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Andrew Bartzis Galactic Historian – Origins of War Part 1 – Mars, Incarnation War on Earth (Transcript)

Andrew Bartzis Galactic Historian – Origins of War Part 1 – Mars, Incarnation War on Earth (Transcript)

In Gratitude and in Service to Honour Teachers and the Teachings.
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Now I want to talk about our seven future generations. We hear this frequently, frequently, a boat about the children, what about the children, and then the political concepts are kicked down the can and kicked down the road for the next and the next. And the next. We are the ones that are responsible for the next generation. We are the ones responsible for the generation after that we are the ones that are responsible for the seven future generations.

There are times I talk about spiritual contracts, and spiritual contracts reach from one generation to the next generation to the next generation. And we are the ones that are bear these contracts that have the responsibility to deal with them. For those women that are having children, or for those married couples that are adopting, you are taking that responsibility of the future generation as well as the generation beyond that. When it comes to women, it’s about sharing your sisterhood.

When it comes to man, it’s about sharing brotherhood. And once we learn to share, we quicken the pace of sharing, until finally we’re moving at 80 miles an hour at a 50 mile an hour zone. And we are heading straight towards that force of domination control, to simply say, it’s time for you to go with total layers of empowerment. We talked to the domination control and say your time is done here. We draw upon our dream worlds and we create that future place so that domination control no longer has anchors.

And once we look at those anchors and question those anchors, we have our moments of deep power, that inner power, where we take the joy of freedom and spread it to the all. And when we claim this power, we empower the all we empower the all we once again find inner peace. Once we find inner peace, we begin to co create prayers with everyone, whatever vehicle whatever religion, whatever form of spirituality, this is it. You are, it is your prayers that help define the universe how to change.

So each one on an individual level tells the universe exactly what they want to do to change. Without concepts and patterns of domination control behind those words. We change the world if we give the universe patterns to function where we give the universe wisdom of our living in this 3d life to work with. As we go even further, we enter the drum of timing, the drum of timing, so unique concept, as in the very first ice worlds in the vise mountains came the first the first Dawn of Earth band was young man eight plants. It did not eat meat at that time.

And then great antelope came down out of the mountains, the ice mounds and came to the first shamans of the land, the first two laggards and said, The coming ice mountains will destroy the plants and earth will be going through a great change. Earth wants you to live and is now my service to you, for you to live. So you will take my flesh, my hide, and you will consume meat and use all forms of my body. And the shamans of land said no we cannot kill you.

You are brothers, you are sisters on this land. It is not right. And antelope said to them. It is my service to this world. Take my flesh it is my service. Take my hide it is service. Take my hostess glue is my service to you so you may survive the coming ice mountains. And man did what it was asked to it took the service and our man survived the first ice mountain in the second ice mountain. And the first shamans of the first land honor the antelope by making antelope man cleanse, or they honored the wisdom of eating the flesh and made sure that nothing was wasted.

And this is what the concept that we are returning to who’s being of service to the world who is making the sacrifice to help change who is telling the people you can all be one with the world. If you simply understand the illusion you’re being forced to live in. The first illusion of the first man was to think they could survive without help. Even in the great caves of fire. They did not have the foresight to see there would be no wood to burn and that their people would starve without the plants. But the animals step forward and offer their service. And now we are here to offer our service to all people, all tribes, all nations, all clans under the rainbow So we can have a unified global culture, a unified global society, a unified concept of dream time that we can give roots to, and be honored as we’re part of it.

As we go through the time of gathering of power, and I mean gathering the power, because it’ll take many of us, not the few of us to gather our power, our strength, our knowledge, our wisdom, to truly combat and I use that word lightly. Because not everybody will pick up a sword stumble, pick up a pen or a digital document, others will use their voice, and there will still others that will only see through the violence. But that’s fine. We are going through a change and not everyone will get it.

But as long as we allow the truth to be our protection, if we’re changing this world for the better, the inner omens will come to you about what your purpose here in this world is. What’s your reason here is and how you interact with that truth will determine what layers and patterns you see.

As the layer and patterns began to expand, and expand truth will be your protection in the face of fake knowledge, fake wisdom. And then there’ll be the diversions the things on TV, the objects in the sky, and the fear that was run rampant. And as fear run rampant, it’ll be people like me, or any of the other 54 plus hosts here on this radio station, that will battle fear will battle that concept.

So ultimately, we can all take truth as our protection and transform ourselves like the butterfly, wrapping ourselves in a cocoon of wisdom and knowledge, love and empowerment. Until finally we go through the dark times and come to the light times simply look back on the past and say, by God, how did we do it? We did it by standing in our truth and owning our shadow. When saying no force of domination and control, you will not own my dream time. I own my dream time. It is my world. You have no presence here and are not wanted and it’s time for you to leave.

And when those words resonate deep, we will transform through the cycle of movement, we will understand the shadow as part of us as part of the whole. Until finally once again we all return to our inner ceremony and cleanse yourself of the old times as we cleanse ourselves so the old times, will once again return to a state of joy. And that state of joy is something everyone wants. Because within joy it is easy to find true love your find your soulmate. Find your purpose of love that is in this world, how to exchange love on its many levels, how to understand love, and how to share loves wisdom. Love has many forms of teaching to many forms of wisdom to it. But if the current state we are very young as a species and understanding love, though every generation before has tried to define it, as tried to tell it so that secret schools, but we still keep missing some of it.

There is still propaganda, there’s still domination control. And that’s one hard fact for people to understand. Love doesn’t conquer all, in this illusion that we live in, until we change the illusion that the illusion itself is how love overrides the illusion. Love doesn’t need to conquer love simply needs to exist. That doesn’t need to be to have tears or joy or happiness. It simply needs to be loved without strings attached. And that’s one of the greatest secrets. So all Mystery Schools, Love does not need to conquer. Love just needs to be unity and wholeness achieved. Love just needs to be the grace of how we live life. Love just needs to be illumination and clarity in times of darkness.

Love needs to be the wisdom of the Great Spirit high above, respecting the world down below. So the macro micro of all species and all beings here can come once again to understanding our nature is to nurture all spirit time to nurture all kinds. And here you are back to nurture. Back to that concept we must nurture within our own soul. Our own concept. Our own division envisions how to be one and be unified.

Area Code 301. Could we have your name and your question, please?

Yeah, hi, Chris. Judy.

Judy, how are you? Good to hear.

I’m really great. Thank you for asking some of those questions earlier. I definitely got some clarity on some things. And I’ve got a few more that I might test first of all. Hello there, Andrew, how are you? Good, how

you doing?

I’m really good. Thank you. So the for getting quiet, I just want a little bit more clarity on that. Because you had said about, you know, the birthing through the birth canal actually takes away the memories of the baby. So when it when a child Yes, I know there’s all kinds of trauma that goes on even not just without the birth, going through the birth canal and and having the C section.

But having the C section you don’t have that forgetting? Where am I reading that wrong? Once you once you remove from the antibiotic stack, you have the forgetting. And that’s a failsafe built into the DNA so that the laws of this role can be aligned. That’s why c section was developed that way. And it’s a deeper form of forgetting is you literally lose parts of your DNA memories. That are your lineage memories of how to be a craftsman with pounding rock or silver that’s ingrained in 1000 people that lived in your DNA lineage before, you know there are people that are naturally meant to be horse traders, people that are naturally meant to be mathematicians. And c section goes so deep that that can eliminate even that skilled talents that have been built through many, many, many different generations and lineages.

Okay, you say it can? Does it mean?

In some scenario in the vast majority of scenarios, it erases the DNA memory so completely, that unless that person is individually tutored at the highest level, that those skills are lost to that lifetime.

That’s interesting. Okay, what about autism? How does that play in all of this?

Oh, I turned to him is a is a group. I’ve treated many, many, many autistic children and the parents of them to teach them the coping skills, when autistic children are on there spazzed out moment is because literally their psychic energy has reached such a peak point and nothing can understand what it is they’re trying to communicate, all they can do is express it that way to create a standing wave of energy that some entity will begin to understand and help balance and nurture that energy. Conversely, when autistic children come in, there is a net out there that is looking for very powerful spirits that are coming in with very powerful spiritual contracts to be very specific types of energy beings. And there are systems that are developed in the energy world, and in the physical world through vaccinations that are purposely designed to cause autism, so that it can takes the vast majority of powers away from that child. But many, many, many of these autistic children knew that that would be there, and have that planned within their system so that the majority of their consciousness is still working in 4d or five D, while the physical person looks disabled, and in the normal way of autism or Asperger’s, when in fact that that’s exactly what they wanted to be here so that they could do work on the dream level. Many, many, many autistic children are dream warriors. They dream warriors, they defend the entire neighborhood.

Gotcha. Oh, I’m actually living with a friend of mine who has a son who has Asperger’s. And he’s very quiet. And I am you know, I’ve asked him about his dreams, because I was very curious about that. And he says he remembers nothing ever.

See, that’s interesting. He may be functioning on such a high level where he’s acting as an information exchange system. So it allows people to find doorways out of the Sacred Geometry cities. You can function 1000s of different portals that lead people to their true ancestral homeworlds. I’ve run across many, many, many Asperger children that that’s what they do. And the reason they remember nothing is if they are ever captured, there is no memory of what they are doing with their portals and who they’re sending where

I know that there was something like that going on, because this also, you see, there’s a lot of sound going on here. I can’t tell what’s going on. But anyway, you had mentioned to me, I told you before that I was having a difficult time remembering my dreams. And you said something about using salts on the bottom of my caustics I guess. And so I did the 48 hours actually and finally ripped it off yesterday. But guess what? I woke up and actually remembered. Huge sequences dreams last night. Wonderful.

Excellent. Wonderful.

Yeah, it really is. And thank you. I appreciate that. It was really cool. I was really Happy to have had that experience. Also, you know, another thing that I think a lot of us are really wondering about as well. And certainly, I think that’s why, you know, when I first started listening to your stuff I, I was really, you know, I was one of the ones that was kind of like, sitting back, I’m, you know, put it on the plate, but not really feeling a whole lot of finger ready with it, but still, you know, almost, I had to continue to listen. And, and I think the reason I was feeling that disharmony of sorts, was because, you know, I’m hearing all these, these little things that you have to do, and you have to know and, you know, you have to understand and you have to refocus this, you have to do that, and it freaked me the hell out. The reason it did was because I’m sitting here thinking to myself, you know, I’ve come so far, I already don’t buy into all of that stuff I already get, you know, so much. And it started to really gel with me as I began to continue to listen, that you don’t have to do all of that stuff, you don’t have to know it all You just have to be it you have to really like you said you really have to trust your intuition. And and and let go of the you know, the vision of what has been put out there for us to believe in. And, and really trust within and feel within everything that goes on around us and and be sovereign within that. So how much the how much of what you’re saying, you know, let me just ask it this way. For people who have never heard of you, and never will, there will still be people who will be able to reconcile, am I right?

Correct. Okay, there are other people that have other soul contracts to do it another way. There’s no cookie cutter way to help people get into their sovereignty. There’s no cookie cutter way of help people to understand that their paradigm has been manipulated. So there are individuals that are contracted much like Lance and Chris, who are volution philosophers that can reach out with intonation and cadence pattern beyond the sacred geometry, linguistics, to get people into a space so that they can begin to listen. And once Chris and Lance are no longer speaking, that person steals the opportunity to go back to their space in their individual sovereignty and say, what does this space mean inside me?


one last scenario is that

there’s a lot out there. Yeah, there’s a lot of thing is the industry has its own competition, the lightworker industry, this is not targeted at any one individual. The industry itself is in competition with the material and the consumerism facture factions of spirituality. That’s the community has to understand consumerism and materialism are the weapons against the lightworker community. And when they begin to perceive that on an individual basis, they can prepare auditory or YouTube or visual statements that say, the consumerism in the materialism are the tools of domination control versus the lightworker. Community.

Right. And that really has to come from within each person as well. exam. Yeah, yeah, I’ve got exactly what you’re saying that. So I guess what I wanted to be to make really clear to everyone while Yes, thank you for doing everything that you’re doing. I think it’s very important. And I also think, you know, I mean, I’m thinking about just my, my journey, you know, from however long ago it started, which is probably much longer than I even even, you know, know, but, you know, I’ve come through all of this time, and all of these are completely on my own, though, like, you know, we talked about earlier, being able to put everything out on the table and decide what feels right, what doesn’t sometimes, what you take in later on, you’re gonna take right back out and what you left out later on, you’re gonna pick up and take back in. And it’s really just about becoming very, very clear within yourself about how, how clear something truly feels to you. And to get to a point where you really, you know, you really get that you really are very, in in sovereignty with yourself so much that you are able to do that. And I think that that’s completely doable for a lot of people out there. So, you know, I think I just want I want people to understand, or maybe I want to understand more myself, that you know, that a lot of this stuff is already being done internally. And these are just, these are memory triggers for us people are memory triggers different, like stacks. I mean, you know, set this, I keep done stuff and and of course, I resonate hugely with Bashar, and you know, and I’ve taken a lot of a lot of my information and from, from their materials as well. So I’m super grateful they also are part of it.

Absolutely. They were they were they were the scout for shock troops that came in to start unraveling the hairball. Yeah. Yeah. Simple as that they had someone had to start unraveling the hairball many generations ahead of the time of unity consciousness. Yeah, that’s the worst.

Yeah. for them. Yeah. Thanks, Judy.

All right, Kathy. We’re gonna move on to our next caller. 605, your name and where you’re calling from. Hi, Michelle, how you doing today?

I’m so great. I feel like I already got pretty much all my questions answered. Just moving you guys talking to the last caller.

Very good. That’s why we have some special callers that can be really intense, great teachers for all the questions you want to ask, okay.

I’m running into the same type of things for the last six columns, where where I see a lot of numbers. And I definitely feel like I’ve been in the messages. But I’m not sure what to do with them. And I think you guys are the only ones to answer that. They’ve gone on for six, seven years now. But I think I finally had the time to acknowledge them. And I’m ready to see what

they want. You referring from the caller from last week had that number 12 coming up in the dates and the birthdays.

Yeah, that’s like my whole life always.

numbers, numbers, numbers. So I want to bring calculator. Yeah, I want to bring Kathy in here because she has a thing with numbers and synchronicities. And then I’ll add my layers on.

I’m Michelle, could you give me an example?

Okay, just thinking that’s always happening in my life. Basically, like you all hear something. Like, I’m really quiet person. So this happened to hear like one word out of compensation. And then I’ll see that thing throughout the whole day week. And then I, I always, you know, like he said, You walk into a room and you just get this feeling, please stop, you look at the clock, and it’s lately, it’s been 1001. And then just a number 33. In particular, it’s always around me. And whenever I get paperwork, or have a phone number or anything, it’s just always there. And I feel like there’s meaning behind it all. And I take in what I can at the time, it really makes me feel good. It sets me back to living in the now. But I love I love it, but I feel like lately they really want me to know something and maybe I just need that confidence or, or that reassurance that what I’m thinking is the right way to go? Hmm.

Well, certainly there was a lot of synchronicity going on in for you and your life and things that are happening. to point out, pick out one of the things is the 33. For me, I’d say it’s very significant for you because I would say consider three or any versions, three lucky numbers for you. Of course, not everyone believes in logical numbers holding any significance for luck, but I do. And the belief system that I have about numbers comes from, you know, 1000s of years of Chinese wisdom. Plus, in the West, there’s a lot of stuff about numerology. So numbers are very significant. So when you do encounter the number three, or variations like 33, etc. I would say out of that time, well what’s going on or the situation because it’s good. You know, when you see threes things are good. And it’s almost like a physical thing for you. In that you could go there and let’s say you’re choosing a house I would go with the house numbers with threes in them, as opposed to the, you know, absolutely fantastic deal that you’re gonna come up with, which has no fees in it. And by threes, excuse me, I mean knocking the actual street address. And you when you come across situations where you have to deal with customer service, etc. If you can choose Kanto lady at 313, etc, things will always happen much smoother for you. And that’s the significance of that particular thing. When you say that sometimes you hear words, like one word in a whole conversation, and then you note things throughout the day. To me, this is your subconscious mind telling you the rest of it just bla bla bla bla bla, it had no significance to me, it’s not that you weren’t paying attention. Exactly. It’s just that the rest of the conversation was quite irrelevant, just that particular word was relevant for you at that time. And when you look at the words that you do, notice, or Remember, you will find that, excuse me, but always over the next 10 days, let’s say two weeks, something will happen that involves that word. And it’s almost like saying, Be mindful, like if I was to pick an example, we’ll use the word chair, then it would be be mindful of chairs, because you will most likely encounter a chair that you’re going to sit on is going to break or fall over. If you the word that you took away from it was a holiday, then be mindful of it, because you probably will suddenly decide to take a trip. You know, it’s it’s your subconscious mind, just giving you that little bit of psychic warning that something’s coming up, whether it’s good or bad. It’s just that’s what it’s taking home. But the rest of the conversation that you were supposed to be listening to just is not relevant in relation to the message that you’re getting for yourself. Does that make sense for you?

Yes, thank you. You’re like confirming how I feel. Oh, thank you. Thank you.

Well, that’s great. I mean, you know, your psychic acumen is very strong. I mean, I can see that you really have had this gift through our July. And it’s, I’d say the last few years, it’s just becoming stronger and stronger. And sometimes, especially when you kind of dream, Tom, I would imagine that you you’ll confuse you don’t know if that was reality? Was that a dream? Was it a vision, just just know that it is just your psychic sense, your awareness that’s just talking to you, whether it’s in your waking state, it’s all something that you knew, let’s say embrace, because it will show itself to you in the way it wants to. It’s very exciting time to be in a very exciting time.

And there’s it okay for me just to acknowledge it and just kind of leave it at that. That it’s so crazy that you mentioned dreams because now the symbols you know, wake up and all this know for sure that there’s a couple things in the genes that just were important. Well, then now I’m seeing it my physicals, I’m like, whoa. And again, I just hope. I mean, I just I don’t know if it’s saying of what the do something is acknowledging at the time and the smiling and being happy about it and feeling the good vibes at that time enough.

I think it’s more, it’s just letting you know, you don’t need to take action. You know, just your question. Yes. It’s okay. Just to that. Oh, okay. I know that that’s good. You know, you don’t have to, it’s actually needed to be taken, you would have got a completely different image or message to what you’re getting. Yes, yes. Your success cents, success, whatever you want to call it. It’s just waking up and just is just stretching. Flexing.

acknowledging it because like when you send a warning, I was like, oh, but but I get what you’re saying maybe then when that situation comes up, because now that I’m thinking back to it, I was at ease about it more empathetic offshoot they’ve been lifetime showing me this last three days. So I guess I can just ease into this. So I’m true. Okay. Okay. Yeah.

I mean, it’s great. It’s a great skill to have and ability, whatever you want to call it. Embrace it and enjoy it. Definitely.

Okay, great. And then with the numbers to the 1001, Does that ring a bell to you? And then like

1001 and Is this the number that you dream off or just keeps coming up on like time?

Whenever I think about calling your radio or listening to something from you guys, I just looked at the clock and it’s always that time. I’m like, What on like, last few days, it’s really intense. I’m like, Okay, all right. That’s why I call

it your little awareness guy, oh, their own their own their own.

Weird and again, like when I see that number, I feel something and I’m like, Okay, this is a normal moment, take it in, you know, this is the new something, and then I feel really happy.

I would say what when you’re looking at things like that, of course, oh, numbers have bearing on all realms of life. But in this instance, I would say, over the last, let’s say six months, it’s more wake up, look what’s around you. Think about something, you know, it’s an awareness. Like, of course, it’s a wake up, we’re on air. But then there’s another one. It’s like, oh, because the time is the same? Now I’m aware of this moment in time. What was I thinking? Who am I looking at? What am I holding? You know, it’s like the synchronicity of time has put you in that spot at this time for you to take note of whatever that may be. And

that’s enough, just acknowledge it and be happy and then move on. Don’t stick like like, like I do.

But certainly you and numbers very, very strong relationship. And numbers. Numbers do govern almost everything that we do. And whether it’s a home address, our credit card number, our bank account number, social security number, password, everything is connected to numbers. So there’s no way that you can discount the power of number one, okay, we’re just coming up to break now. Could you just hold on? reconnect? So Michelle, are you still there?

Yes, I am. Thank you for the gift, the clarity.

feel welcome. What was your other question? I’m sorry. It’s just diluted me.

Actually, it’s just so funny with the synchronicity thing. Another thing in my life has feathers, and I’m outside and I found two feathers since the break. So it’s just it just feels good. And this is like saying, hey, you’re aware.

Very much like that. Two feathers? Lucky you. I’m gonna let Andrew tell you about that one.

Oh, okay.

One second. So,

I’m Katherine. I don’t know. I get hives often. And it’s a new thing. They’re not horrible, but it’s definitely all over the body. And then when I’m, it’s when I’m doing, you know, I don’t want to call it psychic. But I’m definitely feeling aware. Anything I should be aware of with that? You? Although I’ve tried to pin it down and hide No, no, I don’t think it’s medical, because I watched it at eight and I used to, you know, put on my skin with lotions and stuff. And I’m just like, okay, there’s something else going on here.

hives are was a scenario going on where there’s something psychically going on in your environment. And it’s affecting you at your, at your ability to fight off some form of pathogenic process. So how are these hives on the surface of the skin? Are they just slightly under the skin?

Yeah, like no bump, just read Hi. feel itchy, hot.

Yeah, so you’re having something going on with your intestinal tract, something something going on where you’re 80% of your immune system is in your intestinal tract. It could be heavy metals, or it could be a scenario where you dealing with a whole bunch of psychic energy and your body just doesn’t know what to do with it. And it’s creating the hives to warn you that something’s in your environment.

I think that’s it. I think that’s it, and I so what should I do in that moment?

Um, I think that this is more about you paying attention to intestinal health, maybe doing some type of colon cleanse to see what comes out. You could have a scenario where Candida has flared up intensely. It might have even just been from you know, one piece of bread that you ate that was not chemically right where it had converted the sugars wrong with or anything that converted the sugars for the for the Candida, so I think it’s important that you just observe your stool. If anything’s floating and has bubbles around it, it is Candida. Another test for Candida is as soon as you wake up in the morning, I mean right away, have a little cup of water next to your bed, and the first amount of stick that comes out of your mouth, put it into that cup. It has long strands like it’s like a mucus eat stuff and it’s all connected together, that means you have advanced Candida. And that anyone else cannot out there can do that as a test for themselves. And if you see the strings in the water, it means you need to go and have a major Candida cleanse and Candida yeast control. That could also be what is causing your hives. Okay, I

need to look into that.

Yeah. So there is a product that I can recommend is called Kohler X with a k, k, o l, o r, e x and anyone else out that’s out there. This product has been on the market for a while and it’s so effective at killing Candida. I expected to probably be taken off the market soon or rebranded as a new life a new something new.

Well, thank you, I’m on it.

So what was the other question that you had?

If you would like to share some of my galactic experience? I would love to hear about that. Just

let me tune into this, this first one and 8182 and how’s the child

3.74 and 16 months.

So your previous experience before you came here to Earth was on it insectoid home in ciliary what it’s not a Homeworld, so there are 50 different versions of intact insectoid species, Mantis, Mantis hybrid and Mantis hybrid two horse so on and so forth. There’s been dozens, but they all come back to the root race, which was an insectoid race. And you’re part of the roots insectoid race that that came into existence about 2 billion years ago. So the race itself is ancient of ancient of Ancient One of the progenitor races of our parts of of our part of the galaxy. So, you had been a part of that for 1000s upon 1000s upon 1000s of lifetimes. And when you transited out of that insectoid species, you came part of the arcturion collective you had met many many octarians so you are the progenitor. insectoids species hybrid with Aquarian became part of the collective consciousness creations of the lunarians recreating about 59 million years ago to act as a hall of record during the times that the timeline genocides were occurring. You then transmitted from Arcturus, to the Draco, this is interesting the Draco, Homeworld and you became so let me tune out some of the negatives of this. A very positive force of change within the Draco community. The Draco’s themselves, there are 1214 different species before you get to their root brace. And one of them is considered the bad of the bad of the bad and the rest of them are in between bad and good. And there’s a bunch of them that are still good that you were able to assist the race by 1000s of lifetimes as a Draco to turn more to the positive to an understanding that you can use contrast control and you can use universal karma to have a positive experience and you did not have to go into detail vism or no notification of all galaxies and universes with total domination control some of what zealot Draco’s have taken over in perspective. And then from the Draco community, you went to the Pleiadian. Now, this is a soul transference. This is not this is not physical travel. So you finished your experience in the Draco community and then you became creative. And this is where you became heavily entangled with her. Now your soul was quite aware of what the higher spirits were doing, which is trying to clear up the timeline pollutions of what was created during the four and creational events. And your particular purpose was as a Pleiadian, physical soul fifth density Pleiadian was to travel to earth and a physical spaceship to land on the physical world about 11,200,000 years ago, and then begin to see the world with me, how do I put this I don’t want to give it the wrong words, but I will just use resistance for you.

And you began seeding this knowledge so that there was a tremendous innate reserve of people around there who have were able to separate from the technological control of what the Atlanteans were doing at that time, which was very, very negative. They were considered the bad guys of the universe at that particular moment in time. So you see it in positive concepts such as like a form of psychic coquito defense where you could redirect energy back at others at the sources that created it. And then inevitably, you got assassinated and your physical body died here and got caught in the reincarnation world. Which is something you were quite aware of and actually had planned for. So as soon as you came into the reincarnation grid, you became an Atlantean warrior. And during one of your Atlantean warrior scenarios, you are on a spaceship that was defending this outside of Mars, you led a mutiny and a rebellion on that spaceship, and a number of others as many as 200 other spaceships became part of this mutiny and rebellion. And you went on this destructive process of destroying the major Atlantean bases that were being used for heavy negativity. Because of the mutiny the way it organically propped up, there was no way of psychically detected or psychically defend against it, because some of the highest layers of weapons reality altering weapons were used on you. This caused you to be remote assassinated and eliminated through the timeline, and you were stuck into a void space for about two and a half million years. And so over European Time exploration frequency discovered the bubble, the bubble of void space, and and all of the other members of the mutiny who had been removed from time, you were then brought to fact 250 4 million years ago during the Atlantean experience. So this bot brought in your advanced timeline processing of stuff that went on. So as of the mirion, you suddenly were 54 million years old, you were no longer 12 million years old. And much of your insectoid memories began to come back to you as a Lemurian. We’ll just call it spiritual scientists. You shared your knowledge and wisdom with the spiritual scientists who understood that you are part of some exterior timeline control system, they then the lunarians became aware of the Atlanteans. And they began a short war that lasted for about three years, until they realized that they were each other’s ancestors. And you were a fundamental soul in creating that peace between Atlanteans and the Syrians. This for your soul was one of your greatest greatest greatest accomplishments is to prevent the two races from making each other completely extinct in the time frequency. And from that point, you have been making sure that every lifetime you lead, that you are trying to awaken people around you bring awakened children into this world. And that’s been your life process for many millions of years.

Yeah, for sure. That’s awesome.

Thank you very much. And I hope that that all helps. And Kathy had a lot of really good stuff for you.

For sure. Thank you so much. You guys keep doing the good work.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Wow, Kathy, we had some special special colors again.

I know. I know. I’m so interesting and varied. Wow. That you know, with Michelle, one of the things that she could do for the short term is probably take bee pollen for the hives while she investigates the Candida issue. bee pollen and goldenseal Yes. Oh, yes. And goldenseal That’s excellent suggestion. Yes. Wow, that’s an interesting history as well with her Wow.

Well, there are times that that there are certain cationic records that have a lot more flow to them because it’s the type of soul that was creating the types of experience you know, as an insectoid when she first started she had a perception of what her ancient future and our ancient past was going to be because they’re such an ancient progenitor species they see time very differently. So they were able to chart their goal as a soul not as the individual I am being through each lifetime.

Oh, wow. Yeah, that’s an incredible skill.

Yeah, that’s that comes in eight to their light frequency DNA. And because of that, she was able to insert herself as a higher density being in low density expressions into create something that actually had some form of positive result even though it’s deeply in the past, but she’s very much ingrained into this world and range in such a way that you know, when her personal enlightenment in a freedom of the time wars, freedom of all the other crap that’s going on in this world, you know, she’s gonna light up like a sun.

Yeah, that is so true. Wow, what an exciting time to be her.


So we’re entering another one of those periods of time, like a harvest period, so to speak.

Essentially, here we’re going out of the very dense part, and going into a very light part. There’s 66 planets in our solar system. The vast majority of them are in the light part of space and more Earth and Mars are stuck in the dense part, anchored by the sleeping people that haven’t awoken to their conscience. They’re the ones anchoring us there now. And there are bases on Mars and all over, they all are a ray everywhere. I called this this world in this solar system, the Galactic Antiques Roadshow, because the vast majority of species that got Leeuwarden their drama, we’re here to salvage the 1000s, or millions of ships that are littering our solar system, from the numerous wars over and over and over.


Well, no. So how do we navigate these this time? How do we, let’s let’s look at the 50 million year concept. Okay. When time wars begin, that’s the Oh, yeah, tricky. The tricky thing 480,000 years ago, is when the actual time wars begin. But time, when a planet with three timelines, they’re only going after the graduating timeline in the beginning. Okay, so the first set of multi dimensional beings that had incarnated here became 40% of our breeding population 15 beings, yet equaled 40% of humanity. At that point, it was nearly 70 billion people on this world. That’s a lot of them. That’s how they got soul family status with everyone. They then brought in dimensional technology that was meant for vessels only, and installed it on Earth, so that they could take one continent out of a timeline, and put it back into a distant timeline, one by one by one by one by one, so they can get to the point to create what’s called the first species of Earth. There’s 72 first species of Earth, because every time Earth was recaptured, they tried to rearrange the timelines. But once you have sentience that’s born can raise the sentience and Earth has to adopt that as a first species. Hmm. So the time wars are all about creating the first sentience? Well, we don’t we have 70 to four species now. And as many as 6000 different refugee species who’ve come to live on our world, because their worlds are being decimated or destroyed. And Earth has always been this point where souls migrate to it, they migrate away, I call it like, you know, the ducks in the winter, you got, you know, the massive flow flowing flows of ducks going out way. But Earth is this migration center, because it has a graduation timeline. That’s very impressive. You have 100% freewill here. And you come in with a blank mind. It’s very important. There are other worlds that you remember all of your past lives. Mm hmm. You speak by the time you’re four months old. Hmm. We go through this growing process, then cherished in other worlds.

When it seems like it could also be a disability if you’re being programmed and manipulated or taken over, and you’re and then there’s that element of soul contracts of that you mentioned, then where you as the soul comes in, it can be bounced, which is one way of showing us off of our path. And another one is adding fine print or add Exactly. So you want to talk a little bit about that. Yeah, it started in Lemuria. Lemuria was really high consciousness, Earth was its true seventh dimensional status. It was creating DNA. And it was inviting other species to come live here for a while so that they could live on above these womb Shockers and create DNA and then take it to a new world. In unity to this new world, they would never force bring DNA to a new world. Earth is also capable of psychically teleporting, transporting the DNA wisdom that’s created and these women Shockers to a blank Akashic Record planet that’s about to invite its first group of souls to come and live on it. That’s its purpose. During Atlanta Lemuria in times, there were air studies all over the ground cities, and there are as many as 5000 different species that came here to work with earth to create DNA to spread. Well, the dark guys had gotten their little fingers in there and started creating their their drama with inside As the society began to build to its peak, factions formed in it, you had spiritual factions, you had scientific factions, you had no technology, factions, high technology factions, and these factions begin the separation. And the separation is what took Earth from a seventh dimensional status to a six dimensional. So it literally lost a whole quotient of its exponential energy. The separation caused a mass migration away. Earth was left undefended, it was captured, that’s the first fall of Lemuria. Okay, the multi dimensional beings who were here orchestrated that capture, okay, because they had gotten in the new beings that came to take over Earth reanimated Lemuria, with the leftover refugee population here, instill domination and control, and began an incarnation pattern to bring in more of the kinds that they wanted from the other worlds that were dominated and controlled. At this point, the good guys of the rest of the universe said, We have to do something about this. But there was a huge debate among the Ascended Masters, the philosophers, you know, there’s a galactic sentients that created war in another galaxy, and that galactic sentience allowed it to come here. This was known as the first mistake of the brekke Prime Creator. The Galaxy we’re in wasn’t ready for war, it wasn’t set up for war. But it’s here now. So they took way too long to figure out a result for it. At that point, many species began taking up word to defend themselves was just natural. That creates the first lines of drama Mars, Mars is one of those planets, that’s high technology, very low spirituality when it was first in existence. It was a commerce center, but it turned commerce into military industrial complex. When Mars and Earth began their first lines of drama, Earth needed technology to support the defense and fortification process. That’s how Mars and Earth got interlink before they got brought into this solar system.

So is this to do with the blending of all the human races? Because this is something this is a theme that has been cropping up in our conversations of the blending of all the bloodlines to a single

bloodline. A single bloodline. Yeah, that was the old rule, the new rule is different. Once we finished our change, each and every person will have their complete and 100% re willed to return to their original genetic pattern. And then those that are truly going to be of service to the three galaxies that are interacting here will have an opportunity to graduate from the highest levels of vibration, and go out to these three galaxies as travelers, as ambassadors and as healers using their gift of DNA as service to the three galaxies. So that all may benefit.

So okay, so let’s talk about these three galaxies. Because previously, before I, before you spoke about this, I was aware that our galaxy, which we call the Milky Way, was colliding with another galaxy. But you’re saying that there’s a third galaxy fold? What’s that one called? And where do we find it?

It doesn’t have a name because it is out of phase with our reality. The galaxies themselves aren’t are not in fixed positions, they can move. And there’s a galactic consciousness a lot behind them, that allows us to make karma between galaxies. So the third galaxy is not within your physical sight, because it’s literally out of phase as its finishing its process moving because it is invested so much of its life worth here on Earth, that when Earth finishes its change, its Galaxy will be a whole new color, because that’s the galaxy that brought war. And it is good to have an opportunity to end war that galaxy. That’s why where Mars came from. Mars was taken from that galaxy, because of the very nature of the planet and the fact that that was the center of the world wars that were that galaxy. And when it was brought here, Mars is a planet was your death. And they assembled all these other planets here that so they could make sure that Mars was still alive and went into a coma and could be, can be nurtured back to health over the next few 100,000 years to make sure that anybody that ever fought a war on Mars would would have a karmic link to Mars, and therefore, it could reincarnate into the solar system that Mars was in thus allowing the moon in our solar system to be the Galactic Ascension machine once again.

Right so that so Mars is full of odd and weird creatures and beings apparently has been used as a bit of a dumping ground for with genetic experiments and things like that. As you know, many witnesses have come forward to talk about that, you know, things that they’ve seen on Mars when they were there from using teleport. So what are you talking about? Essentially, it’s like, this solar system is a bit of a Babylon five in itself.

Yep. Yeah, created by the top beings of three different galaxies. And those top beings were given missions long, long, long time ago, to find the best and most powerful souls that were in three dimensional and fourth dimensional bodies throughout the galaxy. And to tell them to prepare soul groups that would interact with another soul group yet they have yet to meet from another galaxy, one of those galaxies was a war galaxy there to you are going to go into an area and you’re going to have a beat shed into two other galaxies going against two soul groups you’ve never met and they’re all trying to balance their karma between the two of the three of you

right so how does that look Lena? How does one balance karma in this way?

Um, will you have lifetimes you war is the quickie Ascension method. But it doesn’t mean you always get there means you can go from third to fourth and then you’re kind of stuck. If you want to go to fifth or six you have to have to be able to give up the violence in some way and then put yourself back into a control position and thus what’s going on in our planet right now we have people in a control position separate of the karma creating other beings to act as karmic shields so that they’re not affected by the Incarnation karma here. It’s okay about the Super Soldier program that in other things example the queen, she’s just a just a lightning rod for Carvel right now. She did hurt, she has power, but her real power is the lightning rod for karma. She her lifetime is being put out in front of every little thing under the under the microscope that is a balance or calm or there are other things or other other things that literally, you know, are several 8000 beings and they’re living here at once and 7000 bodies because there’s such a big beam I can’t think of a one to one body. And they’ll make a lifetime that literally is a something that takes the karma that’s the person that leaves the worst of the worst life has had everything put down on them. And that’s a balancing the karma for a larger dimensional being. And that’s how these beings play in our garden.

So that’s a massive and is that to do I mean, she’s in the position of Queen here, she’s got all these so called crown jewels, which are essentially like, like Dale’s headband, on, on a kind of massive scale, you know, they’ve gotten silver, quartz crystal, they’ve got diamonds and rubies and things like that, these are all crystals and they all hold

that hold an intention of magic from previous generations that say whoever holds these crystals is the linchpin of karma for the system of domination and control of this planet. Because all of that needs to be grounded somewhere by soul contracts. So, the queen of things, anyone that is a soul contract bound to this energy, so that these buildings under the Queen have this energy of domination of control attached to them. So does the Germans, the Americans they all have that they just have different terms for if the energy of domination control is not bound into a person by soul contract and then bound into a building by physical contract

right. So then again, then as a person is bound by soul contract the energy of lust again

So again, the person is bound is the anchor the person’s soul contract and the queen is a by soul contract there to be the grounding of this domination of control energy in one area, you actually have a few 1000 of them but her physically being there in contract it means that the energy is in the buildings of domination and control in her area. And then the magician’s under her over the many years go to these buildings and enhance them like library for these guys, so that they have more domination control and so that people that work in under them are under the influence of that domination and control energy.

So that that’s like the most magic spell that everybody’s under the enchanted by this spell that keeps hope is just a different layer the

same as the queen.



Now that has to do that also has to do with Mars, correct. Earth and Mars are part of the consciousness of earth. And so there is a we’re the ones who are raising our consciousness. And so depending on how that occurs, whether we become less conscious as a as a collective, or more conscious determines which one enters first into the, into the higher fields, which is earth or Mars. So the little slight thing here, Mars is a planet that the sentience of Mars is essentially in a coma. Oh, I’ve talked about this in other show a few times, I don’t really talk about it a lot. But Mars was essentially dead. And then it was teleported into the Galactic Ascension machine. And all the people on it were sent to triage planets to be healed. And then souls went into Mars to bring the planet from death state to suspended animation state. And then all the people that were intrigued centers were brought back and turned into planetary healers, and took the contracts of the planet over because the planet was a mass technological system that spread defensive tools of domination control weapon tools of domination and control. Then it was captured in light forces created light tools, light healing technologies. So the planet was very central in the spreading of domination and control in healing technologies. So it was a central piece of the dramatic lines of puzzles that they needed people to incarnate here, Mars was out of the puzzle, as much as 40% of the in the migration forces would go somewhere else. That’s how vital Mars is. So when Earth comes out, if we heal, right, we heal Mars, Mars comes back to life as a sentient and completes this process faster. Okay, if not, Earth comes out. And Mars, the sentience will determine if it dies off. And if there’s the Prime Creator has a walk in sentience to Mars, and then the people on Mars alive right now, they won’t die, they’ll be given new contractual obligations in a more free way to get rid of the karma of the drama there.

Mars Mars is the big story. When they brought Mars here it was the the final piece of the puzzle they needed. Because what they were creating is astrology as we know it. on this planet. We we look up to the stars and see astrology. Mars is representative of this of the galaxy or the planet that was solar system we live in. Mars has many meanings, but the actual purpose was to balance the war energies here. Because Mars, they came here at already gone through a great destruction. And it was brought here to heal. And Venus was going to be its twin, its place where all of the wounded souls could go to be triage and then those triage souls can go to the other parts of the solar system here. And then as Mars planetary consciousness, the end pass on, they performed a very powerful psychic surgery. And a number of the other planets here gave up a big portion of their soul groups so that Mars in itself as a planet could stay coexisting in the solar system. And because we did that we gave it a transition of soul life Mars was soul bound in contract that all life that ever lived on it, fought for it and existed with it would now have an opportunity to come back and balance its karma. So Mars, Mars is the great Liberator of souls that are stuck in middle areas with no way to balance their karma, that that dealt with the negative words that were around that planet when it’s an original galaxy. So it’s, it’s, it’s really like how I put it, the place that really expands the the amount of souls that can incarnate into this vibration and to find balance and grow and be a part of this co creating system that is our solar system, not just Earth. Earth is where we go to graduate to be have our galactic passport. What Once we graduate here we go to the moon for an education time, the moon is the great the great educating thing and it allows the your highest dimensional versions of yourself to explore and co creative itself to determine what it wants to do in the next galaxies. So on Mars itself, there’s remnants of two dozen different species. All of them fought and beat the heck out of each other until finally, they use the worst interdimensional weapons on each other and timeline wars. Until finally, it was stuck in a paradox. And every while the living life on it lost its anchor point and all of that life was sent to

an infinite point in space. And it’s just lost. Until finally it found a new home after millions of years floating in space until some dust came by or comet came by and put it back on track towards another planet. It’s a place the wayward and lost souls.

Yeah, I have something to add on Mars, we all have that we have, we all have the common consensus that Mars is the warrior planet. But moreover, when when Mars is planetary consciousness passed on, it was a male was actually a masculine, and it began to go into a coma, the aggressive spirits that were there made combinded contracts to keep it the planet on life support. And that was the ultimate agreement, so that they wouldn’t go beyond to become hyper aggressive. It was like their own self governing system. So all those new spirits that came in there suddenly have to had to deal with this set up system that didn’t allow them to be aggressive and free, but only allowed them to be aggressive in certain structures. And as it began to break down, those original spirits that made the conscious decided to leave. And then that was put on the shoulders of those that took over and over and over again. And each time somebody gets powerful enough, it takes the responsibility contract of keeping the planetary consciousness on life support, and then they leave and they put it on the shoulders to someone else. But that’s the cycle of that planet.

For a while.

Still, same timeframe. Seven 780 to 300 to 200 BC, Mars would have been what I call the junk wars. Yeah. So think of Mars is just a massive salvage planet. Because there’s technology all over the solar system. It’s absolutely everywhere.

So a bit like the latest Star Wars movie with all the ships that all crashed on the surface and, and the main female character, she’s going through the wreckage for the old ships. Yeah.

Yeah, well, they would be more like they would go out into the solar system, and then crash them on Mars to take them apart, kind of like the India shipyards, when they come to

think of that as well.

And then, you know, salvage operations, because, again, there’s technology all over the solar system and just outside of the solar system, you know, it, you know, it could take a trillion people a million years to take it all out.

In like, self regenerating times, because of all the time travel was about the jump that just manifests in reality.

Did you see that? You saw defiance? Yes, yes. And there’s all the, like the junk that’s, like falling out of sky salvage crews to go and get all the technology, you know? Yep. Interesting. Yeah. So the Mars was like, the humans are here, but it was two sort of species coming to try and take over and then they fight each other. Yeah. It’s

actually a combination of five species. That’s what made up when they when they came here to Earth.

Yeah. Yeah, I mean, that that sort of galactic sort of complex, was really well done in

that right, there is soft disclosure in itself. Because when I was telling you before about North America and Canada, they came here in a spiritual format, or in physical technology. And when they got here, they had to go through a DNA change to say on the surface of the world, and they were a refugee species.

Yeah. And the other thing is, this, I could find something else and you sort of what actually worked out but I don’t think you’ve ever said is that, you know, there’s different rows between incarnating and crashing and dying on the planet. A

totally different set of rules.

Yeah. Like that in many ways. Your ratings in 2013 sort of adventure and realities, because there was some big paper that said had different contracts because they crashed here. And they didn’t go. Yeah, they definitely start on a lot of the bad contract crap because they didn’t incarnate here originally, they got through.

Yeah. So okay, we’ll call Mars, the salvage planet. And it would make vessels that would go to other solar systems and other galaxies and act as salvage objects, because counting things of great value in space was, you know, common theme back then. So let’s see.


siding. siding.

Yeah, writing moon or whatever it was. Well, that’s the to understand what what we believe comets to be. It was clearly obvious when the live feed on NASA was cut. And you heard you know, so some of the keywords that NASA says when there’s something they can explain what it is, you know, we have given camera faults and stuff like that. People were to actually study astronomy and comets and realize that this is on a very specific course. The canons name is sliding spring, to what did it get hello to I have to go into something deep, and I’ll give it an attempt. We have about 67 comets that have specific information seeding purposes and they’ve been inside the Galactic Ascension means they changed since the beginning. In reference to like a car, you have the timing belt, and the tiny belt, make sure all the pieces parts of the engine are working in accordance with the master computer that’s running the programming. And these comments are like the timing belt mechanism. So if the reality is coming into rebellion, or if something is happening, it can set back the clocks of time to a previous belief system before people had their last full soul code update. We as a species about every 350 380 years give and take 100 years, we go through full cell code updates as we began to explore it’s part of the graduation process. And the powers that be and the powers that were the powers that will be all know that this this natural process is going on. And they all use an abuse it in their own way. This is why so many diff different DNA lineages were surgically removed from our history. But they still wanted the soul spark inside, they just didn’t want that soul spark attached with DNA lineages that could make them very powerful at a very young age. They wanted to limit knowledge and abilities.

So sliding spring, we understand that it’s it resets belief system. And it’s also what’s used for the predictive models to have very accurate soul scans of what we are doing as multi dimensional beings. So it’s because it’s coming closer and closer and closer to us. It is emitting photonic frequencies that light up our energy bodies as we are leaving the planet. So it makes us very bright targets if you’re remote viewing outside of the world, and there’s objects on this planet called psychic telescopes, as well as in many other planets around the galaxy. It’s a it’s a very occult technology that that rapidly advances species when you’re able to view any place in space time galaxy or universe. Even places that haven’t been created yet. That’s the access to the technology. You can light up a whole species who’s trying to go through an awakening process. And then you can deploy reality altering devices into areas of common exploration, and basically make a big cork so people start and stop leaving the planet and they they stay inside their bodies. So sliding spring is that timing belt is that scanning device, but it is also an input device. The specific question was asking, Well, did it do anything to Mars? The answer it did a lot to Mars, as I’ve said in a number of other shows Mars as a planet as a consciousness, that consciousness is in a coma it is it’s in its own version of its own spirit world, going through its own life review and it hasn’t determined if it’s going to come back to its body and come back alive. And there are beings on its planet that are holding contractual space to maintain the planetary consciousness in life support. And Mars basically got a knock on its door and it said you have to make a choice you are going to be alive planets, or you are going to let this planet die off which will end the Galactic Ascension machine which is the second part when once Mars which is the linchpin to the military control systems of domination and control for timeline genocide, if it if it allows itself to go back to galactic recycle mer universal recycling machine ends, it decides to wake up, then Saturn must quickly respond. And there would be a massive energetic battle within moments of Mars coming back to life, because once again, Mars would take back over the spiritual war world, which Saturn has been dominating for a very long time. So sliding sprain was the knock knock Are you there Mars, in metaphor as for some of the other things that that you may hear that it is of a ball of energy that has a solid core that is a vessel that has very, very ancient beings inside it that are in a locked reality. You’ve heard we call these timeline genocide, fallout shelters. So there are certain fallout shelters that were impregnated in the implicate order of the architectural foundation of the Galactic Ascension machine, as you know, psychic, physical and non physical parts to a quantum machine that affected you know, 10s of 1000s of different local realities. So, inside inside these comments are energy beings in their own infinite layer of reality, that are interacting with all of the sentient information of all planets. And they’re acting as a relay system in a filter system to solar system entities who are acting like mechanics, who can go in and adjust the timeline of an individual planet that has a continent that starting to phase out of time. So it’s it’s there tuning devices, but yes, they can also be used for weapons of war, or there are other ones that are vessels that have been imprinted into our history, much like Nibiru or Planet X was tempted to be printed into our head imprinted into our history every 3600 years it would return, except you don’t have no no actual start date from it. So it’s just us consciously manifesting something out of our past. So these other things that are built into the mechanics of our system, they’re ingrained at every layer of our soul in our soul programming.

And that and that’s good because that leads on to a question that Sasha gave us. Is there anything important we need to know about Moon and Mars energies and manipulations of this timeline? One, I think that’s a good question to lead on from what you’re just talking about. And a shout out to timeline work. Can you please repost your question? It was really good, but we’re getting so many through, I need to rescan it. And please repost your question. Thank you.

So read the question again, SOS Moon and Mars is

that anything important we need to know about Moon and Mars energies and manipulations for this timeline war?

Well, the moon is, is gotten many multiple personalities of what it actually does to you. From from my explanation I’ve called the moon as the marker stone when when our universe itself was very, very young. And you can get these marker stones as the universe expands and expands and their trophy by some species, because you can make massive gateway solar systems that lead to other souls to so it’s like making a network hive of, of transport areas that can easily manipulate and Demet dimension eye space. So you can have massive fleets of travel traveling through a Nexus area. Most time these these these moons that are marker stones are put into nebulas, and then those nebulas become a whole new galaxy, or a whole new expression of life. In this instance, it was brought to create the Galactic Ascension machine. So all beings of a certain age or older from from that expansion of the universe would find a natural marking point to come back to a solar system that they have some type of soul relations to. So once they had that marking stone, they could build all the planets around it. Now Mars out of the 66 planets Earth was number one, Mars was number two, Saturn was number three alone, Saturn’s ex wife was four. So 567 and eight are the rest of the planets in our solar system, and then all the ancillary ones 12 to 66. Those are other planets that had semi human species semi human insectoids mixed with arcturion Pleiadian is a really hybrid species who has a soul based expression began to look for technology in spiritual technology, science, technology and spirits technology. So that two species who did not have the science to mix could spiritually mix and create offspring that would alter the soul code frequencies. So Mars, you know, it is a metallic planet. It was originally created to create technology that was very positive for the outcome. But there are people who could turn medical technology into weapons of war. And that is exactly what happened to Mars. That’s what brought it into timeline genocide. It was supplying medical resources and healing chambers and regeneration systems, to worlds that were going through domination and control or defending and enter supporting mercenary groups that that were out there until it just got to a point where it’s wet, it’s medical stuff was was a weapon and another reality. And they became a massive armory where there’s these massive underground industrial fortified industrial complexes that have their own dimensional portal systems in them. And this is what makes Marja unusual, there are several dozen hollow spots similar to like the Hollow Earth spot, but will in earth is one main Hollow Earth where the realities are micro dies. Mars has dozens of these places where it can micronized sub sub universes and sub galaxies, industrial systems inside it. So it can literally churn out mass amounts of material to put into the hands of 3d people who are going through the beginning of a sovereign development, whether it’s through domination and control through love. Either way, you will need the various tools of the toolbox of sovereignty, which is discovering an AI itself that it needs a love. But it also needs to understand how to protect that love, and also must go through the expense of positive and negative. And there’s technology that Mars created that is very specific mind altering technology that disconnects the mind from the heart that was used as a healing technology to bring people who are in the mind back into the heart. Just as the mind the body, the mind has been led out of the heart through war, the mind can be led back into the heart of war, when properly intrigued with technology.

So true, so true. And that’s why asking you as a galactic historian, I know that there’s so many things that you talk about, you read the records on it is so important for you to, to give the information to the people in a sacred neutral perspective, whether it be on their health or whatever else. But it’s very, and a lot of people can are coming to that point. But you have an individual skill, a talent, that that by far have not seen when it comes to reading, you know, the records and understanding fully what it is that you’re reading. What are the other planets doing right now? What have they been doing the last six months? I mean, has there been any kind of a to try and like for example, Mars to try and you know, reawakened her to give us some heat. Has there been anything done with the different planets that you are able to speak off publicly? For those

that have paid attention to the Galactic history series that I did in 2013, and then followed up the specific moments where that additional galactic history stuff, Mars was a planet in a coma, it has been that way for a very long time. It’s it Mars was brought into the Galactic Ascension machine as and life support. And if Mars didn’t exist here, there would have never been a galactic Ascension machine or we’d never be going through what we are going through now. That means Mars needed to stay as a planet in a comma for this entire process. to Mars now is going through its awakening process, the beings on it are beginning to expose their holographic systems so that the pyramids that are there on the planet can begin raising the consciousness of the planet. The the beings that took over the responsibility of running the planetary system as an internal species that would hive mind itself as a planetary representative are now passing on and passing the torch of eldership. To a brand new species and brand new groups of people who have been living on Mars for many millions of years as part of the Galactic Ascension machine. There’s not just one species, there’s dozens and dozens and dozens, including the human species, including the human species, which was imprinted on it at a time where Earth was going through its teleportation phase. And the beings that were coming to earth were coming to earth coming to Mars, to bring brand new technology because Mars was the battle planet, the war planets a technology planet, but it’s before it became more in technology. It was the medicine planet it was the metal energy that can bring density back to being of great light who had lost its who lost its density of light,

being able to hold the amount of light

and the beings of when Earth was teleported away and those beings and then migrate immigrated to Mars, it was to once again bring that out of Mars to be the healing planet of metal, not the war planet of metal.

So we need to like most things in our system go from a what was called hierarchy or domination and control, that we now then really start to implement the free world universe which is for Mars exactly that point of being Mars

before it went into it. coma was in a massive war in 2000 other planetary consciousness it’s I won’t describe it all the way but heavily defeated heavy damage to its surface. That’s why it looks the way it is now. And then the higher energy density Light Beings essentially came in with emergency medical the planetary technologies and moved it to here where it is and set it up as part of a a triage center where they could bring other souls and start a big healing process. But the planet itself went into a coma. It’s now waking up. Well, it is waking up to its last personality. Right which cheesed with a mind and people on its surface, it has very little recognition, but it has ancestral connection to them. A Mars is hollow Earth is empty, where ours is full. Okay, right. So it’s disconnected in a different way. Mars is immediately going to look at Jupiter and go, Why are you in my territory?

Yes, because it fell asleep or it went into a coma still in war, status war mode that

was the last non at his stream or memory as we call them here. But it was the last stream that was running through everything that astrology has told you about Mars is going to change immensely. immensely. astrology is an 85% way of predicting soul streams concepts, right. And sometimes the reader is really good because they have extra psychic talents that they’re using astrology. It’s great. It has its ways of expressing but now it’s going to change the literal expressive energies of Mars are totally different. Now it’s a matter of what higher frequency beings are going to counsel Mars, and what Jupiter is going to do in return. Jupiter’s had free reign for 54 million years times four, to do whatever expression it’s wanted.

And why necessarily always cheap. It’s it’s a mouse, what about our other

because those are the sides the is the best way to describe it. Mars was in one part of the universe, kicking the crap out of a whole bunch of things until a bunch of them rose up and beat them. Jupiter started out as a planet that was supposed to be rescuing planets that were in in destruction, and that it did just decided to become a war planet. And it began dominating other sacred feminine planets and putting together a harem. Okay, well, Mars, you know, Mr. bale played it wanted to go over there and free the women, right. So it is that type of expression.

So as soon as man starts to star,

you got my woman in your harem?

The easiest metaphor I can give it is going to have to come up with some pretty nifty moves. Right? It’s gonna have to be interesting. Yes. Once you step one step,

move like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Exactly.

And then, you know, going from Mars, I, you know, there’s a question I wish to ask because, as all the information comes out online, and this has been out for years, this is old hat. But so many people say that, when you do witness the true graphic captures, or picture captures of Mars that it isn’t red, and that you actually have blue skies and water and rock and everything. What is Mars?

Mars is a big hologram right now.

It’s just a huge hologram.

Yeah, the best way to describe it, it’s just a big house there. Bubbles all over it that present different holograms? Because it is it when you go to Mars, you bring your own light, it is a dead coma planet. So

then you base your locus reality

around like, correct, because, yes, there’s still life in the planet, but it is not at the volume of ability to share space all over. So they bring sacred technology from other planets that are very low frequency. And then they come there and try to just bubble their own locus reality, which is you believe what you project and you project what you believe, along with actual holographic technology. So other observers don’t see the bubble of reality that you’re creating. So when the Mars project came from Earth, and it was trying was a direct reality invasion, the groups on Mars going Hey, you can’t do that. We have we have our bubbles of reality here. So you there’s a whole bunch of things that’s going on with the Mars colleagues the Cirrus galis because they’re either going to be kicked off, join Mars is a brand new society and leave Earth behind as well as many of the other secret space programs that are spread around asteroids and planets throughout the galaxy. Yeah, I was just going to lead into that because they were all made from the Battle of Mars. So yeah, so all of this on Earth, there’s this thing that you have to understand the good into Mars, did the reality invasion took metal from there and use technology of belief to have people go back and forth, when in fact, there was no actual technology linking Mars and Earth together. They then bring metal back to earth and bring it deep underground and make them vessels that then leave this reality through dimensional Rift and alteration technology and don’t dominate other worlds and create space programs and other worlds places and galaxies.

And these are space programs that have been created by human kind led by obviously something else but


Yeah, yeah. But as humans, they they they enlisted us humans to then create these things. Yeah conscripted us to do it.

So we understand the conundrum. I guess you can’t understand the conundrum of the metal that has gone into the heart of Earth, from an Acoma planet. In this galactic Ascension machine that has figured out a way past the quarantine field. Yeah, it is massive, massive implications from everywhere that this Mars metal goes from, because Mars is going to reach out to those vessels of its metal and take direct command of them. And you are my warriors now. Yeah. And that that’s something that you’ve just given a war planet, 6200 vessels and all of the all of its spread over the world. I mean, this can really screw up a lot of things.

And that’s the contemplation.

That’s the contemplation I’ve had as I’ve been seeing the stirrings of consciousness within Mars, and to realize it’s no longer in a coma, and the rest of the planetary minds in this in this solar system know

it, they know it and what the interesting thing is, is do the humans that are that are being run by specific beings and programs. Do they actually know what they’ve done, though?

There’s maybe a handful. handful. So there’s a metaphor You know, there’s many movies where you see the soldier that’s faking death, and there’s the doctor over him and he sticks his hand out and, and grabs onto them. That is the metaphorical moment of what Saturn is going to do. It’s sitting on the table right now. everybody’s watching it. Saturn DME sorry, Mars,

right, Mars, that just that just Saturn’s there going. Yeah, everybody’s getting

ready. He’s getting ready as if he wakes up. He’s gonna go right back to war.

Yeah. And he’s waking up. Waking up top the demon. How many humans have we got right now involved in space fleets around this universe?


So we stand to lose 63,206,000 other

28 million that are in time travel control.

So we stand to lose these guys. What the military has done does, thank you military. You know, it’s quite fascinating. This break break breaking news of Mars waking up and how it how it will affect our brothers and sisters here.

In one of our gnn update, we covered briefly Mars and Mars awakening. And there’s been a lot of questions concerning that. And we’d want to we want to address where Mars is at now. what’s going to be happening without our space fleet?

The Secret Space Program and all that stuff over there.

Yeah. How do I put this?

Well, Mars is no longer in a coma, it is awakened. This is why we have Tom Jin going on right now. Right? There are those Illuminati gods that false gods that were created to empower to create a war god which is impressed unto us of Mars, so on and so forth, so that our belief energy going through the awakening Mars is war, war, war, war war. Mars is not coming back with war, war, war, war, war energy, it has essentially flipped the war energy and made this a actual space scenario, what I mean space, its mental expression is going to expand to the whole solar system. So those beings that are sending more energy, Mars is going to take that energy and convert it and then start connecting to any sentient being that has still its resonant DNA frequency from life lifetimes on there, and begin to empower them more with the solar energies that are coming on. Because Mars in its sense, is going nuclear. It is decided to up the scale of this game to crack this and they say, a galactic Ascension machine, Saturn, Jupiter and so on and so forth, are going to have to figure out how to deal with somebody that is hitting the red button right now.

Yes, because you mentioned when we first talked about this publicly, you mentioned that Mars was at war and went into a coma and they built many many things with material from Mars, there is no space fleets in our space

fleet and beyond sold Yeah, material other places also. So any place that there is a Mars resonant piece of metal, Mars is consciousness. can expand there and begin altering and entangling with any consciousness or artificial consciousness.

So for now Mars is looking at the expansion. You say Mars has gone nuclear new phase, and it’s

no nuclear in its sense of I’m going to play this game differently than what you’ve done for the last 54 million years. I’m going to make anything that I do very huge scale changing. So anything you do to me alters the whole scale of the galaxy or universe.

So they can’t then basically touch Mars anymore, because if they do it, we’ll just give it a million 1000 times back trip. So then, if we are then a lot of us are collected connected to Mars, and in many ways, yeah,

astrology, right? Let’s

let’s just imprinted through a straw. Okay. Okay, on a deeper level, we’re imprinted because we’ve lived on those worlds before. Yes. Okay. And yes, Mars did go through great destructions and great wars, and it was a great victory and conquer. But before that, it was a place to go and heal. And its purpose was changed. You know, it had to make a choice as a planetary sentience. And it did, it went from being a place of healing to a place of industrial technology to a place of war because it supplied the technology.


Okay. Too many healing devices were turned into weapons of war, which entangled Mars into millions and millions of other worlds.

So, will you keep us updated on Mars as events come? Or are we are we going to actually see events here that we can say, Wow, that is they’re trying to do something with Mars? I mean, is it going to be that recognizable like one of those blue spiral thingies or no,


I find it difficult to explain in common English, unless you are really studied and literate and esoteric. Okay. So for those that are beginning that that heavy process of studying the esoteric, ephemeral stuff that we do here on our world, such as astrology, and printing, you’ll notice anyone with the Mars signs and particular conjunctions, they will be so overloaded with energy, that many of them will go into heavy depression or heavy obsession.

Oh, that’s good to know that I’m thinking watch out for that.

Yeah. And watch out for that on another level for those that are very ritualistic and use this patterns of the seasons and the movement of stars for their ceremonies and rituals, such as indigenous, you know, fire keepers all over the world, be very aware of Mars is going to be a part of you, when you look at the red planet in the sky, you see that red dot there, you are entangling with it, and it is decided to do if you are going to entangled observe with me in a sacred neutral fashion, I will give to you the the love that I connect to the universal source. If you are not, my current polarity option is to up the frequency so much so that you can no longer entangled with me in any way, shape, or form. And for those that are at a much bigger scale planetary controllers that are directing the implementation, they are the ones that are worried because they’ve spread the Mars technology to all these other places. And Mars is everywhere human beings have gone.

That’s that was the clue. That’s a clue.

Yeah, everywhere means that’s a big space on our galaxy and many other parts of the universe, and other universes.

And we’re all connected. And we’re all connected. And we’ve got a massive, massive gift here.

But the Galactic Ascension machine was never programmed to have a consciously active awakened Mars, Mars came in as a coma and it’s in its algorithm was were to remain in a coma. Now that it’s no longer it can completely alter the Galactic Ascension machine any way that it wants. It’s an expression of new sovereignty, you got to see it as fresh coming out of the coma, having all these imprints at it. And it’s not a walk in.

It’s not a walk in not a walk in.

I said that in the previous one that there was a potential for a walk in. And that is what our world was trying to do. Yeah, calling these Mars destructions. This that. And some of the things that could have happened in the 1980s with Reagan and saying that there was a unified force if we gathered against an offworld Empire, there’s a number of speeches, that would have been the Mars implantation the invasion of Mars coming to us, and we would have sent back energy to Mars, which would have been a spiritual walk in energy if that had happened. Right. That’s again, altering the great frequencies of time we all experience and that is the level of esoteric knowledge or wisdom you must have through understanding that they can function at that big.

I mean, they do have bases on Mars. I mean, a lot of people say that, you know, the dozens of beings Mars.

Mars has living things on it.

Yeah. What’s it what’s going to happen to our, you know, as for the secret space fleet? Yeah, right now it’s going through this

opening of the closet. A lot of times when you open the closet, you see the nice shirts up front, and then you dig a little bit deeper and you see those things that Huh, that’s from his teenage years, huh? What’s that? What’s going on over there. And then as you get deeper and deeper into the skeletons in the closet, that is, you have whistleblowers that have given us the whole truth. Yes, but it doesn’t matter anymore. We have the truth we would, what are we going to do with it?

Well, that’s the clue. It’s like now you’ve got all this information, what do you do with it? And sometimes it’s too much information and then you get put in a downward spiral, which is actually taking you off your GPU.

Because you actually entangled with Mars and what is Mars doing to you giving you so much energy to force you to unentangled with it, yeah, force you to go into your own fear to redirect it back at your own system to

be a sovereign Free Will being

absolutely a savage, sacred neutral being it’s a universal source connected planet, just like every other planet here, but it doesn’t have the actual CERN surface frequencies on it.

A lot of I can feel a lot of things. So they’re like saying, Is this good? Is this bad? It’s neither. Neither.

It’s the it’s just a raw piece of information that you understand the scale that you’re working at right now. It doesn’t make a difference. until you start experiencing the bigger scale and understand the impact of a bigger scale always looks way more critically important down here than it does there. Today, up there. It’s a mouse’s fart sometimes, yeah.


that’s so true. But it’s, it’s um, I’d like you to keep us updated. I know you want to do something regular, monthly.

So Venus is the other scenario we have to begin to talk about as, as Mars goes through its finishing awakening process, you’re going to remember that Venus was the planet that essentially took all its living life. And then Earth was the other planet that took the remaining amount of its living life. And it’s gonna say, I want my spiritual contracts back. Are you gonna give him up? That’s the next level here. It’s it’s the balancing of separation of densities at the celestial logos mind.

And when we’re talking about the celestial logos minds, are there other beings that aren’t planets that are from maybe other systems that also are having a little bit of a say in these things, and also looking at the contracts and everything because Mars is connected and Venus as well to so many of these names.

So, I did, I did get some questions from some people, and myself that and some, some asked my daughter too, I was like, she’s 15 and I thought, see if she can understand this stuff. Um, she wanted to know

reincarnation doesn’t exist. Oh, absolutely, it exists. And it’s a forced system of reincarnation, where When a soul doesn’t want to go through a series of experiences, it goes into an unawareness phase where every life that you’re born you don’t remember any of your past lives. And as soon as you die, you have a limited past life review of what you just did this last lifetime and your main mistakes and then you’re right again back in a fetus with very little no time on the other side, before you get to meet your soul family and plan a future life that is much more rich and during which would be an incarnation where you the active planner of sovereign Free Will before your life to interact with other soul family and non soul family members to make known the unknown to see what has never been seen before. Or to make love or unity or or anything else that falls within sovereign free will. Now, um,

what about past lives? Um,

I guess I guess she wanted to know what she was in a past. Life like, like, you know, like her ancestors What? You know, what part of Africa? Did she come from? What part of you know, what was the what was her story? Um, that’s that’s a reading question. And I generally need the person in front of me to do readings. I don’t read through not through another person though I have done it. Yeah, it’s a significant focus, but I can do is, I can do a more closer reading of you, and then she can distill the information from that. Okay, yeah, do do one of me if you would. All right. What I need you to do is tell me about your first 10 minutes of the day, did you? like 30 or 40 seconds out what I’m doing is tuning into the dreaming person that is you, okay? And how you land into your physical body and readapt to being in time in the I Am Presence, okay, that being that is awake here because you are a being of no separation and separation. But there is a moment where the infinite crosses over into the finite equation, and there’s a specific Acacia cracker that tells who you are, what you are, what you’ve been doing, and what your purpose here is. Okay, so you want to know what I did when I woke up? When you first woke up? Did you rub your eyes pet your cat, you know, fart Nicole under the covers.

I woke up and I think I looked at the clock. And then I got out and went to my car and drove away. And then I within 10 minutes, yeah, within 10 minutes, because I had to get out of where I was. I’m sort of homeless right now. Ah, that’s another question.

You’re still working though? You’re still you’re still coming on the radio? That’s, that’s a tough one. Yeah. All right. So one, tuning in the last lifetime that makes significant difference for you. You were part of World War One in order to which you’re part of the reincarnation war grid. So you didn’t live very long. And you would take over and walk into other lifetimes during other soldiers who were giving up on life before the bomb came and hit them. Or you were the one that jumped into the body when they were recovering from wounds until they decided if they wanted to come back in and you trade yourself amongst several dozen different soul families to make sure that some of the more older souls actually had a chance of surviving in the next generation. That’s right. Good. I’m just wondering why I would do that just just to make sure that their soul family is okay or they were your soul family. Have a really big soul family. Okay. This is I see this commonly in people that are are falling into the male patriot programming. Because your your main sole frequency is the civil war in America. You came in as a French citizen of joining the American the American Civil War, died here in the soil. And then we’re reborn here in a new lineage as part of a choice as many many millions of other people were doing this in the D lineage who were reborn in was an Irish in Mohawk Indian, huh? So you had a tremendous amount of Druid connection in the DNA lineage and tremendous amount of Mohawk Indian connection. And this is during the American Civil War, where you’re in your second incarnation in that lineage, and this is where your DNA lineage technology came to be quite advantages for you. What is this life about? You start out as a trapper, Trapper, and then you make it to Lake Ontario, Lake Erie. Lake Erie, mixed like in the Michigan down the Mississippi, to Tennessee. And you’re trading precious gemstones instead of just fear fears. These are things that were discovered there were other people that you were paying for that we’re going and looking and looting sacred mounds. So this is the lifetime where the the curse of the keystore came through this is a reincarnation thing. This means when you are actively searching for the sacred artifacts of another place is another side of you that’s making sure that those sacred artifacts are going someplace to be held for a future generation. So this is a mix of a light and a dark thing. This is how the the Mohawk blood and how the the Irish blood came to karmic resolution in a DNA lineage body. And this is very, very significant for you because this indicates the last time you were in the inactive reincarnation phase, meaning You had turned your light out on this world for a while. And you’d left yourself in the Dreamspace world, just as a wayshower in a pointer. While you were on the other side, letting the last of your soul shard go through its experience here, there was another version of yourself that was experiencing the Orion gray interactions. And this is how a Ryan’s and grays came to earth in the late 1940s. This is where you’re active part of yourself is coming here to claim its soul family and it’s soul shard. And this is the the more macro expression of the Patriot concept that you’ve gone through in your life come up and this is like a galactic Patriot, who’s repatriating the soul family of millions and billions, in fact, who aren’t able to get here to Earth, which is a natural migration point of how people interact on a soul family level to search for experience and throughout the many realities spread throughout the universes. Wow. Okay, how do you go back to before the the Mohawk and Irish, you are part of the island of Crete, about 1600 to 1690. It looks like you’re part of the original foundations of the Knights of Columbus, a religious banking organization that

created an interest economy in the Aegean ocean interest having not been introduced before, to limit the amount of travel between countries. This is when you are in the reincarnation phase and when you are not such a nice guy. Oh, in this part of the world and this part of life, we are everything we are the past the present the future. You’ve been the good, the bad, the ugly, the indifferent. The prince, the princess, the lover, the Starcraft lover, the scientists, the Pope, you’ve been at all? Huh? I was opposed. Oh, at the end, you’re gonna go? What can I do that is new? Yeah, absolutely. No. And as I’m looking at these, I’m looking for the patterns of the person that awoke from a dream world and rush within 10 minutes to go and find someplace else to park his car. Okay, yeah. So the patterns that I’m particularly seeing here that are coming through are karmic retribution, karmic retribution for working in the system of domination and control. In an awareness phase, that means there was another version of yourself, who became aware of esoteric concepts that there was a future versions of us and that we could communicate to them. And he became well practiced that that. And I have run into this frequently. This from everyone from the highest levels of bankings and media, to the lowest person on the street have this karma. But resolving it in a lifetime means you come to the deep understanding that it is a debt. And this life is 100%, sovereign free will, and you never have to take on the debt of another version of yourself. So your choice here is freewill or tacit consent for something else to create a life pattern for you, which is the world that you’re living in. I mean, I’m sure you’ve heard people say, you know, get a job, suck it up, do this, do that. But if you’re not following your heart and not being happy, you’re in trapped, you’re enslaved. Or worse, you’re uncreative, and docile. And when you’re on creative and docile is when the, when the whispers of do this do that come and you don’t want those whispers. You want to be heard as a voice as a person as a human being that says we can all come together in unity, we can all learn how to share food on a global source. We all can write laws that don’t, that don’t take any kind of exchange or energy or money from us without an injured party. The most common sense and obvious rules of law to be reapplied with the Sacred Heart space. That was your whole purpose of immigrating from the European soul families, into the American soul families, most to know for the world to come together that everyone in the world must learn all the lessons. And when all the lessons are shared in the DNA lineage, technology that’s common to everyone on this planet. We come to a moment where inner understanding is your self sovereign, free willed expression to who I am, what I am into the knowingness that you are more than you’ve heard routers studied. He said I had a I have a large soul family. What does that mean? That means you’ve reached a soul density that you can be involved in. 1250 or 1000 soul families simultaneously. That means your soul density has reached a point where it can make multiple versions of itself and simultaneously run in this world, other paradoxes, other timelines, other galaxies and other universes, that you are just a part of a big hole giant hive mind of yourself, experiencing millions of thing from things simultaneously. And you’ve been given the sovereign free will to become aware of all of those things, and to do with sovereign free all become greater than it or merge with it, or co create with it, or forget that it’s there.

Question from guests 6755 Andrew, I am not the only one who has uncanny undeniable synchronicities when hearing or watching your videos. Can you tell why, why this happens. Because I’m a signature frequency teacher of the moment have been will be and will always be, I have a moment to moment being who has accepted the torch of eldership from a previous moment to moment being and as also passed the torch of alvaston ship I’ll do my future moment to moment living beings because I’m all my past, present and future being simultaneously living. And when those have an uncanny experience with me weird dream time or physical world. It is because they to that signature frequency path of being all of the past, present and future selves simultaneously. And when something reflects that back to you, it is a form of entrainment meaning this is what the greater soul frequency is trying to tell you as a past, present and future. Living manifestation being in front of you, who you could go through inner discernment with with whatever encoded forms of light there are, so you can tune yourself to be all of your past, present and future selves simultaneously living with an unbroken chain of severe personal eldership to the great growth of your own soul.

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