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Andrew Bartzis (Galactic Historian) – Origins of War Part 4: Syria – Some Sense to the Nonsense There, Amazing Earth [Transcript]

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Each different bundle of realities true a galactic historian is a person that looks at all the lines of dramatic karma nudge nudge, it’s the holy grail,

improvised mysterious

counter psychic intelligence by a DNA finding of this dark cluster is so important, because we do manifest our reality to create our reality. You know what I’m gonna do? Alone second.

What? Zero Hedge? What was the clue? So I got that article from I

know what the theme of it was. Hold on.

Ah, here it is. It is the Zero Hedge article. Famed war reporter Robert Fisk reaches Syrian chemical attack site and concludes they were not gassed.

It’s actually a good one to bring out after a long rubber feast. I have one firm.

Now, what do you know about what you said you love? What do you give a quick, you know, thing about Robert fist? He’s a super war reporter. He’s been everywhere? Well, I

mean, you can you can shut me down on this. But in Australia, there’s a really famous reporter by the name of john Georgia. And he is forged his own truth. Very, very dense time. Like he went to Palestine. He went to Cambodia and he went, he did a massive thing on Diego Garcia. Oh, that was taken. Yeah, stuff like that. So he’s, he’s really challenged a lot of the global narrative. And even he did an interesting thing about going back a few years where he was talking about the World Bank, and IMF, and he actually interviewed the guy before Christian, Christian, whatever his name is, it’s in charge of the IMF, there was a, there was another French guy that was outed by a really bad sex scandal sort of thing. But he had interesting perspective. So it’s just ironic, but he, he’s in sort of a hero league for a long time.

And I put Robert Fisk in parallel to that sort of old school sort of reporter that goes out into the field and finds a story in truth. And Robert Fisk has been based in the Middle East for decades. And I’m reading that article that he speaks Arabic and all that sort of stuff, too. He has, he has a great appreciation for the coaches in the Middle East. He’s he’s sort of a guy that would not leave a stone unturned, and totally, very disciplined in his craft, and would go to the source and get sources and has a lot of rapport with probably the apex leaders in the region that allow him or afford him a voice because he affords me a perspective that breaks. It’s like the trump twitter thing that he breaks the, you know, trolls direct and people were, say Robert Fisk provides a voice and avenue of truth that really the narrative can’t handle because in so exceptional.

So this is reported around the world accepting the United States, Robert, Robert Fisk stuff, none of the major news stations had any of any of that one. Now, the reason I bring this particular one up, is because Sirius still the center of they’re trying to shut the energies down. You know, they’re trying to keep the war energy over the sacred geometry systems that are there, and the energy harvesting systems that are there. Now.
Those systems eventually need to be repaired. And they are in great disrepair now, because of what’s been happening on the surface.

Now, there’s great subsurface technologies that were let’s just say military bases were built on and around Syrian notation, berries are built on around and part of this whole proxy war thing by multiple things is to capture certain deep underground military bases from the Syrian surface organizations there because there’s, you know, hardcore technology that they want to get access to down there. Now, galactic history, I talked about these things called control rooms.

There is control rooms, multiple control rooms in that area. multiple different forms of technology from ancient builder technology, founder species technology and technology that is extra universal. All about the opening and closing of portals in the oceans in that area, the Mediterranean. Don’t the Red Sea, the whole that whole area. It’s going to bring huge volumes of lifeforce.

Yeah, I’ve actually, why are you bringing that up? I don’t mean to interrupt me. I’ve actually seen a lot of articles about there’s a lot of effort around Crete to access oil tenements in the sea. And there’s a lot of conjecture around that. So that’s quite interesting. But I don’t want to take you away from Syria.


trying to figure out how I can layer this next part in

Yeah, in I’m actually planning on releasing an AI technology takeaway in cyber warfare video that’s been brewing for a while. And one, one part I wanted to get for that was related to the control rooms. Now the control room switches, I think, yeah,

these control rooms in Syria, now, they have been there’s basis have built on been built on top of them for hundreds of years. Now, there’s just an A modernization process that went on, where you have more modern concrete bunkers built on top of things that were built on top of things, you know, to make them more orbital, you know, more damage proof from a weapons being dropped upon them, so on and so forth. There are, let’s just say, factions, or we’ll just call them proxy armies that have captured something that has been long into the Syrian military control, when it deals with a portal generating system that can directly go to the moon, to Mars, Venus, Saturn, and a handful of other larger, larger, larger objects, not necessarily moons, but asteroids and stuff. And it’s a, a system that was highly prized during the build out of the solar system in the 40s 50s, and 60s.

Now, that system, it had its own technological issues that cost a fortune. And a secondary system was discovered in the 70s in the 80s. And that system went offline to be repaired. And a number of these mercenary factions that or, or those factions that got in there and capture those bases, were actually able to send people off world and bring people offload on world. So there was a a way of getting people that were in offworld scenario back here without any information or exchange or immigration or anything. So you have a big exchange of highly technical personnel who have lived off oil the whole life or suddenly on world on earth embroiled into this proxy army now

so this can I say it’s going back to the say the battle for like the Golan Heights with Israel and Syria back in the 70s

Yeah, but Israel still battling here too. They they’re still the thing they’re still bombing stuff to that the whole thing is trying to kick out these these proxy faction armies. Now ISIS and ISO and all those others about 80 proxy faction armies going on there right now, each a different aspect of the apparatus trying to maintain control and stop people from breaking in and get access to high levels of technology that you know in normal scenarios was perfectly well guarded. Now we’re into what the eighth year of that war.

Yeah, it’s

only a matter of time before before the chain of command breaks down and you can penetrate it. And that’s what these proxy armies are doing. They’ve digital waiting and waiting and waiting for the chain of command to break down so that they can break into these facilities. Now, there was the situation where a fat a proxy faction did get into a Syrian base that did have, we’ll just call them the monotype craft. Now they have not been functioning or working for decades. And they were something that was kind of more like museum pieces. But if when that faction broke in there, they got one to work. And this is really what let’s just say, put a twig in Trump’s underwear. Because it meant they might actually have to show technology to shoot down one of these craft that could damage a lot of their standard terrestrial defense systems. And then you have extra terrestrial defense in this particular Vermont vemana can actually faster than light teleport not faster than light travel, it’s it becomes a single photon that can multiply exist in many places simultaneously until it decides to where it solidifies, which makes it very, very hard to target.

And imagine if something like this flew over the city of Russia, and they couldn’t shoot it down. And it’s one or two weapons on it can lay down 200 or 400, laser blasts before it goes somewhere else. And it could just keep doing that over and over and over again, against every place. Even though the gun on it may be very small, it is still affecting the the narrative itself.

This is fascinating. All right. Fascinating. Cuz, as always, if I can think up, Andrew is self disclosure in TV shows. And there’s a TV show a sci fi TV show called dark matter. And this this sort of mercenary group of highly trained military people that would be employed by these, these corporations, because they’re not governments anymore. They’re corporations or they’re monarchies on a galactic scale, right? And then this little, this little one group of people, they, they still this technology called a blink dryer. And the blink drive would allow them to get anywhere in the universe and anytime, get beyond any shows motion off, and then get out of there and stuff. That’s exactly like that. Interesting.

Interesting. Well, this one, you actually you, you simultaneously exist, so the ship turns into thousands of ships. Yeah. Which one’s the one that’s going to solidify, it was an it was an aspect of a, during an era where there was a specific type of defense here, because they could have 10s of thousands of these vamana that could make the make it look like there’s 10s of millions of ships coming at you. And you wouldn’t know which ones are the real ones. And there was no way your sensors or your physics or your science could figure it out, because they were all about a little while real until it solidified. Anyway.

So how long ago? I mean, how technology is saying that this kind of just a quick, quick together, I appreciate you appreciation.

So 17 million years ago, the second rise of Atlanteans, when the majority of the andromedan defender groups came here to maintain reality, it was the reality pops, essentially.

So thanks for that. But back to now, with Trump not being happy.

Yeah, that’s a twig in his underwear with that. Because this put this, this put them in a situation where they had to show a different form of something they didn’t want to show. Because, again, I will maintain Trump as a mercenary inside the apparatus right now. Yeah. And if you really understand that, say, saven. He is a mercenary inside the global apparatus of control. And he is the head of the military. He’s the head of the esoteric battle system. So everything to this, this perspective president seen and unseen. Whether he knows it or not, is a is a is going to be a battle going forth now. Is Is he gonna show technology? Is he not gonna show technology is because there’s only certain things you can say without revealing that there’s infinite energy technology and then the world markets crash, but he can do a laser strike on blah, blah, blah and say, This is technology. We’re rolling out and telling you about it and the people go, Oh, okay.

Yeah, yeah. My attitude, and it’s just that perspective. Is everything will be done to create a distraction to avoid revealing the tech that breaks the narrative can obviously, obviously, despite what drama, he sort of offers related to his outbursts and trolling, as you say, which is funny. He’s still totally in alignment with the narrative because it’s he’s an aspect of the control. So how much is he actually aware of, but it sounds like he must be aware or information is presented to him that is effective for him to maintain the narrative.

So before he came into the office, he had his own advisors, it’d be esoteric. He knew he could never get in there without doing his own version of that, hiring his own apparatus of psychic defenders and psychic offenders. So he has that as the as that apparatus that exists around them. That’s why he’s got his Mar Lago competence. Why do you want to make game Trump Towers, that’s why he didn’t give up. That’s why he didn’t put his company since suspend suspension, like all the other companies that all the other presidents have done before him is he had to maintain his power as esoteric power base in which he can drop on energy. You know, that’s what is a mercenary. You knew he had to go in there doing that. Now, once he became president, he understood that he would rapidly lose his previous focus by the sheer amount of information that the President has to be aware of seen and unseen. Yeah. But he also knew he was wasn’t going to pay attention. That’s why he brought in all military people there, and all of the other ones are supposed to be the elite. And he can’t maintain a public presidency because he doesn’t want to. He wants to change the presidency itself. And he’s got reasons behind that. Because it can make them a very, very wealthy being, who at the end of it can start his own Trump country?

Yeah. Yeah. Say, despite it being an uprising, construct, reality narrative, whatever you want, he still got his own agenda, you know, no matter what.

Absolutely hierarchal battle now.

Yeah, yeah. So he’s, he’s an apex being a design organization.

He’s an apex predator. Best way to put him, he has put in the apex position of having tremendous amount of power for the military wing of the esoteric systems. Not remote influencing brigades and remote attack brigades. And that’s part of the military. It’s been part of the military for thousands of years. He knew going in, he would have access to that. It’s not about just the nuclear football. There’s other weapons that are way worse.

Yeah. Yeah. One of the one of the very early, amusing influence to the members was remote influence of brigades that I released. And remember, which, yeah, maybe it’d be worth releasing at some stage, but it’s just there for those that are dedicated, you know, if you’re interested, go back into the late 20 2017 releases related to members content. But let’s see, this conversation we’ve had for maybe about almost 20 minutes related to Syria, what’s going on? and a bit of the history and Reddit contents and stuff was related to Robert fees.

Yes, as honestly, he his article absolutely proves that there was no gas attack. Yes, without a shadow of a doubt,

which has been a ploy that’s redeployed many times, all right. tread

water, one guy doing it, not 55 making a global narrative change.

And Robert Fisk is like To me, it’s like those, like, say, say I labeled him in acronyms. purely because it’s true.

It’s nice to be able to get to Syria now with any form of passport is you have to have stroke. You and I can’t just get you know, fly to Syria right now.

Absolutely. It’s actually quite ironic how quickly got there as well though, like within days, you know, that

we went to Turkey and it was smuggled across

that’s why

And and how quickly this article came out and his perspectives because he actually has a lot of weight because he’s so respected. Right? Yeah. So I’m sure you found it quite interesting, right? That’s what you’re sort of saying it was quite fascinating in itself.

Well, the the presentation of the article, and then the ultimate is why is it just him? If there was, if he was truly trying to make a change? There would be 40 5060 people there, all with their own audience. You don’t see that happening?

So it’s a it’s also quite interesting, because perhaps is providing providing an alternative for those that don’t want to buy it as well. Yeah. Yep. As far as don’t want to buy the narrative say? Perhaps I’ll offer controlled opposition? Check. Yeah, yeah. So who do you believe that’s the question


About what you think is we believe

this is actually quite interesting. The attacker, right, from what I’ve seen is there was maybe 100 Tomahawk missiles released from the narrative perspective. And what the Syrian said is that 70 was shot down. So it had minimal effect.

Yes, they were only shot at I think, three base. And the missiles themselves weren’t actually targeting the bases, they were targeting the proxy armies that were trying to penetrate that base, because they’re going to break down in the chain of command. And that base had unique technological aspects within it, that if that proxy army broke through and got to some of the lower levels, some shit would go down. Yes, you might have something come up from underground and fly above the the atmosphere.

Say, potentially, you could actually observe it saying that the trumping the mercenary in control of the military apparatus of the narrative is working in partnership with with Syria, because they’re saying that they don’t have control of their region. It’s still about controlling,

which maintains a global narrative. Remember, Trump’s the app, the military part of the apparatus, Syria is a part of the apparatus to their Hollow Earth beings that control that whole country, just like Earth, the United States, and Australia and Canada, all of them. They all have their their inner apparatus and sub apparatus control system. This is just the outgoing thing that maintains the global narrative. Trump still has a job mercenary or not. If the global narrative comes on, done, they’ll string him up to

it. So like, covering our eyes, no matter what, right? Number one, what effect does this have on my potential for being

gone, maintaining myself as president with whatever I want.

But what I’m sort of suggesting right, by by saying that there’s actually a relationship for this to happen, some unspoken agreement, even if they’re presenting themselves as enemies, because it’s all about the global narrative and what we actually are offered as what’s going on, because an underlying faction is the earth grid, the control ring, and suppression of non narrative technology that will break the narrative drive that that’s the fundamentals that are going on here. And this is a consistent thing in other areas in the world, is I sort of see it quite simply made, and you have the alarm, just like the details, because I just sit here laughing, giggling to myself, you didn’t fly, of course. But I see it very simply like a lot of the actions going on around the world. If you really look at it. While they don’t make sense, the sense is that it’s lucky down the earth grid and what is going on relative to those regions. So series been a very pivotal place related to the wind chakras, and you’ve said that they’re the first domino sort of thing. Right. Interestingly, it’s a good clip, like about 2025 minutes. On Syria.

There’s a little bit more to add. Now, why is the siros shop? In the situation that he’s in? We got

it, wasn’t it? Was it?

The sorrows shot of sada

Assad? Yes.

So we’ve got to know a little bit of this the war, the cheering history of what’s been going on, what, eight years now?

Yeah. something to that effect. And America wasn’t in early. There was a lot of reasons

because they were In the practice of proxies fight, yeah, that’s when the global apparatus realized it had lost some level of control over the global corruption ring. Because there were factions offworld factions, that were trying to get access to technology to force, the force disclosure. example, if you have a team on Mars, that’s a high end, you know, super n strike team, but they can’t get that strike team to legally immigrate here to to Earth. Because you know, they be tracked and followed, and you want to secretly bring them here. You need to have access to technology on the surface world to open up portals and bring things through the hole proxies

or to do that,

because there’s scores and scores of temples, all throughout the Syria, Turkey region, so on and so forth, that have been known about when properly activated, and produce portals that can take you to other worlds. That it’s, they’ve known this. That’s why

Whoa, boy, maybe something’s closer. Right.

That’s why there’s a dictatorship there. In the first place to maintain control over that.

It’s the narrative is the narrative. Governance required to maintain that that right, balance,

so an apparatus, an aspect of the apparatus was put to control that area to stop archaeologists from discovering anything. And to put military bases wherever there is super high end technology, novel technology. Now, Assad,

I believe,

there was the you had the whole Egyptian revolution go on. And then Assad had a had a big issue with Israel. But Hezbollah began to attack Israel through Beirut. Yes. And this is what began. Mossad penetrating tap penetrate testing there their their deep underground facilities to see if they could sell information to make it very hard for Assad to stay in power. So that the the apparatus or control will come and remove them empowered, put somebody else in place,

what sort of what sort of years we’re talking about here, just to get it in,

maybe probably 2010 2011.

Yeah. I think Israel did a massive attack on Lebanon and stuff.

Yeah, that would they destroyed it?

Yeah, yeah. Just like, there’s always, like Beirut was like the parents of the Middle East, you know, like in the 70s. It was peaceful and stuff. And I know in like going back then that Turkey had a lot of heroin and opium. You know, that sort of was the narrative back then that sort of brought it down. But obviously, this sort of stuck with the foundation and the reason for that destruction? Yeah. But yeah.


you had a huge removal of personalities from Egypt,


during the revolution, yeah, which changed the actual way in which the esoteric, and physical technologies under underground were respected.

The previous highs and power

were used it to their advantage whenever they needed to now


the new guys that took over were more open at allowing other governments to come in and learn what was under there, as long as that govern was under a black project and in part of the apparatus, so that they could get more people to go offworld still about creating a brain drain here to get more, more optimal. The people exposed to that side. The proxy armies knew this and began forming in and around in Iraq. And then they had the whole courage thing. Until finally, there was enough people who were smuggled down to this world that had full offworld technology to begin raising an army through mind control and through money here, so that they could have a potential of breaking into one of these deep underground bases, or esoteric technology centers.

Could I offer this just as an example of one of these mercenary armies? Like Yes, arafat and the PLO? Is that an example? Or is that an old?

Yes, an old faction,

ISIS or ISIS is the main brand. But there’s many sub brands. And it’s those sub brands that represent the offworld militaries that are being brought here to practice system force disclosure, because many of the offworld beings want disclosure here because they’re slaves up there.

Yeah. Okay.

Wow, they know, they revolt.

They can’t actually revolt up. It’s impossible for them. The technology is too strong for them to beat. But down here it isn’t.

Yeah, it’s interesting to talk about these mercenary armies, because I’ve actually, this is complicated to bring up. But I’ve actually had some interaction with actually some other let’s just say some of the regions in that world area of the world. And I’ve been involved in Blackbird, recycling, whole species, and also like getting some of these factions to put their weapons down and wearing them for resolving their common going back to sore so they don’t lose all their stuff. is these are all sorts of things going on. And a lot of them are trapped. You know, they’re trying to like you say there’s lasers and they’re trying to get out of it. A crop situation and it’s just the math. You know, this is the hebbal details on the handle in real effect. Well,

you write it down to add to this hairball, I was talking about offworld beings. Well, Siri itself has its own demonic presence all over the land. Okay.

haunting sort of stuff. Yeah.

centuries old.

Yeah. Very toxic, very toxic, and treats and stuff. And this is exactly like that movie with Eric better. We talked about the haunting sort of stuff as well. Yeah. Late last year, there was some really really, really good movie about Marines going over and getting wanted. Yeah. 2014 I forget to put the image up.

I forgot the movie too. Yeah,

it’s good maybe. But okay, so that’s that’s interesting, right? Because there’s just a lot of trauma in the app and it’s not a place you really want to go to

the thing is now have some ancient demons needed offworld mercenaries. And this is what a handful of those missiles that Trump shot were going to kill

Okay, so they’re they’re powerful entities in themselves and crime edit variables that need to be eliminated like the missing scene actually eliminate haunting? That’s what you’re saying?

No, kill the one that’s possessed in it you can you have a very good chance of killing the demon before it leaves the body. Okay, so that’s using it in enclosed in an explosion based weapon it because it your your kinetic force can affect the demon. It’s all about how fast it comes on.

So this is a bit the metaphor of the Hurricanes like fearing that connection to human sort of thing. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So then, if you disconnect them, then that clears it as well. But it’s not ideal. Yeah. Right. The fourth disconnect was,

yeah, that can greatly harm them. And then the missiles, kinetic, kinetic web, kinetic energy alone can can kill them. All depends on how much resonant power they have, once they get kicked out of the bottle.

Yeah, yeah, it’s a very important element, you bring up the the, the unseen world related for hauntings and demons, because there’s a constant, you know, reality, you know?

Yeah, especially to

Don’t underestimate how much psychic protection is important in the world at the moment if you go traveling and stuff, right, you know, because you never know. Like, when you’re familiar with your home and stuff, you familiar, you, you’re comfortable, but when you go into those fright areas that you don’t have a reference for that can that can open up your fields. It’s a good practice to incorporate into your discipline, energy hygiene and mastering emotions, because that’s a good avenue that they can get attached to, but not being fear, either. It’s just an it’s just an aspect of our reality all the time that we’re interacting with the learn. Appreciate it.


So is there anything else you want to offer?

That’s pretty much it. I think I’m topped out now.

Well, can I ask one more thing? Sure.

Yeah, Turkey system, the whole government, everything is one massive criminal organization. It has that for centuries.

But yeah, turkeys gone real full, full criminal origin, like arresting all the governance and like lawyers and journalists and all that just massive, like totalitarian like stuff. But yeah, I won’t get into that. Syria focus is pretty good. But so that’s cool. But yeah, that was that’s, I just wanted to add that to this conversation, because it is a really important event that happened, because that created the stabilization for this, these faction armies to really get some boosts that want to go at Syria. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Let’s redefine it. Many factions are there as many as 90 factions, and are there right now, some are fully Hollow Earth rebels, some are offworld rebels, some are on world rebels. Some are like our middle American military training, training, training Muslim people how to be, you know, fighters who then can go into these different groups. Sometimes these fighters don’t know that they’re working for these factions, or these proxy groups. We still need guys with a case and throwing grenades to make it work. They don’t have

the technology and the influence and the information that we have absolutely then vulnerable to influence. Yep.

So you need a constant group of people willing to go out and put their life online for their religion. So you have another another aspect there of Mind Control that’s being used there by many different groups with different morals. Okay, which is thousands of years old, you know, protecting the Holy Land. But that’s what they’re trying to keep people focused on is that protection of the older than being the Christians, they want to see these Syrians fight like this. So they want to see the Syrians go down, and then the military arm of the whole world comes in and declares democracy in the Middle East. Yeah, triggered rapture, or,

I don’t know, Jesus, his butthole opening.

But I don’t want to trigger you more and stuff like that, if you’re winding down, like but one interesting thing I saw, which is actually really significant, that hasn’t really had much mentioned, is related to Saudi Arabia and the change, it’s going on there. And I saw that the head and the or whoever it is, you actually you actually offered in a public way that Saudi Arabia will see, Israel is a legit state, which they’ve been polarized for, since creation, like in the 40s. So that’s quite interesting.

But at the same time, the Saudis was it just before was, which was just before, let’s say, November last year, they arose after November, they arrested a significant portion of their

superly Well,

yeah, they’re elite. Yeah. And then they were like, five months later.

I was shaken out.

Yeah. Okay, go.

But yeah, I don’t know.

If the input the offworld infiltrators out,

wow, a purge.

Right. So to define this, but put it this way, you have 200 facilities that Earth based humans have built out in our solar system, you have 10,000 plus species that have variety of bases all over our star cluster of 66 planets. So the the real estate that humans from this global narrative have built out is about, I don’t know 900 million out there. Quit pretty, pretty significant amount of people and then people in ships that have gone other places, so on and so forth. They can never revolt over there. The technology keeps them too much control. As I said earlier, the can here. So there’s this attempt from those offworld built out places to send factions here to interrupt the apparatus. Now, some have joined the apparatus and have been a part of the apparatus for years and now now our Coming to their battle plans are coming to fruition such as, you know, certain ways that stuff comes out. Like, was it unpredictable, they knew eventually something would happen, but they didn’t think it would happen that early with that big of a duck.

Because it’s unpredictable, correct. to spot that enormous mechanisms of algorithmic predictions, right. So it’s counter instead of being on the offensive in many ways, it’s defensive reacting to things. Yep.

Putting on the defense, reactive defense. Yep.

For the narrative perspective. Yeah. What you’re talking about is the non young, underlying reasons for actions in the narrative that I’m on. Yeah, amazingly great. Are you getting tired of your right?

Yeah, I’m, I’m done now.

I don’t want to personally.

So the Syrian war,

yeah. What are all the wars that exist right now on our planet are meant to suppress the chakra energy that’s below it. Oh, there are a cluster of womb chakras

all throughout the Middle East,

called the Garden of Eden at one point in the Bible, what what it meant is there could be thousands of local realities within that zone. There were all birthing new life that could be transported to a new blank Akashic Record planet. It was like that was meant to rapidly be created and sent somewhere else. What’s happening there now is war. So every time someone dies, they’re instantly recycled back into the system of war. So you could die once and all of a sudden be forced to be a walk in on somebody else’s dime. Whoo,

that could get pretty tiring that

that is that is what suppressing the energy of the chakras. Okay, and waking up. Those will these will be the first sets of chakras that wake up and begin to change the people on that in that area. And that’s why there’s war there. And that’s why the rebellion started with a fruit vendor, because that was the first opening of the collection of those Shockers.

Andrew, Andrew has been a Christian chapter from the wall, the significance of the womb chakra is opening last week that you reported in the Middle East just wanted to have you re reexpress of what that means. The womb chakras that are opening there, that’s that’s it’s not fully open, it’s about 65 to 80% open. And it’s based off of the positive and negative flow of players that’s going on with our macro world government, in a system of domination control, trying to resolve a large volume of internal disputes. And these internal disputes are about theft from thieves. Okay, and this is the macro, the upper and fibric worlds, playing out into our macro micro world, the highest standard of our world, your disabling domination and control, which means you’re looking at it at the system’s layer. And you’re looking at it the energy at the reality rule layer in thousands of beings that are rewriting the reality rules. And a series of rules have been slyly rewritten, that the system of domination controls own definitions are turning against it now. And there are a tremendous amount of energy beings that build a system of domination and control together by being bonded to sacred geometry buildings that are not honoring their contracts anymore, not handle holding energy to sit transfer to the system. And this is presented in the different banks that are willing to tell the truth, because they know that if they don’t follow the order, they get kicked out of the universe. They get told to go to another universe and that was not part of their experience. And this is the reason why the one of the reasons one of the many reasons why the war in Syria is going on at the moment is to try to suppress the womb sharpenings shift that’s going on tractors to Earth from having a full menstrual cycle, which is where all 200 room chakras open up in a series, and how would we know what we experience if that happened, the dreams, your dreams would expand many fold. And you’d rapidly begin to resolve your paradoxes with the Lemurian Atlantean timeline genocides, you’d rapidly understand you’d have an old school review on a dream time level, where you would be able to have a life review of every life you’ve lived in, lived in, in this universe and other universes. So you can understand the totality of the decisions, the I Am Presence must make when you go back to time and no time. And you begin cycling through the process of 2011 to 2014. And then when the 2014 process is done, you go through us know, what you went through to get through what you went through. And that’s 20, end of 20, middle 2014 and to 2014, to 2017, which is the second layer of the macro dream world, that makes sure everyone is informed other choices from the highest to the lowest vibration of each individual multi dimensional entity that is a part of this galactic Ascension machine, which is going to be going up, and those planets are going to be sent back to their original spaces. So the the whole process of the whole dream time aspect of this process of awakening is actually going to be as sharp as open. Correct. So the significance of the workshop at soccer is opening is actually huge, gigantic, pivotal. Thanks. Thanks for question, Martha. I hope that I hope that answers that.

A Crusader. We’re doing fine. We just been having a good conversation of here. You’ve made it. You made it to the airport. On the way to the airport, were on the road to Louie de la 30 minutes trip there maybe 20 minutes trip there. And we got to drop the rental car off and get to the airport. So yeah, maybe 2025 minutes until I got to drop the rental car off. Excellent. Well, look, we’ve been having conversation about the usual wide variety of things. nonliving itself is is so prominent in people’s thought because of the date. And other questions have been posed. Would you like to jump straight into questions? Did you want to tell us more about what’s happening with you? What would you like to do? What’s going on with me is what’s happened is the first room gate. Whoops, the womb chakra in Syria has awoken and it’ll open down Tuesday, this week. And the irony of that is, if you look on the news, you’ll see kids that are being on gas attacks on public to public televisions. And in both of these, what I call Baghdad moments where the reality itself can’t function. And all they can do is show the proper propaganda sphere point values. Now you referred to Baghdad ballbusting. They broke up just to touch Baghdad bubble just remind folks was that functionary inside the Iraqi government that was proclaiming six, the Iraqi army had successfully Beaten Off the invading armies, whilst they were NATO tanks coming down the street behind him. In other words, propaganda that’s so obvious. It’s hilarious. Right. And anyone that watches the news, what have they been showing the last seven days endless amounts of videos of people going to sarin gas attached to their eyes glaze over and little kids and convulsions and vomiting. people lined up in hospital rooms are makeshift, more of that from sarin gas attacks. me Look at those videos, you really look at those videos with your heart, your real heart and not just their programming, you realize that those are not live footages those are not footages of the Syrian people that those are really not real videos. They’re all inactivates. So what we what we think is going on, that is the information is partially untrue is actually not quite correct that it’s all being fabricated. While the reason it’s being fabricated is because they can’t convince anybody that there’s new weapons of mass destruction. So they’re showing them which started by Saddam Hussein using gas to gas weapons on his own people and they’re trying to rehash that patriot part of the program of people here in the United States that go out and stop the big bad guy, when in fact, this is just like weapons of mass destruction, to fabrication, and they tried to shove fabrication down our throat with the second Gulf War, and people didn’t buy it right away. But it’s the Patriot program that turned us back into the war machine. And it’s the Patriot program that’s being triggered by those videos. Now, the Patriot program, you’ve said in the past, patriot program is particularly effective. Correct, because you’re working on a nationalist concept that goes back to a constitution that has sole family relations to it, about being a free country, when in fact, your vote really means nothing. Every time you vote 505 people are determining what 300 and 80 million people deserve. That is not representative government in any way shape or form. For the banking industry, we’re not one single person has gone to jail from the 2008 banking scandal, not one person. Right, right. There is is absolute evidence that the system only ever acts to protect itself. Correct right.

Now you spoke a moment ago the womb chakra is in ruku, a womb chakra opening in in the Middle East in Damascus, in Damascus in a cluster of 11 that are right in the in the Mediterranean area. And the first one went active under Damascus, the second Shakur went to active under Mount Fuji, and a third one has become active and then became passive. And I say active that is like when a woman starts her menstrual cycle. There’s that little tingle that the body says to the mind, something is going on, and we’re having our cycle beginning. This is the very beginning of a menstrual cycle for Earth, the one that’s been held back by the amount of violence and war above those womb shock rose. Did you send it was one in Mount Fuji? Correct. I wanted Mount Fuji opens up about 25 minutes after the one in Syria opened up. And then there was a third one that went in to go open up in the Bahamas. And that one was paused also because of the amount of violence that’s going on in China because there’s a china boom, shocker. There’s technology over it right now. That’s preventing it from fully opening. It’s only at about 6% open. And there’s a tremendous amount of interdimensional optical technology, as well as a series of timeline incursion events that are going to go on and Jinx China. For anyone that’s out there. That’s a Newswatch you start paying attention to the Chinese news, news feeds. And what you’re really looking for is propaganda. The propaganda will tell you everything. You can read through it, because you know what propaganda is. Now the womb chakra openings, soundbite they’re pivotal towards the energetic situation moving forward. All the people that live above along chakra will go through a rapid cellular and DNA transformation based in their dream world. So the poor purpose of a loan chakra is the original purpose to be a galactic seed planet, or those people that live on those areas are able to create life in a mass form, and then bring that mass form of life to another blank planet, and begin terraforming get at a soul level. By bringing entire you know continents of trees, within a few days to be planted on the surface of the planet. The entire ecosystem of rivers and micro organisms are being delivered in a period of a few weeks what planet goes through a rapid transformation, because you’re bringing literally the soul from the planet earth that has been bonded with the tree. And then that tree is being bonded to the new surface with another blank Acacia record world. By that link occasional record world is inviting brand new soul to come and live in it so that they can begin to brand new experience with a planet that’s very original purpose. And the 200 room shoppers that are on Earth are to aid that process of mass, mass transportation of plants, animals, vegetables, anything that can bring sustained sustenance and life to the world on a mass scale. To see plan is to create new forms of pineapples or coconuts or hybrid all of them with the will of the planet because you’re bringing shams, schmuck shamans, who know how to create set up reality bubbles. All the things that I’ve been talking about the awakening here, except that’s a starting process on another planet. Run and it’s going to be applied to us first, obviously, to realize this world so the people will suddenly learn how to farm perfectly that people will learn how to get along. The people that are in the womb shoppers that have warragul in them. They’re the ones they’re going to be have the most amount of resolution done to them right away because they’re the ones that need it. What domination and control as put as its pawns on the surface of that, and Earth can wipe the board clean of all of those pods by awakening them all. And starting a chain reaction of soul family that density separation, where those that are forced into this worst scenario because many, many, many of them are in a dominated reincarnation cycle, most people will suddenly find that they don’t need to be there simply do not need to be there. And when they fall asleep, they will be looking for their ancestral relations to the dream world of of earth. And earth will put them into union and union with the healers that can begin hearing them so that they can locate away or by locate away from those areas and go through the separation of sensitive soul families. There’s a first wave of aggression that goes with that gets off the world. Right? The process is starting to become clear to me and I hope and I hope to the audience of the of what’s actually underlying this whole awakening. geopolitically, if you observe this gi politically, the this the information you’re putting forward

will only become clearer later in the process when the geopolitical stuff is out of the way. So a question for you at the moment, Andrew, is that in continents like the United States and Australia, how many womb Shockers are in those locations, they they Shockers in every province. In Australia, there’s 31. But a couple of are under the water nuth Barrier Reef, there’s a big line of them that are there. Which is that’s also when shocker, there’s a number that are near Antarctica. So Australia has the access to the most amount immediately. Like within a long boat ride or super long helicopter ride or a jet that you know as long as they can land somewhere, you can begin activating and functioning with those womb Shockers which will radically change the surface energy grid of birth. And then it’s about finding the control rooms. And we haven’t talked about those recently. But there are 40 control rooms. 21 has been taken over by the FBI both good, bad and neutral. And there’ll be the saturation of density of all those walk ins that I’ve been telling you that are coming in. We had 200 million walk ins come in on Tuesday. Wow. 200 million. So that’s 200 million 200 million. Living humans who are part of this system of domination and control, who now are no longer part of the system of domination of control, they have walkins and now the walls are locked into him to do is go to go through a six day adjusting period, the seven day adjusting period where they adjust to the new contracts. These are the shock troops of the Galactic Central Sun. These guys are not not nobodies, they’ve gotten domination and control. So many times they volunteered for the most difficult position of all and SP day. So in in six or seven days, just to clarify one thing when you say walk ins you’re not necessarily meaning that a different soul or walk into a body but but a large chunk of their higher self will actually come in to actually, if you like, you know the way that Peter and Michael Porter it is is to increase your soul mess your conscience so there are those that put themselves in as resistance prayer as a fellow one who chose to be activated during the day. And there’s their higher soul has been in training, observing the world on a dream world raid dream grid, or geopolitical level. And their higher self is experiencing this world to the perceptions of the of the IM south. And as the I am self gives way to the fact that it’s open the resistant cells open the chakras trigger the rest of the contracts, clear out everything that’s found in the nation and control. And it returns that that soul to the earth original reality format. They become temporary reality programmers. And many of them are going to be your doctors, your lawyers, your firefighters, your police officers worldwide. And the purpose they’re being put in at this point in the game is to disrupt the flow of puppetry communication between the highest sources and the ground sources that may be given orders to open fire on a public start right. Putting good people in the chain of command. So the chain of command is broken through domination and control. There’s all combinations and to do chose to do is react it’s a set of programs that trigger cultural responses and those cultural responses they’ve put in our zealots. So they go and follow through on those actions. Would that include the media does that have been walked interact? Yet correct. The media says two things going on in the in the in the group So that I work with at the moment one is pushing on the door of the media’s to print the truth. And the other is pushing on the banking system to recognize the people or the value. So it would sound like the timing, the timing of these exercises is spot on. Because if these walk ins are going to be fully functional, six or seven days from Tuesday, then from last Tuesday, then was a week ago that this happened.

Yep. Okay, so they’re pretty much ready to roll. So now’s the time to move and, and actually kind of take advantage of that change of the game that they’re already moving, they’re already working to do what it is that they do, which would disrupt communications from the highest forms of puppetry to the lowest forms of puppetry. Now, the other side of walkins are people that volunteered to be alive here now, and to answer governments, whether they’re an army general or a private that you know, it cooks food, doesn’t matter. Once they’re in the system, they’re in the system of domination control, they have access to the inner dream grids of those command structures, and can act as dreams have a tours to prevent programs from being opened up on a massive dream scale. So you could activate, you know, 10 units of the American nuclear facilities to go active into their minds, they are dreaming a real an event and scenario and could launch whatever it is that they want it because the system is using the sacred geometry dream cities to make them act so that they can fracture disunity reality and make it harder for the walkins to take over the next phase of the dream time of that. First is going to go through the separation of densities, which means the older souls will come back to the older souls and youngest, the youngest and the middle age to the middle age. And once that process is finished to the draining, the elders will split with the young daughters in the in the middle age will split with both sides. And then you’ll begin to search for soul family in the dream time. This is at the stage like and walk into an energy tree where I said there’ll be the children at the breakfast table at high score junior high, which is before the breakfast, you know, barely sharing dreams at lunch, they’ll be sharing dreams, and one will go why I had the same dream then 10 others will stay in the same period of the day the same dreams. And that’ll begin what’s called a whisper campaign and that lifter can train will stretch it out the internet as people begin to share videos more than others do, you’ll be sitting in your cubicle and the person next to you will go oh my god. And then you’ll have deja vu as I’m going deja vu somebody sitting next to you will go oh my god, I have deja vu of your deja vu and your deja vu in your face things that are representative of the infinite dream world leading over to the finite existing in. And of course the the thing we need to bear in mind is is just because someone’s child doesn’t mean they have a young soul threat. It’s they call this the the this the splitting of the densities and this has been this has been described by many people. Or at least aspects of it had been described by many people of the earth becoming like like two or three different Earths. In actual fact, with we’ll all be in in the same place on the same planet but starting to share different realities is that a more accurate description of the Bible’s the realities will begin to form. And those levels of reality will transform the surface of earth to its highest vibrational state and still allow other bubbles of reality around it to not be rapidly affected by the higher vibration entities that are there. So it’s a low vibration entity or lower vibration that you wanted to enter a high vibration realm, we just have to go through a little bit of an adaptation period. And when it wanted to leave if it returned to its own realm, and then go through adapt adaptation period, as could any of the higher go to the lowers. You set up rules for higher energy beings common to different energy environments. And that allows all of those realities to be fully expressed. Here’s another example of the dream world. You could find yourself dreaming during the day or during a nap and find yourself in high school, reliving events where it was traumatic for you, but the same time you’re counseling yourself about that. And that’s something that recently happened to land here and I’m relaying that story because it was important for a fish she asked me exactly is that what the separation of dream roles is about? I told her yes because you’re reliving yourself teaching yourself and you can literally find yourself in both places at once. And don’t let that be afraid. It’s your opportunity to realize your most dimensional being that you’re living all of your past present future lives simultaneously. And it is the I Am Presence you the one who makes the Physical choice of what skin layer past present or future life, you’re going to express

in, in people’s experience. Do you do expect that most people will start to remember aspects of past lives since clearly and recognize the slides? Yes. The thing is, when we’re born, were ripped out of our antibiotic stack and given a slap on the ass 22 injections and stuck in an incubator. They broken love at all angles, they’re on what else they’ve done is taken the ability for you to remember your past lives. Now we know that we come into this world determined as blank slate. Well, there’s a fundamental rule of the reality that says, if you’re taken out of your hand, pretending to remember up to five or 3% of your past lives. And that is the mother and father, Sharon heartspace, during New transition phases that babies are the amniotic sac, to being fully separate to being separate from the umbilical cord to being on their own to being breastfed. And that cycle right there is a complete set souls chance for remembering up to 30 or 40% of their past lives. Now imagine how different our world would be, would reincarnation even be possible? If we remembered 30% of our past lives? It’s hard to imagine what that would be like, actually, just how could they trap you in a reincarnation cycle? That you can’t? Yeah, they can’t even put five prints in your contracts without you going, Hey, where they come from? Exactly in a in a properly functioning Earth. You know, we’ve been going we’ve been having past lives for 10s of thousands of years, some of us as people been here for a long, long time trapped in the cycle. If the earth was functioning, as it should have many lifetimes would you actually live on this planet? A handful of really, really, really good question. And the answer is thousands and thousands and thousands, the experience is so much more incredible than other worlds. But it would be incredible that other worlds but it will be a matter of choice rather than being chipped trapped here. Right? See, the thing is, many people and this is this is my educated view of the Acacia records and what the world was like in between domination and control, breakages where people live here. They would come here and live a tremendous life. So rich in fulfilling and experiencing they’d leave their next lifetime to go back and bring more people here. Okay. Okay. But they’re there. They’re leaving and coming back would not accept the linear time in which didn’t they were incarnating it. So they could go to another world and with a million years, and come back to earth like they had never left. Yeah, yeah. That’s the experience is different their linear time observations after the play on other worlds. Big thing about incarnated on planets is you may be looking for a person that’s on the planet, and they may leave and they get on the ship and go somewhere. And if you’re incarnated there and have soul contracts on their ancestral karma, you can’t find them. And on earth, you come back at the exact point you need to be in everyone you’ve never left. So the Earth The earth is changing experience. Yes. So that’s, that’s a particular that’s a particularly unique aspect of the Earth is.

You asked because of Earth dreaming mind for Earth to be able to send DNA wisdom and DNA objects to new worlds, blank Acacia collector worlds as a seed planet, it must be able to be linked into the dream grids of other planets. So the other important reason why Earth a massive target is with you on the surface of Earth and able to take over her dreaming body, you can dream invade up to hundreds of millions of other worlds, and turn the planets over mine into worlds that haven’t even been created yet, so that they could transfer DNA wisdom to valga. That’s Earth’s purpose. So literally, Earth has access to millions and millions of other planets through the dreamtime did. And that’s because those are brothers and sisters, nephews, cousins and uncles to earth when she still had a physical body. Is that why the earth was one of the reasons why the earth was quarantined? So that couldn’t be done? Correct? Because that would be a very, very dangerous thing that gives you access to you know, half his universe I would suspect more than happy if you access to the spots that aren’t aren’t even created yet. Why is it linked The tribe creators, exchange of wisdom between the US user age of sold is literally a part of that between an interview or personal exchange. Because there is a there is a need to exchange sentience from one universe to another to another to complete cycles. And then there are people that are nearing the end of their cycle in this universe and cannot go on until Earth is finished. And there are other universes in the same series a big bottleneck, there’s going to be a tremendous amount of slip over of beings that are want to insert degree separation of the Prime Creator in this universe and other universes. Many of them will be forced deported and others simply realize their mistakes and, and honor their their duties as they’re leaving. So the torch to the new elders, so it isn’t just the other races that that we’re aware of the part of this university know that the Syrians andromedan, etc, etc, that are waiting to this graduation, it’s actually affecting other universes as well. Correct. Okay, so the earth capability of reaching out to so many worlds at once. And then you put timeline genocide on a system that’s meant to create brand new DNA of the tomo an example. Here’s an example. There was a species that came to earth during the second rise of Lemuria. And the worst stalkers are fully open. And they made a very, very special, we’ll just call it like, like, had shrub. Like, you know, like in France, they have the hedgerows, yes. Okay. And these things would grow all over the planet, and they’d grow in them into sacred geometry. And they grow them to basically grow gain sentience, because we’re massive hive of organizations. And they could connect to them in such a way that you could bring younger life into them and share Dreamspace within them. It’s really hard to describe. But these these shrubs became a massive, massive part of other worlds. Because they adapted to lower sentient planets really fast, they raised the vibration fast. It was an incredible invention. Well, that timeline of that one person who went to that one planet who brought that first, you know, round of seeds back to a new world got erased. That means everything that uses that plant as the technology gets raised to one degree of separation. So that’s that’s why Earth has literally creation to come near an end. That’s just one example. of the things that have happened examples of many of the many timeline incursions that have erased things that weren’t supposed to be erased. Half the time on incursions stopped. Sounds like they’re still going on. They’re going on here on Earth, because Earth is the foundation of all of them. And this is the the foundation is what they’re targeting. It’s not about what happens halfway through the capture time. And that’s pointless. You have to get to the foundation to erase it. So it’s still going on here on Earth, and it’s being done by forces here on Earth, is that correct? Both Good, good, bad and neutral. Many of them are they’re doing and this endless cycle of countering each other’s move. But it’s not happening from the other planets that are, you know, literally, we’re creating timeline incursions to try and become first species. Correct. It’s all everything that everything changes in timelines is here on the planet. So there’s still a lot of moving countermove going on at this local level? Correct. What’s being played out in the macro? is a reflective of the macro. Okay.

Absolutely. And all in every case, look what’s going on geopolitically. let’s translate that translate to that macro. So Obama is an Obama, Obama represents the hope of the unified action doesn’t matter if the information is right or wrong. And you have 5383 species, all unified, to help in their own separate unity consciousness to maintain a quarantine at a proper way. So Earth can go through its awakening, at the same time removing many millions of layers of multi dimensional technology that is in a fortified Earth, nine layers, a pyramid fortification. So it’s a tremendous, tremendous reach to do this. Any other particular aspects of what’s going on currently that are good examples of the micro and the macro? when Obama is good? And what about what about the pelo Harry has went poof, Republic I’ll get to effect and in a second pueden yelling that Obama and Obama yelling at food. That is an example of the Pleiadians and the Orion. And Syrian faction realizing that some of the people that they’ve put in charge have become valid. And the upper parts of the political organization that is in Unity Consciousness is realize that there are subcultures of unity consciousness that are withholding information to unity consciousness in whole. And that’s the most detrimental thing to get any unity consciousness is a packets of information that are withheld. Fascinating. So anything that’s going on if anything that’s going on politically is simply it’s reflected at a greater scale around us. Right? sample the, the actions of what goes on our world are like the breathing of lungs. So the CIA is a big chunk of along the the, the Russian version of the other KGB is another version of the lungs. What’s going on in London? Maybe the colon or the sphincter? Hahaha, yep. So on and so forth representing the body of expression. in the womb Shockers are the representation that Earth’s going through a menstrual cycle that’s been withheld by on a planetary scale. It’s a pretty, pretty straightforward relationship really. So the pope is actually playing what role in the macro in the macro hat. That’s the other dark forces that are contract holders because they’re the puppeteers the optimal puppeteers. And the Pope has representation that I’m the puppet, but they’re on live puppet, I’m talking through this, this vessel. And there’s a realization that there isn’t one person in control of the Pope, that he’s he’s a sellout. And it’s always going to sell out for whatever layer multi dimensional entity that’s going to take domination and control by the hands and say it’s mine for the next 20 years. So somebody kicked me out of the power. Yeah. Andrew, it’s, it was just passed passed the second hour. Unfortunately, we’ll have to have to wind the show up here. I have a need to not get off my schedule too much today. Really glad you could make it into this last half hour, it’s been absolutely fantastic to jump in with that information about the walkins. Because that confirms a whole lot of a whole lot of things that are going on should need to do and need to keep going on. Is there anything you wanted to just put into to kind of put a full stop at the end of today’s show? I’m going to tell people turn off TV. And I mean, really turn off the TV. This is your opportunity to turn off the fear of programming, to broadcasting to turn off Facebook, to turn all that off, and just feel the earth. Just feel the earth. You’re at this vital important time where you got to feel the earth. It needs your dream attention. So before you go to sleep, vision, visualize the North Pole and your Borealis. You need to go get a YouTube video of it to burn it into your mind. Please do that. That is where your ancestors exists. That’s where you get to create a spiritual court of equity, when there’s a fundamental rule of law built into this reality. So you may find remedy and resolve to any other action than this reality that is affecting your free will is where you declare your free will in front of all your ancestors. And it’s your given right by living on earth to do this. You’re referring the entire self before you go to sleep. A dream with the Earth Mother in the world Borealis.

Lovely and of course is the soul contract revocations to cement this in place. Yes, I encourage people to make their own. Do you know yourself better better than anyone else? And you know what your habit patterns and addictions are you can revoke the habit patterns and addictions. That’s fantastic advice actually, protect just the act, the act of writing them is as important as the act of saying it out loud. So you look i’d thoroughly encourage people to do that. You know, think of the North Pole I’ve just realized that there’s certain things I see in my head when I’m when I’m drifting off to sleep which actually are the aurora borealis. It’s actually I’ve realized that the green lights that I see when I go to sleep are actually probably that. That was interesting. And that layer has always been there for you. There are times when people look back when they were a child, and you close your eyes and all those colors and swirls and everything and you’d asked your parents what other and that’s just the stuff you see when you’re close your eyes. Now that is the entrance to the dream world. That is how your your eyes perceive the under the invisible layers. The dream world which is widely Aurora Borealis, which if anyone has ever seen as streamers and patterns and things that have slowed and it’s just like looking at your eyelids when your kid Yeah, yeah, brilliant connection.

Each different

realities true.

a galactic historian

is a

person that

looks at all the lines of dramatic karma nudge nudge,

it’s the holy grail,


mysterious, its counter psychic intelligence by a DNA farming of this dark cluster so important because we do manifester to create our reality.

Hello, let’s create. Let’s co create and let’s change the squirrel with love.

No matter if you’re from Alpha Centauri, or Earth, we all began with the same birthing process.

We live in a limited point of view, living the mystical life daily. It’s about striving for the unlimited point of view.

Each day, each human being gets an infinite amount of choices.

The level of awareness that you are working at means you have a responsibility to be equal with it.

How does one truly let go of expectation? You could make the moment that you wake up to the moment you go to sleep sacred. The keys to success,


choice, choice and choice.

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