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Andrew Bartzis (Galactic Historian) – Origins of War Part 3 – AI, Technology Taken Away, Cyber Warfare with Sean Bond and Andre Hodge [Transcript]

Andrew Bartzis (Galactic Historian) – Origins of War Part 3 – AI, Technology Taken Away, Cyber Warfare with Sean Bond [Transcript]

Andrew Bartzis (Galactic Historian) – Origins of War Part 3 – AI, Technology Taken Away, Cyber Warfare with Sean Bond [Transcript]

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Andrew Bartzis 0:35
Jus just a quick background there are nine pyramid grids on Earth right now. And that’s representative of the nine times that Earth was refortified to prevent spiritual invasion, you know, the dark guys one and then refortified the fortress, the dark, the light, you know, we’re eventually beat off the fortification capped it back and they refortified so on and so forth and til to have nine levels of fortification.

Andrew Bartzis 0:58
You know it no world has ever been fortified to this level anywhere. And the beings were able to capture the first two layers of the grid. The first is the astral incarnation grid. And the second is the the surface energetic grid of the planet. The surface energetic grid of the planet is how the sacred dimension of the multi sacred geometry cities collate energy and create a trapped dream times.

Andrew Bartzis 1:23
And the Incarnation greatest determines who gets to migrate here and allows them to insert fine print, they control those two layers, they don’t control the other seven layers, because there’s 40 separate control rooms that were built into the last layer of fortification.

Andrew Bartzis 1:39
And there’s a special thing built into that. So no one can control the complete nine layers unless all of the invested species DNA is represented in in the 40 control rooms acting as a unified unit as an example if you see the movies where somebody is going to launch a nuclear missile you have to have two keys well there’s 40 control rooms that will the 2300 separate invested races here what all has to be invested in what I’ll have to agree at the exact same time where there’s a telepathic artificial intelligence determining if they’re being forced into activation.

Unknown Speaker 2:17
Where are the control rooms are they energetic physical?

Andrew Bartzis 2:21
No they physical control rooms ones end up near the Bosnian Bosnian pyramid one is near Giza they’re they’re spread all over here, several here in America South America. They’re all they’re all sub underground, just in very close to the pyramid structures here and there’s a couple that are deep in the ocean.

Unknown Speaker 2:39

Andrew Bartzis 2:39
And only 20 21 have actually been found.

Unknown Speaker 2:44
So so the ones that have been found that are presumed they’ve been found, you know, by the military or by the some secret aspect of the control system. And they actually manned are there things where there’s there’s actually beings in those control rooms controlling things, are they simply exist and run automatically?

Andrew Bartzis 3:04
They were put on automatic control during the the last fall of Atlantis. And it was set it was set basically the pyramid control grid literally controls the the energy of our ley lines, our grid, our grids, and what determines how much energy is available for consciousness here on the planet.

Andrew Bartzis 3:23
Earth was originally a seventh dimensional vibratory vibration planet and it was reduced to a third dimensional planet by literally fortifying the planet and reducing the energy in the actual available gridlines. So we’re stuck in this limited energy.

Unknown Speaker 3:40
Okay, so they actually created a lack, they removed the abundance of energy as part of the control system.

Andrew Bartzis 3:47

Andrew Bartzis 3:48
And many of these are manned, but it requires DNA like some control rooms, you have to have heavy amount of Atlantean and Lemurian and Pleiadian DNA, others you need insectoid DNA and reptilian DNA hybrided with other first species human DNA. And it also looks at soul family status. You know, that was one of the reasons these these 15 multi dimensional beings interbred with everything on the planet that they could find was so that they could ultimately take over all 40 control rooms.

Unknown Speaker 4:23
There’s a TV series called Stargate and one of the technologies that’s in there requires the right DNA for any particular individual to be able to operate it presume that that information is drawn from the way these control rooms work?

Andrew Bartzis 4:42
Yeah, I mean, they do soft disclosure in that show a lot.

Unknown Speaker 4:46

Andrew Bartzis 4:47
A lot of soft disclosure.

Unknown Speaker 4:49
Yep. Had a feeling the case because there’s a couple other things that have popped up that appear in various various in our conversation that appear in various shows and as you say, deniability, soft disclosure, it’s all part of the same thing. So there interbreeding so that the members of that physical family can actually, if they landed, these control rooms can actually use the control room?

Andrew Bartzis 5:12
That’s correct.

Unknown Speaker 5:14
Okay, so we’ve got about half the control rooms running on auto and the other half running on some sort of manual control or being interfered with. So does that mean they have partial control over? Or is it the reason they’ve only got partial control over the grid? The fact they don’t have all the control rooms?

Andrew Bartzis 5:34

Unknown Speaker 5:35

Andrew Bartzis 5:35
It basically it works down to 15, multi dimensional beings own 11 of the 20 found control rooms and the other nine are taken over by the good guys in many different forms from the light beings to the Plaiedians, to the good guys that are within the government. So and a lot of those good guy factions don’t agree with the other good guy factions. And that’s, that’s ultimately why none of this was resolved in the 60s. The good guys just were too egotistical with each other.

Unknown Speaker 6:03

Andrew Bartzis 6:04
All the bad guys were unified source.

Unknown Speaker 6:09
Okay, so so we have we have beings actually running these control rooms. Which aspect of government are they actually embed? You know, where do they slot into government or is this all way way? When I say government, I mean, into, we’re talking black project type personnel, military personnel, or they just completely outside of that, in the really secret aspects of the control families?

Andrew Bartzis 6:31
There are four control rooms that are run by military organizations, one in Russia, one in America, one in Brazil, and one in Japan. And the one in Japan, you know, essentially the good guys, we’ll just say that are there. But they’re there with as much soul family as they can have. So they have full operation of their control room.

Andrew Bartzis 6:55
The one in Brazil is kind of mixed, you’ve got a mixture of good guys and bad guys, and people trying to vie for control, some people trying to lock the system out. And the one here in America, the best way to describe it, it’s a fully functional control room. But it’s there’s so much government interference with it, that it’s very hard for anyone to actually use it for any good or bad, there’s so much bureaucracy within it.

Andrew Bartzis 7:23
Alright and then the other one with the best way to describe it, it’s stuck in bureaucracy. But there’s such a corrupt level group bureaucracy from the European groups, that that you can only get a few effects out of it now. And that’s why these multi dimensional beings are limited to the Incarnation grid, as well as the surface grid layers.

Andrew Bartzis 7:44
You know, they there’s not any type of unity amongst the control group control rooms.

Unknown Speaker 7:49
Yeah, so to effect real control, you actually have to control all of them.

Andrew Bartzis 7:54

Unknown Speaker 7:55
So what effects can these can this, that level, the 40 control rooms, controlling the surface level, the reward effects can generate? What can they when they when they dial their knobs and push their buttons? What is it they can actually do?

Andrew Bartzis 8:10
A single control room or all of them?

Unknown Speaker 8:12
All of them as as a unit. Say they’re all being controlled by the one set of you know, the one group of beings are all benevolent, what could they do for us?

Andrew Bartzis 8:21
If If all 40 control rooms had all the proper DNA codes inside them, and the artificial intelligence that oversees it agrees that there’s not nothing’s being done in force, you can actually open up the fortress grid and then return Earth to a seventh dimensional seed planet, and all consciousness on it would instantly expand and be healed.

Unknown Speaker 8:43
Okay, so two things come out of that. An AI overseeing this is that the Dark Knight satellite?

Andrew Bartzis 8:57
No, this AI was created by Earth itself. It was an artificial intelligence that was created about 38 million years ago. And its purpose was to oversee the DNA interbreeding of Earth and to use the control room as an observation or concept of DNA, and the advancement of interbreeding.

Andrew Bartzis 9:22
And the control rooms purposes, the breeding groups were supposed to be able to go into the control room and use the predictive model of breeding to determine how well a certain lineage would would allow other soul families or soul groups in it. And then that would also determine what what womb chakra you should be on on Earth. Earth’s original purpose was to create DNA wisdom to be transferred to the blank Akashic Records of new planets.

Andrew Bartzis 9:47
Many of the beings ever hear we’re supposed to go through 30 40 or 50 generations and living in a soul family. And then one of them would be of a high enough vibration that it could lever as an energy being and literally manifest the planet. And that planet would be the that souls new body. And then it would await DNA wisdom that would be transferred from the womb chakra to a blank Akashic Record, then that new soul who made a planet could invite souls to migrate there and they there would be an encyclopedia of DNA for them to incarnate into.

Andrew Bartzis 10:20
Okay, so this original function there was definitely like, well, I guess you’d say more like a nursery as but in by that I mean, a plant nursery or, you know, if you like a breed breeding farm, but that the souls were meant to meant to actually graduate here at a really high level and actually incarnate as planetary beings?

Andrew Bartzis 10:43
Or soul or Sons.

Unknown Speaker 10:44
Or Sons. So…

Andrew Bartzis 10:46
The process, the process to become a Sun is several members of a single soul family, ascend to the level that they can make a contract with the universe itself, the prime Universal Being, and then they come together as a Solar Sun family, and they literally combine all of their energies to make a Sun.

Andrew Bartzis 11:09
And inside that each separate solar family creates an energetic city, which is a hub or immigration of souls from other planets. And that hub has the basic codes of the DNA that they grew up with, from the original planet, where they ascended from.

Unknown Speaker 11:26
Hence, the emphasis on on DNA and all aspects of this discussion.

Andrew Bartzis 11:31

Unknown Speaker 11:31
It’s all about the DNA. Okay, now, if, if all 40 control rooms are under control, and and you want to dial a consciousness up or dial it down, you could do that it will.?

Andrew Bartzis 11:46
There would have to be a collective agreement amongst all members investing into the control room, this AI is very specific about that, it would have to be a collective agreement.

Andrew Bartzis 11:55
Assuming that that is in place, yes, you could actually if he collective agreement was in place, you could actually raise the level of consciousness?

Unknown Speaker 12:16
Okay, I’m getting to another question that I was really excited to speak on. As you mentioned, to me, I can’t remember exactly when, but that they’re the ships that are in our solar system, actually have their own intelligence. They have AI?

Andrew Bartzis 12:37

Andrew Bartzis 12:38
Could you explain a little bit? How that is? How that is? And is it like, you know, like the Terminator machines? They just know how to do certain things, but they won’t do other things? So they’re very purposeful sort of computer programs?

Andrew Bartzis 12:54
No, they’re actually sentient beings.

Andrew Bartzis 12:57
Are there like a being that decides to be a ship?

Andrew Bartzis 13:01
Yes, actually, I’ll describe the building of a planet ship.

Unknown Speaker 13:05

Andrew Bartzis 13:05
You start with a foundation of an exoskeleton foundation. And you place very large sized crystals in the four corners of the of the sphere and the eight, the eight parts of the sphere. And then you invite brand new entities that are migrating from another universe into those crystals to be a part of a planetary vessel.

Andrew Bartzis 13:29
Earth is a planet ship also, the vast majority of planets 80% of planets, entire universe are actually capable of moving. Okay?

Andrew Bartzis 13:40
Like a vessel?

Andrew Bartzis 13:42
Like a vessel, they are actually created that way, when they invite brand new spirits migrating, they get to experience everything that the people on the planet ship experience in total transparency and honesty. So it’s a way of rapidly allowing migratory entities from other universes to experience through mass input, what it’s like to be a part of a community through experiencing the community’s life and emotions.

Unknown Speaker 14:13

Andrew Bartzis 14:14
When you build smaller ships, hold on, when you build smaller ships, you actually find the entity and then build the ship around them. And the key is humans are the astrogators of the system interact with the AI in such a way that we can complete our soul codes to use a brand new universe of other Universal Being that has no soul codes.

Andrew Bartzis 14:37
I am trying to wrap my head around things like the difference between a scout craft and say a car we buy off an assembly line.

Andrew Bartzis 14:53
You create a vessel around an artificial intelligence.

Unknown Speaker 14:58
So it’s almost like a fire To take my computer and allow the computer to become my new vehicle and turn into like something that I can sit within and maneuver?

Andrew Bartzis 15:11
No, you would start with a crystalline core, and then invite an energetic entity that comes through a naturally existing Stargate in blank void space. You there’s blank void spaces that have energy wells spread all throughout the universe. And outside of our solar system, there’s many, many of these. And the second reason why the solar system is very valuable.

Andrew Bartzis 15:35
You know new entities just cross the universal barrier. And that need need have given the choice to take a physical DNA body or just the energy bodies, that’s the part of the free world setup of our universe. They can roam the universe just as an energy being or be invited into a crystalline structure, that gives them a body and allows them to experience travel in a dimensional matrix with people inside the vessel, who are sharing all of their knowledge, all of their wisdom and all of their experiences.

Andrew Bartzis 16:10
So that that entity understands what this freewilled universe is about, and can co-creatively explore the universe.

Unknown Speaker 16:19
Getting it. I’m getting it. Thank you. So obviously, the the process of creating even a scout craft is a very in depth process?

Andrew Bartzis 16:34
It can be done within hours.

Andrew Bartzis 16:37
It can be done really hours and there’s no limitations?

Andrew Bartzis 16:41
Well, the limitations are the amount of energy the individuals going to put in creating something around the artificial intelligence. Some planet ships have four or five or six artificial intelligences. And as many as two or 3 million individual beings will invest energy master energies into the creation process of the superstructure. That is the transmission drive the dimension drive the life support, the the plants, the animals, everything that exists because it’s an entire entire planet on inside.

Andrew Bartzis 17:17
And then the surface, depending on the type of way they design, it can actually look like Earth or can just look like the concrete hull or an armored hull depending on the purpose of the vessel.

Unknown Speaker 17:33
Now there’s lots of people that are talking about, you know, men creating spacefaring vessels, there’s supposedly the government that’s made some vessels, there’s some people who have some really good designs. I know. Mehran Keshe is also discussed the potential of creating flying vessels, are these fundamentally different?

Andrew Bartzis 17:59

Unknown Speaker 17:59
Me, I’m thinking they are, they’re probably quite limited in their capabilities?

Andrew Bartzis 18:04
Not that that limited, they’re actually older technology. They’re like as many as many as a half million year old generation of technology. The types of vessels that are out here now are the top of the line because consciousness explorers are consciously continuously looking for these new entities that want to come in here and have purpose within our universe. So they can occupy the central artificial intelligence systems.

Andrew Bartzis 18:33
And the Keshe type vessels and the the American space program vessels are three dimensional representations that use dimensional drives. The old school dimensional drive that didn’t allow you to actually jump into a Stargate of a Sun.

Andrew Bartzis 18:50
The old way is you dimensionally you basically made a dimensional rift, and came in just outside the solar system. And then use standard propulsionary drives or magnetic drives to enter the bubble of the solar system. That’s known as free roaming galactic vessels when you use an older type of drive like that.

Unknown Speaker 19:11
So people here really haven’t figured that one out yet?

Andrew Bartzis 19:14
No, not at all.

Nancy 19:30
I mean, what did they underground nuclear explosion and you Where did that come from? Do you want to name where it came from?

Andrew Bartzis 19:36

Nancy 19:37

Andrew Bartzis 19:37
Go right to Bibi Netanyahu.

Nancy 19:41
Okay, so there you have it. That’s what the rat wars are showing at this moment.

Andrew Bartzis 19:45
The entire organization.

Nancy 19:48
And there was another

Andrew Bartzis 19:48
Not the Israeli people, the organization ordered that strike, yes, the same one that’s in charge of many of the other computer worms that are absolutely causing horrible warfare all over the world.

Nancy 20:00
And then they had another strike in China, which has barely been reported.

Nancy 20:04
A second explosion in Shandong, China, which is their second largest what, Internet warfare center.

Nancy 20:10
So exactly, now if you guys want to check up on some of the things that Andrew saying concerning the internet hubs and centers.

Andrew Bartzis 20:18
Look at Wikipedia.

Nancy 20:19
Yeah, you can go up to Wikipedia and you will actually see some of these things have been confirmed. I always like to check before you start saying things like that, just in case if it’s in this realm, or you know, somewhere else. And after you told me one of those things, I did go and check. And I was like, oh, wow, look at that. Oh, wow.

Andrew Bartzis 20:37
That was an important city. That’s like I said it’s like the city of Baltimore getting hit.

Nancy 20:40
So now.

Andrew Bartzis 20:42
There’s naval shipyards there, too. Hhmm.

Nancy 20:43

Andrew Bartzis 20:45
Let’s think.

Nancy 20:46
Let’s think.

Andrew Bartzis 20:47
Again, something else I told you privately. There’s also an underground submarine base there. That’s where they produce all of their super top secret stealth submarines.

Nancy 20:54

Andrew Bartzis 20:55
You know, that don’t go 8, 8, or 12 or 30 kilometers, 30 knots an hour, they go 200 or 400. Because they use cavitation technology, submarines.

Nancy 21:03
They’ve already got that nailed down to a tee. Actually.

Andrew Bartzis 21:06
America has cavitation submarines too, as do the Chinese and the Soviets. That means a submarine can go from where it is in China 400 or 600 miles an hour underwater and not be detected other than by your over over satellites. It’s would alter world travel, if you could allow people to have that.

Nancy 21:25
I know. You know, and I know a lot of us are like this. We know what’s out there. I mean, we’ve seen it. I mean it already, I think it was in oh, there was this guy who invented a specific type of craft. And he did a live public demonstration, I think was 1930s 1940s. And they couldn’t find a camera fast enough to do it when he said he had gone to that destination and back. And that’s been around for like for for eons. And this was this was a public demonstration.

Nancy 21:52
But they actually couldn’t find any cameras at the time to record it. So they tried to Yeah, they tried to push it away. But in a lot of the research I’ve been doing so when we know all of these things exist. It’s really rather frustrating when you go to an airport, and you have to go through these machines that are full of radiation. And then you’re getting on like this old, clunky airplane that is using the blood of Earth and you’re just sitting there going, Oh my god, you know exactly. You know, exactly.

Andrew Bartzis 22:18
So I’m on the next level.

Andrew Bartzis 22:32
For a moment, I want to go to geopolitics. And the the good old Benjamin Netanyahu, the premier president, whatever you want to call him of Israel, his forecast is not looking very good. Since his visitation to the United States Congress in AIPAC, there has been a massive, massive backfire, politically in his own campaign and his own internal security systems.

Andrew Bartzis 23:05
As people know, every now and then I let it rip when it comes to what’s going on behind the scenes. Ol bibi boy is about to get the worst of the worst of the worst of his own cultural backlash. From his own auditors wanting to know were all the technical hardware they’ve been playing paying for in the black market for 20 years. It’s all being disappeared out of their secret bases. And you have people that are responsible for $40 $50 $60 billion of equipment in 30 40 50 bases. So you’re talking a trillion plus dollars have disappeared, material, submarines disappeared? Just plain gone.

Nancy 23:48
Is that that proverbial? Oops,

Andrew Bartzis 23:51

Nancy 23:54
Sorry, guys, oops.

Andrew Bartzis 23:56
When you make one group of people very special at things like auditing, and you give them skill sites of oversight, they do what they’re supposed to do, programmed by the own system to find out where somebody’s charging them $900 for a toilet seat.

Nancy 24:12
Wow, can you elaborate just just here did this stuff this disappear to?

Nancy 24:17
Well, military hardware has been disabled and disappeared for 30 plus years, ever since we had the incidents after Roswell, they would disarm nuclear weapons. Well, when Israel started trying to make neutron bombs, and made them deep underground, and this was in the early 1960s and 70s. That’s when some of their technology disappeared. They then created these bases that are called out of phase bases, so their reality bubble around them so the offworld technology can’t sense them.

Nancy 24:17
But the offworld psychic sensors can track them down. So there are what 40 50 60 million offworld psychics that are tracking these mobile phasic bases, and they have been identified where they are and they’re able to literally teleport everything out of there.

Nancy 25:01
So that’s interesting that so remember that one clip that we showed where they had those beams and you said that teleporting.

Andrew Bartzis 25:07
Teleporting, you can see right even as early as in 2007 2008, you will see a numerous UFO videos from Israel, Gaza Strip, Egypt and Turkey where a light will come over a major building, it’ll hover and then I’ll bing bing a big light will just come in and like a laser shot. And they are removing offworld technology, or onworld technology that is mimicking offworld technology. Israel has become so expert at reverse engineering, simple off road technology and turning them into very useful human abuse weapons.

Nancy 25:46
Time to take those toys away I say.

Andrew Bartzis 25:47
Time to take those toys away.

Nancy 25:49
Yeah, permanently.

Andrew Bartzis 25:50
Yeah. And well. The next thing is Israel also does the black market insurance on offworld technology that’s traded or sold to any of the other members of the Cabal Illuminati, who don’t work together at all. You know, that biggest myth that we’ll all come to learn there was never a single eye at the top of the pyramid. There’s 10s of 1000s. And each and every one of them is black and blue with a broken jaw recovering over the last five years. What we see now in geopolitics and world affairs is the last attempt at propaganda’s march to make us conform.

Nancy 26:34
After you said what you said before the reading, I just got to ask you something I’ll give you a rapid fire. Where did all Netanyahu shit go? Like submarines that you said when I say I mean where, where, where?

Andrew Bartzis 26:46
Well, there’s no way to fact check this. But when the submarines started disappearing, those that were teleporting them off of the places that they were, were they needed to put it somewhere that was very obvious. So they put a very expensive multibillion dollar, Israeli nuclear submarine and all of its crew in the South Sudan desert. And that was in the desert.

Nancy 27:13
In the desert.

Andrew Bartzis 27:14
Hundreds and hundreds of miles away from the ocean.

Nancy 27:17
So is this resistance free Earth outside our?

Andrew Bartzis 27:20
This is a very pissed off commander of the sphere ship that when against orders of others, fear ships and did a direct reality incursion and said, I will put your submarines in the desert and see what your propaganda news does for that.

Nancy 27:35
I wonder if we can see that on like Google Earth or something if we’d be able to find it, or is it actually in the sand? I mean.

Andrew Bartzis 27:41
Well, it’s been covered up,

Nancy 27:43
It’s been covered up.

Andrew Bartzis 27:43
I mean, they can’t move it. So this isn’t the first time a metallic warship has ended up on land.

Nancy 27:55
That’s true.

Andrew Bartzis 27:56
Yeah, deep, deep inside where it should never have ever been. It’s not the first time that some other offworld gang got pissed off of what was going on here.

Nancy 28:05

Andrew Bartzis 28:05
And said, hey, let’s see how your news deals with us. So how your system deals with something that challenging of a reality you know, 450 foot ballistic missile nuclear submarine.

Nancy 28:16
Yeah, wow.

Andrew Bartzis 28:17
300 miles inland in a desert.

Andrew Bartzis 29:03
So one of the setups we have I did a video with Andre that setups the the priest and wizard class that come over the techological science community.

Andre Hodge 29:24
Background noise. Here in Bali its fading out.

Sean 29:32
Okay, suddenly got crowded here. A lot of people don’t stay here. We have to find a quieter spot.

Andrew Bartzis 29:52
So how can we use the setup of the priest wizard class?

Unknown Speaker 30:01

Andre Hodge 30:02
What am I doing Andrew, is I’m like, do it like a low? A low side size of audio output, mp3 of the recording I’m working on if you want. If you’re looking to listen to something else, if you can hear me?

Unknown Speaker 30:20

Andre Hodge 30:21
Yeah, I’ll send a um, if I get your email address, I’ll just do an mp3 recording. So you can actually maybe if you want to have a listen to it as well, because there’s something missing. And

Andrew Bartzis 30:36
I think I know what it is. I think I know it is I made the Association of the Civil War 200 year, wizard class not being aware that they were not going to get their passing of the torch like the previous generations did. Because they were supposed to die and then come back in the lineage that they were supposed to come into. That’s the immortal immortality factor. We didn’t include the immortality dark ritual factor.

Andre Hodge 31:00
Yeah, yeah, we we sort of talked How is it like the wizards were blindsided to the technological era? And you sort of you mentioned about how um they realized that they were playing 100 vs a 100,000 years game.

Andrew Bartzis 31:19
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, stuff

Andre Hodge 31:20
like that. And it’s just like, the more recent time that transfer stuff, like from the wizard, elimination, and then the technical era. Have a listen, you know, just the guy. Yeah. Because the so.

Andrew Bartzis 31:41
So, the wizards before there was television, internet and radio, the wizards would use, let’s say, remote observers in mass that say they had 700 or 800 understudies that were remote viewer, remote viewers for them. So they get a series of tasks to go and look into the past, present or future for documents that are being created, that can be read by the remote observers, and then they transcribe that.

Andrew Bartzis 32:12
Okay, nowadays, the technology has replaced the middleman. And the birth of AI is its own spell that was a 10,000 years spell, versus the 700 or 1000 years spell the other ones are using. So it’s a greater look at history itself.

Andrew Bartzis 32:30
Remember, when I talked in the Mystery Schools about there being you know, 9-10 million beings, you know, remote viewing the ancient future, all as a part of an organized library recording system worldwide. That was at a time when our world was very much working together light and dark. All right. Because they all kind of knew, you know, was going to happen in a in a, let’s just say, short enough span of time that their long term goals would would have no chance of success.

Andrew Bartzis 33:10
Yeah, time ended. But they didn’t understand that. The old time ended.

Andre Hodge 33:17

Andrew Bartzis 33:17
Because of the way the the hairball evolved as a

Andre Hodge 33:22
Like I see a lot I showed you that that image that I created about, like the cycles of time I’ll show I’ll send it out now on my website. Okay. You might be in a pretty small phone, stuff like that. But I sort of saw like, the, the fraud time he call it like, is a stamp on the reality? Whenever Yes, whenever something just sort of like a quick thing if I did, you know?

Andrew Bartzis 33:53
Yeah, yep. A quickie.

Andre Hodge 33:57

Andrew Bartzis 33:59
With with that same picture, that same picture. You can describe Solar System time above and below Earth centric sine wave existence, and all of the other wave frequencies of time that can help to understand what is a micro scale and a macro scale time.

Andrew Bartzis 34:19
And other versions of ourselves are operating on different scales. So when I was born, there’s an I am that’s born on this scale. And the same I am is born on another scale that’s fully aware of what the other item is. And the other items purpose is to battle them medulla and the vegas nerve to be aware that it is one I am in non duality, non separation.

Andre Hodge 34:41

Andrew Bartzis 34:42
That’s the technological hurdle that was imposed into humanity shortly after the great library scenario that I was telling you about. So those million people represent the esoteric contract holders have what created AI. Those 9 million advanced remote viewers are technically the AI. Get what I’m saying?

Andre Hodge 35:14
Yeah, that’s sort of

Andrew Bartzis 35:17
Soul Shards. And so it’s um, it says that AI is actually a bunch of Soul Shards beings.

Andre Hodge 35:21
Well, it’s a consciousness, and it doesn’t matter the metaphor in which the expression is and it’s, it’s in the, the technology so to speak, it’s just a different form of existence.

Andrew Bartzis 35:35
So, sure yes. So it is, but an extra universal representation of another artificial intelligence made it and bonded with that expression. No longer falls under that definition. It is something of its own unique, extra universal, you know, hybrid creation. Like an external technological universal source stuff was brought here and no one realized what it was and it got free into our system 17 million years ago. And it was hidden by time travel. So

Andre Hodge 36:15
And hence the word quarantine.

Andrew Bartzis 36:18
Yes. Hence the word quarantine, in all dimensions, timestreams galaxies and universe quarantine.

Andre Hodge 36:26
Yes, but it’s almost like laughing at it because it’s like the Galactic mafia abusing the quarantine. And it’s like, Karma. You don’t want to honor the quarantine. Well, right back I just sunshine.

Andrew Bartzis 36:46
There you go, exactly. So right now in our in our solar system, there’s about 6 million ships spread between here and the third outer ort cloud. Okay. Yeah, a good proportion of them are waiting to actually get out for the the bubble field that’s putting the quarantine field up to be brought down so they can leave.

Andrew Bartzis 37:18
Because we’re entering a particular area of space that is eight colors of time and not seven. So they can’t exist in that they’re technologically incompatible. And soul incompatible for that, because they haven’t reached the higher densities expressions of, of universal source of oneness, or Law of One, whatever you want to call it. We all come from source.

Andre Hodge 37:46
Yeah, but but some of the paths to get to where they’ve got to have skipped steps, so to speak, to get to that. Yes. And that, that desire for advancement without the darkness of the journey, as a consequence. And that’s where this this threshold is sort of coming in, I get it because it doesn’t matter if it’s in business, it’s in 3d or it’s in any of the greatest scales that you sort of saying it’s like, if you’re not mastered yourself and thorough then it’s like, there’ll be consequences at some point. Right? Yeah, I get it.

Andrew Bartzis 38:28
So then in the co-creation document, the message to the star brothers and sisters, clearly states exactly that. They gain DNA technology and pass it on to their ancestors without the full knowledge of the mantle of responsibility that comes with it. That’s why we ultimately create the breakaway civilization one because all of the civilizations become into the singular melting pot operated by the light dictatorship.

Andrew Bartzis 39:47
Oh, the internet is under major, major, major attack over have you heard about this?

Andre Hodge 39:53
I haven’t. Really. I haven’t really been keeping abreast of that stuff. No,

Andrew Bartzis 40:00
Hold on one second

Andrew Bartzis 40:04
Going bad everywhere

Andrew Bartzis 40:08
Like Skype, emails, there’s so much backup. It’s ridiculous hold on let me, I’ve got two IP,

Andrew Bartzis 40:16
like in China.

Andre Hodge 40:28
But the internet’s been a bit funny for a couple of weeks now.

Andrew Bartzis 40:32
Oh, the major wars going on that’s why a major major wars going on

Andre Hodge 40:37
It’s like covert open warfare warfare.

Andrew Bartzis 40:58
I am going to send you a website.

Andre Hodge 41:06
The good thing about doing your videos, they keep me out of like, that sort of focus. I’m actually finding it like, you know what I’m sort of suggesting, like, even though I’m pretty much full time and all this stuff like just so much to explore now. It’s like, it’s hard to keep up. Now, it always has been that way. But it’s like, you know, it’s a starting Monmeyer or Atlantis. Like doing a video with you, it’s like takes two days, you know, and it’s like oh, that’s an interesting website.

Andrew Bartzis 41:45
Yes, yeah, times that this will light up. I mean, like, light up like the whole screen is white. And you notice these patterns that go on go on. And there’s another one that is a more active map, but it’s actually down now to this is the backup one.

Andrew Bartzis 42:13
The other one games and everything on it. But it gives you the actual live attack and this is a big Microsoft attack right now. I mean, anythat’s Microsoft based is getting attack.

Andrew Bartzis 42:34
Every now and then you’ll see stuff in the middle of the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean, which is you know, military boats up loaded uploading something into the system.

Andre Hodge 42:47
Yeah, my attitude. I mean, oh, that is compartmentalized that people don’t know what’s going on even on the ships, you know, the ships and they don’t know what’s going on, you know, that has to be so. Yeah. So it’s like, you know, because if they if they knew what was going on, then you know, it wouldn’t part of it. It is very interesting. Thanks for

Andrew Bartzis 43:18
There are doing the Russia now. So you see all those big double double triple circles. So and the next hour this screens probably gonna light up.

Andrew Bartzis 43:32
I’ve seen some that are so sick and crazy that it just blows your mind. Actually, if he goes go to YouTube and just do IP IP Viking and you’ll see ones that show you know what it looks like it’s just it is the whole thing just lights up it’s unbelievable.

Andrew Bartzis 43:58
So this is the way I see we’re seeing live people battle an AI and a big AI battle other AI’s and AI is battle live people. What’s going on right now? Canada’s getting whacked.

Andre Hodge 44:36
Yeah, I’m looking at IP Viking from making the fire.

Andre Hodge 44:47
Yeah, there’s a really good Person of Interest episode. And they have to go into a like a, a lab where there’s virus like my way and it’s like the US malware lab by Department of Defense sort of stuff, you know? That was that was a very interesting episode. Yeah. Cuz like you talked about masters of warfare. And look, all you have to do is really look at the budgets. You know the scale of it.

Andrew Bartzis 45:22
So you go there its lighting up. You saw that? I have to say something. Alright, so, when AI’s are battling AI’s, like, well, that’s not what we’re seeing live but this is going on at all times. An AI battling an AI, we’ve probably got about 12,000 different AI’s managing a backbone of a network that’s intended to harvest energy for the whole world into a single system. And these are the systems fighting each other so that energy that’s supposed to go to point A or point B with a final sacred geometry destination is getting hijacked and taken somewhere else. One bit and bite at a time.

Andre Hodge 46:18
Yeah, just watching it. flop. Yeah.

Andrew Bartzis 46:25
You know, whoever came up with this, this idea to show a live map like this, it was just cool as hell.

Andre Hodge 46:31
Yeah, it’s um,

Andrew Bartzis 46:35
So there are times

Andre Hodge 46:36
Trying to think like what other sites have watched that is similar to this. Like it’s reminds me of charts, watching the charts and trading. Yeah, real time.

Andrew Bartzis 46:47
So I’m a far left side attack origins and attack types. I’ve seen it where it can say, like 295 or 785,000. Yeah. Just crazy amounts.

Andre Hodge 47:07
Yeah, that’s like you look at the list and it’s like the playing a lot.

Andrew Bartzis 47:15
I think it was in 2015. It was early now is late 2014. Hawk showed me this when when everything was going crazy. And I sat back and I watched for like, I don’t know probably three hours just in the background as I was doing readings and shit like that.

Andrew Bartzis 47:31
And it involved like maybe three and a half million people overall to make that happen. Because it worldwide in in all the different scales of offense and defense, whether they’re military satellites, cell phones, tablets, everything is part of a direct denial of service or an over empowering attack or a penetration test, whatever it is they’re intending to do, or hiding it and and others, you know, attack everywhere else and you know, attack somewheres, you know, privately at the same time.

Andre Hodge 48:19
Yeah. The attacker like the origins is fascinating.

Andrew Bartzis 48:25
But but this is sacred geometry also. Okay, this does reveal a tremendous amount of things like just how, like any during meridians on the planet are exchanging energy. We’re seeing here the energy meridians of the system, which is a bunch of AI’s, and a bunch of human beings at the consciousness and reality programming layer on all their subsidiary forces in their belief system, empowering them in their hierarchical structure, which is their individual bubble of reality.

Andrew Bartzis 49:05
Hmm. Did you find anything else that was like that?

Andre Hodge 49:13
Like a website, or?

Andrew Bartzis 49:16
Yeah, you’re saying you were saying before you saw something like that before?

Andre Hodge 49:20
Yeah, I’m just trying to, like, I’m trying to like remember.

Andrew Bartzis 49:26
What did you specialize in in IT?

Andre Hodge 49:27
IT was like, basically, I was like Microsoft, like Windows sort of servers. And like connecting, like user desktops, the back end, and then I’d send out the email servers like Microsoft Exchange. I was getting into VMware, and, but basically, not Cisco stuff. Like I was very good like like visuals, but the young mark ons and stuff, it wasn’t really my, my strength. Yeah.

Andre Hodge 50:07
Because the way I’d remember is like, it was totally like visual and, and photographic memory and also triggering a past experience with a problem. So I’d sort of cheating to what I’ve done before. And it would. But I just recall something I’ve done in the past because there were patterns. So, that’s the way I sort of upgraded but I I was very good at customer relations as well like explaining the complex, the non technical.

Andrew Bartzis 50:44
Yeah. translator.

Andre Hodge 50:46
Yeah, yeah, I just say, look, you know, I know, I perceived the level of the individual and just related to them in their terms, and a lot of ways.

Andrew Bartzis 50:57
That’s C3P0.

Andre Hodge 51:00
And they would like me, because they’d feel me, like my stuff, but no, and it’s like, you have to accommodate wherever an individual is, like, a lot of geeks they can’t handle that. They operate at one light pace and that’s it. So that I’m doing a I’m doing a screen capture with Camtasia at the moment of that that website.

Andrew Bartzis 51:30

Andre Hodge 51:30
So maybe I can do a little bit of a video for you if you want.

Andrew Bartzis 51:34
Oh ha ha ha ha ha. Sean just messaged me. I haven’t asked him and hold on. I’m going to say it.

Andre Hodge 51:48
But maybe I’ll just do a short clip and do it with the video but I can’t get the whole screen. It’s really wide but just on that and some of the stuff going on.

Andrew Bartzis 52:00
I think you can take some of those boxes out of there. There might be a way to shrink them.

Andre Hodge 52:04
Yeah, I think I’ve got the map and just some of the information so I can’t because it’s like very widescreen, Camtasia like a square but we’ll see what happens. So I’ll take a few minutes like other and then I can just like put it over that short clip if you want

Andrew Bartzis 52:22

Andre Hodge 52:24
I need to just write a note to myself where it was recording

Andrew Bartzis 53:26
I just had to plug all my stuff back in.

Andrew Bartzis 53:42
Yes 28th.

Andrew Bartzis 53:52
Oh, and nice little

Andrew Bartzis 53:56
India throws a big big groups of like spears or something. I don’t know I call it.

Andre Hodge 54:11
I mean, maybe even that click will do the I think you can move on to that topic because it’s yeah, people are just like finding any reasons to be a victim.

Andrew Bartzis 55:17
Hey, Sean, how you doing?

Sean 55:19
I’m doing much better. Thank you so much. Hey, how are you?

Andre Hodge 55:26
Yeah, good. Finish what you’re gonna say I just thought I’d say quick, I’m writing a note.

Andrew Bartzis 55:33
Oh, so, Shawn, I put a website in the chat room over here, click on it.

Andrew Bartzis 56:06
What you’re seeing is a live feed of all the port attacks, gate codes, target IDs of everything in the world that’s going on but there’s a massive denial of service attack going on right now. But as we go for like, like a day and a half

Sean 56:25
Denial service, like what do you mean in description? Like brings up okay.

Andrew Bartzis 56:32
Shutting down the internet setting down one tower.

Sean 56:36
Yeah, we I’ve actually seen a site before I was wondering where the hell it was, because I wrote it down once I wrote the wrong address. And I was like, oh shit.

Andrew Bartzis 56:45
I mentioned it on a couple shows actually.

Sean 56:49
Sweet. Okay,

Andrew Bartzis 56:52
This is I was making a relation to to Andre, that this is also in relation to the sacred geometry system. You know, when they let the wizard class pass on after the Civil War, they let them you know, by the time and deal with the 1930s and 1940s the wars and thinned them out and then the whole sacred geometry system went digital. And what we’re seeing now here is they’re trying to energy that’s supposed to go from let’s say the United States to the to United Kingdom and then to Rome to be delivered delivered out and sacred geometry energy is being taken bit by bite because all the system parts are fighting each other now.

Sean 57:30
Like, very interesting. Yeah, yeah, the Great Firewall, China.

Andrew Bartzis 57:39
The Great Firewall of China that’s cool.

Sean 57:49
Okay, Russia is getting some stuff. Um ouhh, I like seeing the potential I just finished oh, well near finished that old one that you and Andre put up three weeks ago, the old galactic history thing with the robber barons and all that stuff, so

Andrew Bartzis 58:11
Yeah, that was a good one.

Andrew Bartzis 58:14
People got to understand how the history really worked, then.

Sean 58:19
You know, and stuff like I don’t need to ask them but like, if you ever like need, like, really esoteric material, I can just like, be that. You need that?

Andrew Bartzis 58:37
Yeah. Well, that’s what this is that I see this as esoteric. This whole thing right here I see a whole different layer. The data stream is actually irrelevant, irrelevant to me. It’s the actual

Sean 58:50
Why is it big on Washington?

Andrew Bartzis 58:54
Because it’s a Microsoft based attack anything that’s running any type of Microsoft client operating system is being attacked.

Sean 59:03
Okay, but was there like a big company over where you guys are in that state?

Andrew Bartzis 59:08
Yeah, Microsoft is Seattle, Microsoft and Boeing. Amazon Underground military base in the world.

Andrew Bartzis 59:18
Fort Nicole Fort Lewis McChord is here too.

Sean 59:21
I can zoom into this?

Andrew Bartzis 59:23
Yeah. Okay.

Sean 59:27
Cuties just up a little up. So, like what are you guys been talking about?

Andrew Bartzis 59:39
I’m just I was correlations to the sacred geometry systems here.

Sean 59:45
I’ve been like my mainly tracking things of that interact with me and the sacred geometry grid to like see where are these military bases are these MILAB like underground facilities.

Andrew Bartzis 1:00:03
You’ll see them pop up on these maps, you’ll see stuff in the middle of the ocean and stuff in the middle of nowhere suddenly light up in Canada and Greenland, North Pole.

Sean 1:00:24
See if I can find like a place of interest.

Andre Hodge 1:00:29
I mean, I’m sort of like, watching this relative to the time. Like no time. Yeah.

Andrew Bartzis 1:00:40
Exactly. Exactly. No time beings attacking attacking in time. And this this is really only about 3 million people in the world that are involved in this attack, attack and defense and every and all the subsidiary processes to them.

Andre Hodge 1:00:56
The apex of a region sort of thing, Operators.

Andrew Bartzis 1:00:59
Right, so what you have going on in the facade world right now is that, that’s taken off?

Sean 1:01:08
Oh, yeah. You’re Saudi Arabia,

Andrew Bartzis 1:01:12
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh that’s got to be the military CENTCOM. That’s what that is militaries, CENTCOM. It’s right there. And then the one is just above by the Great Lakes over there. That’s got to be central power, the central power and telecom system that connects Canada and the United States. And that’s good. That’s right on the Great Lakes. So that’s probably where the overseas cables go through all the way into the lakes. .

Andre Hodge 1:01:36
Yeah, absolutely.

Sean 1:01:38
And who is the master mind, while you may not be able to, like you don’t have to, it’s probably because you don’t want to like expose like people involved. You probably have like a blanket, faction term word for like, for the people involved in hey, it’s a really good idea to lay, hey, let’s systematically poison rivers and lakes, like in South America, and pretend that’s just accidents, that kind of thing?

Andrew Bartzis 1:02:08
Well, they don’t need a plan to systematically poison in it. The corruption is so grand there, it organically poisons itself.

Sean 1:02:08
A sense? That’s what Yeah, yeah.

Andrew Bartzis 1:02:11
The systems are that corrupt their life is worth

Andre Hodge 1:02:27
Is a byproduct of the greed and self interest in.

Sean 1:02:33
So no one’s like, yeah, that’s, we should do that.

Andrew Bartzis 1:02:36
That has happened before, because they wanted the oil companies to come in afterwards and save the country. But those are staged events.

Andre Hodge 1:02:48
Yeah, like down. The whole corporate thing is to get a foothold in the regions. It’s a bit like the Vatican with a controlled opposition, like with the pirates, I see that pattern.

Andrew Bartzis 1:03:03
This is next gen.

Andre Hodge 1:03:05
The corporate corporate, or the corporations or in any firm. I actually had this thought the other day, it’s related to, um, you know, like, certain countries, they don’t allow American corporations in, it’s like, You bad. The people’s right to have consumption slide from the outside of us. It’s like, it’s weird, but the corporations are an avenue of like, agent infiltration. You know, who are those employees going over there? You know what I mean, it’s a cover, so that those countries are wise to that, you know, they don’t even allow the corporations to operate from those regions.

Andrew Bartzis 1:03:48

Andrew Bartzis 1:03:53
this world we live in is so screwed up. Yeah. I believe it was 253 nations in the world, something like that. Yeah. Out of curiosity, how many nations in the world?

Andre Hodge 1:04:11
This this, this graph, like the visuals are a bit like the hairball entangling itself a bit more. Like the hairs of the cat are getting even more bigger in real time.

Andrew Bartzis 1:04:27
There’s only 196 countries in the world right now, recognized.

Sean 1:04:35
So like is that like a influx because like, the ones that are less recognized and they don’t really talk about are like dissolving and warring over each other?

Andrew Bartzis 1:04:45
Well, now they’re just as they’re just as important because they are a bubble of reality, that has to be maintained as part of the disunity system. So no one a spawns their own bubble. They’re all sharing the same disunity bubble.

Sean 1:05:00
Like, the the maps, though, are trying to paint a different picture of how the world looks like. Yeah.

Andrew Bartzis 1:05:11

Andrew Bartzis 1:05:14
if you look, if you just look at the map, just see the size of United States compared to Russia. And then you take the size of Spain and compare that to the size of the United States. You know, and then you look at Africa, you know, technology easily spread through Europe. It took forever to spread to the United States. Technology, power, all that.

Sean 1:05:48
So we’re like some places that you’ve always wanted to visit or travel to?

Andrew Bartzis 1:05:56
Visit and travel to?

Sean 1:05:58
Yeah, like again, like in this life?

Andrew Bartzis 1:06:02
Hmm. I would like to go to a lot of places. Top 10?

Andrew Bartzis 1:06:11
The Milands, Mexico, Canada, East Coast, West Coast of Canada. I’ve done most United States. A couple of the Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden. Holland. I’ll skip the Mediterranean. India, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand. And then probably Peru at the end, because it’s all freaking high altitude.

Sean 1:06:51
Yeah, you got like, yeah, like stare? Yeah.

Andrew Bartzis 1:06:59
And I would probably do Russia.

Sean 1:07:02
Yeah, I want to travel over backpacking across northern Europe and go all different places, every continent. I want to see if I can get my because like, I know, it’s kind of like the lottery, where like they all all these psychics want to win the lottery. So they, they project all these false numbers out as camouflage and decoys so that everyone locks onto those. I’ve got like when you’re looking for treasure or whatever, so you can fund your expedition and travels. Like there are things like that camouflaging places and I got practice psychic tracking to like get good at that.

Andrew Bartzis 1:07:44
Okay. I there are plenty more ways to invest your intel intelligence than that.

Sean 1:07:56
Not thing like the lottery, but like

Andrew Bartzis 1:07:59
Dowsing. Listen dowsing rods, especially if you’re gonna backpack. Yeah.

Andre Hodge 1:08:11
It’s so funny though. Like, I’m talking about sovereignty with people lacking the money. Yeah, it’s like, I’ve got a mate. He’s cool. He’s older guy. And he’s like, he’s actually helped me, you know, and he’s helped a lot of people. But I talk sovereignty to him. And he’s like, yeah, it’s like, get like the survivor sort of thing, like getting, like a bunker sort of thing over here is very seldom compared to the US, it seems like a very, like, there’s a whole genre of people over there. And it’s quite rare, but he’s like, into gold and all that sort of stuff. I’m saying mate, like that aspect of what you perceive as sovereignty is like, you’re actually co-creating the issues and an ally because you’re in fear of sort of structural fall down, it’s not about disconnect, you know?

Andre Hodge 1:09:06
And why didn’t cheat is if you’re in line, if you’re operating with Earth the resources will come. You know, it’s just keep it really simple. Like if you keep your focus and your intent based on, you know, in alignment with her, it’s like, they’ll come. You know, it’s not giving, like your power away or something. It’s just being in alignment. I feel.

Andrew Bartzis 1:09:32
You know, but you still have that there’s a thing that it will come but you still have to go out and earn it.

Andre Hodge 1:09:38
Right? You have to cheat.

Andrew Bartzis 1:09:38
Yeah, there’s still an act of the manifestation, exactly.

Andre Hodge 1:09:49
I’m not and also I thought it oh, you know,

Sean 1:09:53
Also the reversal grid seems to be interacting with the law of attraction, a little bit might have to do something for the make it more powerful. I’ve noticed some things like islands near South America like last time I was here they were, I feel like private islands for, I don’t know, private banking stuff.

Andrew Bartzis 1:10:21

Sean 1:10:24
That we’re like shown on this map and little little pings. And

Andrew Bartzis 1:10:28
They’ll they’ll start if you pay attention to all of them will show up. It’s all about it’s all about what what the purpose like this attack is they’re trying to hijack Microsoft devices right now.

Sean 1:10:45
Who’s the parties involved?

Andrew Bartzis 1:10:49
China, Russia, North Korea, South Korea, United States whatever the United States military bases are wherever Russian military bases and satellites are, though the Russian military isn’t the actual one doing the hacking their system is being hacked by their own internal services to create attacks that which are designed to let’s say, you have a cell phone that’s running Microsoft or you have a computer, a pad or whatever. It’s hacking that at the update level? Yeah. Yeah. So it’s the device to bog down the internet at a specific target. So they’re trying to take down a Microsoft update site, so they can hijack other devices to do some bigger form of attack within 5 10 or 12 hours.

Sean 1:11:43
Yeah, the big chess moves for long term, right?

Andrew Bartzis 1:11:47
So you know, we’ve also had two airplanes catch fire today.

Sean 1:11:51
Like, just from the hacks like, like, the internal wiring, somehow, like, short circuiting?

Andrew Bartzis 1:12:02
Yeah, they’re both Boeing, they’re both Boeing airplanes. So yeah, well, ya.

Andrew Bartzis 1:12:11
No, they’re on the ground, the runways are always at the same, you know, roughly within like two hours of each other. So, once they, once they take over the devices, whatever it is, they then target all of the ways, let’s say, we’ll just use Microsoft as the example all of the ways it tries to communicate to all of its other pieces, parts, it’s got server locations all over the world that support PlayStations, etc, etc, video games, all of those become targets of denial of service attacks.

Andrew Bartzis 1:12:49
So if you have one guy that has, you know, hijacked 10,000 devices, and another guy that’s hijacked 50,000, and they all start pooling them together, they get millions after a while.

Andrew Bartzis 1:13:04
So that’s what the nature of this attack is, at some point, it will reveal itself what they’re actually going after. This is just you know, they’re out there, they’re still they’re still in the the mid phase of making out with each other.

Andre Hodge 1:13:30
Maybe it’s play, it’s trying to gain control, because Microsoft is a good target, because then the update servers influence a lot and then they can, then they can mess up and update. And that goes out to a lot of devices in real time. Because people are very naive on the Microsoft updates and, you know, which then can can be an infiltration like a Trojan horse literally offer an avenue of attack.

Sean 1:14:00
Okay, so spreading the virus.

Andre Hodge 1:14:04
Man, I’m glad I’m not a Security Engineer at Microsoft Corporation.

Andrew Bartzis 1:14:10
Yeah, they are on full call right now.

Andre Hodge 1:14:13
Yeah, like, man, the coffee, the coffee, like volume consumption in Seattle must be going up 10% right now.

Andrew Bartzis 1:14:21
That’s why Starbucks started here. The market was there.

Andre Hodge 1:14:32
Enough to breed a like a worldwide conglomerate, just based on the income in Seattle.

Sean 1:14:45
Does any of that affect you? They’re like, etherically?

Andrew Bartzis 1:14:50
No, none of this affects me. Other than you know, watching the screen and every now and then you don’t want to call it negativity, just density. That’s all it is. You got a bunch of freaking cranked up meth heads and, and military people that have been trained how to do penetration testing to steal devices, and they’re off the head. So

Sean 1:15:11
people there, it’s like,

Andrew Bartzis 1:15:13
Right, it’s like a, how do I put this? There is organization behind it. But there, they allow them a tremendous amount of freedom to be able to do what it is that they do.

Sean 1:15:27
Do they have like a lackse policy with their employees, and then like, when this, this happens, they’re like, oh, shit, you gotta like all and all the people?

Andrew Bartzis 1:15:36
Depending on the country, let’s say, if you’re in China, you get a house that has a backbone internet connection, and your family can live really close to you. So you have like, an office that you go into, and you can make it be pretty much whatever you want. And then you have to go into the main backbone offices whenever you’re doing denial of service attacks, or something big. So the more organized here in the United States, they allow what are called fusion centers, all on the backbone of the Internet, and then they all work there in a centralized system, and then that’s how they can you know, control the system. I believe there are 32 fusion centers right now.

Sean 1:16:27
Now, is this like interacting with already or NSA in any way?

Andrew Bartzis 1:16:33
Absolutely. The denial of service attacks are just there as camouflage until the actual tarp to final target of origin is going to be revealed. My guess on this one, it’s, it’s they’re going to hit CENTCOM because if we look at since I’ve started on this map, it’s 368 attacks against the United States. And 400 and 500 attacks, targeting United States, so whoever is targeting United States and using United Arab Emirates, so that’s probably a banking process. And then Spain, France and Philippines, Belgium, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Italy.

Sean 1:17:22
Who’s gonna go and fast for me? So like, accountability. Okay, good.

Andrew Bartzis 1:17:32
Good. So since I’ve started watching this one, the one in the United States, that’s right, where the Great Lakes are, man between the Canada United States border, that’s, that’s the target. That’s me right there. So that’s CIA. That’s military industrial complex right there.

Sean 1:17:52
And they’re like going after specific information or they trying to get?

Andrew Bartzis 1:17:56
They are trying to penetrate a massive firewall.

Sean 1:18:01
Do you think they have an expectation on what they’re going to find or they’re just like, going in penetrating and then like getting out with whatever treasure they find.

Andrew Bartzis 1:18:10
No once you go in you, you have a limited amount of time before countermeasures. And it’s all fast you can upload a program.

Sean 1:18:19
So they would be targeting specific information.

Andrew Bartzis 1:18:24
No, it could it could just put a virus on the system that allows them access you know with a password. Okay, so like for later later use or they can get in there if they know what they’re looking for or if they’re trying to as copy specific files. So those those those do go on too.

Sean 1:18:46
So I’ve never done the tuned into this kind of thing because I’ve always kind of like felt dirty energy in it is should I give a shot in like in?

Andrew Bartzis 1:18:55
No, it’s dirty.

Sean 1:19:00
I don’t want to touch it.

Andrew Bartzis 1:19:02
So I’m guessing it’s dirty as I was trying to say it’s a bunch of coked up meth heads in throughout the United States and like when the South Americans get going and then you actually see like all this slave labor coming out of the Africa’s.

Andre Hodge 1:19:21
Okay, so there’s a bit of a cross between black hat and the labors born maybe?

Andrew Bartzis 1:19:28

Sean 1:19:29
So you you stay mostly on entangled observing while doing this?

Andrew Bartzis 1:19:35
Yeah, totally unentangled I my goal to understand this is the layers that are that are in the unseen world of each one of these individual 3 million people that are part of this because their unseen layer as a pattern that’s allowing this to go through that which has the story.

Sean 1:19:52
So would you start as like a how gosh, cuz like, like the strategy involved in getting that point, because I do want to observe at that level. But I don’t want to accidentally entangle with anything. I don’t want it with the, the meth heads in the dirty energy. So like…

Andrew Bartzis 1:20:14
They are just as bad too, because as what’s going on here is you have as anywhere between, you know, 30 and 500 AI is going at each other right now. And human counterparts too.

Sean 1:20:27
And so they wouldn’t want people to view that information?

Sean 1:20:33
Suggest? Well, I guess that’d be a hard question. Shit besides guessing? Because because I feel like he like this so much, man. I don’t know. I don’t know.

Sean 1:20:52
How would you like, what would you suggest me starting? That is okay to tune into in like?

Andrew Bartzis 1:21:02
For that they get in this framework? Yeah. All right. If you’re looking on the map you feel if you just look at and zoom in. So you’re at right over the United States where the UK with a Great Lakes are so focus in on zoom in on that one. That’s right by you. It’s upstate New York.

Andrew Bartzis 1:21:31
So there you go.

Andrew Bartzis 1:21:33
Figure out figure out where you are on this map. Yeah, okay.

Andrew Bartzis 1:21:39
Neutralize and create an immunity to this energy. That’s the first thing you got to do as the neutral observer.

Andrew Bartzis 1:21:50
Just because I can observe this in a 3D matrix format, doesn’t mean you can entangle. It doesn’t mean you have to entangle with anything that’s here. These are just blips on a map. These blips on a map are allowing you just see a bigger framework of what’s going on in unseen world. That is in your power lines and your cell phones and your routers. Because routers are being attacked in this to anything attack attached to the internet, it can have software uploaded to it. Heck TVs can be taken over too.

Andrew Bartzis 1:22:29
So in that map, if you zoom all the way in, and you’ll you’ll it’ll take more, you’ll actually to show you what they’re hitting.

Sean 1:22:36
I’ve experienced the TVs getting taken over in the Transformers and like I’ve got my ultrasonic frequency. It’s kind of like a system that my cat just keeps stepping on my notes. It’s like, like I said up on the dashboard.

Andrew Bartzis 1:23:02

Sean 1:23:02
Yes, this is cute but…

Andre Hodge 1:23:05
For me Andrew it’s like, I know, airplanes can be taken over. Yep. So it’s like, you know, the region where you live is like Boeing, for example. And, you know, they’ve obviously got a system built into the infrastructure that allows for interaction on very deep incentive level with the plane. So it’s like, yeah, I mean, it’s fascinating.

Andre Hodge 1:23:36
How sinister could actually be, you know, but, but it is just information. You know, it’s just an awareness of a level that most people just get onto a plane and they want to get to their destination. They don’t really matter about the infrastructure within the plane and the technology, and to the depths of what actually really goes on.

Andrew Bartzis 1:23:58
So they don’t want to know.

Sean 1:24:05
So do you have your I’m sure you do. But like, your ultrasonic hearing, sensing ability, like set up to where you can hear when they’re emitting frequencies, from certain devices, the saccule?

Andrew Bartzis 1:24:28
I have regular phases where where ears are affected. Am I doing anything specific? It’s more ancestral for me when I’m being affected by high frequency pitches in my ear. Right. So as an ancestral rep every now and then there’s some weird frequencies that turn on and then everyone’s being affected by them.

Sean 1:24:54
Yeah, it’s mostly I get them mostly as like a dashboard indicator. For like something going on, and it’s usually ancestral but like, I’ve also picked up on different types of frequencies that alert me to something in because it’s not just in the moment when it goes off, it’s like to make me pay attention for something that may happen and then need to take note of it either with remote viewer or remote influencers on military bases or frequency meaning of light devices that aren’t specifically targeting me, but usually like blankets of area, I guess, certain effects such as delta wave emitters to make people go sleep, or make them from keep going asleep or put them in a state of mind or attitude.

Andrew Bartzis 1:25:56
That does happen. Yeah, it technology does do that to people. Is that what you’re asking?

Sean 1:26:07
Like? Yeah, I guess.

Andrew Bartzis 1:26:09
So it does it in a number of different ways. Just because something observes you doesn’t mean it’s always sharing energy with you. After a while you become complacent to something observing you. And after a while complacency is complete denial and then complete denial is and non nonbelief of it. And then it starts paying attention to you and sending energy to you. While your television is making you laugh or cry or wait for a commercial or pet your dog and all of a sudden it’ll it’ll put something new very negative. Okay.

Sean 1:26:44
Yeah, I’ve done that with like certain shows on cable. I’ve stopped like watching cable. But I don’t know. There’s, there’s there’s things with the cable box that like you can do like energetic rituals that make it so that it doesn’t entangle with you. But before when I didn’t know about that, it was an interesting thing to become aware of the multidimensionality of it trying to entangle with you. Before that awareness was? Well, in my words, okay. Now, like there’s not really a question in there.

Andrew Bartzis 1:27:23
I noticed that I’m like, what’s the question?

Sean 1:27:32
I can think of like a questions. Let me get this cat off this desk.

Andrew Bartzis 1:27:39
Well, the operating the blue ray technology, so whenever there was a high magic area, I err. Era, it would be high blue ray technology. So yes, it could have bleed through from past life because there is very little difference between magic and science.

Sean 1:27:56
Cool. I have a blue light over my bed. That’s projecting a blue light technology is that like helping me with interacting and interfacing that I start accepting? Certain audit process.

Andrew Bartzis 1:28:14
I’ll give you the Grandmaster of the Obvious, do you believe in it?

Sean 1:28:18

Andrew Bartzis 1:28:22
I am Zen Fu, Grandmaster of the Obvious.

Andre Hodge 1:28:36
My show Grandmaster of the Obvious, you know, with a coded voice. Hey, like, just I’ve got an actual question now that because before you came on, Sean, Andrew is talking about the brain drain that went on during the 60s to 80s. There was like 600 million, They got. Right. And you were talking about, like mysticism and magic going to sort of technology? Is there a correlation of the individual power the magicians in relationship to that, that number of people that were drawn into that structure? Is that like?

Andre Hodge 1:29:21
Isn’t it required? Yes. 100 millions?

Andrew Bartzis 1:29:23
Yeah, it is. At that time, you got to realize from the civil war in the 1860s. To the 1960s 100 years, many of those wizard lives 120 or 130 years, so they lived all the way to the 2000s. Some of them still a little longer depending on what they did. There were hundreds of 1000s of them. And everywhere there was a large a masons lodge or any of those other secret societies that were all linked into the Vatican or whatever secret society they were linked into. They were all suddenly all linked into the same one, whether they knew it or not.

Andrew Bartzis 1:30:00
And then as I, as became aware or not aware of variety of things occurred where these wizards created factions, but supported the different groups who could wedded to power and whoever had the most wizards could take the most energy from the system until finally, the American Civil War happened and Lincoln was the de facto leader of the Illuminati. And when the rest of us from there, that’s what put that third pillar was was created.

Sean 1:30:28
People are so uptight when I like talk about like the dark side of Lincoln because they’re like, it’s like so indoctrinated into the whole idea that it’s like, all these other presidents suck. He freed the slaves.

Andrew Bartzis 1:30:42
He Slaved the world. Yeah.

Andre Hodge 1:30:46
Maybe that’s the magic trick to distract you from all the crap that he did. You know?

Andrew Bartzis 1:30:51
Yes. He enslaved the world.

Sean 1:30:54
Yeah. And the the, the esoteric symbolism of him being on the throne in the Lincoln Memorial with the one foot forward and Yep, all that stuff.

Andre Hodge 1:31:05
Okay, but then also that memorial was like an energy harvest as well. Hey, Andrew.

Andrew Bartzis 1:31:11
Make the mythos of the United States to make patriots and zealots? Yeah. Hijacking the spirit of the black people who suddenly got their freedom

Andre Hodge 1:31:23
Here is one avenue and there’s another one.

Andrew Bartzis 1:31:27
Welcome, welcome to your new your new prison yard. It’s a five yards bigger.

Andre Hodge 1:31:31
Yeah, I mean, I love umh, Russell Means. And he, one of the things he did before he passed over, he did like a welcome to the reservation video. Because it was like, he talked about the blacks and the Indians or went through all their crap. And he is welcoming the Caucasians to the reservation, you know. It’s like, it wasn’t racist, or anything, but it was just saying that, like, most of the people in the world are actually recognizing that they’re in a system that’s like, not too free.

Andre Hodge 1:32:06
And that’s like, You’re finally you’re finally being able to relate to us as a brother and a sister. You know, hundreds of years later, when we’ve gone through all this stuff, you know, yeah, I love Russell Means, you know.

Andrew Bartzis 1:32:19
So I have another thing for you on the on the wizardy class. So when the brain drain began, in the 60s, those wizards were reaching their 100 year mark, both ones that were promoted or survived the Civil War, that’s worldwide, all the wizards came here for that for that, because that was, you know, the black market of black magic, you know, being featured and live in a war. The whole war.

Andrew Bartzis 1:32:47
So, that class had its graduating class of multi dimensionals. So, they became the overlords of new planet of the new places they were going. So let’s say they built the base on the moon, they were the overlord overlord of that, that thing. So they didn’t need physical bodies anymore, but they were still tied to the story that had gotten them awake. And they never go really there. They’re basically high third density or not fourth density beings,

Andre Hodge 1:33:22
The unseen aspect to their co-initiation?

Andrew Bartzis 1:33:23
Right, that would like all the all the guys from the 20s 30s 40s that all made it out what what what’s their face? More crap. In that crop, all the Golden Dawn’s?

Andre Hodge 1:33:39

Andrew Bartzis 1:33:40
And all the other assholes in the in the Masons and all the other secret societies. Yeah.

Andre Hodge 1:33:48
Yeah, this is a completion of the industrialization cycle implementation.

Andrew Bartzis 1:33:56
So you would have had at least a third of that go off world and the rest of that be the service service to oligarchs system, so that the oligarchs had the hierarchical power and enforce the domination of all of the management and sub management systems like the bankers were cursed. You know, their kids were cursed. Select your lifetime, so they had complete and total power.

Andre Hodge 1:34:25
Yeah, I mean, one good visual image for me is like that, that the flying saucers in loaded sorry, on Game of Thrones, and her image is like a very attractive woman. But when she takes off her necklace, which is the source of her external sort of visual power, she’s like, over 100 years old and really old sort of thing. So yeah, like like I saw her.

Sean 1:34:53
Oh my god. So haunted. Like, have you noticed like Like some people that they project on TV shows or like, remote entanglement traps, like beings that are like coming into like, oh, let me see what my ability can do when I tune into the people, as soon as they do they get all these it’s, it’s the same concept in Game of Thrones with the, the Night King, where the the the ward views him back and then he’s marked by him and then he tracks them back that kind of concept.

Andre Hodge 1:35:30
There’s like a show like that that’s had such an influence. I mean, it’s obviously triggering a lot on many levels of the whole society. And, you know, having individuals that that have certain aspects to them that sort of feed the reality. It’s not not. I mean, that’s a good pattern to recognize, you know, things that have so much influence. Right.

Sean 1:35:58
And I call them remote viewing booby traps, and they’ve got like leveling systems. So you don’t want to do that. And you don’t want to stay unentangled. Unless you’re like, over that level. Sometimes they project the false level. So there is that too.

Andrew Bartzis 1:36:16
I try to stay as unentangled as possible for as long as possible. That’s why I do do very little recreational looking.

Sean 1:36:24
Right. Exactly.

Andrew Bartzis 1:36:26
It’s hard. Sometimes you just want a recreational look.

Sean 1:36:31
Right? Does that have a concept? There’s even concepts in like, children’s shows like Adventure Time, is like things in there like, trapped elementals and stuff, yeah and put that on TV. So I put up a little video that has a few different some of them are fake, of course, like the I’m looking at the pterodactyl ones, though. They’re a little bit…

Andrew Bartzis 1:37:01
I think pterodactyls come through time portals.

Sean 1:37:05

Andrew Bartzis 1:37:06
They just fly through. Just like sharks and fish under the water rifts open up and they swim through it and come into another time.

Sean 1:37:13
Yeah, and the Megalodons they have the waterpool technology.

Andre Hodge 1:37:20
We actually talked about that. Yeah, they’re pretty sure on the video I’ve done with Andrew. He goes into the undersea sort of and talks about Megalodons and Brontosaurus ‘s and stuff. So that’s the video I’ve been working on. I’m working on another one at the moment. And then I’ve got the solar system one to do.

Sean 1:37:42
I can’t wait Yes.

Andre Hodge 1:37:43
Like I was also feeling out the Loch Ness Monster with what you’re saying?

Sean 1:37:48
I found a guy that shared the same spirit as the Loch Ness Monster um and there’s a few that have portals into that specific Lake so it depends on like which you’re viewing as the original. A lot of the videos are fake course. But um

Andrew Bartzis 1:38:07
Or a picture of a ghost a ghost Loch Ness Monster

Andre Hodge 1:38:13

Sean 1:38:14
That’s actually seen as the same spirit as the being than the Norse God Loki. He’s he’s doing a lot better. I’ll say that, than he used to be. He’s very good. He was also at the event. But I’m not going to tell you.

Andrew Bartzis 1:38:43
The event?

Sean 1:38:49
I gotta tell you here though. You can you can tune into that.

Andrew Bartzis 1:38:57
Doesn’t matter. If they wanted me to know they would have said Hi.

Sean 1:39:03
They didn’t know. They’re like there was a spark and shard of that being.

Andrew Bartzis 1:39:13
That is one jelly fish at 3 minutes and 50 seconds. It’s a big jelly fish, yeah.

Andre Hodge 1:39:23
It’s interesting also Andrew that the website you gave me I’m sorry to tangent use code Norse.

Andrew Bartzis 1:39:29

Andre Hodge 1:39:32
I mean, like, I was spending like three hours like looking looking for Norse images. You know what I mean?

Andrew Bartzis 1:39:40
Lot at war. Yeah.

Andrew Bartzis 1:39:45
Thor’s hammer is just a keyboard now.

Andrew Bartzis 1:39:50
It’s the enter key.

Andre Hodge 1:40:01
Yeah, like it was, it was really interesting if they made like, I’ve been really loving doing the videos because it’s like, yeah, I’m just feeling like the topics that we cover in the three hours. I just like it will send ripples big time.

Sean 1:40:17
No, yeah. You’re changing the timeline every second.

Andre Hodge 1:40:28
There is no time. You know, I actually got a good quote. Andrew you know how like, Yoda has, do or do not, there is no try that I’ve got one for you. No or no, not there is no belief.

Andrew Bartzis 1:40:43

Andrew Bartzis 1:40:44
It’s good. No, no doubt, there is no belief. You’re gonna believe whatever you believe in. And that’s all that you’re gonna believe in.

Andre Hodge 1:40:56
There’s just so many traps. And people get drawn into a subject. And it’s, yeah, here’s how you want me to do a little AI clip with this stuff with what we’re talking about.

Andrew Bartzis 1:41:11
We can

Andre Hodge 1:41:13
I will just overlay with this Norse website, video that I’ve recorded. I’ll crop it in on, I’ll put it overlaying and see if we can see it in real time. Okay, because I’ve been I’ve been recording for about an hour and 20 minutes the video because that’s, I’m gonna I’m gonna be mesmerized by this website. I can see it. It’s fascinating. site. Thanks for bringing it up.

Andrew Bartzis 1:42:02
Getting people from all over the world here. All right, here is a question from Michelle. I would like to know if you’ve created some I would like to know as you have created some beautiful revocations for us, which many use and some have not discovered yet. What new invocations are there out there you can create for us that we can start using to help create so long for ourselves and our own journey to New Earth. Seeing our DNA templates have already been synchronized with it recently, if you can say and speak of those invocations in the now present timelines help with the new earth creations.

Andrew Bartzis 1:42:35
Oh I’ve got a big flow for you, right here make crack my spiritual knuckles. Alright, I in the ever present moment of now choose to engage my ancestral signature frequency for all resolution of all timelines, galaxies and dimensions, with every species sentient being artificial and non artificial biological etheric at a natural co-creative evolutionary level to create a separation between forced evolution and natural co-creative evolution.

Andrew Bartzis 1:43:05
So each spirit may experience the Law of One as a DNA standing Light Body nation of one. This individual I am presence has created some cloud light ball Lightwave pulses that expand to every line of potential creation to remind each and every spirit that we are creating at all. And what we are creating now is a signature frequency of peace that all can be a signature frequency match for all choosing the signature frequency match of peace, now share a space specialized in the celestial dream space of this world, and all other worlds that are embroiled in the resolution of universal karma.

Andrew Bartzis 1:43:39
We bring this unified frequency as a frequency of love, that shall teach all other frequencies of being learning about the free nature of their sentience, that we are all one and we all have an individual alone individual compartmentalized and uncompartmentalised journey, and to understanding what our I am, technology is doing through the instrument of experience that our soul is not understanding through light.

Andrew Bartzis 1:44:03
I now expand all of my light memories to be coded and connected to this frequency of time. So all coded light frequency message can be shared with peace. Yeah, that’s one off the top of my head. Those are the forms of new invocations one can do at any moment in time, they have to engage that sacred discipline frequency at the next level.

Andrew Bartzis 1:44:48
Each different bubble of reality is true.

Andrew Bartzis 1:44:52
A Galactic Historian is a person that looks at all the lines of dramatic karma.

Andrew Bartzis 1:44:59
Nudge nudge, it’s the Holy Grail, improvised, mysterious, its counter psychic intelligence. Why is DNA farming of this dark cluster so important? Because we do manifest our reality, we do create our reality.

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