is why read the Akashic Records what benefit is there for us in reading them?

Andrew Bartzis 4:02
It’s a marker stone, a compass guide to truth in a society where truth is something that is not well respected. And it is only in your hearts connection. Can you use your personal discernment to determine what layers of truth apply to your consciousness at the time of your ever present co-creating evolution and your don’t exist in the past and in the future when you’re trying to expand and explore your consciousness you understanding what anchors you have.

Andrew Bartzis 4:29
And the Akashic Records is a process to connect to parts of your past life present life and future life. So you can determine what layers of soul contracts you have with the planet, your soul group, your soul family, other star brothers and other star sisters. It’s a way to gauge your personal direction on to accomplishing a complete living life.

Andrew Bartzis 4:55

Unknown Speaker 4:57
Now, you mentioned that other planets have their own Akashic Records, right?

Andrew Bartzis 5:01
That is correct.

Eric 5:02
Are you able to tap into those and read those as well?

Andrew Bartzis 5:06
Yes, I’m one of the few that can do that I can tap into the 20,000 separate planets Akashic Records. I’ve lived past lives on them and existed as a dream time shaman in all of those concepts. And all of the soul groups that are in the current system of domination and control, I’ve lived at least one life with them on their home worlds.

Andrew Bartzis 5:25
And that’s how I’m able to be here in the now capable of reading the Earth Akashic Records, and Akashic Records of another world. And to know at times one version and another version is changed by the percept perspective of people. And the perspective of people takes the neutral perspective, when you go from one world to the other, because if you come with the polarity, you won’t understand the concepts.

Unknown Speaker 5:49
Okay. So, you mentioned the, the Akashic Record, am I saying that correctly? What, what is that?

Andrew Bartzis 6:00
The Akashic Record is a experience of the planet. Our planet is a is a physical being, that’s the body of her and she has a dreaming mind. And that dreaming mind and physical mind are connected to the different crystalline structures in layer that are outside of her perceived molten core.

Andrew Bartzis 6:19
The molten core isn’t really molten, it’s our spirit core. And it takes on many different transformational values. The the oldest records around the surface, and the youngest records are near the core. And what it is, is there’s a crystaline veins that is networked all throughout the planet. And that is where the Akashic Record is recorded and stored.

Andrew Bartzis 6:38
The Akashic Record isn’t exactly live, it can take as many as three or five days for something to be made solid in it. So that’s why predicting the future is hard, and at the same time can be easy depending on the type of being that you’re looking at. So the Akashic Records is recording of every beings experience in every lifetime they’ve had at this planet.

Andrew Bartzis 6:58
And when that being leaves this planet and says I’m done with my experience here, I like I want to take my record, the planet gives you its neutral perspective. So there’s no polarity revealed in it, of what it witnessed through your eyes as part of a shared reality experience. And that is downloaded into your light body DNA.

Andrew Bartzis 7:16
And then that being can leave this planet and go anywhere else with an exact copy of what it did here. And if that light body is ever corrupted, it can come back here and make a transparent overlay to discover where the corruption was.

Andrew Bartzis 7:28
And that’s something that hadn’t been offered in many millions of other planets out there as a very, very few planets had that the earth is capable of, again, overlaying your Akashic Record. So what is the Akashic Record? A recording of every single sentient experience in this world, through the neutral perspective, the planet that’s holding space for free willed life.

Andrew Bartzis 7:51
And this is duplicated on millions of other planets, all around the galaxy, and all around the universe. Your Solar System records all of the experiences of all the planetary minds and all the individual minds on the planet. So it’s another collective, and then all the stars collect to the Central Sun, which is the collection of all experiences, which is where Prime Creator, in theory commonly exists amongst all people. And that is how the Akashic Record is the web link of all life.

Andrew Bartzis 9:00
With all these timeline wars that occurred 50 plus million years ago that we’ve been talking about throughout this whole series. How many just for re-clarification how many timelines currently exist? And are they able…

Andrew Bartzis 9:15
One one timeline, but our Earth has three timelines is its basic setup.

Andrew Bartzis 9:20

Andrew Bartzis 9:20
The central graduation timeline was camouflaged with over 300,000 timelines. The above timeline had no choice, but to absorb some of the 300,000 and the below timeline had no choice but to absorb some of the 300,000. And then it’s kept creating more and more and more until finally it was overloaded, and it comes to the audit date.

Andrew Bartzis 9:40
And in June 2011, they figured out how to unravel everything and get and figure out what is the central timeline. And once they did that, they were able to eliminate all the excess timelines except the above and below.

Unknown Speaker 9:52
So they were able to do that without major trauma?

Andrew Bartzis 9:55

Andrew Bartzis 9:56
Other than 911, which was

Andrew Bartzis 9:59
Necessary to happen

Unknown Speaker 10:00
It was necessary to happen and

Andrew Bartzis 10:05
Earth itself. During these timeline words, when we look at the section at 480,000, to to 420,000 years ago, is when all the big players of the 2300 primary soul families, I’m sorry, 2200 primary soul families in 2300 different species.

Unknown Speaker 10:23

Andrew Bartzis 10:24
So there’s just a little different soul families are breed and create species. And then there’s the actual number of species. All of them were in competition to make Earth theirs. And all of them had time travel technology. But all of them had interdimensional vessels, all of them had explored the universe. And they were all in competition to get to make that first species.

Andrew Bartzis 10:47
So that’s what puts us in the setup of the time wars. We look at Earth, as I look at Earth went before the timelines were unified as this giant ball of mess. And this giant ball of mess, you could never know what was really being done. One person would do something would counteract this, somebody do something to counteract this, somebody would create 5000 timelines and only do one important thing on one timeline, it will take you forever to figure it out. So that’s how that all works.

Andrew Bartzis 11:27
Ireland is the key to the vault, the vault of what? All of our other Soul Shards that are locked in timeline fallout shelters, when the different passive to active realities were crossing over. And the reality of Earth was breaking down from the Lemurian expression into the new system of domination and control, which began taking over our DNA memories and began programming future lives for us.

Andrew Bartzis 11:54
And the battle for that between good and evil began to overlay in the Irish history. It is the Irish lands itself when consicrated properly, that the last part of the vault is open, and the different beings who are existing in the hollow Earth can begin reintegrating their Soul Shards through these timeline fallout shelters, which will be turned into ambassadorial places of high quality where the different beings from the other parts of the universe’s who are missing their Soul Shards because they’re still in the timeline fallout shelters, because they chose not to be in the Galactic Ascension machine.

Andrew Bartzis 12:28
So it’s a massive place of Soul Shard banks. And that’s what this system of domination control has been absolutely making sure that the rest of the universe doesn’t have all of their other pieces parts. Because they vanity they want it to be the most important puzzle piece to this universal expression of brand new, sovereign free will.

Andrew Bartzis 13:00
So the biggest thing I mean, this is going to be hard to physically prove which would be the creation of the Titanic, which was at 1913 to 1917. So they build a number of ships, that would be the most important time to see, because that’s what all of the big timeline travelers would be manifesting in in Dublin would be manifesting all throughout the Irish isles to the so that the metal skill, the metal skill workers were there, because the Titanic was a massive, massive, massive need in the timelines.

Andrew Bartzis 13:37
And in the metal that came to Ireland was enchanted with the Irish Isle energy, and when sailed the ocean, it was doing very positive good. And that’s why it was sunk. With all those bankers that were on it. It was a massive setup of timelines that would even crush the Irish energy resistance that was trying to reconnect to six separate sacred geometry grids with a massive vessel that was built by Irish hands.

Andrew Bartzis 14:05
So that would be the most important time to look at what’s going on in the local histories of Ireland there, because the amount of UFO sightings the amount of timeline traveling, that would be that would be key.

Unknown Speaker 14:18

Andrew Bartzis 14:26
where we are right now 2011 to 2014, every single bit of the time war is about right now. It’s about propaganda coming out. Propaganda that’s 1000s of years old, hundreds of years old, millions of years old. This propaganda influences the awakening, which is the end of the process where we must have graduation timeline, absolutely. It’s the prime creators will.

Andrew Bartzis 14:56
So that the surface the graduate the surface that we live on, this is the graduating timeline. If you’re here to become a higher dimensional soul to inter function with Earth or to go out and explore space with your consciousness, you have to be on the graduating timeline. Earth has three timelines above, below center. Center is the graduating timeline.

Eric 15:17

Andrew Bartzis 15:26
One question for you the time you’ve spoken of the time there being three timelines on this planet, you know, one above one, one below. Can we equate those to future and past or is three timelines?

Andrew Bartzis 15:38
It is literally three, it was set up for this exact purpose. The below timeline is the animal spirits that are looking to come in experience the earth food chain, and example when you eat a piece of meat or a piece of fruit, that fruit or that piece of meat, it stems back to a sentience, in a forest or in a pasture.

Andrew Bartzis 16:00
And those animals that have gone through the food chain, get to live vicariously through you and get to take back into their astral world, how the reality works, so that they can gain the experience of this world. And now there are people on the above timeline, who can jump to the below timeline and act as spirit guides for those very young spirits, the people on the center timeline, are constantly looking for guides above or below.

Andrew Bartzis 16:27
The above timeline is, is the higher energy spirit guides, angelic beings who who know that cannot be physically present on the world. But we still need to interact with a group of soul contracted people that they’re trying to make sure I’m on the best of spiritual and physical health.

Andrew Bartzis 16:46
So the above timeline is for higher energy beings, who realize that the center graduation timeline is for those people are here for their PhD in the school of hard knocks, and are meant to be on the graduation timeline. The above spirits are have already graduated other classes and other scenarios, and they’re essentially coming here to be experienced tutors.

Unknown Speaker 17:12
So those those timelines really have to exist for for realms, like the astral plane to be able to function with the physical?

Andrew Bartzis 17:19
Correct, correct.

Andrew Bartzis 17:21
Okay, so that that kind of clarifies, just want to make sure wasn’t crossing things over.

Andrew Bartzis 17:28
And when you do timeline, when you do timeline wars on all three, you really get to realize that our perception of this single timeline reality was crafted literally to separate us from the very natural ways our world was meant to function.

Andrew Bartzis 17:48
You know, it, we were meant to be functioning on three timelines. And to understand that what the above long timeline the below timeline is, and this is the my micro version, the macro version still plays out in our world today. You know, we have, you know, the UFO and offworld species, the macro timeline, the micro timeline being Hollow Earth, and the Agartha Network, which are, which are elders, ancestor spirits, and this goes on and on and on.

Andrew Bartzis 18:17
And until you get to an understanding we are a seventh dimensional galactic seed planet, they’re really 21 possible realities at any given moment in this world. And they’ve literally limit us to one.

Unknown Speaker 18:30
Well, that’s the whole the whole purpose of this appears to have been to limit the experience to one which is entirely controllable.

Andrew Bartzis 18:37
Yep, make you forget there are any others. That’s why I keep saying we are species with amnesia, that is held hostage by multiple beings with Deadman switches that are trying to negotiate a surrender in which they get to take a certain percentage of these people of graduating timeline as slaves.

Unknown Speaker 18:56
Can you describe the Deadman switches?

Andrew Bartzis 18:59
Imagine you know the movie umh. In the movies, you know, they’re holding a button. And if they get killed, they let go of the button and they bomb blows up. Well imagine that piece of technology that’s built into a person’s physical body, auric body, soul body.

Andrew Bartzis 19:19
And if anything happens, that changes that person’s phase of this reality in any way shape or form. The it triggers in an etheric Deadman switch, which triggers a mass destruction on Earth, which kills billions, or kills the whole world. There are 1000s of pieces of technology like this. And for a while there were hundreds of 1000s of people that were triggered on Deadman switches. It’s like building a giant minefield, and then telling people to come in.

Andrew Bartzis 19:51
Over the last five years it’s been reduced from hundreds of 1000s to about 1500 right now. And these are the core Archonic beings with their core contract holders, who you have to tear power out of their cold dead hand or negotiate with them.

Andrew Bartzis 20:07
And this is what’s been going on for the last two essential years here, in 2006, this should all been over, but it was discovered the love layer of DNA piracy on earth being spread to the light forces who were desperately trying to save their worlds. You know, I’ve spoken about this a few times where there are 1000s of as well, well over 3000 races that are within two years or five years of complete and total extinction. If they do not get an insertion of DNA, in which they can literally start having children again.

Unknown Speaker 20:42
It’s a very close call.

Andrew Bartzis 20:44
And that puts people on this puts people on the Zealot streak, the political factors of those worlds may say we won’t interfere with time, we will honor universal law, but at the same time, we won’t look at Billy Bob over there who’s turning on his timeline machine and or ship and coming here and in stealing people violating their sovereign free will, during a quarantine, and then trading this DNA among other people, for a vast sum of exchange for value, which created a black market within the lightworker communities of these worlds trying to enforce a quarantine.

Andrew Bartzis 21:19
And that layer of corruption is ultimately what prevented us from graduating and having this successful event in 2006.

Unknown Speaker 21:28
So at this stage in here and now we’ve still got about 1500 incarnations of the hot dead? individuals with that, with that etheric technology? How does that get resolved? How is that actual danger removed from the situation? And on point of graduation, what actually happens? Because if if it’s not possible to remove it, then what process is going to take place by which they’re neutralized?

Andrew Bartzis 22:00
Very good question. They’re, they’re negotiating now. And at the same time, they’re negotiating, both sides are setting up their final check mate, timeline chess move, you have to think it’s a multi dimensional chessboard with 1000s of boards and hundreds of millions of players, each setting up their final move that’s been tried to predict 1000 moves ahead of time of where your King is going to be. And if your King is one of those beings that has Deadman switches in it, that you can literally put them into a separate bubble of reality, and only that bubble of reality is affected by their Deadman switch. Well, you have to multiply that by 1500. And understand that there are multi dimensional beings trying to counter you at every moment in history.

Andrew Bartzis 22:47
So literally, it’s this 20 million hands all doing their last chess move between now and August 2014.

Unknown Speaker 22:57
Because we discussed this aspect, even just yesterday, about the multi dimensional and multi temporal nature of the invasion that we suffered.

Andrew Bartzis 23:07

Unknown Speaker 23:07
And it’s probably a good, good moment to segue back to that. Because I want people to understand as as completely as possible, just what the arrival of those 15 beings did, to our situation here on the planet. And Andrew is talking about a chess game that’s gone on for what was it 52 million years?

Andrew Bartzis 23:30
52 million years.

Unknown Speaker 23:32

Andrew Bartzis 23:33
It started 800,000 years ago, and then jumped back to 52 million years because everybody tried to create a new first species here.

Unknown Speaker 23:43
So they actually arrived here and one of the first moves they made was to put more of themselves back in time, so they had a greater degree of control. So there are 15 beings that arrived here and insinuated themselves into the system by essentially incarnating at on an increasingly rapid scale. But not just at one point in time, I actually did it across many points of time simultaneously.

Andrew Bartzis 24:10
On all three timelines

Andrew Bartzis 24:12
On all three timelines, because at first, they went back was it 800,000 years ago?

Andrew Bartzis 24:19
They arrived roughly 800,000 years ago, but they and then inserted themselves into the Incarnation grid, on all three timelines, and then began leapfrogging back and forward in time, while the light and dark forces were battling for this world. So this was a subplot while the light and dark forces were constantly taking over Earth, back and forth, and their goal was to not be caught by the light and dark forces, but did just become a part of the general population on all three timelines. So they can hijack it from the big boys quite literally.

Andrew Bartzis 24:58
So that while the light in the dark were were having their usual duking it out sessions, these guys were coming in the back door?

Andrew Bartzis 25:06

Andrew Bartzis 25:07
Now just to just to the visualization that I have of that process, just so I can get my head around, essentially, if you imagine a timeline, stretching off into the distance, and there are you know 13 creatures with octopus like tentacles stretched out along that line dipping tentacles in at all sorts of points of the compass right along that line. And, and that the game of shifting the timeline goes on by is the time was there, essentially, those beings continually making adjustments right through that timeline, on an ongoing basis.

Andrew Bartzis 25:50
Correct and there are tentacles that connect all three above below and center timeline, because they’re outside of the realm of the reality as a like hive mind, and are able to interact and co-create with all entities on all spots in that timeline.

Andrew Bartzis 26:09
And at the same time, mass self incarnate other parts of themselves in spots of the timeline, so that they can act as an anchor in that particular spot, so that they can take over more of the breeding population, all the while, while the light and dark forces are still duking it out. And then you add in the fact that there are other species that were literally trying to come in and fight the light and dark at the same time and take over the world.

Andrew Bartzis 26:38
But these multi dimensional beings, that was part of their plan to allow them to do that, their goal was to take over literally the surface breeding population, so that they could be the bigger percentage of the overall incarnating mass, and then shut the astral gates, so no one can get in, and then use the teleportation factor or the Unity Consciousness drive built an Earth to take their game to a backyard, and literally attract the light and dark forces to trap them here.

Andrew Bartzis 27:08
It’s called a trap planet, I said that in the first three shows quite a few times, so that they could trap high energy beings and say we’re the King of the Mountain, come and try to get us off and every time the dark tried to incarnate here, they kicked the crap out of them, and then mass dominated them and brought them into the system.

Andrew Bartzis 27:28
And every time the light beings came here and try to free the people, their words were twisted in such a way that their power of light words became absolute domination and control, that being lost so much power, and oftentimes was sucked into the system, or destroyed, completely destroyed.

Andrew Bartzis 27:46
And we can see that, you know, it goes throughout history, the way that religions have been subsumed, and the word prophets have been subsumed. But then the fact that they’ve literally conscripted any dark beings that turned up as part of their system because they useful for domination and control.

Andrew Bartzis 28:04
It’s not necessarily conscripted as much as they literally took control of the very entity like a puppet, quite literally, they were able to use the power of the womb chakras and the other chakras of the planet, to to overdose the the dark entity on earth energy, and then give it a choice completely surrender your free will to the multi dimensional entities leapfrogging through time or, or be completely consumed. And if you’re a selfish spirit, on the dark, they give they give up.

Unknown Speaker 28:42
Hmm. That’s why they do what they’re told that…

Andrew Bartzis 28:46
They’re do what they’re told.

Andrew Bartzis 28:48
Now, the the, the resolution, the way of plucking the tentacles of these entities out of our timelines and, and out of the Incarnation cycles. How if there’s, if these entities have incarnated into 40% of the families on Earth, how do we actually remove them without there being some effect on those people?

Andrew Bartzis 29:11
Ahh, they were at one point 40% of our population, and they’re down to about 13%. Now,

Unknown Speaker 29:19

Andrew Bartzis 29:20
They’re being being removed from there are certain people that in history like Hitler, people underneath Napoleon, people underneath style and people underneath the British Empire during its various phases, were these multi dimensional beings and many of the people in the parliament and middle management in the Middle Eastern areas are these beings.

Andrew Bartzis 29:47
And they they become public because that’s the only way the system of domination control can manage contractual obligations with the earth is by making public figures that are the part of the system of domination control, no matter how obfuscated is to the sleeping masses.

Andrew Bartzis 30:03
So those people can be removed one by one by one by one, but it’s ultimately also about understanding will these beings manipulate the timeline and bring another version from the past to the future to take that away?

Andrew Bartzis 30:16
But the more they take versions of themselves from the past, the more of the people in the past timelines that are creating a snowplow effect, to prevent manipulation in the past, the less these beings have in the past, and the only they can exist in the presence and kind of creep around in that 20 year time span.

Andrew Bartzis 30:36
So they’re being compressed and compressed and compressed and compressed. And so they’re down to about 13% of our population now and to answer your actual question is how do we get rid of rotten soul family because their soul family status to all of us.

Andrew Bartzis 30:51
We declare our mighty I Am Presence Self, we declare our sovereignty we remove our energy from the system of domination and control and declare any soul family that is related to the system of domination and control is now held in suspension. And the Earth Mother’s Spiritual Court of Equity will determine how their service or disservice will be resolved. And the remedy can be unity consciousness instead of disunity paradox remedy reality.

Unknown Speaker 31:23
So it this, you know, to say this is a ground up remedy is really understanding is.

Andrew Bartzis 31:28

Andrew Bartzis 31:29
It’s absolutely important, absolutely vital, that we re reclaim our sovereignty, because essentially, that the only reason that they can do this is because, you know, we we haven’t done that we’ve actually relinquished our sovereignty to them, whether we realize it or not, you know, mechanisms of subtle differences across time and generation is a huge. We just don’t know what we’re in.

Andrew Bartzis 31:55
Correct, we don’t know. And I add another layer today, as I was telling Julian and his question before you have citizenship to other times, like Lemuria, Atlantis and other worlds that I haven’t even spoke about, because they don’t have an anchor in this reality yet, where your citizenship was in unity consciousness, when the when the planet was a fifth dimensional planet reduced from seventh to fifth?

Andrew Bartzis 32:20
Where you’re an extremely powerful high energy being compared to what you are now. And you’ve literally given part of your sovereignty to a citizenery organization to conduct timeline, recovery operations, and they’re still doing it. And until you understand, you have mighty I am selfs in the past, which is literally the foundation of the paradox remedy reality. And the mighty I am self here, and dozens up to 40 or 50 more I am selfs making decisions that are altering your present decisions, gives you an understanding why so many people are just unsuccessful in this present world.

Andrew Bartzis 32:58
And reclaiming your sovereignty means removing your citizenship from those organizations. So all of your little spirit sparks begin the process of leapfrogging forward in time. And in like the accordion, coming back to the present self, who is at the point where unity consciousness the remedy to remedy paradox is the wall in which all consciousness wave signs will smack into and create paradox inside of paradox.

Andrew Bartzis 33:47
So your previous experience before you came here to Earth was on an insectoid home anciliary world, it’s not a home world. So there are 50 different versions of intact insectoid species, mantis, mantis hybrid to ant, mantis hybrid to horse so on and so forth.

Andrew Bartzis 34:08
There’s dozens, but they all come back to the root race, which was an insectoid race. And you’re part of the root insectoid race that that came into existence about 2 billion years ago. So the race itself is ancient of ancient of Ancient One of the progenitor races of our parts of our part of the galaxy.

Andrew Bartzis 34:28
So you had been a part of that for 1000s upon 1000s upon 1000s of lifetimes. And when you transited out of that insectoid species, you came part of the Arcturian Collective you had met many many Arcturians. So you are the progenitor insectoid species hybrid with Arcturian became part of the collective consciousness creations of the Lemurian’s were creating about 59 million years ago to act as a hall of record during the times that the timeline genocides were occurring.

Andrew Bartzis 34:58
You then transmitted from Arcturus to the Draco, this is interesting the Draco Homeworld and you became. So all right let me tune out some of the negatives of this a very positive force of change within the Draco community.

Andrew Bartzis 35:17
The Draco’s themselves there are 12 14 different species before you get to their root race. And one of them is considered the bad of the bad of the bad and the rest of them are in between bad and good and there’s a bunch of them, they’re still good.

Andrew Bartzis 35:32
You were able to assist the race by 1000s of lifetimes as a Draco to turn more to the positive to an understanding that you can use contrast control and you can use universal karma to have a positive experience and you did not have to go into nihilism, or nullification of all galaxies and universes with total domination and control some of what the Zealot Draco’s have taken over in perspective.

Andrew Bartzis 35:58
And then from the Draco community, you went to the Pleiadian. Now, this is a soul transference. This is not this is not physical travel. So you finished your experience in the Draco community and then you became Pleiadian. And this is where you became heavily entangled with Earth.

Andrew Bartzis 36:14
Now your soul was quite aware of what the higher spirits were doing, which is trying to clear up the timeline pollutions of what was created during the four uncreational events. And your particular purpose was as a Pleiadian, physical soul fifth density Pleiadian was to travel to earth and a physical spaceship to land on the physical world about 11,200,000 years ago, and then did begin to seed the world with uhm, how do I put this I don’t want to give it the wrong words, but I will just use resistance free Earth.

Andrew Bartzis 36:52
And you began seeding this knowledge so that there was a tremendous innate reserve of people around there who had were able to separate from the technological control of what the Atlantians were doing at that time, which was very, very negative.

Andrew Bartzis 37:08
They were considered the bad guys of the universe at that particular moment in time. So you seeded positive concepts such as like as a form of psychic Akito defense where you could redirect energy back at others at the sources that created it, and then inevitably, you got assassinated, and your physical body died here and got caught in the reincarnation realm, which is something you were quite aware of and actually had planned for.

Andrew Bartzis 37:34
So as soon as you came into the reincarnation grid, you became an Atlantian warrior. And during one of your Atlantian warrior scenarios, you were on a spaceship that was defending just outside of Mars, you led a mutiny and a rebellion on that spaceship, and a number of others as many as 200 other spaceships became part of this mutiny and rebellion.

Andrew Bartzis 37:54
And you went on this destructive process of destroying the major Atlantian bases that were being used for heavy negativity. Because of the mutiny the way it organically propped up, there was no way of psychically detected or psychically defend against it, because some of the highest layers of weapons reality altering weapons were used on you. This caused you to be remote assassinated and eliminated through the timeline, and you were stuck into a void space for about two and a half million years.

Andrew Bartzis 38:23
And so a Lemurian time exploration frequency discovered the bubble, the bubble of void space, and and all of the other members of the mutiny who had been removed from time, you were then brought to back to 54 million years ago during the Atlantian experience.

Andrew Bartzis 38:41
So this bought brought in your advanced timeline processing of stuff that went on. So as a Lemurian, you suddenly were 54 million years old, you were no longer 12 million years old. And much of your insectoid memories began to come back to you as a Lemurian we’ll just call it spiritual scientist.

Andrew Bartzis 39:03
You shared your knowledge and wisdom with the spiritual scientists who understood that you are part of some exterior timeline control system. They then the Lemurians became aware of the Atlantians. And they began a short war that lasted for about three years, until they realized that they were each other’s ancestors. And you were a fundamental soul in creating that peace between Atlanteans and the Lemurians.

Andrew Bartzis 39:30
This for your soul was one of your greatest greatest greatest accomplishments is to prevent the two races from making each other completely extinct in the time frequency. And from that point, you have been making sure that every lifetime you lead, that you are trying to awaken people around you bring awakened children into this world. And that’s been your life process for many millions of years.

Unknown Speaker 39:57
Yeah, for sure. That’s awesome. You’re so cool.

Andrew Bartzis 40:14
Yeah, there is a space in between all of the Universes called Void Space. At the end of the ascension here on Earth, all of those beings that are still in domination and control, and are not accepting the change in universal laws, that ancestral karma is no longer you allow this universe uses, they will all be deported to the Void Space. And they will wait there until you a new universe is formed, or they come together as a collective and form a universe inside the Void Space.

Nancy 40:43
Hmm. And yeah, I think one

Andrew Bartzis 40:46
There’s trillions of beings who will be deported from our universe not just here on Earth spread all over.

Nancy 40:51
I’m sure

Andrew Bartzis 40:51
Because they’ve done it all. And they got to the point where all they had left was to poke Great Spirit and great creator in the eye. That’s it. That’s all they’re doing. We’re done. There’s nothing left to do. And we’re gonna annoy the shit out of you like a kid in the back car screaming? And do you pull over and tell him to get out?

Eric 41:15
And yeah, just you know, jumping into me. What do you see? What do you see in my soul’s trajectory, my soul family things like this.

Andrew Bartzis 41:31
Right now I’m pulling out. I yeah, no, no, no, I’m I’m doing something different. Now what I’m doing is I’m separating all of your Akashic frequencies in the video here, and I’m aligning when you first came to Earth, why you immigrated to Earth. And this is going to help me understand why you are in like 300 different soul families currently.

Andrew Bartzis 41:56
So all these on this side are ones with family crests, all this one on that side, our ancestral karma separate all the sudden this side? I don’t know yet. So this that is World War II. That’s World War I. That’s I don’t know. So I’m looking at everything that I’m trying to understand. Now.

Andrew Bartzis 42:20
The soul frequency that is you who came here to Earth, we’re gonna call this 19 million fraud years ago. 19 million fraud years ago, you came in during this second fall of Lemuria, where we were having the actual second uncreational event.

Andrew Bartzis 42:41
And this uncreational event, that was different than the first one because it did not originate from Earth. Earth was the first originator of the first unreational event, that once people realize that they can do it, they started doing it and other places.

Andrew Bartzis 42:54
The second uncreational event is a representation of 80 or 100 different planets that did it. And they simultaneously all created an uncreational event. You have immigrated from one of those 80 Worlds that caused the second migration event, so that you can untangle your own species by coming to Earth who had learned how to resolve all the karma they created by their timeline genocide.

Andrew Bartzis 43:18
So you don’t just come from one you are an amalgamation of all 80 that were locked outside of time in Void Space without an I am presence. Do you understand that?

Eric 43:31
From to when?

Andrew Bartzis 43:32
When you came to Lemuria, during the second fall, is where you incarnated into a DNA skinsuit that had memories that were not yours.

Andrew Bartzis 43:47
Do you understand?

Eric 43:48
How are those memories affecting me now?

Andrew Bartzis 43:51
A lot because you directly immigrated from Void Space, meaning your expression of photonic light is not fully present in your body right now. The you haven’t, how do I say this acknowledged that the second uncreation event had a creational event attached to it, you came back into another paradox.

Andrew Bartzis 44:18
So this is an understanding that the higher frequency beings knew that after there was a second uncreational event, there’s going to be a third and there was going to be a fourth. So what they did is they migrated you to the third and the fourth. And this is literally your first time experiencing in this simultaneous experience what the first timeline genocide on Earth is.

Andrew Bartzis 44:40
So you are on your own separate hairball with Soul Shards spread around 80 planets, while your master Soul Shard here is on Earth, going through the very first expression of what it takes to bring all karma to end for an uncreational event. So just by being here on earth is accomplishing that task in unknowingness that’s what I don’t see this often it’s like you’re not just resistance free Earth because you are that, but you are also like resistance free Void Space that says we can create in Void Space.

Andrew Bartzis 45:16
It is another higher expression of freedom that is coming here without Light Body Program, like you intentionally went into the void space to create a culture in Void safe Space separate of these universal rules and create I Am Presence technology as birthing so you came out of Void Space as energy beings, and you gained an I am presence that had no light body memories of Void Space. You understand that?

Eric 45:48
So how does that play into my current? I I was conceived via IVF. I was a donor sperm from I don’t know my mom.

Andrew Bartzis 45:59
I know. I know. I know. Because you’re a time traveler. It is the nature of someone that’s traveling with I am presence technology that’s anchored in a Void Space. It’s the best way because that Void Space its own micro bubble of the universe inside of paradox. So you have a you are what I call Void Space source stream.

Andrew Bartzis 46:21
That means you are in a place without an I am presence without an ego that is fully interacting with the Akashic Record of this world in unobserver entanglement technology as a soul creating wisdom of complete universal freedom here on Earth.

Andrew Bartzis 46:38
So how does this apply now? You are you are pregnant with creation when it comes to whole new ways to describe freedom beyond what this matrix says beyond what what the ascension says you could come up with ideas that would blow mine away if you should begin to engage that Void Space non I Am Presence version of yourself and upload your I Am Presence there because that was your original purpose to learn what it took to resolve karma here in DNA skinsuit technology as a fresh eye on presence.

Andrew Bartzis 47:13
And then to upload it to the Void Space. So every other being and Void Space has all of the lessons that have been lear here on Earth, and they can birth their I am Presence back into their own paradox realities that where they created their second uncreational event, and then end that uncreational event with the wisdom you uploaded to them in Void Space, without violating universal law.

Andrew Bartzis 47:40
That’s a huge soul. Again, that’s a huge soul purpose. And your next question is, how can I do anything with it? Unfortunately, you’re at a point of belief. And how special you are. You’re at a point of belief and have I earned that right? And the irony of the the hissing in the call comes at that moment where we could begin to acknowledge a whole lot of stuff.

Andrew Bartzis 48:13
Are you there?

Eric 48:15
Yeah I am here.

Andrew Bartzis 48:15
We are getting a whole bunch of static here you from now.

Andrew Bartzis 48:21
It’s really interesting that

Eric 48:22

Andrew Bartzis 48:29
Yes, right now hold on, we’re getting a whole lot of static from your call. Just a second here. Let’s see what I can do to clear it up. This is…

Andrew Bartzis 48:42
Just a second. I think we’re gonna have to reset the call.

Eric 48:50
So hello

Andrew Bartzis 48:51
There you are Eric, with no static in your voice now.

Eric 48:55
No static outstanding.

Andrew Bartzis 48:57
It’s really interesting how that static literally came at a moment where I was trying to help you understand what you can do with this in the now.

Eric 49:06
I can’t tell you how many times that has happened to me.

Andrew Bartzis 49:10
Well, you know what, that is an example of how powerful our belief systems are. So one of the issues that you’ve got going forward here is there’s some programming you have from your mother and father, in this programming is like a poltergeist effect. When you get to a point of too much expression, too much joy, too much happiness too much magic, you you channel in your mother’s energy and it’s like disciplining your energy body and not allowing it to go any farther. And these poltergeists manifestations are exactly like the line suddenly creating static for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Andrew Bartzis 49:48
Because what however, your parents raised you there was such a limitation to your pure spiritual uniqueness that they had to brand you as unfit for the system and make sure that the system is always watching you through their watchers.

Andrew Bartzis 50:07
Do you understand that?

Eric 50:08
I get that, I do.

Andrew Bartzis 50:09
All right. So now it’s time to understand you can still love your mother and father because in unawareness, this is why that’s happening. They’re not doing it on purpose it is in their DNA lineage, they cannot help it. But now you can begin to break contracts, vows and agreements with them specifically about when it’s dealing with the system of domination and control that is creating this effect where your belief systems suddenly create what? Poltergeist effects.

Andrew Bartzis 50:38
You can turn that energy into something else, where the flowers grow, grow very fast from it, or the outside grass that you have, you may have to cut it, you know, every seven, six days instead of every eight days. You don’t want that Poltergeist effect to take over your life anymore. You need to transform it into growth energy and therefore it cannot hinder you anymore.

Andrew Bartzis 51:09
Okay, would you be willing to do some I am Presence work just kind of repeating after me I can I can help you work out some of this.

Eric 51:16

Andrew Bartzis 51:18
Alright, so just repeat after me. I in the ever present moment.

Eric 51:23
I in the ever present moment.

Andrew Bartzis 51:24
Choose to open a spiritual court of equity.

Eric 51:27
Choose to open a spiritual court of equity.

Andrew Bartzis 51:30
I summon all of my DNA lineage ancestors.

Eric 51:34
I summon all of my DNA lineage ancestors.

Andrew Bartzis 51:37
Who are aligned with Unity Consciousness,

Eric 51:41
Who are aligned with Unity Consciousness,

Andrew Bartzis 51:43
I summon all of my brothers and sisters of all star races.

Eric 51:48
I summon all of my brothers and sisters from all star races.

Andrew Bartzis 51:51
To hold space in the spiritual court of equity

Eric 51:56
To hold space in the spiritual space

Andrew Bartzis 51:58
In a sacred neutral format,

Eric 52:01
In a sacred neutral format.

Andrew Bartzis 52:03
To bear witness to my sovereign expression,

Eric 52:07
To bear witness to my sovereign expression.

Andrew Bartzis 52:10
This I am presence of now.

Eric 52:13
This I Am Presence of now.

Andrew Bartzis 52:15
Discovers myself.

Eric 52:18
Discovers myself.

Andrew Bartzis 52:20
All of the memories I do not remember.

Eric 52:23
All of the memories I do not remember.

Andrew Bartzis 52:26
I share them with every ancestor in sacred neutral presence.

Eric 52:32
I share them with every ancestor and sacred neutral presence.

Andrew Bartzis 52:35
So they may be the filter.

Eric 52:39
So they may be the filter.

Andrew Bartzis 52:40
Of authentic truth or false light.

Eric 52:44
Of authentic truth or false light.

Andrew Bartzis 52:47
That which comes to me is authentic truth.

Eric 52:51
That which comes to me is authentic truth.

Andrew Bartzis 52:54
Anything that is false light.

Eric 52:58
Anything that is false light.

Andrew Bartzis 52:59
Is suspended in this spiritual court of equity.

Eric 53:04
Is suspended in the spiritual court of equiy.

Andrew Bartzis 53:06
And all false light beings are exposed to all ancestors.

Eric 53:13
And all false light beings are exposed to all ancestors.

Andrew Bartzis 53:16
I summon the side of myself that lives in Void Space.

Eric 53:21
I summon the side of myself that lives in Void Space.

Andrew Bartzis 53:25
That does not have I Am Presence availability.

Eric 53:29
That does not have I Am Presence availability.

Andrew Bartzis 53:32
I offer it to you in this moment of unity.

Eric 53:36
I offer it to you in this moment of unity.

Andrew Bartzis 53:39
So you may be an unentangled sacred neutral witness.

Eric 53:44
You may be an unentangled sacred neutral witness.

Andrew Bartzis 53:47
In my spiritual court of equity.

Eric 53:51
In my spiritual court of equity.

Andrew Bartzis 53:54
I summon all of the planetary ancestors I have lived on.

Eric 54:00
Summon all of the planetary ancestors that have lived on.

Andrew Bartzis 54:03
In this entire universe.

Eric 54:07
In this entire universe.

Andrew Bartzis 54:09
I bring you now to this moment of I Am Presence.

Eric 54:13
I bring them now to this moment of I Am Presence.

Andrew Bartzis 54:16
And I share with you my pure and total light frequency.

Eric 54:20
And I share with you my pure and total light frequency.

Andrew Bartzis 54:26
Every soul code that I have had.

Eric 54:30
Every soul codes that I’ve had.

Andrew Bartzis 54:32
Every soul code I have ever encountered.

Eric 54:36
Every soul code I’ve ever encountered.

Andrew Bartzis 54:39
So there will no longer be secrets in unity.

Eric 54:44
So there will no longer be secrets in unity.

Andrew Bartzis 54:47
I bring myself back to Universal immigration status.

Eric 54:52
I bring myself back to Universal immigration status.

Andrew Bartzis 54:56
And I bring this spiritual court of equity to the very moment I decided to immigrate to this universe.

Eric 55:05
And that bring the spiritual court of equity to the very moment that I decided to incarnate in this universe.

Andrew Bartzis 55:11
I blend those two expressions of Universal Time into one.

Eric 55:16
I blend those two expressions of Universal Time into one.

Andrew Bartzis 55:20
I summon an extra universal spiritual court of equity.

Eric 55:26
I summon an extra spiritual court of equity.

Andrew Bartzis 55:28
Extra universal.

Eric 55:31
Extra universal spiritual court of equity.

Andrew Bartzis 55:33
With all of my other universal ancestors in unity presence.

Eric 55:39
With all of my universal ancestors in unity presence.

Andrew Bartzis 55:42
I become one with all spiritual courts of equity.

Eric 55:46
I become one with all spiritual courts of equity,

Andrew Bartzis 55:50
I now come to this fraud time on Earth.

Eric 55:54
I now come to this fraud time on Earth.

Andrew Bartzis 55:56
With all ancestor, this ancestral beings in this spiritual court of equity.

Eric 56:02
All ancestral beings in the spiritual court of equity.

Andrew Bartzis 56:05
A trillion trillion eyes looking out my aura.

Eric 56:11
A trillion trillion eyes looking at my aura.

Andrew Bartzis 56:14
Waiting to experience the tactile here.

Eric 56:19
Waiting to experience the tactile here.

Andrew Bartzis 56:21
We are all pregnant with creation.

Eric 56:25
We’re all pregnant with creation.

Andrew Bartzis 56:27
And now it is time to change the surface of Earth.

Eric 56:32
Now it is time to change the surface of Earth.

Andrew Bartzis 56:35
And exchange ancestors at the universal level.

Eric 56:40
And exchange ancestors at the universal level.

Andrew Bartzis 56:43
So uncreational events come to an end.

Eric 56:47
So all uncreational events come to an end.

Andrew Bartzis 56:50
And a seamless stream of consciousness continues.

Eric 56:55
And seamless stream of consciousness continues.

Andrew Bartzis 56:58
And so be it.

Eric 57:00
And so be it.

Andrew Bartzis 57:05
I needed to take you to those universal scales. So you could begin to understand that that’s the scale your Spirits working at. It’s important that you go back and listen to this and figure out a way to bring yourself into the local spiritual court of equity with your local unity ancestors, and then go higher and higher and higher and higher and higher, and then manifest this court in your body now.

Andrew Bartzis 57:35
And that’s how you anchor your source stream into that who’s who you are now. And this is the transformation that you’re looking for. This is the big answers. How do you take all of that infinite thing that is lived in to universe and manifested here now to speak in English? What the big changes are?

Andrew Bartzis 57:58
Your source stream. You can do anything, you’ve Void Space energy connected to you. It’s a matter of what level of production are you able to manifest around you? What level of form and format Do you want to interact with?

Andrew Bartzis 58:18
This makes job seeing trivial doesn’t it?

Eric 58:23

Andrew Bartzis 58:24
Unfortunately, you’re at that point. And I say unfortunately, because you’re going to have very hard choices, the matrix is going to try to attach and attach and attach and attach servitude to you. And as long as servitude is in you, you aren’t going to go to those higher levels without doing intense ceremonies that are self centric, self oriented around contract revocation in which you write in your own words.

Andrew Bartzis 58:52
What I’ve come up with is just the beginning expression for what you’re going to need. You’re going to need to do as just as much invocation where you say your intentions to all ancestors that are present in the similar format that I did, fluidly without the need of always writing it. Because by doing that you are manifest incarnate through the voice that’s creating photonic light. That’s your purpose.

Andrew Bartzis 59:17
You could be whistling photonic light and still change this area. You are pregnant with the ancestors of other places who are here to resolve karma. You have been a cipher being meaning you have a lock, you have the code to 10s of 1000s of other worlds that you can bring here. That’s why I had you show all of your soul codes to all ancestors present. So they understood you weren’t to fall asleep being holding secrets, you were sharing all photonic light as part of universal law.

Andrew Bartzis 59:49
Something had tried to label you to ancestors as false light and only a very few of them were hoodwinked by false light beings by bringing all of the universal ancestors to bear so all of them bear witness to who the original false light was that false light can no longer contact any of the Universes in use the abuse and abuse of the reek of the creation or event after an uncreational event.

Andrew Bartzis 1:00:13
Because there are predators on both sides of the events.

Andrew Bartzis 1:00:17
And some of them were planetary consciousnesses that needed to be exposed. That’s why all planetary consciousnesses is you ever existed on became part of that sacred neutral witness. So other planetary consciousnesses that are false light beings could be exposed to your ancestors. So your soul family has a roadmap of these are good, these are bad.

Andrew Bartzis 1:00:41
That’s what you just did. You uploaded a tremendous healing to them. I just assisted you with the linguists linguistics in English. That was a final equation that you can now go this linguistical equa equation, I can amplify it a million fold fold, if I can put my focus into it.

Eric 1:01:06
Thank you. Thank you very much.

Andrew Bartzis 1:01:17
And then we have beings like Eric, and you said you took quite a risk using the term void stream being this was the first time you’ve actually

Andrew Bartzis 1:01:24
Reading the Akashic Record of a Void Space. Yeah, it was my

Andrew Bartzis 1:01:30
oh well

Andrew Bartzis 1:01:31
It’s out. There’s always something going No, don’t talk about that in the background. Metaphorically.

Nancy 1:01:37
Yeah, yeah.

Andrew Bartzis 1:01:39
That was a clerk broke the rules.

Nancy 1:01:43
So, you know, you’ve had the reading now. And it is really, really impactful. I mean, here we have a void stream being who’s got all the codes of all the other planets, and he’s bringing these codes here to Earth.

Andrew Bartzis 1:01:57
As a time traveler.

Nancy 1:01:58
As a time traveler that came through IVF. We can just contemplate that guys, we have got some incredible beings on our planet. They’re all around us. The magic is there. He were talking about that before. Recreational sex and sacred sex, recreational saging, sacred saging everything. You it’s it’s the intent that you put behind it.

Andrew Bartzis 1:02:19
Conscious application of the sacred intent is one thing, and can only define so much. But when you come with a conscious application of the sacred, it started with a plan and agenda and has an ending to it.

Nancy 1:02:33

Andrew Bartzis 1:02:34
Strategy. That’s what conscious application of the sacred you bring the Power of Now, in that moment of Now, so that an agenda is done in the Now so that it feeds all the other beings not in the Now.

Nancy 1:02:47
That’s beautiful. That’s beautifully said. And I know you guys noticed it, but did you notice that when Andrew was really getting into the static, it was just such a classic and we really endeavor to give you a really good quality, but sometimes

Andrew Bartzis 1:03:02
You cannot battle the Gremlins. It’s some amount of how do I put it static interference?

Nancy 1:03:10
Did you see that screen just went out.

Andrew Bartzis 1:03:12
Yeah saw that to.

Andrew Bartzis 1:03:15
The Poltergeist energy?

Nancy 1:03:17
You know, it was a bit complicated for Eric because as a time traveler and also being locked out of time as you said he was a void stream being.

Andrew Bartzis 1:03:26
Made him tough to understand this world. He has Swiss cheese memories, memories that aren’t his many people suffer from this in his scenario, he has hardly any of his his own memories that are immediately available, other than this lifetime right now.

Nancy 1:03:41
Mm hmm. And that’s, that’s pretty. That’s pretty frightening for lightbody technology and then you know that part of you that then is actually in the suit, you don’t get the chemical reaction to that fear. And that’s what makes it so hard. That’s why everything feels so cold.

Andrew Bartzis 1:03:55
So resistance

Nancy 1:03:56
No anchorage, there’s no, there’s no point coordinate that you can go to anywhere, because you’re a void being so where’s your connection?

Andrew Bartzis 1:04:03
To void, no time, no space.

Nancy 1:04:05
Oh, I see. So they said he was when we were looking into this. He was involved or he got caught up in an uncreational event. Now, was this the second an uncreational event? Can you go more into that, uncreational event that you talked about?

Andrew Bartzis 1:04:23
Anytime there’s an uncreational event, there’s a group of core beings that are around the immediate one degree of separation that caused it. He was around an immediate core group of beings that caused a one degree of separation. And instead of going back to go which is Earth in Monopoly terms, he went into a Void Space locked out of time had no ancestors was unable to incarnate in any place in this universe. Because where he was at that moment in time, the universe hadn’t existed yet.

Nancy 1:04:52
Wasn’t there yet. Yes.

Andrew Bartzis 1:04:54
It hadn’t expanded that far yet. And he had to wait in Void Space because he had to time travel back for that Void Space for the universe to catch up and meet that Void Space, so that he could cross over as a void sort of stream, and wait connected to all those beings still in Void Space, and make a tunnel, so that they can begin incarnating onto the universal side, even if it’s into a speck of rock or a crystal on the other side in space.

Nancy 1:05:19
So just that there’s an anchor ther You when there is anchor there you can start recalling the memories.

Andrew Bartzis 1:05:24
Okay, there were, there were light cities inside these Void Space that were from the Lemuria in Atlantean expression. And that’s where he met up with other beings going through the same thing. And they made a collection of Void Space Collectives. And they generated their own Akashic Void Record, not by Universal source. This is what got trillions of beings locked outside of time back here.

Nancy 1:05:51
And he was like one of the pioneers for that wasn’t?

Andrew Bartzis 1:05:54
There are billions of beings that can be considered the pioneers of that. But equally, yeah, you can say that he’s a pioneer being.

Nancy 1:06:04
Yeah, and it’s interesting, because when we start to understand how, how everything kind of works and mechanics we have, we have a greater structure, a universal area. And then because we are such powerful beings, we can actually uncreate that creation, when that creation gets uncreated. So say it was a brother or sister or a mother or father, or best or something like that, that was that one degree of separation, then all of a sudden, like this, you’re in the void.

Andrew Bartzis 1:06:31
Void, with no connections

Nancy 1:06:33

Andrew Bartzis 1:06:33

Nancy 1:06:34
And then you go from there, you then go with other beings.

Andrew Bartzis 1:06:38
And you use your I am presence technology.

Nancy 1:06:40
Yeah, and you somehow but look at that, that, that spark, look at that strength of that original spark that we are. And you see someone like that that was Void Space a being like presence that was in Void Space, is now here on this planet.

Nancy 1:06:55
It’s it’s hard to reiterate again, and again, the gift of being on this planet, I know you guys are going through some really hard times I know, the DNA technology is being hit. I know, a lot of you have physical aspects that really make living here, not so easy. But to be able to be here now to be able to feel sunlight on your skin to be able to breathe, that’s smell, fresh air, and to taste the purest of water. These are gifts that those guys don’t have out there. And we made it here. And this is this is our gift. This is our experience. And even though it’s so hard, there are those moments that make everything worthwhile. And so many beings from so many other universes, galaxies, planets, they just want to be here. They want what we have. And to them it looks like a lot of it with throwing it away.

Andrew Bartzis 1:07:48
And do they have the inherent right? Yes, they do. Because we have an unlimited space for every single being on this world. Yeah, that’s hard to contemplate and hard to understand that every single person on this world has an infinite self space. Doesn’t matter if there’s one person or 100 trillion.

Nancy 1:08:11
I remember you saying that actually, what what they have done is they’ve basically put us all into a mask of social consciousness. So we just literally have this one grid, this one major

Andrew Bartzis 1:08:20
This unity grid.

Nancy 1:08:21
Yeah, that all of us are in and they say, well, we have food shortages, people are starving. Actually, that’s not necessary. None of that’s necessary. Because when this planet is freed from the grid, all of us will have our locus, reality bubbles, we can have an unlimited amounts of beings on this planet. This is what’s so special about this planet, you can have your own Paradise Island, your whole planet just for you, if that’s your creation, but there’ll be a trillion other people there should you wish to see, engage or entangle. And that’s that’s the programming.

Andrew Bartzis 1:08:52
This is why so many pioneers souls adventured, into the paradox that was Earth.

Nancy 1:08:57

Andrew Bartzis 1:08:58
And just like the gold rush of the 1800s, many of them never made it to the gold. They just got trapped along the way. And that’s the metaphor of where we’re at now. Whole bunch of people got the gold, and then they sent it off world. And we’re all stuck here going, Hey, gold is worthless. Worthless in the matrix value.

Nancy 1:09:18
But getting back to the Void Space being again, yeah, I know that you wanted to give us a understanding about this. I know that you wanted to take a moment and just break a few more rules. And I’m going I’m asking you this because I know we talked about it and I’m putting you on the spot. I know but I really think that I think our audience is ready and after such a reading. What a great gift. If you could.

Andrew Bartzis 1:09:50
Let me see what rule I want to break.

Nancy 1:09:52

Andrew Bartzis 1:09:54
When we have void, we have a space in between universes. This is where unentangled observer technology was created, manufactured. And then piece by piece created into a energetic collective of minds. And then piece by piece that collective unassembled itself and went through a single portal, and manifested on the other side.

Andrew Bartzis 1:10:21
So they created it in Void Space, uploaded into their own Void Space light body, and then gone from Void Space to human space with it built into their light body of how to create unentangled observer technology. So there was still a reflection of them in the void.

Andrew Bartzis 1:10:39
I broke a massive rule by explaining unentangled observer technology a few weeks ago about cats. And this, what I’m breaking now is telling you, there are Void Space beings who have manifested in the physical reality of this universe, as unentangled karmic observers that have also created entangled carbon desert observers that are two degrees of separation of them and Void Space. And this is what is now manipulating so many of the major beings on our world now.

Nancy 1:11:46

Unknown Speaker 1:11:46
Anybody who comes from the law of one reality, including the Egyptians taught in all those who are part of the same consciousness, which we are all in, can understand this technology and can utilize this to make what’s needed at this time. And it’s just a regrouping of us. And there’s going to be a lot more people that I see that are going to come to this to understand it, and then we can really make the change because

Andrew Bartzis 1:12:17
The regrouping needs the manifestation. And each individual is a manifestation of the regrouping process. And each individual is their own collective of one that is functioning with a variety of other freshly budding collectives in this reality that are unentangled observer collectives. So there’s that entangled observer technology and then there’s whole collectives that have created their own unentangled observer.

Andre Hodge 1:12:50
Yeah so, a collective have a perspective based on a created sort of individual that you can tune into to get the understanding from.

Andrew Bartzis 1:13:02

Andrew Bartzis 1:13:06
This is what compounds us as manifestations trying to come together to create groups. Because when we do inevitably the collect the unentangled observer collectives come in and entangle with us in an entangled way.

Andrew Bartzis 1:13:30
This is the freaky part of what’s going on. Because you have collectives that never knew another collective existed, meeting each other, you know, the crown chakra of Joe and Bob crossing the street.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:44
Because you’re part of the same consciousness by serving others, it’s like you’re serving yourself because you’re actually part of the same collective of consciousnesses. So there is no you and me We are both the same. We are all the same. We are part of the same solution.

Andrew Bartzis 1:14:02
No, no, no, no. In an unlimited universe, the Law of One doesn’t fully apply. And even Thoth and all of them, they knew that there comes a time in the understanding of freewill and the law, the law of one that the creator hasn’t put any limits in this place. There was a limit at one point in Universal Time, that limit ended and that’s when this whole universe had a simultaneous updated with it all went free will.

Andrew Bartzis 1:14:35
That was about 6 billion years ago, that that happened of our of our Earth, celestial fraud time years. But you know, you can go about 135 galactic or universal cycles of immigration from souls from another universe, which used different frequencies of source. So there are other sources out there that aren’t the same source of this place.

Andre Hodge 1:15:03
That gives like, I’ve had this contemplation. also recently, and now, my contemplation is very simplistic compared what you said, but it’s like, to me, like you’ve said all the big players in the game at the moment in the reality.

Andrew Bartzis 1:15:20

Andre Hodge 1:15:21
And like you said, like to Bob and Joe crossing paths and their crown chakras interacting, it’s like, it doesn’t matter if they’re a big player, they’re like, they’re a multi dimensional or they’re an Ascended Master or whatever. Both of them are in amnesia, and then

Andrew Bartzis 1:15:35

Andre Hodge 1:15:36
And might not even achieve any sort of level of what their soul is. And it doesn’t matter because there’s no real hierarchy here for soul level, because it’s, the reality is so challenging.

Andre Hodge 1:15:49
That’s right.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:52
So there is a reality. Go ahead.

Andre Hodge 1:15:56
I’ve done I’m done. It’s just that concept of trying to simplify it because it’s like, all the movers and shakers of all time, or history or the or the multiverse is that here, but even with that, because the reality is so challenging. Like you asking about like who actually understands the Galactic Ascension Machine and, and even with that, even going through the process of memory, wiping and limiting in the 3d reality, very few actually even, they even come to even understanding of who or what they actually are, you know, that’s right. Yeah. You know what I mean? And you wondering why it’s challenging. It’s like, that’s why it’s challenging.

Eric 1:16:44
Yeah, there is a reality beyond this reality, which even cannot be spoken, felt, or even perceived by any other senses. It’s like, it’s even beyond nothingness, because we can’t even define what there’s nothing with the words. But even if you go beyond nothingness, where you cannot define it.

Andrew Bartzis 1:17:07
Yes, we can, its caled Void Space. And I haven’t an extended beyond let’s just say, ideology on what Void Space is. There is a no place place in which uncollectives become collectives and simultaneously create their own extra universal Akashic Records. Like the footage that did make the film I’ve got, I’ve got very deep into Void Space.

Andrew Bartzis 1:17:39
And then the Void Spaces between universes is where new universes are created. And there’s a new universe coming online right now. And that new universe, its purpose is to take all of those that are getting basically told at the Galactic level or the universal level, you know, we’re now changing some of the rules in our universe, you can no longer intentionally create universal wide paradoxes that wipe everyone’s experience out. If you do not agree to this, you must go on to the 18th universe. It is essentially a purging of beings that are you know, are here to you know, uncreate everything, that’s their freewill choice.

Eric 1:18:34
I, of course, I’d like to know what my soul origin is. And regarding that, if there’s any connection to white Buffalo Calf Woman.

Andrew Bartzis 1:18:46
This is a really good one your soul origin is Orion in nature, that means you spent at least a third of your soul density of expression and life honor Orion before you came here. And before you were here, Ryan you are in called Plaques Yahcahr. And that’s at the very edge of our galaxy about 28 million years ago, 38 million years ago, right around there time is different that the under the galaxy doesn’t function the same way.

Andrew Bartzis 1:19:13
And what what that world is all about is understanding how to leave the Galactic rim and go through the void of nothingness to get to another galactic rim that may lead you to the edge of the universe. So you are an incredible explorer of the end of the universe. You did your time. And you said, Alright, I’m going to take what I learned from exploring, and I’m going to go into a fourth density expression as an Orion.

Andrew Bartzis 1:19:39
So you took what was a seventh density, universal galactic expression self compressed it into a fourth density Orion, and as soon as you became an Orion within half dozen lifetimes, you were engaged with the Sirian wars, the Anunnaki wars, Neanderthal wars, when Neanderthal human beings realized it was being abused by many other species out there in the galaxy.

Andrew Bartzis 1:20:05
And they got together and had the first groups of war chants where they didn’t need technology to harm other worlds. They needed fire and a drum and a pissed off shaman. And they could wreck space fleets that we’re coming on coming towards them, or wreck whole planets quite literally. And you were a part of these original original Neanderthal war drums. And these are some of the other ways that Neanderthal thought was created domination and control, which is the system that we’re living in now so that they could end karma.

Andrew Bartzis 1:20:46
So Orion, you came here to this world as an Orion in the first paradox what what occurred is your in a physical form coming to to Earth to defend it because there were Annunaki there were Sirian, there were Greys, or all these other species who were in a race to get to Earth because there was a very short window of opportunity, before Earth would disappear from reality and fade back in somewhere else before the search started again, Earth was leapfrogging all around the different parts of the universe, because it had no home at that point. But it had species on top of it that were resolving karma.

Andrew Bartzis 1:21:26
So when you got there, there was a big battle out there, the Orions pretty much win the battle and surround the Earth in the quarantine field, so that it doesn’t fade out of that local part of the galaxy and reappear somewhere else in the universe. Well, as it was fading out, the technology that the Orions was using was pulling their ships in stronger and stronger and stronger.

Andrew Bartzis 1:21:50
And the Orions had technology that allowed them reach back to their home planet, and draw upon the unity consciousness of their whole species, and funnel it through the Sun in through their planet ships there and hold Earth in place for just long enough that they could incarnate a massive amount of souls that were were holding that position. And you were one of those that was basically of the Orion concept that was seeded onto Earth, to force change the Neanderthals to stop attacking the rest of the universe.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:25
Oh, wow.

Andrew Bartzis 1:22:27
So you were a part of a light body force that is considered resistance free Earth. Why? Because what the Neanderthals were doing then was not right. Not right at all, that they, it just wasn’t right in any way, shape, or form. But again, they were karmic resolution machine. So what they were doing was literally at the behest of universal beings, including chaos at all level, that’s why on Earth would suddenly appear in one part of the galaxy. And all hell would break loose because the Neanderthals looking at the sky as skywatchers more portal creators, resolving karma wherever, whatever star there they were looking at.

Andrew Bartzis 1:23:08
So when Neanderthal stopped looking at stars and started painting on the walls, is when they began to connect deeper into themselves. So when you paint, that’s when you’re connecting to the deepest into yourself. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:34
There is a reality beyond this reality which even cannot be spoken, felt, or even perceived by any of our senses. It’s like, it’s even beyond nothingness because we can’t even define what there’s nothing with the words. But even if you go beyond nothingness.

Andrew Bartzis 1:23:58
Yes, we can. That’s called Void Space. And I haven’t extended beyond the the lets just say ideology on what Void Space is. There is a no place place in which uncollectives become collectives and simultaneously create their own extra universal Akashic Records. Like the footage that did make the film.

Andrew Bartzis 1:24:27
I’ve gone, I’ve gone very deep into Void Space. And then the Void Spaces between universes is where new universes are created. And there’s a new universe coming online right now. And that new universe, its purpose is to take all of those that are getting basically told at the Galactic level or the universal level, you know, we’re now changing some of the rules in our universe. You can no longer intentionally create universal wide paradoxes that wipe everyone’s experience out. If you do not agree to this, you must go on to the 18th universe. It is essentially a purging of beings that are, you know, are here to, you know, uncreate everything. That’s their freewill choice.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:15
Oh, wow, that’s like going beyond nothing

Andre Hodge 1:25:22
During creation, but then putting the karma the consequence. And they are fogging this universe in karma down and the karma they are not facing that are delegating to other aspects.

Andrew Bartzis 1:25:37
So which created this process of these uncreational zealots. Who essentially wanted to have service to Self Ascension.

Andrew Bartzis 1:25:50
Cricket, cricket.

Andre Hodge 1:25:53
I used to like before computer games got really big and stuff. This is a real tangent that sums it up, because then I can sort of appreciate what you’re saying, because there used to be this game called Indiana like Indy 500, about the car race. And what you, what you could do in this race, you could actually go backwards on the track. And you could create the biggest crashes there are and you could go into all the different angles of all the crashes and, and the game actually became fun for me because you tried to create the biggest crashes you could you know what I mean?

Andrew Bartzis 1:26:27

Andre Hodge 1:26:28
And it’s like, I wanted to try and get all the cars in one crash, it’s like, thats like creational event that I actually experienced, you know what I mean, I get it.

Andrew Bartzis 1:26:41
That that metaphor also fixed matches for the three rises and fall of Atlantis and Lemuria. There were people driving backwards in time, and running into everyone else’s time.

Andre Hodge 1:26:55
Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:56
When you said you’d like to, amount the void of what came into my mind was tapping into the source code of the universe. Like, it’s like, the matrix movie, when you saw suddenly Neo saw all the codes, were going through him and see all the source code, making up the matrix, like you’re gonna go where you can actually see all the source codes if you know what I mean.

Andrew Bartzis 1:27:23
Yes, and another way of describing it is when you leave the space of a universe and you’re actually in true Void Space in between all of the universes, the universes sent out pulses of frequency that allow them to communicate to each other in an advanced more Morse Code. So in this celestial Void Space or universal Void Space. There are beings that are unentangled observer technology, even though they still have a part of them in in a universe are fully unentangled and absorbing universal source codes.

Andrew Bartzis 1:27:58
Like you know, what the heck Lookout Mountain all right now we’re now we’re now we’re pushing the reality.

Andrew Bartzis 1:28:06
Amen. Andre, do you remember me talking about Lookout Mountain?

Andre Hodge 1:28:14
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I saw it.

Andrew Bartzis 1:28:17
I signed off a number of radio shows the Lookout Mountain me signing off. Because I was actually at that moment in time speaking to the unentangled observers technology that was in Void Space, manipulating us through their awareness of source codes.

Andrew Bartzis 1:28:42
So Lookout Mountain is like, you know how in World War II, they put people on the beaches to you know, to be coast watchers. These are time frequency and universal Void Space watchers, they’re stalkers of the void. They they go into void looking for beings that are absorbing absorbing source codes, and trying to fuck up our universe.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:05
Can you a bit elaborate that I don’t get, I don’t I don’t see how they try to. So imagine we can observe the source code how they come in. Can you a little bit elaborate?

Andrew Bartzis 1:29:20
So they have a part of themselves that is called unentangled observer technology.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:26

Andrew Bartzis 1:29:27
Or they retract all see all versions of themselves and become one energy being again, go into the universal Void Space, and they become a single spot of their own emanation of light that loses their I am technology.

Andrew Bartzis 1:29:43
The I am technology is specific to this universe and isn’t the only interactive technology out there. There are other versions of I am that do it a different way. Okay. It’s just what we use in this sector of the galaxy I am so when you lose your I amness you go back to the original soul frequency that can interconnect to other universes.

Andrew Bartzis 1:30:04
It’s part of the soul’s freewill journey of light. It can go into the Void Space between universes and observe the celestial codes. Well, they have beings whose intention is to go into universal Void Space with the intention of broadcasting back and message to buddies here in this reality of what the sources doing, what’s going on what waves of immigration are coming from one universe to another, so that they could be waiting for powerful souls coming from another universe for their in the first incarnation and be collected.

Andrew Bartzis 1:30:35
It’s harvesting at a bigger level that when you have when, you know there’s a super powerful soul coming from blah, blah, blah, universe, you want to be there with the open arms and say, Come here, baby. Come here.

Andre Hodge 1:30:48
Yeah, I’ve heard you talk about this before it might be once I think. So yeah, yeah, it’s like um it’s like recruitment on a different level.

Andrew Bartzis 1:31:01
Yes, yes. Recruitment for uncreation.

Andrew Bartzis 1:31:25
What other kind of questions you have?

Unknown Speaker 1:31:29
I’m wondering what percentage of worlds are freewilled?

Andrew Bartzis 1:31:43
You can’t really write that because there are worlds that are half freewill half not freewill. Three quarters freewill and and free for all on the other side. If you can’t rate it as a percentage.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:55
On planetary or a bigger level?

Andrew Bartzis 1:31:59
Oh, no, I’m talking even if you just got the planetary level out throughout the universe, they’re all different layers of freewill. Each is a different frequency of sovereignty and assists the different beings they’re on their particular process. We here at Earth have already done the spiritual sovereignty path of millions of other worlds, you know, to be here on Earth means you’re the best of the best of the best of the last 25 million generations.

Andrew Bartzis 1:32:25
If you’re not ready, you’re not here; literally. Everyone that’s here, everyone that’s listening on the call that thinks they aren’t aren’t meant to be here. Bullshit, you’re here because you were the best of the best of the best of this universal generation. And when you got a trillion geniuses that come together, there isn’t anything they can figure out if they can share the common moral code of do no harm to any sentient kind.

Andrew Bartzis 1:33:11
Each different bubble of reality is true. A Galactic Historian, is a person that looks at all the lines of dramatic karma nudge nudge, it’s the Holy Grail.

Andrew Bartzis 1:33:23
Improvised, mysterious, its counter psychic intelligence.

Andrew Bartzis 1:33:29
Why is DNA farming of this dark cluster is so important? Because we do manifest our reality to create our reality.

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