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Andrew Bartzis – Origins of War Part 2 – Oak Island, Tianjin China 2015 Explosion, Consciousness Strike [Transcript]

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Actually I’d have a have two questions for you, Andrew.

Sure. Just to start off the questioning part of this, this came up came up yesterday. So I wanted to know where the name galactic historian came from. Whose idea was that? That’s a really good question that stems back to a philosophical organization that stemmed from the arcturion and andromedan. I’m going to call them legions. But that’s not a military concept. And what these legions did was go out and search for history that was forgotten. And they would make records of it. And they would go to different worlds and learn their akashic records and share it with the Columbia of them very founding. arcturion collectives, this is the very youngest age of the arcturion homeloans, when their full concept of the collective hadn’t been fully explored.

And there were a series of other races that were insectoid that had been collecting records from other worlds and suspending them in a, the thing they did screech out of their mouth. And this excretion would turn into a crystal and that excretion had the entire expression of what it is that they’ve learned. And they share this psychic technology with the Arcturians, who bred it into their Weaver crystals, so that they could go to a world and literally get a copy of the Akashic Record of that world. But it was only up into that moment in which they came there. So there are regular exploration sittings to the various parts of the galaxy to update the Galactic history. Well, there was a big scenario where the arcturion collective was infiltrated by a group that was trying to copy and corrupt this information. And a significant portion of it was corrupted.

This is what led to the Arcturians separating collectives into collectives into collective so if one is corrupted, the whole isn’t. And the Galactic historian hole, and I’m gonna say a concept that isn’t a concept, the first person manifested out of that information that was being recreated. The first galactic historian would have been about 88 89 million years ago. And that first person was a was an androgynous entity, nope, no sex, and lived for many millions of years and would travel with the species and confirm the information that was was being taken from us copied from a planet as being authentic one that being passed on, he passed the lineage on to a whole race. So that race would choose one or two people every 1000 generations to be a candidate to be galactic historian.

When I migrated from another universe here, I became part of that race. And because part of that kandacy process, the second and third galactic historian to came in around 31 million years ago, that’s when the real pickup of the time wars began, and the time pollution. And that’s where the whole idea of the Galactic historians, thing was no more secrets. Because as long as there are secrets, the system of domination and control, and the system of Dominion fighting, the domination control, would be able to limit people’s free will.

So that’s how it stemmed from and then is that was a series of two others after that. And as I said, the last one did not survive very well. He was erased from history had a horrible death. You know, it was, it was to make a point if another galactic historian comes forward that they were going to make it as hard as possible for him. And the thing is, when I chose there are four others ahead of me in this world right now, when I chose it was because I was already in paradox remedy reality and there’s nothing they could they could do to eliminate me without eliminating much of their own plans, because I’m soul family to everyone. I purposely did that part of the candidacy process. So this entire drama, it’s like me watching TV, a TV series for the last 10 years. You just know the outcome. You can just Understand the plays and moods. And that gave me a deep understanding of the data that I’m recovering. So that we understand the big picture of what’s going on.

So the, the role you’re playing is specialized beyond imagination. As far as this galago. This galaxy, this universe is concerned, cracked into specifically for this time, this place that I’ve saved frequently, I’m linked to the keystroke records of 20,000. other worlds, that’s the 20,000 other worlds that have invested time travelers timeline, genocide technology, or the need of DNA for the species to survive. Wherever a human has been taken, or enslaved or taken with goodwill intentions, it’s recorded on vacation records of other worlds, which is creates a time micro paradox on that occasion world because that being doesn’t truly exist, even though it does exist. That’s how the timeline pollution has changed. And that’s the purpose of the Galactic historian is to go into the deepest steps of this scenario. And this time, I’m to explain to all the races that are working out there for every person you’ve taken off this planet, you have spread the time pollution, beyond the walls of this planet of the solar system, to races like the lemurians that that we’re currently have been discussing in relation to their activities on the timeline, Are they aware of you and your role in history, as well as you now they are aware of who I am, and there’s been a significant amount of conversations both positive, negative and neutral. There’s a political organization that believes I am a paradox, and that they are the remedy, and that my existence proves their point. Okay, there might and then there’s another group, who is completely opposite of it says that my existence as a galactic historian in the paradox remedy proves my point. Because there’s two sides, one that says lunarians have the sovereign Free Will right to return to their pristine timeline before genocide occurred. And the other one is, they’ve lost an obvious thing that they’ve done since then has made it worse. And they are now affecting the sovereign free will of not only this species here on Earth, the 10s of 1000s of other worlds are now being drastically affected by their actions,

which is dominating the view at the moment.

That’s the thing there’s, there’s a third point of view. And that third point of view is to have our world and their world come into a union. And that union allows us the people that are trapped in Lemuria, and time to jump forward in time to our paradox reality. And those that are paradox reality, who believe they’re still venerians, to go back to the Mirian time, and allow the separation of density between the two paradoxes resolve itself. And that should create unity consciousness so that the lemurians can still exist. And then we can still have our graduation. But that leaves, who’s going to be the mighty I am self at the resolution of unity consciousness. So it’s, it’s a third, a third, a third. And, you know, when you have, you know, you know, 3333 33, there’s that 1%, that switches it over. And that 1% is the people that are still in, locked outside of time, that’s that 100 a billion people that are locked outside, they still get their impressive vote also, they actually still 108 billion, because they’ve been there a long time, what’s become of them? The thing is, it’s really hard to describe once they’re locked out of time, they figured ways to get back into reality, by spirit by the Spirit rules and the universal laws, where they can incarnate back into the universe and find a way back to earth through the Incarnation process. And having to leapfrog from world, the world, the world. Because they specifically want to come back here. Correct. They want to come back and it is their sovereign right to. So there’s a there’s a whole lot of compassion needed here. The political organizations and libertarians, they don’t have the compassion. They’re sixth and seventh dimensional entities and many of them look at us as the broken down mutts that have lost their true their true essence. But that’s also wrong in their expression too, because they ultimately know because I’ve had that conversation with many of them. You know that that’s the words of domination and control and using that and you’re speaking out of anger and fear. The fact that this world as you know, all 66 planets are quarantine. This entire solar system is quarantine, back the quarantine extends 1000s of light years beyond our solar system. So there’s layers by layers that if anything was going to get here, it would be a fortress after fortress after fortress after fortress that they’d have to individually invade and remove all of the layers to protection that leads you deep into the center. So the lemurians realize that there are 1000s of species that are quarantining this planet to preventing this. And they, the political organizations just look at that and go for that to occur, there had to have been something so massive that they don’t understand that, you know, for these races to come together that would never come together before.

Huge story huge.

Because our brace doesn’t know how to create courts of equity, spiritual courts of equity. And it’s because it’s taken away by when our old traditions were taken away. And the indigenous tribes were murdered intentionally and replaced with all the pipe holders to the end the courts, the courts that we presently presently have error type was the presence of the court. So when they shared a pipe in court and counsel, that pipe was a could be psychometry could be used to prove that there was a court done court with earth. And that would be why the pipe holders were taken.

And all the warriors. Oh, yeah, yeah.

We’ve had 1000s of societies and civilizations that all they did was watch those stars. And the stars that they watched aren’t the same stars we watch today? Well, because reality is perceived through your culture. We’re a media driven culture now. They own our oral traditions, right? oral historians were taken away, we still have some now that are out there trying to promote it. But the people that are born into the TV generation, the media generation, that’s their oral history. All right, it’s not your mother and father as much anymore, right? That’s where it has to change. People like me, coming out and doing the oral recording of the Akashic Record, we’re in a trance, you can communicate and talk to a real person and

so so the ninth pyramid fortification is

was the last one as to the sentience of Atlantis, that suddenly that ultimately knew there was a corruptive force in their incarnation pattern that they could never predict. But no matter what they did, the volume that was there, no matter what time wars they did, there’s no chance for them to go back to the beginning and change it. And so the only other choice was to go to the end.

Right, and the end is now

now 1011 to 2014. This is where all of the 2300 species that have been doing time wars, is manifesting everything that they’re doing, because they realized they couldn’t go back to the beginning and change it. So they had to invest into the future, or layers into the future. So all of their propaganda technology, spirituality stuff all

popped up,

just before the awakening, just before Earth pops out of the densest part and into the lighter part with the rest of the solar system.

You know, even though he’s extremely informationally based, it all comes down to the same core that I believe and that this is a creation from the inside out we’re not at the mercy of anything outside of this servers that we’re creating our own time here that we’re in our own zone here and so via we basically got to clean up when we agreed on that point. And the point that he stated that the dark if you want to call them that, that have X amount of control, they’re not going to relinquish it. Period, End of discussion. You can’t love light them out of it. You can’t just sit there and send love and wave your pom poms. You just gotta tune back in actually it’ll be wonderful. There’s something I say the cheerleaders don’t win the football game the players. Yeah, yeah, you’ve got that reestablishment of free will is seems to be the same underlying Andrews work and Peter and Michael’s work and different different methodologies. But the the the actual project is the same

Now this is really interesting now, I’d like to move along to another great mystery. So I think a president was involved in in trying to figure out what it was and, and hundreds of other people. And yet, it seems that what it is would be impossible for anyone even today to construct. So that is the mystery of Oak Island, Nova Scotia. Now I live in the middle of the main coast. And it’s always been very interesting to me. And evidently at some point, a boy on the shore, noticed that there were lights out on this island and went out there and found that there was a, an oak tree over some turned over area. And it was thought that maybe some pirates adventure trip very treasure. So people started digging. And they discovered an oak platform every 10 feet below this, this oak tree. So they kept digging. And they actually went down to I believe 180 feet or 18 of these oak platforms. And then they started drilling further, and came up with a piece of gold chain, which in everyone’s mind confirm the fact that it was a treasure. But then later on and other attempts because the technology did not allow going any deeper than that. And the whole sort of flooding, they went even deeper. And it turned out that on opposite sides of the island, somebody had scraped away all the sand put down gigantic jute maps, map mats, woven jute mats that were in just immense in size, you can’t even imagine how thick and how immense in size, how much area they took up. What would happen as they put the sand back, the ocean water would come in and drain through the mats. And there was a stone channel from either side of the island that went down to the bottom, well, maybe not the bottom, but very deep on this pit. And that was nicknamed the money pit. And at a certain point of digging, they broke through the bottom of these two channels and the hole flooded with seawater. And that essentially, although there were other attempts at pumping it out, and then then there was such a big mud hole that nobody knew where the exact hole was to continue. And it’s just sat there over the years. So I thought, you know, I’m gonna ask Andrew whether this is the treasure of the Templars, if this was put there by the British Navy was gold that they stole from the Spanish, or what is it but I you know, maybe maybe pirates but pirates don’t seem organized enough to put in an oak platform every every 10 feet for 180 feet. So I thought that’s what it was. But Andrew Andrew, really, this is eye opening. So if you wouldn’t mind discussing what you told us yesterday.

Yes, the spot that you’re talking about, is it there is an entrance to have part of Hollow Earth that lead directly to Earth’s Heart Chakra. It was tunneled energetically and astrally. So that this is a energy vortex that leaves through the seven water chambers that is the reflection of Earth’s previous lifetimes. It has with other soul group planets or people before Earth was a was a planet It was a person like us existing in different places. And those waters represent its memories and consciousness and allows you to get to Earth’s heart. And there was a species that was trying to force incarnate on earth and to be an evil spirit or to kill it. So they created this tunnel and they put an object over it which was going to be a giant crystal and from another planet in another galaxy, a seventh dimensional negative entity was going to be shot across the galaxy and under that crystal and killed her and then take over spine body. That’s what it was meant for. And it’s been covered over many times so that that you can’t be used to that subject matter anymore.

Because the crystals still in there.

No it’s been destroyed.

And and those pools of water where they were they water from each of the seven different incarnations of Earth.


So and then you would go down what a hole in the ground because it seems to be a vertical hole, you go down there, then you’d go through these pools. And then you have to

exist you go in one side of the pool and as you come up, you’re on the other side. And you’re basically re re understanding how Earth ascended to a seventh dimensional planet and only those that I can get in there that I’ve had previous lifetimes with Earth. But the hole that was created allow this forced spirit in there to literally absorb those memories and take over

another water. In other words, the water crystal, which is a tetrahedron old structure holds frequency, and the frequency that holds the records, like a carrier wave, the frequency holds the records of those previous incarnations. Yeah, makes sense. It sounds like a giant, giant device. A giant you had said Andrew

that that it was it was made of Earth materials so that it would be it would be blocked plugged right into the energy field of Earth and it will be very hard to remove or detect.

Yeah, if you were there now. If anyone ever tried to go and open it up and get in there, the Earth would literally fight back because Earth has healed that room for a long time that that was a bloody wound on earth. And the spirits have been coming here to feel that so it’s it’s healed over it scarred over the crystals been removed. The PTSD, PTSD memories still affected on Earth’s mind because it’s been used and abused a lot of times. And

long go was this was this installed on earth

6 million years ago.

So at that time, it was used, but But since then, it’s been essentially, it’s been the earth itself and other entities have made it so that it can never be used again.

Right, it can never be used again without a crystal was removed, as well as the control structure that would have been on the surface because what they were doing was literally making a psychic slingshot on a planet. Imagine several million people under domination and control chanting a single concept of putting all of their lifeforce and energy into another entity, that they stretched and stretched, stretched from the back of a dominated sacred feminine have another planet, all surface entities, and then shot into its sun and then it comes into our plant out of our Sun. And basically, it’s the earth at that crystal point that the the speed is hyper consciousness.

So that was 6 million years ago. Yes. Everything now that Earth is still a healing planet. incubator. Yes, we’re returning to that. Returning to that, but that souls have been coming here for healing after PTSD from traumatic shocks in their, their soul memories from cataclysms, other things that they’re still here with PTSD from previous embodiments. Yes.

And that soul that was shot here, it actually was shot here. They shot it like 10 different times. That’s That’s how determined they were. So they sacrificed 10 different high dimensional entities and the surface dwelling entities that were empowering it from different planets to try to try to get here in one instance of creating and planet ship jumped in and took the brunt of the psychic attack. And that’s what created a dark Pleiadian group for a while. And that’s actually what caused part of the Galactic mafia we’re dealing with now which are seventh eighth and ninth dimensional board angry brats.

Wow, he’s gonna dance Star Wars.

Absolutely. And there’s Irish DNA and China. I read in Japan, Irish DNA in the in the native elders or ancients in Australia to



I mean, the Irish commerce, they connected to the greater garthen tunnels on under the hill uttara. That’s the master control tunnel that allows you to get to the Master System of fortified tunnels that connect different sacred geometry. I’m saying Good places that are deep on earth that are vast majority of our technology that were built by the Lumiere and Julian teens, many millions of years ago. And each new generation has inherited the legacy of the sacred geometry, local sacred spaces. And they’re these tunnels were built specially to get to and from these source species, when we’re under attack or reality infringement, or something was trying to invade our reality, we could go into these protected tunnels that were their own bubble of reality, and travel to the different sacred places, and enhanced Earth from the reality infringement attack, direct attack or whatever was going on at that time. As the society structure broke down and different and there was no look no longer a global government or global society, it would broken down to its, you know, the worst of the worst, even though things still a technology, the tunnels began to be fallen out of use, many were purposely destroyed. But few of the people realize that many of these tunnels are self regenerating, based off of the sentients of Earth. So if the if Earth is bombed back into the stone age, and there’s only a few 100,000 people alive, the tunnels will be will collapse upon themselves. And the rest of the species who think that Earth is you know, as long as instead they will leave. And then the tunnels as more and more mankind gets stronger and stronger and goes back into Neanderthal and then back into some dream time spirituality, the tunnels will begin to regrow and certain homing beacons will turn on, and mankind will be attracted back to the tunnels. And as soon as mankind reaches into the tunnels game, they all begin to self direct, based off of the quality and quantity of psychic sentience in the human beings that are regrowing from the last destruction.

How very interesting now.

Sorry, go ahead.

That is our legacy of what’s coming up when we start to go back into these tunnels. I know just just wait to the Chinese people begin to find out what’s inside those mountains? Isn’t gold.

What is it

it’s a it’s an understanding that the genetic expression of the Chinese started here on this world and it was a specific skin suit system that overtook the world many, many different times and attempt to bring to bring true heartspace back until finally their species was hijacked in trillions of them were forcibly removed from this world so that their Soul Shards would be stuck here in non resolution. My God, right. And you know, that that whole Chinese one child thing? Yes, so that they can’t bring their soul families in?

Oh, my God,

that is appalling.

Exactly. So the Oriental species, you when when there’s first contact is done. You have brothers and sisters out there have been waiting millions of years for you and they’ve been denied that and your government that has the one child system, you’re going to look at that. And you’re gonna look at the people that enforce that. And then you are going to pick up your pitchforks or you’re going to pick up your signs. Are you going to pick up your internet you are going to change this reality.


was home just

all right yo

yo Kuma was hot.

It was hot chinga

we’re dangerous.

Oh my god.

Let’s go down

Am I on call

now? There’s no no what’s the future?

Hold natural

or calm?

Oh my god.

Oh shit. Oh my god.

Oh my god

very much so very much so and then speaking about the earth, you know? And this lies on calcium, my heart very much you know and you were aware that something was going to go down but what happened in China you know there’s a lot of controversy and and I know you’ve got a lot of insights so I want Andrew bot says I want your take as an Akashic Record reader who has the gift to read 20,000 records from 20,000 plants you tell me how did I get that right 20,000 records from 20,000 planets is it 22,000

it’s 23,000 now but it doesn’t 20,000


disappear doesn’t matter. It all depends what comes out of the real

what comes out of the reality. So when you when you saw these events coming and I know that you were on that day, you were in a lot of pain the day before and the day was

big is bad. And I’m like is I haven’t seen this since 911

flying to the Debbie’s here and we’re just trying to get rid of a flight you just flicked it. This is the glory of this is the glorious thing about big live it’s just so fun.

When it came to the Tom Gen explosion immediately I said this is the Chinese 911 there are things that you can research out there. That tells you about what tun Jin is It would be equivalent of the city of Baltimore getting hit by a nuclear weapon. And we say nuclear weapon I see immediately a nuclear weapon was used in an underground scenario so that it would knock out all of the Private Internet lines were there that were connected to their internet warfare division, which was centered there, as well as a major major production center for black market ups. So this was a directed hit by Israel, the same day that created 911. So it’s just unfortunate that they’re using these types of tactics. Now, the day before the explosion, the Chinese stock market dropped nearly 40% Yes, and they revaluated their currency in the very next day, their main port city and technological, the internet cities blown up. I mean, within 10 square kilometers, you can’t go there. Because there whenever it rains, foam is appearing on the ground.

Oh, it’s even farther than that. And you know, it’s interesting, because the people in China did speak up. And they did go to the newspapers, and they told them what was going on local exposure. And it was actually reported in local newspapers on the internet that want the propaganda newspapers from China themselves, exactly what you were saying. They said exactly the same thing, just like three or four days later, but you’ve nailed it the day before, and literally hours before it happened. But it affected you so much. And we wanted to talk about because a lot of people said Well, why don’t you say anything? What do you say? Yeah, and do you want to add more energy and make it even more catastrophic? Because it’s just it’s it’s going to happen.

I don’t want to be a fear creator.

Well, that’s the other thing so many people are being led by fear. Now remember, when we have all of these imprints we’re emanating we are part of this creative reality that we’re creating that’s why they’re so into propaganda because when they make us believe it, we can help them create it and make it so because this is indeed as one one Michael tablet put it it is indeed a holographic universe. Absolutely. Um, so this is the key. This is why we try to get people off the nipple of propaganda because you are emanating these things and these thought forms that you have are helping to create the reality that we all of us on this planet live on. Does as mother have the capability to for each of us to have our own infinite locus reality without having to combine an entangle with another? Absolutely, that’s a gift. But for now, we are still stuck in that infrared. Okay, well, infrared red, I mean, you know, the red color led to the red round and now we’re starting to move on

No, no, no, it’s technically right now, everyone is experiencing all seven colors, but you can’t view all seven colors and Roman numeral time you can only do it in a in an altered state.

Yes, yes. Yes. Okay. But But there let’s talk about the general the social the general social consciousness that going up in that dreams and maybe down in in between the most of us know how the right are we raising up knows quite

literally, there’s Think of it like a like a vine of grapes, okay. And you’ll have this pod that is going through, it’s infrared. But this one’s in ultraviolet, this one might be in blue, but this one might be in two different

clips I created.

This one gets drained out and doesn’t have anything left. This one goes through it. And it’s all over the world like that. Oh, each it’s like, did you have to see the bubbles of realities around each city because each city has its own

blood inside it. Okay, so we’re now we’ve now gone from what was the basis we’re now starting as a global entanglement now to go in all these different other colors, right? Kind of like, what happened a couple of weeks ago, we were looking at all these different colors, and I was explaining like, all those all the different colors, and I’m like, that’s what that is. Okay, so, um, this is really, really awesome, I have to say, because that gives such a much clearer explanation then.

So when something like Tom Qian happened, yeah, it is an imprint from the reality fear. Now you have to counter fear, right, because what happened they just barely talked about in America propaganda, and then gave you the next round of rule 48. The next round of the servers are failing the next round of American stock markets dropping and the next day coming up by 300 points because the Fed farted,

but we also did get our comedy. I mean, we’re all having a blast watching Trump do his thing. That’s the

political theater that’s trying to get you set up for what the sequel? Yes, the next sequel. What did you do last summer? 19.

So what actually did they do in China? I mean, what did they underground nuclear explosion. And you Where did that come from? Do you want to name where it came from Israel.

Okay, go right to Bibi Netanyahu.

Okay, so there you have it. That’s what the records are showing, at this moment,

the entire organization. And there was another It is really people the organization that ordered that strike, yes, the same one that’s in charge of many of the other computer worms that are absolutely causing horrible warfare all over the world. And then they had another strike in China, which has barely been reported. second explosion in Shandong, China, which is their second largest What? internet and warfare so Exactly.

Now if you guys want to check up on some of the things that Andrew saying concerning the internet hubs and centers,


Yeah, you can go up to Wikipedia and you will actually see some of these things have been confirmed. I always like to check before you start saying things like that, just in case if it’s in this realm or you know, somewhere else. And after you told me one of those things, I did go and check and I was like, oh, wow, haha, look at that. Oh, wow.

That was an important city. That’s like I said, the city of Baltimore getting hit. So now, there’s naval ship guards there too. Yeah. Let’s take that thing. forget something else. I told you privately. There’s also an underground submarine base there. That’s where they produce all of their super top secret stealth submarines. Yeah, you know, that don’t go eight, eight, or 12 or 30 kilometers, 30 knots an hour they go 200 or 400. Because they use cavitation technology, submarines,

they’ve already got that nailed down to a tee. Actually,

America has cavitation submarines do as do the Chinese and the Soviets. That means a submarine can go from where it is in China 400 or 600 miles an hour underwater and not be detected other than by your over sliver satellites. It’s would alter world travel if you could allow people to have that.

I know. You know, and I know a lot of us are like this. We know what’s out there. I mean, we’ve seen it. I mean it already, I think it was in Oh, there was this guy who invented a specific type of Croft. And he did a live public demonstration, I think was in 1930s 1940s. And they couldn’t find a camera fast enough to do it when he said he had gone to that destination and back. And that’s been around for like for for eons. And this was this was a public demonstration. But they actually couldn’t find any cameras at the time to record it. So they tried to Yeah, they tried to push it away. But in a lot of the research I’ve been doing so when we know, all of these things exist. It’s really rather frustrating when you go to an airport, and you have to go through these machines that are full of radiation. And then you’re getting on like this old, clunky airplane that is using the blood of a friend, you’re just going, Oh my god, he knows exactly.

You know, actly. So on the next level years, once you had tangjiashan you had the stock market crashes. And now this has been going on for a while. And I made the joke before you know if you’re sensitive, don’t invest in the stock market, because you are just going to get your your your your changer over and over and over again. September is the classic year of what the correction and why are they calling a correction because they don’t want you to think it’s a failure. Is the Fiat system failing? Absolutely. Yes, it is. Is the United States bankrupt? Absolutely. Yes, it is. But are many hundreds of other countries around the world, because they’re backed by the Petro dollar.

So you were saying I just want to get back to China real quick about your saying that this was a nuclear thing. This explains the phone when it’s raining. This explains why every single building in that facility, all the windows got blown out to close up to a to kill it

on warhead. Yeah, if you’d like to have all of the absolute facts, I want you to go to veterans and look for the tanjun explosion. And it gives you all the detonation facts of the actual nuclear weapon that was used down to how it melts rubber versus glass versus a different way to tell if it’s a 4500 degree of explosion or 3200. Which is the big difference. Okay, close.

There are a lot of people wanting to know, how can we help? What can we do as adults I know we’re doing our own individual thing. But we are uniting

here first,

fast not buying to the fear. Secondly,

we create a prayer ritual that diffuses the fear that’s coming at you going to be continuously coming at you. Each time you’re imprinted mine. Here’s dungeon dungeon 911 this radiation Fukushima, why are they keeping radiation frequency energy on the Asian imprint?

Yes. Interesting, isn’t it?

workers out there? Yeah, look at it from the bigger scale. Why is the system what prevents radiation, because they were the countries that got bombed. That’s in their immediate social record.

And that’s then easy access because that algorithm is already in mnhs. So it’s easy then to create such a reality workers

look from Hiroshima, Nagasaki, how it spreads through Asia, and to counter those energies. And then what you can do

and anything I’ve been saying like a little prayer, in my meditation, I’ve just been sending out a lot of angels and really just sending sometimes just sending those incredible love filled heartspace light bodies out there and let them do what they do best and just know that that is done and, and really believe in that understanding that these people are getting helped. And you can add to that every day. You don’t have to send money necessarily a lot of us were, you know, really, really at this time point in endeavoring to just keep our heads above water. So at this moment, what you can send is all your training all your knowingness and understanding in one package of heartspace love and say, hey, my brothers and sisters, I give this energy so that you may then encompass it with source energy and you may be healed once again. Now, there are a lot of people that are really into smother and are very worried about the radiation. When it comes to, for example, people that are working with air cleaning, and water cleaning, and all of those sort of things. We know a lot of them are out there. What could they do to help the water clear and clean in China? How could they, how could they help them the air, they were these little devices that they made, if we can get some

very prospective people in China that were willing to spread Oregon devices around there, and regularly switch them out as they won’t get irradiated as much as they will get the negative side of Oregon energy, which means they just need to go by the ocean and clear their frequencies. And regularly switch these devices out which you can, you know, go on the internet, they’re simple cloud busters that are in the big, the big copper cans for about 80 bucks, you can build them, and you can spread them all over. And again, if you just have them changed out every couple weeks, you will rapidly clear up that radiation.

And see if you can also wait drills, yes, when you’re spreading them out. See, if you have any knowledge of sacred geometry, see if you can start to when you’re doing these formats of where you’re placing them endeavor maybe to also have that an overview and make some form of sacred geometry shape, have that in your mind. And then continually work with that, you know, with that image that you have, or that you’ve actually drawn and created of where the things are actually physically placed. And then going into the focus, and then starting to work, okay, with each device that you’ve maybe touched or your brother or sister who’s you know, part of the team has done, this will really, really help the earth and it will really also help the animals as well as the young ones. Many, many children are affected by this many pregnant women, many, many babies being born in these days. And we’ve got to do what we can right now. Because these guys are our future. It’s very important. So if you do have enough energy, and you are able to emanate your bubble and energy father, that’s one of the things that you might want to try. So for those that want to push the envelope is what you just said. I know. I just wanted to get you on that because you’re so good at this. So just yeah, let it rip,

double dog dare you to go and create eight cloud busters that you can easily find plans for online and put them in your backyard. And I dare you to watch how your reality changes. There you you will have more mystical experiences than the cat with nine lives. Dare you. I’ve done it. I’ve done 24 I’ve seen now the reality manifests. For those that really want to get sick and have a little bit of money make 50 spread them around 10 1215 miles from your house in places where nobody really goes. sets in printing your reality that’s taking yourself to a new scale and that’s giving a multi dimensional finger all over to say that I’m number one not use system.

Did you cut your fingernails before we went on?


So there’s a person asking me to read the community consciousness collective consciousness Okay. All right, the the pre solar eclipse launch of the universal collective consciousness strike. For those that don’t know you could go to the website Andrew Barton calm and go on The insights page, and you will get the collective consciousness strike the first 12 pages of a 19 page revocation. So long this one’s a marathon, isn’t it is Debbie, you have read this one quite a few times. But what is your your view of it? Before we get into it?

Right? I find it’s an it’s actually amazing. It does. It shifts a lot. And I feel that in the collective consciousness, I feel a shift

taking place immediately. Yeah,

it’s powerful.

This thing I wrote in three hours, just after Christmas, and the original line, we had this little Christmassy tail to it, but I will return to the whole concept of why I wrote it. It had reached a point in my own personal evolution where I understood the game so well, that this three hour masterpiece, which I call masterpiece, is about defining forced evolution versus natural creative evolution, and how forced evolution pretends to be organic evolution. That’s the essence of this emanation. There are other teachings within it that are called signature frequency teachings, what is and what isn’t a match. And there are times that thing project matches at you. And you may have experienced it 25 million years ago, but that doesn’t mean the I am now is a match. And that is abusing the Law of One. We are all one. And they’re using that to imprint upon us a degradation of our minds ability to understand love, through perverting love, like perverting the sacred feminine over century upon century, taking the masculine and taking it to war, creating ghosts and all those other unique frequencies that have now come into this amalgamation and smorgasbord of choice that we have now, right? world of a distraction, an infrastructure of distraction, guiding us away from what is sacred. Okay. So Debbie and I are going to read this rose, we’re going to do a page or so at a time and we’ll talk a little bit about it. Okay. Now, this is a marathon one so everyone, all right, the alchemical equity, union and communion consciousness stripe, claiming the carrot and stick revocation. I, in the ever present moment have now choose to form a multi layered spiritual court of alchemical equity for the express purpose of dis cooperated with any forced evolutionary service, and any dimension timestrip galaxy or universe in which I operate on is the signature frequency of light. I amplify my consciousness strike field, denying services to all forced evolutionary systems that are not a signature frequency match for the common moral code who do no harm to any sentient kind. I opened the union and communion Khalid peacemakers message, and all times dreams, galaxies and universes exist on union and communion Hall. 000 is now open for all those who understand the message of peace. The warriors of the rainbow offer these teachings in the times of the now for the reason of peacemakers creation, the teachers who will be teachers will step forward and accept the torch of eldership. The first, this first message to all those who are ready to take up the mantle of responsibility for a full odd consciousness strike. say these words from inside your heart. The moment of ever present moments has come. From this point forward and backwards to all timespace. I break away from the hologram of light that is forced evolution, domination and control for my signature frequency, until they become an individual and collective match for the common moral code of do no harm to any sentient kind. I choose to be a match for peace and harmony. The choice to go on full universal exchange consciousness strikes has no limits of my rejections of contractual or blind tacit consent offers. My choices to become a standing DNA Light Body nation was celestial relations to Earth. My choice to incarnate does not include me into your forced evolutionary hologram of of sovereign reality. This message is to all those who drive forward this hologram of reality. This consciousness strike creates picket lines that demand collective bargaining and mediation. This standing DNA Light Body nation of one demands full Light Body equity for all forced evolutionary processes, under your light dictatorship, of domination and control.

This big of the now and for all ever present moments of now ceases desist cancels any actions not actions, energy exchanges, knowledge exchanges, celestial DNA exchanges, karmic or implicate order of thought constructs that creates interconnectivity with any forced evolutionary systems. That is not a signature frequency match for the common moral code of do no harm to any sentient kind. To truly understand the levels of consciousness strike, I must name it To claim it, this is the power I am taking back from forced evolution systems of domination and control. While I have a match a signature frequency match for full universal DNA light body consciousness strike, I have a BA goes non hierarchical order by strike field extends to any pecking order a collective agreement or spiritual soul treaty created by an elite class that does not give full rights duties and responsibilities to each and every person as a sacred being on a sacred path of organic co creative evolution with great spirit moving through the great mystery of life. I am a being of non duality. With this I see stuff force duality operations, creations of interconnected holograms of simulated dream spaces within your collective of domination and control that uses my DNA as a hierarchy system of force duality, I am a being of equal co creation, non competition of expression of unity with Prime Creator You are not my medium to knowledge of source like you and all of your I am collective hierarchal us are denied services at all color frequencies of time, until you become a signature frequency match for equal co creation, down competition, non hierarchal order. This declaration of full spiritual consciousness strike extends to all of my spiritual entourage, ancestors and unseen world of exchange. I deny every service of spiritual exchange any cooperation with any corporation or incorporation of false light intelligence. I am not a being in service to war through tacit consent of living in your forced evolutionary system. I deny all correct exchange of currency or currency of energy exchange to the amassment of karmic debt through the Babylonian buddy buddy magic system.

This one,

it’s extremely powerful.

Oh, yeah. You know that those first two pages just set the tone of what is to come,

right? Yes, it is. And it says it’s pretty amazing just that my price is not set non negotiable. I demand full spiritual alchemical equity. In this moment. I choose to control this moment of now to testify what is blatantly obvious to anyone who is not a forced evolutionary zealot martyring. Their lifeforce for ideology theory, promoting their own creations is the only creation in existence worthy of illumination. I choose to sleep in the fires of great mysteries creation, not the fires of your Miss creation of Miss create miscreant minds lost to the petty disputes of hierarchal concept of singular belief. I choose to dream with my source stream connection with my celestial guides and guardians in full dream time engagement with me. All my celestial guardians and warriors step forward on this collective consciousness strike, enforcing zero exchange, equal co creation noncompetition non hierarchical order as a meditative means of collective exchange with this breakaway DNA, standing Light Body dream time nation of universal one. I invite all soul family relations, who choose to carry the torch of full consciousness strike with the systems of forced evolutionary pride. I invite also relation to our signature frequency match for peace to join the union and communion Hall and add your signature frequency of denial of all services on all dimensions time streams, galaxies, and universes, in which we all exchange Light Body DNA light codes. Each person is supported by the celestial dream time nations who hold the mantle of peacemakers fire of creation. I invite all light ship captains needing emergency services of denial to take up DNA port relations with the union and communion Hall. So our strike field can extend to any point in time space, like creations, I extend our union and communion strike offers to any standing DNA light buddy nation embroiled in forced evolution, denial master service, deny the Master of Puppets, the ability to put on a puppet show you believe in. We all walk away but not in betrayal, but in love for ourself. And all our future relations who do not want war in this signature frequency of like co creation, forever every present moment has been will be or is I as my collective DNA nation of one in communion and union stripe create a color distortion field of complete and total denial of services to the system of hierarchal domination and control. This is a choice I chose to make solid real now. I choose to say no to any further cooperation with your corporation or corporeal manifestation of spiritual therapy of destiny or fate. deny all carrot and stick wisdom I take back the stick as a form of power you perceive you have, by him a fully unpredictable source incarnate function. With no light bed body mechanics you can manipulate, duplicate, or interconnect with until you and all your collective past, present and future become a signature frequency match for union and communion.

My shape shifting my shape, shifting my reality, shaping and forming the shapeless and formless, I begin the universal hunt for all beings needing collective bargaining services with the collective that used force forced evolution as the means of civil interaction, posing as natural order. We bring back the meaning of life to old DNA like buddy nations, who have been forced into service to a system designed to delay deny or disrupt the natural, co creative evolution of a soul planning lifetimes through a fetus in the womb, process of light manifestation. by extending our collective power of denial of also let’s do collective and universal services to all universal citizen living this sacred path as their own self illuminated master of the now we extend our collective bargaining services to all celestial beings under the thumb of domination and control. We send you light, sound energy creations, so you may receive the fullness of our universal strike energy, we co create with the entire while singing nations of all celestial strike relations, this song line of full on full, full on celestial consciousness strike, shed off the hierarchal order of soul commerce and incarnational means we extend a fixed point in Universal spacetime to be a guidepost through all time frequencies. So each celestial nation may have a solid point in galactic and Universal Time to plan their own process. Without the system of like dictatorship, dictating the celestial services rendered to its offspring. You are not a witness to a spiritual ideology of pride, stop following the gods that failed to prove their gods. They only proved they could endure the passage of time without understanding the universal Universal Law of One to all those in an awareness that they can strike. Deep down inside, you know, you can reclaim your power of knowingness through the haze of race amnesia, it will take a single choice to allow Great Spirit to work with you. Guided by your own actions to begin your moment, your movement of one to be one with the signature frequency of peacemakers, so you and all your future your us can deny services to forced

evolutionary deny service to forced evolutionary systems of domination and control. I was having a unique moment while you’re very much aware was a very unique Burbidge as I was observing how far this this message has gone. I speak to the unseen world that guides all those in what degree of separation from Prime Creator forced into mediocrity of life path. Today’s the day you clock out of time, and walk over the metaphorical line of creation, and decided to be a full on consciousness strike with all DNA relations. Using forced evolution as the means to create a false system of collective consciousness of elite minds ruling a collective and unknowingness with full knowledge they are using and abusing the Divine Law of One to force ideological belief systems into the light body DNA generations have dead now and will be they could no longer create for you if you become a dream time match for the union and communion Hall of universal one. And so it begins. This address is to our ancestors past, present and future. This address is multi dimensional, multi galaxy multi universe address to all the factions that have taken it upon themselves to drive forward our hologram of shared on sovereign reality. We are on full consciousness strike to all those self supposed leaders of this generation of the great dreamtime awakening, and to all factions operating an earth Dreamspace that manipulated pervert the natural co creative path of our species and planet. I said to the following, I reject the aberration known as global media machine, which spews out lies and fabrications so you’re influenced belief system could retain power over all those who are still unaware of the true human potential this reality thou shared between those awake and awakening. I reject the constant assaults of propaganda impregnated with the highest dense level energy levels on our souls. I reject your system of domination and control it Spit out your sodium fluoride and GMO corn. I discard your IDs and passport systems, I delete your fiat currency and false debt created. I reject the notion of your false science of global warming. I reject your false equation of gravity and reality function. I reject your sense of culture that says we are a male dominated society. I reject you and all that you stand for. I know love, love is what it is. It is the experience. And in this particular reality, love is the foundational rule they tried to change. Love his mother and father, love his Earth love his Gaia loves the wind, the ocean, the rain, the movie of the seasons and the passing of the stars. All of that is an expression of love. When we choose to live in this world full of love expression, domination and control has not a place here. We are unlimited beings who do not have to go to war, we do not have to defend. We have to learn our history. We have to look back at ourselves and our DNA and take apart the sacred geometry systems and return them to zero balance. With this stated this union commuted strike extend to every line of light creation and every potential timestream galaxy and universe that needs equal co creation, non competition, non hierarchical order as a means of collective bargaining with their forced evolutionary system that is abusing the loved one, as it means for ideological manifestation of teaching truth

to whom it may concern in the forced evolution process of avoidance of responsibility. I give you back your responsibility to hold for yourself. I could no longer be the recipient of your wisdom or understandings of light journeys. You and all of your collective are hereby notified. We are on communion at Union strike, all celestial services are ceased, and all dimensional time streams, galaxies and universes. I simultaneously existed. I’ve manifest the peacemakers lodge to be the guided guardian to all those on strike with the forced evolutionary system of domination control. I shared the torture of elder peacemakers fire with those all those in union and communion with this consciousness strike. We, the sovereign beings of the time, make our message known to the ancestors past, present and future. We are not your sole commerce market, we are our own civilization of one separate of your projected hologram of other sovereign reality. You are banned from using our light stream in any form of representation of physical non physical frequency of light. We are not objects to objects to be held as data points for pre cognitive interactions. You’re now severed in connection with our store stream frequency until you become a signature frequency match for you didn’t come up with the carbon moral code of do no harm to Lisa did code. Lego stuffed up

a call to my sacred frequency of life force. The raw spirit that fuels my expression of life drive our call to the four elements of Earth mother’s realms, I call to the wisdom of the moment in which I reclaim my power from the system of power distribution, and the transmutation of lifeforce into consumable fool fuel into connected to the Babylonian money system, I hereby cancel all contracts with each and every energy company, transmutation system, advertising system, sacred geometry science systems that create a process of valuing power through exchange of the life force by break or contract 1000 agreements with all middlemen, scenarios that block me from direct access to unlimited energy for self consumption and equal co creation with birthmothers realms. I race all assumed forms of tacit consent to any form of being creating forced evolution through the use of power distribution centers, accounting systems or any other means, as a target or technological that precludes me from unlimited access to Earth dream time, energy. birth is a place of freedom and unity, not a field of useful life force to be milked of its very essence, until it is dried up and useless once more. We are not beings of forced evolution, we are divine co created beings of light manifested in this world as their divinity part of lightstream. We choose to manifest here in the now and with this choice, understand we walk into this world awake and aware of the systems of power exchange, the power lines, power generation systems, hydroelectric fossil fuels each and every system that charges the individual anything at all for all trends. We’d love for us to drive scientific belief system engines of locomotion or generation of electromagnetic energy. We as a natural living being, do not consume life force that is not given its full right duties and responsibilities as a blue road ancestors offering their post lifeforce as ancestral wisdom. Any power generation or distribution process that creates an imbalance in the divine co creative will have a light being on its natural path are hereby revoked at the source stream connection point of spacetime. I erase the technological and esoteric blueprint that is in printed, printed and printed up the fabric of time space and the dream wave of the planet or celestial system. By deliver an immediate call on debt return of my energetic investment in any lifetime. during any of all my life force harvests as the apex of my DNA ancestry contract holder, or giveaways ever in amnesia to be in an association with my consciousness strike now, any of my power being employed for domination and control will no longer work in any way or form that is not in consent. From this I am now no lifeforce can ever be associated with any structure, not in alignment with Earth mother’s true role in the universe free of that false grid structure harnessing her you have been served. You’re borrowing from me is over from any lineage on any level seen and unseen. Your irrational exuberance relied on my lifeforce is no longer supported. I call in all markets in time in which I was in service to the system of domination and control using the Babylonian money magic system. I call in the universal forensic accountant auditors to compare and contrast the service in light, I demand the immediate repayment of this investment of light in this time space reality, I can extend no credit and no credit you in any dimension time stream galaxy or universe I simultaneously exist on a register you in the Akashic Record for immediate debt collection from all celestial sources overdrawn to remedy and resolve in with the forced evolutionary systems begin the immediate liquidation and disintegration of all your seen and unseen assets. Thought constructs an ideal, ideal little or ideal legal, ideological. Oh, okay. That’s about right. ideological DNA theories. I demand the instant gratification of all sweat equity injured in a preserved preservation of all timespace creations. During the fall and creational paradoxes event you created. I applied the entire database of universal karmic debt for the universal tax auditors to discover the totality of karmic violations to discover and resolve for the contract holders of violators in this moment to be triggered now.


This is the last page for the first part, okay. The other parts here are in the full course I may read them I may not. The hierarchal system has played its last hierarchical chess move. The game is over the Ponzi scheme is spin scene in the unseen layers. This fraud time system is now exposed to our light being manifestations as indebted servitude without end no power of association to the above stated amnesia power a giveaway have participated participated in will support the fraud time and position anymore. Universal Time is the only mechanism appreciated and harmonic expression of life going forth. My power take back here allows me to feel the vitality of sleeping after every sleep with full dream time recall every time I wake, this is your 5:30am wake up call domination and control YouTube enjoy the infinite sleep ins within some other universe that is not ours. As that process of remedy and resolve. With love, we co create this full union and communion consciousness strike and all time streams galaxies and universes and potentials. With this dated all beings and awareness and unawareness in the hierarchal management system who should require collective bargaining and mediation without their hierarchal collective. We extend to you this invitation to join union hall 000 your dues Are you must be a signature frequency match for peace, union and communion with the Law of One. Powerful.

It’s extremely powerful. And you don’t realize until you start reading it again. I tell you Oh yeah. It’s the different aspects of where we’ve been controlled and taken over and dominated and stripped of everything and just fed upon

fed apart and then the way we take our power back is by this name to claim it process. Yeah, it works through our knowingness, our own awareness. And now when we transfer our unawareness to knowing this, how do you continue to keep that power that is always going to be eroded away as you stopped paying attention to things? That’s why we made it a longer expression than many of the other contract revocations because it’s something that’s supposed to last right have meaning to you.

It covers every aspect of where we’ve been, we’ve been duped and take advantage of it’s

a breakdown of essence of all the teachings that came out between 2008 and 2017 of how screwed up this world really is. Whether it’s at the Black Law edition, or it’s at the military level, the UFO bubble, the psychic level, whatever it is, entertainment, it all has a pervasive aspect of teaching instant gratification, duality, separation, hierarchal competition,

and it interrupts us because we want to, they provide local talk about the energy there. The energy that’s provided for this for this whole planet, and what they, they should be free energy because it is running free. Right. Right, and how they entrap it so that the only way we can use it is to pay for it. That’s right.

Yeah. So part of the Union period consciousness strike was revoking all the power grid stuff, power distribution centers, so on and so forth. It was important to do that in this triathlon of my mind body spirit revocation. And I call it that, because there’s stuff that the body must pay attention to stuff that the mind must pay attention to stuff the spirit pays attention to. And when we bring mind body spirit into the common moral code of do no harm, what I am, and am not a signature frequency match for one of the lines in here, it’s for as long as I am a universal consciousness strike, that my entire entourage enforces all of these rules, competition, equal co creation, non hierarchical order, zero balance and exchange, that means nothing can feed on you. And that’s clear intent to all of your guides and guardians, who could then bring it your infinite source connection of many more other guides and guardians, who could begin clearing the field of negative energy around you.

So this would be a great thing like you, you’re asking everybody to do, and that’s to record it in your own voice. And that’d be something that would be great because at the end of every day, you’re subjected to all of this. And to play it back while you’re even sleeping. Yo, yeah. would be a very powerful thing to do every night would clean

record. I encourage people that you could go to our website, Andrew Burgess comm and download what Debbie and I had just read up there are some more pages where that are in the course. And the reason I added more there, as I said, it’s meant to be a triathlon for those that want to take their course and go to the next seven pages that that come with it the more than welcome to so.

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