TruNews Headlines with Doc Burkhart – December 10 2020 [Transcript]

TruNews Headlines with Doc Burkhart – December 10 2020 [Transcript]

This is true news headlines news from a Christian point of view on doc Burkhart. sitting in for Karen Kinsey who is off today, Kerry’s wife Angela is still recovering from major surgery and your continued prayers are appreciated. Today on true news headlines YouTube goes into the censorship business, removing videos that dare to challenge the 2020 election results. The mainstream media and social media are working hand in hand to suppress election stories online, while at the same time calling this Texas Supreme Court ballot lawsuit ridiculous. And Michigan Rep. Cynthia Johnson tells her soldiers to prepare to take on Trump’s supporters. All this and more on an election deception edition of true news.

We have put together the most extensive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.

YouTube will remove content alleging fraud or errors change the outcome of the US presidential election according to a statement by the company. The video sharing platform said The move comes because of Tuesday’s safe harbor deadline for the election. When enough state certified their election results for president pretend Joe Biden YouTube will remove content uploaded from Wednesday onward. Tucker Carlson had comments on the issue on his program.

Speaking of censorship and rigging the election, in a blog post a YouTube owned by Google vowed that its teams were working around the clock to stop what it called harmful misinformation and harmful content. They said they’re deeply concerned about quote making sure our platform isn’t abused to incite real world harm. Now what does that mean exactly coming from a company that has caused so much quote real world harm? Will YouTube explain quote, we will start removing any piece of content uploaded today or anytime after that misleads people by alleging that widespread fraud or errors change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

The irony here is enough to make you dizzy, the company that rigged the election by suppressing legitimate information in order to influence the outcome of the election more effectively than any foreign government could ever do. is now telling us to preserve our faith in the election, they need to censor us more. So how exactly are election related videos causing harm? Well, YouTube doesn’t explain that they would cause harm to YouTube’s reputation and Google’s reputation much deserved. We need to break this company up like immediately. But YouTube does go on to boast that its censorship campaign has already been underway for quite some time quote. Since September, we’ve terminated over 8000 channels and 1000s of harmful and misleading election related videos for violating our existing policies. They use the word terminated by the way that’s not creepy or anything.

Don’t we know it? So social media platform perler has become one of the alternatives to YouTube because of the YouTube crackdown. Here’s laura ingram talking to parlor CEO john mazzi. About YouTube’s censorship efforts.

Well, big tech is kicking their censorship efforts into overdrive YouTube announcing this morning that we will start removing any piece of content that misleads people by alleging that widespread voter fraud or error has changed the outcome of the 2020 US presidential election. So just get this. YouTube is targeting the views of more than 74 million Americans who voted for Trump may be concerned about the integrity of the election. Here to react john mate, CEO and founder of the social media site parlor, john, first, they took down anything that challenged the conventional wisdom of COVID. Now, it’s election fraud. So is the entirety of conservative thought. Up next for censorship.


thank you for having me back on. You know, YouTube, frankly, should be embarrassed. This is shameful and deceitful. And this is why millions of people are coming to parlor. I mean, in 2016, they were comfortable with the conspiracy theory that Russia stole the election. You know, now they have conspiracy theories on YouTube, all about how you know, aliens created the pyramids. That’s all acceptable. But you know, the 2020 election, you can’t talk about that. It’s pretty crazy.

Yeah. If something john, they say is misleading. Does that mean they’re taking down all of the commentary saying that Trump was a Russian agent? That mean that’s been proven to be wrong, false. That’s still up there. They still have CCP propaganda all over YouTube. They have they have all sorts of propaganda from Venezuela from other, it’s all fine. But if you talk about this election, we got what is it 19 states now or 16 states going after four states and the Supreme Court original jurisdiction Is that gonna be off limits?

I don’t know. It sounds like they endorse all content that they have on their platform and they only take down stuff they don’t it sounds exactly like they’re acting like a publication and like I said they should be embarrassed, but that’s why people are uploading the videos on parler now,

john, thanks so much for being here tonight.

In the CEOs name is john made sorry for the mispronunciation there. Well, just reminder to be sure to follow true news on parler. We’ve been on there for quite a while as well as on gab, where true news has nearly 200,000 followers so you do have a choice. The social media sites have joined hand in hand with mainstream media. The Federalists Molly Hemingway says big tech and mainstream media conspired to shield voters from Joe Biden’s family corruption, something true news has been telling you for months. Here’s Miss Hemingway with her comments.

Massive cover up may have even handed Biden the election a poll of swing state voters taken after the election found that nearly 10% of Biden voters would have changed their vote or not voted had they been aware of the hunter Biden scandal? Joining me now is Molly Hemingway, senior editor at the Federalist Fox News contributor. Molly, it seems that the media whining about elect election interference for all those years was just really projection.

Yeah, nobody meddled in the 2020 election like big media and big tech. And both of those things you saw with the hunter Biden story? Yes. Today, Hunter Biden himself says it’s okay to cover this. It’s true. I’m under investigation. But we actually knew that. We knew that back in October. And we knew that not just because it was reported that he was under investigation. But we had that laptop. We had the New York Post stories, stories going into this. We had a an eyewitness, someone who was actually involved in the Biden family business saying that there was this, you know, like money laundering situation.
And at no point did anyone in the media cover it? They were they were intentionally suppressing it because they didn’t want any negative information to come out about their candidate knowing that that would hurt his election chant chances. In addition to that big tech willfully suppressed the story. You remember Facebook said we’re not going to let anyone talk about this. Twitter actually banned links to the stories about it. This is so terrifying to think that in this country, we could have such a corrupt media and such censorship from big tech.

Well, mainstream media is going to heart palpitations over the Texas Supreme Court election lawsuit. And rather than actual report on the merits and facts of the ballot fraud efforts, they simply dismiss it out of hand. Never mind that nearly 20 other states have joined the suit. Here a CNN john Harwood calling the suit ridiculous.

Right? Well, this is a ridiculous lawsuit is not going anywhere. And you know, on Steve, the question Steven posed in that piece, When are they going to acknowledge it, if you ever seen those advertisements for hair dye products that they offer for guys, and you put a little bit in each day and the gray gradually goes away, and then you get to the other side, and and all of a sudden you don’t have gray anymore? Obviously, I’ve not used those products, but they’re hoping to do it that way so that nobody ever notices that they changed their you know, they can duck and dodge and offer mealy mouthed statements of the kind that you just played, until all of a sudden the Electoral College has voted, and the inaugural stands are all built.

And the transition is well underway. And they can just treat it as a fact without ever having to do anything about it or say anything about it. That’s not an option for state leaders, people like Brian Kemp, Jeff Duncan, the Lieutenant Governor of Governor, Lieutenant Governor of Georgia, Brad raffensperger. They’ve got to certify they’ve got to do things. And once they do that, following the law, they get denounced by President Trump. legislators are going to try to slide by this thing. It that is federal legislators are going to try to slide by this thing without ever drawing Trump’s attention or the wrath of his supporters.

So john, the strategy here is the republicans is Hair Club for men. Election style, I get it, boom.

I guess that’s supposed to be funny there. Well unedited clip of state representative Cynthia Johnson, a Democrat from Michigan, issuing a warning to trumpers after she faced violent and racist threats sparked outrage among supporters of President Donald Trump online, culminating in Johnson being stripped of her house committee assignments. Johnson became instantly notorious among Trump’s supporters and conservative media, who denounced her aggressive questioning of witnesses called by the President’s attorney Rudy Giuliani during a House Oversight Committee hearing last week. Now, the Detroit lawmaker says she received death threats after participating in the Harry which largely largely focused on claims of election fraud during the vote counting at the TCF center in Detroit in her district and state Republican leaders called Johnson’s comments unacceptable and an American republicans also said they’re looking into further action as investigations are ongoing. The statement continued, we have been consistent in our position on this. violence and intimidation is never appropriate in politics. Here’s a portion that original video by Representative Johnson

so this is just a warning to you trumpers Be careful. Walk lightly. We ain’t playing with you. Enough of the shenanigans. Enough is enough. And for those of you who are soldiers, you know how to do it. Do it right. Be in order? make them pay. I love ya. Bye bye.

Huh? Be good soldiers make them pay but as all those late night TV commercials used to say, But wait, there’s more. Johnson published a second video outlining who those soldiers are. Watch this.

All US soldiers soldiers of Christ. Soldiers against racism. Soldiers against massage many soldiers against domestic violence and domestic terrorism. Soldiers rise. It’s time for you to rise. Soldiers. Soldiers for Christ huh? soldiers against racism? soldiers against misogynistic soldiers for black and brown people who are being mistreated, rise, soldier?

Well, I really don’t know what said the song because that lady’s antics are so far in the crazy closet. She’s finding Christmas presence. It’s all part of the ongoing election deception.

We have put together the most extensive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.

Now, before I close today, I want to encourage you to continue to pray for the Texas lawsuit going before the Supreme Court today. Let’s pray for the Lord to give wisdom to those who are presenting the case. And that God would have mercy on us as a nation and allow this deception to be revealed and justice to prevail. Let’s pray. Heavenly Father in Jesus name thank you for the opportunity to come before your throne, You grant us this opportunity as believers in Christ. Lord, we asked today that you would give wisdom to those that are presenting this lawsuit before the Supreme Court. Lord, we don’t deserve mercy. We don’t deserve grace.

The Lord, we ask in your mercy in in your grace, that you would let justice prevail, that you would let the secret and hidden things be revealed. And that to allow righteousness to return to the situation? Or do we don’t endorse an individual or anything of the like, but we do want to endorse the right thing to be done. And so Lord, we ask in Jesus name, that your justice would prevail in the Supreme Court lawsuit, and that there would be a righteous decision in it. Lord, we want your will to be done. Lord, we repent of our sins, we turn away from our sins. We ask you, Lord, to forgive us of our sins as we humble ourselves. pray and seek your face, according to your word. In Jesus name we pray.

Amen. Amen. Well, later today on the god cast president pretend Joe Biden will be a little match for the incredible arrogance of the Chinese government. That’s what China expert Gordon Chang says to true news hosts Rick Wiles will be speaking to Mr. Chang on today’s God cast. And they’ll be talking about the video of a November 28 lecture by Renmin university professor deed on Ching, which he bragged that China has been able to fool the United States through their ties to political and business leaders. This will be an interview you won’t want to miss, so be sure to join us on behalf of Carrie Kinsey and the entire tree news team. I’m doc Burkhardt. Thank you for watching. God bless you

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